tagRomanceLiar Ch. 03

Liar Ch. 03


The hours following the kiss, Gabe found himself staring up at the ceiling thinking of all the reasons he should stay the hell away from Sloane. In case he should forget, Dean's loud snoring provided him with reason number one.

Growing up with the Bennett brothers, he knew how overprotective they were with their only sister. With the drama she saw from all the girls her brothers brought through the house, it didn't surprise him that she didn't date much. He knew all too well that it wasn't due to lack of offers either. Sloane had been an enigma in high school. She was completely unaware of her beauty and the fact that she was untouchable because of her brothers only furthered the temptation she had on the all the guys. He remembered doing his fair share of threatening when any asshole got the idea that they'd be the first to 'Bed the Bennett Princess'.

He saw how kind and caring she was to everyone around him, but always seemed annoyed by him and fought him at every given opportunity. Not that he didn't give her a reason to. He always looked at Sloane from a brotherly stand, he'd never once thought of Sloane as his type or any type for the matter. She was Sloane, and he liked his women with no-strings attached. It wasn't a secret, he knew his reputation and so did all the girls he messed with.

He drifted off to sleep with the promise that first thing in the morning he'd tell her she was right, the kiss had been a mistake.


Sloane had managed to successfully avoid Gabe by spending the better part of the morning barricaded in her room. However, the unrelenting growl coming from her stomach made her realize that she was going to have to leave the safe sanctuary of her bedroom.

She put her ear against the door straining to hear any movement in the house. When she didn't hear anything, she quietly opened her door and headed downstairs. Sloane was almost to the kitchen when she was startled by someone coming out. Her first instinct was to swing her fist in self-defense. When she felt her fist come in contact with flesh, she turned around and ran.

She took a few steps into the living room before she tripped over her own footing. Silently swearing as she pushed herself up, she only made it a few more steps before she felt an iron grip on her ankle. She fell hard, hitting her chin on the floor. She used her free leg to wildly kick out until she felt it connect with something followed by angry cursing. Angry male cursing. Angry Gabe cursing.

"Gabe?!" Sloane said struggling to catch her breath, "You scared the life out of me. I thought you were an attacker or something."

"What is it with you and attackers? Last night with the bat and now this." Gabe breathed out standing on his knees in front of her, he winced as he lifted his shirt to survey the damage, "Shit, Sloane, you got some kick on you. That's gonna bruise." he said while gently prodding his ribs.

"Well maybe...shouldn't...have jumped...like that." Sloane said distracted by the sight of his tanned, washboard abs. She fought the overwhelming sensation to rub her hands all over them. By the time she was aware she was about to drool, she tore her eyes away to see him already looking at her amused.

Busted, she thought as she hurriedly thought of something to say before he called her out on it.

"Where's Dean?" Sloane blurted it out so quickly she practically shrieked it.

"He left." Gabe said matter-of-factly.

"Huh?" Sloane said dumbly, "How are you supposed to get back?"

"Jackson and Jude are still in town. I'm going to catch a ride back with them."

"So we're alone?" Sloane said looking up at Gabe who was still kneeling in front of her.

"I guess we are, aren't we?"

"Oh well...I'm just going to..." Sloane said moving to get up.

"Oh no, you don't." Gabe said grabbing her wrist and turning her back to face him, "We need to talk about what happened last night."

"What's there to talk about?" Sloane said.

"I don't want there to be any awkwardness between us." Gabe groaned remembering part of the reason he preferred "no-stings attached" was because he sucked at breaking things off. "We both know it was mistake...and...uh, I think we should just be friends."

Sloane didn't know if she should laugh at Gabe's obvious discomfort or slap him. She was the one that said the kiss was a mistake so she wasn't sure why Gabe was telling her what she already knew. She fought her natural instinct to argue with him, but realized that the sooner he 'broke the news' to her the faster he'd leave.

"Oh, okay." Sloane said suppressing a laugh and managing to put on a serious face, "I guess I can settle on being friends."

