tagBDSMLife With "Daddy" Ch. 02

Life With "Daddy" Ch. 02


Edited by Citrus Blosssom


For the next couple months, my 18 year-old life was pretty routine. I was still working at the coffee shop in the mornings and Mr. Lewis would come in before going to his office, watching me as I worked and telling me what time he wanted me to meet him at his office.

I had become accustomed to our meetings. I would go to his office whenever ordered. I was required to be on time. A late arrival would be followed by a spanking, given while I was bent over the desk with my panties down. I would then take my panties off, walk around the desk to Mr. Lewis in his big chair, kneel in front of his cock and suck.

If I arrived promptly, I was allowed to pleasure myself. He would have me lay on the couch in his office and tell me to masturbate as he watched. I would rub my pink button until I shook with the tingles. I would then take my panties off, walk to his chair, kneel and suck.

I was becoming very good at swallowing all of his cum. He would always grab the back of my head, call me a slut, and thrust further into my mouth when he ejaculated. It was difficult but I learned to relax my throat and let the cum slide down. Mr. Lewis was very proud of my progress. He would take me out to dinner after our meetings, sort of as a reward but also simply because we enjoyed each other's company.

Although I looked forward to our meetings, they were becoming very routine for me. I was beginning to have dreams about his cock penetrating my pussy. I couldn't help but wonder if our relationship would ever progress. I was head-over-heels for him. I wanted to be used in more ways than I had been so far - I wanted to know he wanted me like I wanted him and I wanted to hear that he cared for me like I did him.

One morning when Mr. Lewis was having his breakfast at the coffee shop and watching me, he motioned me over to him. I thought he would simply tell me a time to arrive at his office but he didn't. He said, "Young lady, I'm coming to your apartment tonight. I'll be there at 6:30. Have your old school uniform on."

I replied, "Yes, Sir."

This was exciting. I didn't know what to expect, but I was glad it was something different. I spent the rest of my workday thinking about all the things Mr. Lewis might do to me.

I got home at 4:00 pm. I showered and searched my closet for my old school clothes. Finally, I found my plaid skirt and white blouse. I put on a white bra, pink panties, and knee-high socks. I got my iron out of the closet and used my dining room table to iron my skirt and blouse. I put them on and voila! I was, once again, a schoolgirl. It was 6:15. I put my hair in a ponytail, sat on my couch and waited.

The knock on my door was at 6:30 sharp. I said, "Who is it?"

Mr. Lewis' muffled voice said, "Let me in, Baby Girl."

I opened the door to find Mr. Lewis holding a bunch of tulips and a bottle of wine. I was so surprised at these sweet gestures that I simply stared. Finally, Mr. Lewis handed me the tulips and kissed my lips. He said, annoyed, "Let me in."

I giggled and said, "Sorry, Daddy."

I opened the door wider. He came in and as I put the tulips in water, he opened the wine. I told him I'd never had wine before. He said, "You'll like it." And he handed me a 1/4 full glass.

I hadn't eaten anything yet and after drinking the small amount of wine I was very light headed and giggly. I didn't like the flavor of the wine, but I really liked how it made me feel. My pussy started to get wet as I started to think about what I wanted Mr. Lewis to do to me. He turned the stereo on, sat on the sofa and told me to dance for him. I teased him by lifting my plaid skirt a little and rolling my hips with my bottom right in front of his face. After a couple of songs, he motioned me over to him and said, "Sit on my lap."

I moved to Mr. Lewis' lap and had a hard time positioning myself around his hard cock. He began to unbutton my blouse. I was nervous because he'd never seen my breasts before. He said, "Daddy wants to see your tits" as he took them both out of my bra.

He said "Oh, yeah, beautiful. Large, firm, and perky just like Daddy likes." He started to circle one nipple with his finger, which made me very wet. I moaned a little which made him grin. He said, "You're being a very good girl obeying Daddy." I nodded not wanting him to stop. My eyes were closed and my lips slightly parted as I savored his touch. He put his hand up my skirt and started to lightly touch my wet, panty-covered pussy.

He said "I like a wet pussy but only from good girls. Are you Daddy's good little girl?"

"Yes, Daddy" I nodded.

He said, "Prove it. Take Daddy's magic wand out of his pants."

I unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his zipper and removed his hard cock. He said, "Now, milk me with your tight little pussy."

I was nervous, but so excited. I straddled his lap, moved my panties to the side and slowly brought my smooth pussy down on his hard cock. I began to ride him slowly. He moaned and said "Oh, yeah. That's a good girl." He put his hand under my plaid skirt and began to rub my clit with his thumb.

He said, making eye contact, "You're not allowed to cum until I say."

I nodded but after a couple minutes I couldn't stop myself. With his large cock inside of me and his thumb on my pink button, I yelled "Daddy! I'm tingling! UH...OH...Daddy!" I shook as I orgasmed on top of him.

When I stopped quivering, he said, "You bad little girl!"

He lifted me off of his hard cock and told me to get on all fours. I did as I was told. He took his pants and boxers off as he said, "Slutty, disobedient little girls deserve spankings." I was still high and weak from my orgasm. I put my head all the way down on a sofa pillow while my bottom was in the air. Mr. Lewis threw my skirt up, moved my panties down to my bended knees and spanked my bottom.

He said as he spanked me, "Daddy owns this little pussy. You are not allowed to cum until I tell you to, bitch." He then grabbed my hair from behind and pulled my torso up as he inserted his large erection into my pussy. He held onto my hair as he fucked me hard from behind. He kept repeating, "This... is... my... cunt" as he thrust in and out of me quickly. He kept hold of my hair with his left hand as he pulled out, moaned and shot his hot cum all over my bottom.

We both stayed where we were until all of his cum had come out and his moans had subsided. He let go of my hair and I looked back at him and smiled while still on all fours. He said, "You need more practice, little girl." My smile quickly turned to a frown. I was worried that I had disappointed him to the point where he wouldn't want to play with me anymore.

We got up and he kissed me. He said, "Let's take a shower and go eat, my love." My heart leapt. I knew that he wouldn't discard me just because I didn't meet his expectations this one time - he would train me to be his perfect slut. My pussy belonged to him but maybe his heart was becoming mine.

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