tagBDSMLetting Go of Yesterday Ch. 06

Letting Go of Yesterday Ch. 06


This is a continuation of my story. I hope this story will continue through to completion. Please be patient with me as I am new to this. This story is about Dominance and Submission. If you do not like this topic, please look elsewhere for your reading pleasure.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or matters where you feel I may be of assistance — or if you have any suggestions for me. I am here to serve. Thank you so very much.


Ch 06. Mistress Stephanie brings slave his breakfast

The cell door flies open and I am startled by, "Wake up, Slave! It's time for your breakfast!"

My female guard, or as she now has me call her, "Mistress Stephanie" grabs my cot and flips me out onto the floor.

"Kneel up, B-52, I've got your protein breakfast, as well as a little extra surprise for you."

Bound and gagged with a ball gag, I quickly scramble to my knees and dutifully present my self to Mistress Stephanie. Head lowered and kneeling motionless.

Mistress approaches me and removes the ball gag, then remarks, "I see you've got dried cum in your hair and even some in your ear. That only means you had a nighttime visitor again, doesn't it?"

"Yes, Mistress," I reply, and "I'm so glad that I can move my jaw freely after several hours of being restricted by the ball gag."

"You must not have pleasured him very well if he squirted his cum on your head and in your ear. Didn't he taste good?," Mistress says with a laugh.

"No Mistress. He tasted very good. I tried to pleasure him as best I could."

"Well I can see your best wasn't good enough. You'll have to do much better at your exhibition later today!" Mistress exclaimed as she she tilted my head back and opened my mouth.

"Yes, Mistress, I will." I then close my eyes and extend my tongue as Mistress Stephanie presents her well fucked and sopping wet pussy for my breakfast.

I lick and suck her vagina to get all the man cum out. Mistress tenses up and squeezes out two or three globs of cum as I lap the salty, sticky mingling of her cum and one of my Masters cum. She holds my head fast and grinds onto my tongue while commanding me to, "Go in deeper, slave, clean me out!"

She cums wildly just as I suck and coax the last of their love mixture from her delicious pussy. Pushing me aside she turns around and bends over so that I can have access to her sweet bum.

"Lick me clean here too, before I give you your special treat!"

"Yes Mistress."

I lick and kiss her little brown anus lovingly as I stiffen up my tongue and begin to press in for her pleasure. I quickly find that her ass is holding another load of man cum as well as the remnants of her last bowel movement.

I go in as deep as I can get to suck and savor the taste of Mistress' poo and the thick cum that was deposited there by a real man.

When finished, Mistress Stephanie pats my head and says "You're such a good little cum slut." Then she picks up the used condom from the serving tray that she brought in with her this morning. I can see it holds quite a huge load of man cum. Knotting it tightly, Mistress squeezes all of the white, milky cum to one end and says, "Open up slave!"

I comply and hold the condom carefully in my mouth, waiting for her next words.

"Savor the taste of Mistress Marathi, before I permit you to taste Master Rohan."

I think, "Oh, this is such a nice treat from Mistress Marathi and Master Rohan, to permit me the pleasure of tasting their mingled love."

After sucking and savoring Mistress Marathi's love juice from the outside of the condom, I am permitted to bite down hard. The condom bursts and I get the wonderful taste of Master Rohan's cum mixed with Mistress Marathi's sweet love juices

I savor as long as I can before Mistress Stephanie taps my head twice and says, "Swallow, slave!"

I do so licking my lips of every drop. "Thank you Mistress for this special treat."

Without saying another word, Mistress takes the glass tumbler from the tray and says, "Drink slave, drink it all!"

I take the glass in my hands. It is warm to my touch. As I bring the dark, yellow liquid to my lips, I inhale the pungent odor of fresh piss. I take the first gulp. Mistress helps by tipping the glass up and I have no choice but to drink the entire glass of warm piss.

Again, licking my lips, I say, "Thank you Mistress."

She says, "Oh, you should thank Master Rohan. That is his unique gift to you on this special day. Your exhibition day!"

I am so happy that Master would give me his precious urine to drink as a wash down of his thick and creamy cum. I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

I think about how Mistress Stephanie has been so very kind to me these last many weeks. Permitting me freedoms that I'm guessing other slaves do not enjoy.

Several times a week, during the night, she sends a man to me, always the same man. Although he is often quite rough with me, he has been teaching me the fine art of, not only cock sucking, but the fine art of cock worshiping — the ultimate way of pleasuring a man.

Because of my small sized penis, I've never had a blowjob from a woman. No woman can ever bring themselves to take my tiny two inch penis in their mouth. A few times I have been jacked off by a woman, though I never last more than a few strokes before my little cock spurts its tiny bit of cum. Even when I've pleasured myself in private, I never last more than thirty seconds, with ejaculation producing very little orgasmic pleasure for me.

So now I am so very grateful for Mistress Stephanie sending me a man who has taught me so well. I've learned that passionate and loving foreplay with a flaccid penis is so very important in bringing on those eventual involuntary spasms that pump the sperm filled semen that produces a long lasting super orgasm for the man.

I have been taught to nuzzle in close to his penis, to inhale deeply his manhood. Smelling, licking and tasting his scrotum. Kissing and gently sucking each testicle. Sliding my tongue under the nut sack to taste the pungent zest of his anus. Savoring his flavor. Flicking my tongue around and into his tight brown hole. His moans and groans signal to me that I am performing to his pleasure, to his satisfaction. I smile and redouble my efforts to give him the best service, each time striving to be better than the last. I have been taught well that pleasuring a man in this manner is really "My only man pleasure!"

Holding his full load of thick cum in my mouth, is a real tribute to the man, showing him how much pleasure it is for me to be able to bring on so much pleasure for him. Swishing his cum around in my mouth to experience all his flavors, then looking lovingly into his eyes and swallowing completely as he gently taps my head as his signal to obey.

Equally as important is the loving caresses and sweet kisses that follow the blowjob. Being ever so attentive to the proper cleaning of his cock head, and carefully returning his penis to its flaccid state. It's that final kiss that brings him back for more.

Mistress Stephanie slaps me hard to bring me out of my daydreaming session and looks down at my stiff tiny penis, and laughs, "Haha, don't you look cute!"

I think, "Yes! I suppose I do."

Then pinching my nipples, and strapping in the ball gag, Mistress Stephanie leaves with a wave and says, "Later, slave. I will return to prepare you for your exhibition."

I am such a lucky and happy slave. I close my eyes and drift into my mantra, thinking how so true it has been for me.

"Cooperation is rewarded, resistance is punished."

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