Gabe was a little taken back about how well she was taking it. He wasn't expecting her to be so compliant. He was expecting her to scream, yell, hit him or all of the above, "So you're okay?"

"Of course I am. With your reputation I wouldn't expect anything different." Sloane said in tone that was so sincere he almost believed it.

Almost. He could see from where he stood that her eyes were glittering with either laughter or passion, his pride lied and told him it was the latter.

He dumbly started back at her and watch her plaster on a smile that was almost too sweet as she rose up to pass him, heading back into the kitchen. He had a feeling that he had just been insulted, he wasn't sure since she had smiled while she did it.

"I'll be too busy crying about your rejection in the kitchen, so please lock the door on your way out. I don't want anyone to see me like this." She called out pissing him off further.

"I don't understand what the hell your problem is. I just wanted to make sure you understood where we stood after last night." Gabe said from the doorway of the kitchen.

"Oh c'mon Gabriel," she said shutting the refrigerator door to stare at him comically. She knew her last comment was pushing it, but she couldn't help herself. "Did you forget that you're talking to me? Don't pretend that your skin doesn't itch to leave once the sun comes up. The only reason you stuck around today was out of respect for Dean. So you can save your self-righteous speech for someone that hasn't bore witness to your whoring ways."

The sane side of him knew he shouldn't push her, but that side wasn't ruling him right now, "Oh, my whoring ways? Is that why I had you squirming like a bitch in heat?"

"Oh please," Sloane retorted rolling her eyes fighting the urge to smack the cocky look off his face, but knew that's exactly what he wanted her to do - piss her off, "You can't kiss that good."

As she locked eyes with him, she watched his beautiful features change from anger to predatory. She would've shuddered if she wasn't too busy trying to stand her ground.

"Is that right?" Gabe said, his lips pulling back over his teeth to grin at her seductively, slowly approaching her, "Come over here and let's see."

What? Sloane's head snapped back so hard she almost gave herself whiplash, she sure as hell wasn't expecting that. Hadn't they just agreed that the kiss was a mistake and that it'd never happen again? She was starting to realize that maybe pushing Gabe was a bad idea, a very bad idea. She was playing with fire, but couldn't figure out why the thought of getting burned was turning her on so much.

"What? Nothing to say? Don't tell me you're afraid." Gabe provoked still moving closer to her. She didn't realize she was retreating away from him until she bumped into the counter.

"I'm not afraid of you." She gulped as he brought his arms down on each side of her locking her in, his blue eyes blazing down into hers.

"Liar." Gabe whispered. He was so close she could feel his breath on her lips as she looked up at him.

"This is insane..." she whispered his lips were so close, "...depraved..." she breathed , she knew she shouldn't but she couldn't pull herself back, "...crazy..."

"Satisfying." He finished as he closed the rest of the distance between them to claim her lips.

Gabe wasn't sure why he was kissing Sloane again, but could think of any reason why not. She kissed him back with a passion that he never knew she had, he never knew existed.

The man could kiss, she'd give him that. She pushed into his hard body feeling his desire for her press back against her belly. He licked around her full pouty lips. She sucked in a breath and let him take control of her mouth completely. He massaged his tongue against hers, drawing it out, and sucking on it. She ran her fingers through his short black hair, pulling his head down and pushing her tongue as far as she could into his mouth.

They both fought to control, to dominate the other. It was as if they were both trying to punish the other for trying to deny what they had between them. It was too late to try and call this a mistake.

He lifted her up, sitting her on the counter. He could feel her heat through the thin material of her shorts when she parted her legs to allow room for his body bringing his hardness against where he ached to bury it the most.

She mindlessly grinded on him, kissing him. He slid his hands up the inside of her smooth thighs, stopping at the hem of her shorts. He pulled back searching her eyes for a sign that he should stop. All he saw was fire as he felt her hand on top of his bringing it to where they both wanted. Needed.

