tagIncest/TabooLick of the Irish Ch. 02

Lick of the Irish Ch. 02


After a little deliberation, and a lot of confessions about where in the house exactly they had had wild young sex (including Alex telling how -- on her eighteenth birthday -- Daniel's best friend Liam had banged her on Daniel's bed as he shagged Alex's friend Tina on hers), they knew of only one place neither had had sex of any kind.

Alex sat naked on the kitchen worksurface; hot legs akimbo so Daniel could fuck her tits off with his huge knob banging through her pussy. His hands groped her tits as they came to a few quick orgasms, and they finally, snogging their brains out, stopped with a hug.

"Correct me if I'm wrong," Alex grinned, wiping sweat from her brow, "but I don't think we should have done that."

"You're wrong, so I'll correct you," Daniel grinned back, running his hands down Alex's moist titties before pecking her lips. "What took us so long?"

"I dunno, it's been ages since we turned eighteen... well, three months anyway. We've had so much sex since then."

"Tell me about it," Daniel whistled. "Should we tell anyone?"

"Erm... might be difficult not to. How will everyone react?"

"I don't know." He pulled out, his still hard knob dropping between his legs. Alex knew her parents would be back tomorrow, perhaps in the afternoon, and didn't want this to end now. "I'm more worried about what mum and dad will think."

"Oh, we're definitely not telling them," Alex protested. With the help of her twin, she jumped down from the worksurface; the jolt of landing displacing a little cum from her pussy that ran down her leg.

"Ally," Daniel replied, using her usual name for her, "they're gonna notice something's amiss when I smell of your perfume... or dad catches you leaving my room at three in the morning."

"So, we're carrying on?" Alex asked on a tangent. It was such a hopeful question that Daniel smiled and almost laughed. He moved against his twin; their naked bodies pressed together, and he kissed her again.

"We've got the place alone tonight. Let's enjoy it."

"Where and how?" she asked in her sexiest voice. That strong Irish accent Daniel was so used to tore through him, so filling him with desire he just wanted to keep filling her cunt.

"Your room and anal."

Meanwhile, in the Belfast hotel, Murphy and Catherine were enjoying not having to keep the noise down. Although they were sure their two beautiful children were having lots of sex themselves with their peers, they knew kids didn't like the idea of their parents having sex. And it wasn't like these two people only did it once a week.

Whenever a night came around when the kids were out, they'd just get down to it instead of watching TV; almost resulting in them getting caught once in the living room semi-naked pre-penetration. Luckily, neither looked their way for long enough for them to get dressed and act like Murphy didn't have a massive boner, and Catherine's panties weren't soaked through.

The two guys had since left, and after Catherine had begged a suitable amount of times, Murphy realised she was serious about having women in the bedroom with them.

"I never knew baby," he panted, lying naked on the bed as Catherine, naked also, wrapped her hot lips around his stunning, fat knob.

"I've been curious, and selfish," she said, licking his shaven balls. "I get Triple-Penetration, what do you get?"

"I get to watch my wife get off. But if this is what you want..." He was cut off by a knock on the door.

"I'll get it," Catherine said, hopping off the bed and strutting naked towards the door. She opened it to see three young girls there in the corridor; staring at her fine, firm breasts and blushing. "You look very young."

"Eighteen, I promise," said one. "I hope you enjoyed the show earlier."

"I think I'll enjoy this one even more," Catherine sighed, beckoning them all in. The first girl, called Tasha, kissed Catherine firmly on the lips and carried on in.

The second girl, a blonde with big tits called Jenna strutted in, looking sexier than maybe anything Catherine had ever seen in her life, and slowly poked her tongue through the married mother-of-two's lips, meeting Catherine's and intertwining with it with a passionate kiss that stunned Catherine with its sensuality.

But she wasn't allowed back to the bed yet; Jenna stayed staring into Catherine's eyes as she removed her top to reveal braless breasts remaining pert in the warm hotel room air as the third girl -- a shy babe with short blonde hair and tiny little tits -- moved in for a little kiss she seemed to enjoy more than she thought she would. She introduced herself as Lucy and joined Jenna in exposing her topless body.

She started to loosen up as Jenna fondled Lucy's breasts, fondling her own before an old Mexican woman began walking down the corridor outside

Murphy sat on the bed; his hard-on still raging whilst he watched his naked wife getting acquainted with three strange young girls who were soon all topless and on the bed with him and his wife of seventeen years.

"Wow, you have such a massive cock," Lucy blushed, perching next to him and stroking it sensually. Catherine was laid down next to her husband and with a giggle and a little sexy squeal, delighted in Jenna and Tasha snogging before her.

