tagBDSMLetting Go of Yesterday Ch. 04

Letting Go of Yesterday Ch. 04


This is a continuation of my story. I hope this story will continue through to completion. Please be patient with me as I am new to this. This story is about Dominance and Submission. If you do not like this topic, please look elsewhere for your reading pleasure.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or matters where you feel I may be of assistance — or if you have any suggestions for me. I am here to serve. Thank you so very much.


Chapter 04. Male slave is examined and tested by female Indian doctor.

Less than 15 minutes after Mistress Marathi leaves, the door opens and in comes another Indian woman, looking to be in her thirties. She is wearing a white doctor's coat over a tight fitting blouse and mid thigh skirt.

She walks over to where I am bound and speaks to the female guard, "I want to examine this specimen to see just how he can swallow this huge dildo and still continue to breath. You will assist me."

The guard pinches my nostrils shut which ensure that my mouth opens to as wide as possible. The doctor inserts a very tiny probe past the dildo and scans my esophagus.

"Remarkable," she says to the guard. "I've never seen this before in any human. I believe there is still a bit more that this one can accept. Perhaps an inch or two more!"

The doctor slowly begins to remove the dildo and when about halfway, starts to go back and forth, rhythmically, just like a man would with his face fucking motions.

"My, my with this kind of range for cocksucking, this male slave B-52 will bring top price in any slave auction, now and in the future."

"I even know a few horse breeders who may be interested," the doctor says with a smile, as the female guard and the male slaves laugh at the prospect of me being forced to service the horsecocks of prize stud stallions.

"Let's see how B-52 does with the real thing. A real cock. Line up these four other male slaves and we'll observe how he handles each one. Leave that one for last," the doctor says and points to the one who has been kneeling during the entire ordeal.

"That's the one with the PSP that I implanted a week ago."

"PSP?" questions the guard. "What's that?"

The doctor explains, "A PSP is a Prostate Stimulation Probe. It's inserted into the prostate and can be remotely controlled to stimulate a slave's prostate and force an ejaculation at the whim of the Master, or Mistress."

"It's quite an ingenious invention of mine. The slave cums without needing to become hard and, coupled with high doses of vitamin B6, will not even experience any pleasure from the act."

"I've been experimenting with slave B-47 these last few months. And now I think we have an opportunity to test out the device, the PSP, on B-47 at the expense of B-52."

"The patent has been approved and now it's just some final testing before I take the device to market. I expect this device to be in high demand throughout the worldwide BDSM scene. And I'm working on PSP2 which will include remote penis stimulation as well."

"Now let's get these other three males hard and see how their cocks slide in and out of B-52's mouth, then I'll demonstrate just how B-47's PSP works."

I am able to take the first three male slaves cocks in my mouth with no problem whatsoever. They pump in and out and bury their shafts right to the end. The female guard pulls each out of my mouth prior to their cumming. That is not a pleasure they will experience today.

The doctor and guard now bring slave B-47 over to me. I am forced to kneel before him as he stands above me.

The doctor sets up two HD video cameras to record the event. With the cameras rolling I am instructed to open my mouth and extend my tongue just under slave B-47 flaccid penis.

The guard says to me, "Now hold still and catch whatever comes out in your waiting mouth. Do not swallow until told to do so!"

"Yes, Ma'am," I respond.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the doctor depress the remote control button. Instantly, I see the two balls of salve B-47 twitch and swell a bit, then just seconds later the the cum begins to flow from his cock. Long strands of thick, white, salty cum pour out and down into my mouth. I reposition a bit so as not to miss a single drop.

The doctor depresses and holds the remote button again and the slave's nuts do a little dance in their sack, just as the last spurt of his cum shoots out and into my mouth.

The doctor smiles, and the guard and male slaves all giggle a bit as my mouth is filled with B-47's steaming hot cum. The guard takes two fingers and swishes the cum around in my mouth before scooping a glob out for each of the other male slaves to taste as well.

As each of them suck the cum from her fingers, they respond appreciatively with a, "Thank you, Ma'am."

The guard turns to me and says, "Swallow slave."

I do so and lick my lips clean.

The doctor turns to the female guard, and giving her a high five, says, "Success! And did you notice that slave B-47 received not one stitch of pleasure from cumming in this manner? Now I know I've got vitamin B6 correctly dosed to induce a state of sexual anhedonia."

The female guard summons two other guards who escort the male slaves from the room. She then leads me over to the steel ring attached to the wall, the one near the hole and the toilet bucket. She attaches the chain from my collar to the ring and I am again restricted in movement.

As the doctor hands the female guard a sheet of paper with her instructions for my training regimen she says, "We will deal with B-52's tiny penis and his erection control at another time.

Reading over the instructions, the guard says to me as she laughs, "You will have much human contact each day for the next sixty days, though it may not be the kind of contact that you desire. You will very soon find out what I mean."

The doctor and the guard leave my cell. The lights are turned off, with the exception of a small light illuminating the hole in the wall.

I scrunch close to the opening, hoping for some water and nourishment to be given to me, as I'm very thirsty and want to wash the taste of man cum from my mouth.

I'm guessing that about an hour later, a large penis comes through the hole. It is jiggled in front of my face. I ignore it, hoping for some water and gruel instead. The cock continues to be presented to me, but I continue to ignore it.

This goes on and off like this about every hours, for several hours. I hope that I can hold out and win this game of cockteasing to receive water and nourishment.

Finally a hand comes through the hole and drops a note to the floor. The note reads:

"One more chance for you. And only one more chance. If you do not cooperate and suck each cock until it fills your mouth with delicious cum, the hole and cell door will be sealed and not opened for one week. The choice is yours, learn to pleasure man cocks, or die in resistance. Simple."

I look up at the inscription on the ceiling.

यहां आने वाले किसी भी व्यक्ति के लिए कोई उम्मीद नहीं है

And I remember what it means, "There is no hope for anyone who comes here."

I begin to repeat my mantra, first to myself, then aloud, "Cooperation is rewarded, resistance is punished."

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Thank you Sir or Ma’am. I do hope you enjoy my story. I’ll be continuing this with several more chapters. Your continued feedback is most welcome. Thank you.

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The making of a cock sucker - awesome

Making of a great story - can't wait for more chapters

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