Sloane gasped when Gabe massaged her slit through her shorts before pulling them aside to move his finger up and down her wet pussy. When she felt his finger slip into her heat, she threw her had back at the sudden pleasure. His finger felt so large inside of her. She leaned back, placing her hands on the counter behind her, as she watched Gabe pleasure her. She watched in a trance state, releasing short moans as she watched his finger move in and out of her. When he thumbed her clit, she squeezed her eyes closed, throwing her head back in ecstasy.

She was so wet. So hot. So tight. He wanted to spread her legs and thrust his aching cock into her, but he had the overwhelming desire to bring her to pleasure first. Her cries were turning into low moans and he knew she was getting close. He added another finger as he increased his pace. He continued to fuck her with his fingers, curving his fingers to hit her g-spot. She started panting and thrashing, moaning louder. He quickly used his other hand to take her shirt off, kissing his way down the column of her throat.

When he got to her breasts he ran his tongue across her nipple and she pulled his hair to keep him in place. He sucked the nipple into his mouth. Licking and gently sucking the turgid flesh before switching and giving the other the same treatment. When he gently rolled her nipple between his teeth, he felt her tense around his fingers before her hips came off the counter top as she came.

When she came back down to earth after her release, she blushed when she focused on Gabe watching her intently. She was surprised how much she still wanted, especially after her release. She felt wild and she wanted to please him. She wanted Gabe and she wanted him bad. She knew he would do his best to resist his desire for her so she knew she had to push him past the point of no return.

She felt him watching her as she took a hold of his hand, bringing it to her mouth. She jutted her tongue out tasting his fingers that were just in her, looking him in the eye as she took the fingers completely into her mouth. She licked his fingers so there was no mistake as to what she would rather be licking. She hummed in satisfaction when she heard him let out a strained breath. He pulled his hand away and wove it in her hair, pulling down so she was forced to look up at him.

Time suspended for what seemed like an eternity as the world around them fell away leaving just them and their eyes. His fierce and strong, hers fiery and beautiful.

"If we start this, I don't think I'll be able stop." Gabe said, it coming out more as a plea rather than the warning he had intended it to.

"I'm not planning on stopping you." Sloane said meeting his gaze as she reached down to unbutton his jeans.

When he felt her hand touch his cock, Gabe let out a hiss at the contrast. Her hand was cool against his hot flesh. He didn't mean for it to get so far out of control, but he couldn't stop it now. He could only try to control the repercussions. He let out a ragged breath when she started to lightly jerk him, squeezing him at the base of his cock, twisting as she pumped up and down his shaft. The pleasure was building too fast and when he felt her cup his balls, his control snapped.

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his shoulders. Running his hand down her body, he parted her legs. Grabbing a hold of his cock, he ran it up and down her slit coating it in her juices before placing it at the entrance of her pussy. He saw the hesitant look in her eyes as he ran his hands up the outside of her thighs. He gripped mid way and pulled her onto him as he thrust his entire cock into her, ripping through the thin wall protecting her virginity. Her cry was drowned out by Gabe's loud moan.

Mine. He thought again, the same thought that had occurred when he kissed her last night.

By the time the stars dissipated from Gabe's eyes, he realized that he hadn't moved. Sloane's nails were still digging into his shoulders, her pussy squeezing his cock. He knew he was larger than normal, but she was tight, real tight. She had been so forward before that he figured...

"I'm sorry, babe...I didn't know...I'm sorry." He said between the encouraging kisses he placed on her temple, "I need to...we can stop if you want." Gabe said pulling out slightly.

"No..." She pleaded and grabbed his hips to stop his action, "Don't move. Just...make it feel...good." Sloane heard herself say through her teeth. He was so big inside of her, she didn't realize that it would hurt so much.