"Thanks," Murphy replied, reaching forward to grab Lucy's tiny B cup tits. He liked small tits like this, big tits like the 36DD's Jenna had, and even medium sized ones, like Catherine's. "Lovely tits."

Lucy giggled and blushed before kneeling to the side of this hunk of a man. "Wanna taste?"

Catherine didn't know what to watch; Jenna and Tasha topless snogging in front of her, or her husband sucking gently on young Lucy's firm little boobs. A flash of red caught her eye, and it was Jenna's knickers flying towards her face. Before she could remove them, she was held down by a giggling naked Tasha who exposed her shaven little cunt to Catherine.

The hot Irish wife could just see through the lace of the panties to watch a hot cunt descend to her face as Tasha; a cutie with twizzly black hair that made her look fucking amazing, especially with her dark eyes and tanned breasts. Tasha sat on Catherine's face, and the mother of two got a good grip on the eighteen year-old's 34E tits before hungrily licking at the cunt on her mouth.

Her tongue moved quickly over the pussy, as quickly as she felt a tongue move over hers. She picked up the knickers on her face and tossed them to one side to see Jenna predictably looking up to her; head buried between her legs.

To her side, Murphy was no longer lying there. Now Lucy was, still wearing panties as Murphy crouched by Jenna's side, pulling the crotch of her cute pink pants to one side to lick her slightly hairy pussy with a passion he unleashed on his wife every night before bedtime.

Lucy squealed, trying to hold onto herself but in the end, she just screamed so loudly, half of the hotel could have heard. Murphy took that as a hint and tore her knickers off before throwing them over Jenna to a pile where ladies' lingerie littered the floor. He then hungrily continued to eat the girl so young, she could have been in his daughter's year at college.

The fact these girls were all Alex's age was not lost on him, and for a little while he did feel like a dirty old man. But he wasn't that old, still in his late thirties, and he always believed if you wanted it and they wanted it, it was never wrong.

Lucy came first out of the ladies, and put Murphy on his back to begin sucking his dick. Tasha came from Catherine's pussy licking technique; a technique so expertly delivered, she asked if she was bi.

"I've slept with women before, sure," Catherine admitted as Tasha stepped off the bed and Jenna continued to lick her; forever taking her closer to orgasm. "Ooh baby, yes that's the fucking shit right there. You?"

"Absolutely," Tasha replied as if it were obvious. As she'd been snogging Jenna before, Catherine saw that it actually was. You didn't naturally just snog another girl unless you were really into it. And she could tell all girls were sober right now.

She clambered back onto the bed by Catherine's side, with one hand stroking the two breasts before her, and with the other caressing Jenna's hair. It was a symbol of adoration Catherine thought quite strange as this little orgy was all about lust and sex.

She soon forgot about that though as Tasha licked her tits and Jenna brought her to climax; Catherine spurting a little girl-cum on the hottie's face before groaning and grinning.

"Baby, that was awesome."

"Good for me too," she replied. "I love licking sexy cunts." She looked to Tasha. "Like yours."

Hearing a little squeal, they all looked to Catherine's right to see Murphy lying back down where he had been and Lucy slowly sliding herself onto the huge knob without him putting on a condom.

"Oh fuck yeah," she screamed as the full organ entered her young, nubile body.

"Hey, any for us?" Jenna asked, kneeling on the bed near where Lucy now began hopping slowly up and down. Catherine could see Murphy fondling the young girls' tits and scrunching up his face in pleasure with the tight teen cunt wrapping itself around his cock.

"Hey," Murphy panted in reply, stroking two sets of teen boobs. "Take it in turns, plenty of fat Irish cock to go around."

It was late when the three girls left. Catherine had caught Murphy in the bathroom after all four women had ridden him to climaxes and, like the amazing lover he was, he'd held his climax back to the very end when he spunked what seemed like a gallon of hot, white, fertile cum all over their faces and tits. She'd asked him if he wanted them all to stay, which they were keen to do, but he insisted they should try and spend some time alone.

Just before falling asleep, Murphy buried his head deep between Catherine's sexy thighs...

"Ooh, you could lick me all night," Alex groaned, looking between her magnificent breasts to see her sexy naked brother eating her pussy out.

He took a short breath to look up, place his hands on her beautiful big boobs and with a smile, reply, "sounds like an offer I can't refuse."

He went down on her again, placing a finger to her puffy pussy lips and sliding it inside of her. She screamed cutely, and to both their surprise, beautiful words came spilling from her perfect mouth. "I love you Daniel."

He looked up again, and after the initial shock subsided, he smiled, mounted his sister and gently kissed her lips. "I love you too, sis."

"Are we telling mum and dad?"

He placed a finger on her lips and descended back down her body. "We'll talk about that in the morning."

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