When he slid back in, they both let out a breath. He clenched his jaw as he tried to control his movements in and out of her tight, slick heat, fighting the desire to start slamming into her. He withdrew again a little more then pushed back in slowly, he repeated the slow, torturous motion until he felt Sloane start to move her hips experimentally meeting his thrust. He slowly pulled his cock almost entirely out of her feeling her warm slick walls clench around his hard cock almost begging him not to go. He felt the sweat bead on his forehead at the forced patience. He breathed out raggedly before taking her mouth in a punishing kiss. He slammed back in, bottoming out. They both broke the kiss and moaned in unison. He repeated the motion again testing his own willpower, searching her face for any hint of discomfort.

"Just fuck me already." Sloane said suddenly looking right at Gabe.

He looked at her and realized that he was gone. She was a vision of sex with tousled hair and lips swollen from kissing. He moved her to the edge of the counter, wrapped her legs around his waist and started slamming into her with frenzy. He was already close, he had been ever since the night before. The sound of slapping flesh filled the kitchen. Her breasts were bouncing up and down, taunting him. He took one into his mouth, sucking ferociously on the nipple while he started to piston in and out of her pussy. He felt her clamp down as she threw her head back, crying out his name with her release. Her spasming pussy around his cock was more than Gabe could handle. He thrusted twice before he found his own release, roaring her name as he shot his seed inside of her.

It seemed like eternity when Sloane realized that she should probably move. However, her body felt too lethargic and she couldn't trust that her knees wouldn't give out once she stood up. When she finally opened her eyes, she locked with Gabe's. Gabe opened his mouth to say something, but they both stilled when she heard the front door slam.

"Gabe! Bro, where you at?" she heard the voice call right outside the doorway. Gabe quickly buttoned his jeans, but it was too late for her to try and get dressed. She just buried her face in Gabe's shirt as he used his body to shield her nudity.

"I'll be right...out." Gabe started to say in hopes to delay the inevitable. He looked over his shoulder to see a very shocked Jude standing in the doorway, "Hi."

"Uh...hi. My apologies...I knocked but no one answered. The door was unlocked. I'll be in the car." Jude stuttered out before darting back behind the doorway. They heard his footsteps retreat before they heard the front door open then slam.

Jude's interruption served as a bucket of cold water to Sloane, bringing her back to Earth, "Please tell me that this is a nightmare and I am going to wake up," Sloane said her face still buried into his chest, "I can't believe two of Dean's best friends saw me naked."

"Nope, just me." Gabe grinned handing her shirt back to her.

When she didn't meet his gaze, he realized that she had just switched back into defense mode. He felt a little disappointed as he turned to leave the kitchen.

"Listen, I'm not sure what to say right now. I mean this sort of thing is your thing." Sloane said redressing herself and following him towards the door. She groaned inwardly as she heard the words come out of her mouth, "That came out wrong."

"I know what you meant." Gabe said.

"Gabe...I-" Sloane said hesitantly.

"Uh, listen. I don't want you to think I'm running out, but Jude's waiting and if I don't get out soon he's going to be back in here dragging me out." Gabe said.

"Uh...yeah, of course. Right." Sloane responded awkwardly opening the front door for him.

"I'll call you later." Gabe said as he passed her.

"Yeah, okay." Sloane said before she closed the door.

As Gabe walked down the steps smiling, he missed the dejected look on Sloane's face as she closed the door. He thought of how horribly his plan from last night had failed, and was a little happy that it did. Sloane was full of surprises and he sure was shocked to find out she was a virgin. He had no idea that Sloane would be so responsive. He felt a strange feeling of pride knowing that he was her first, followed by a slight feeling of terror of what that would imply. He felt like an ass for leaving so abruptly, but the thought of commitment scared the shit out of him. He had never been a one woman kind of guy, or that's how it was until now. So when kissing Sloane felt a lot like coming home, he knew he should run like hell.

"Do you even know how incredibly stupid that was?" Jude said once he got into the car.

"I'm pretty sure I do." Gabe said solemnly, fighting the feeling that he was making a huge mistake.

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