Life with Melvin


He nodded, "You got it. Anything else?"

I shook my head, "No. That about covers it. Well, other than I don't want you discussing our sex life with anyone."

He rubbed my thigh again and said, "OK. So, when do I get to worship you?"

I smiled wickedly, "Not tonight. In fact, I think it is time for you to go home. Next Saturday night Brit will be with her grandparents. You will come over here and I will have everything ready. But there is one thing you must do for your goddess. I want you to get a cock and ball restraint. You must be wearing it when you get here. Do you understand?"

He said, "Yes. Oh god yes. I will do whatever you say."

The next night Melvin called me and one of the things he said was, "The way you were talking last night really turned me on. The words you used for the body parts and acts were exciting. And you sounded so strong. I have to admit no woman has ever excited me this much with just words. And I would have never expected you to talk that way. It makes me curious as to what else there is to learn about you." I was glad he was on the phone because if he had of been there in person he would have seen my face as red as an apple.

The next Saturday evening I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and there stood my sex toy. Inside I felt nervous because I was about to act out my fantasies. And this would be the first person I have had sex with since my husband. I had to run the show tonight. I wondered if I would be able to pull it off.

I wore a strapless black mini dress and red high heels. My hair was up swept into a bun on the top of my head with a curly lock of hair hanging down at each temple. I wore no makeup except bright red lipstick (it was something my husband liked so I hoped Melvin would too) and no panties. He wore a light blue snug tee-shirt and black slacks. On his feet he wore black and white sneakers.

I waved him in, "Come on in."

He kissed me on the cheek and said, "Hey, baby. You look hot" As he walked by me I got a subtle hint of cologne. I knew that scent well - just not on him.

I tilted my head to one side and asked, "Is that Stetson you are wearing?"

He nodded, "Yeah. How'd you know?"

I shrugged, "I have smelled it before. I like it." I didn't want to tell him my husband used to wear it.

We ate a dinner I had prepared. It was fried chicken strips, pasta salad, cooked buttery carrots and buttermilk biscuits. On the side I made home made BBQ sauce (a family recipe). He moaned in delight with nearly every bite. He said the chicken was tender and juicy, the feta cheese in the pasta salad was very flavorful, the carrots were soft and sweet and the biscuits were the softest he has ever had. This made me very happy.

My hard work was worth it. Then for dessert we had home made cherry cheese cake. When he was finished with his slice he said, "Damn, woman! You can cook! I think I'll start coming over here and eating every night!"

I shook my head, "Don't get the wrong idea here. I don't always cook like this. I usually only cook like this on Sundays. The rest of the week my poor daughter basically fends for herself by raiding the frig and using the microwave. And we eat a lot of chicken salad. We used to order out a lot but I started gaining weight. So, we stopped that."

Melvin laughed, "Well, once a week will have to do. But I'll let you in on a little secret. I am a chef. I own the Jade's Fine Dinning restaurant. And I looooove to cook."

I laughed, "Can you believe we don't know what each other does for money until now? So, you are a chef. I am unemployed. I am living on my husband's life insurance payout so I can be there for Brit as much as she needs until she gets old enough for a drivers license. But, I am an artist. I paint oil paintings and give them to my art broker to sell for me. My work is being sold at the Spencer's Art Show next week. I'll get you a flyer before you leave. I actually am proud to say I make pretty good money with my artwork. Oh and I think it is cute that you named your restaurant after Jade."

He nodded, "Yeah, I really love Jade. I feel more like a Father than older brother. Hey, you have to let me treat you and Brit at my restaurant."

I nodded, "Sure thing. Hey, why did you wait so long to tell me about it?"

He shrugged, "I didn't want to seem pompous or anything. I thought admitting I own one of the best rated restaurants in this state would sound like bragging. I didn't want to risk pushing you away. But, hey. You didn't tell me about the artwork either."

I shrugged, "I don't know. I guess I didn't think it was important. It's cool that you are interested in it. It seems like we are both artists but in different ways. You with food and me with oils. I guess two artistic souls are bound to be attracted to each other." He nodded in agreement.

After dinner and dessert we sat out on my screened in back porch for awhile to enjoy the nice breeze on a warm summer night. And of course it helped to let our food digest. I offered Melvin a drink, "I'm sorry but I don't drink alcohol and it's not allowed in my home. This would otherwise be the perfect moment for a glass of champagne. But, I have ginger ale. Want some?"

He nodded, "Sure. And by the way. I don't really drink either. The only time I do is when someone wants me to buy a new wine or champagne for the restaurant. As the owner I have to taste it and give my approval. I hate tasting wine, though. It makes me feel sick on my stomach. I have been letting my head chef choose the alcohol more recently. He seems to make good choices so I just have to trust him." I thought that was very interesting.

After a glass of Ginger Ale in champagne glasses I leaned into him and gently kissed his neck. I whispered in his ear, "So how is the cock and ball restraint?"

He smiled to me and his eyes were kind of big. He said, "I love how it separates my balls. And I have had a hard on since I left my condo."

I slid my hand down to his crotch and could feel he was not lying. I took his hand and we stood up. I said, "It's time, my pet." He was speechless as I led him into the house and to my bedroom door. I let go of his hand and turned to face him with my back against the door. I grinned wickedly up to him, "When I open this door it will be like stepping into a different world and different lifestyle."

I grabbed his crotch and held him firmly to make my point, "You are mine tonight. You will follow my orders. Do you understand?"

He swallowed hard like he was suddenly nervous, "Yes."

I nodded and let go of his crotch, "Very good. But, I will give you a safe word and a safe sign. If you are too much of a pussy for anything and want to wimp out, just say 'I'm a wimp'. If you can't speak, tap a surface like you are tapping out like they do in professional wrestling and MMA. Do you understand?"

He nodded, "Yes."

I then asked, "Before we get started, do you have any heart condition, injuries or illnesses I should know about?" He shook his head no. I nodded and then turned to open the door. He followed me in and I instructed him to close the door.

There before him in the room was a nice easy to tear down sex slavery chamber. My four post bed had restraints for wrists and ankles attached. On the bench at the foot of the bed were various tools for the job. I had lube, dildos, an ejaculating dildo, butt plugs, a ball gag, a blindfold, a paddle, a cat 0-nine whip, black leather cuffs with a short connector chain, alligator nipple clamps connected by a silver chain and my dildo harness with dong.

To the right of there was the door to my bathroom. Attached to the door was a restraint system. To the left of the bed was piece of sex furniture that was shaped like a large wedge and had restraints attached to it.

In the center of the room was a kneeling pad. In front of the kneeling pad there was a dinning chair that I covered with a soft cotton throw. The positioning of the chair, kneeling pad and bed was so that I could sit in the chair and see him kneeling before me or watch him laying in bed.

I turned to him with an evil giggle as I imagined all the stuff I was going to do to him. He was slack-jawed and speechless. I told him, "Strip down to everything but the cock and ball restraint. Leave everything at the door." After that was done I reached behind him to the wall and retrieved a leather collar with metal loops on it and a steel chain connected to the front loop. As I put the collar on him he offered no resistance.

I led him by the chain to the kneeling pad and said, "On your knees. You will show your devotion to your Goddess with your mouth now." He got down on his knees and his face was at my crotch. I raised my skirt to show him my freshly shaven bare crotch. I stepped forward and said, "Please your Goddess and she will please you." Well, he did indeed please his Goddess. The way he moved his tongue was magical. He alternated between suckling my clit and slipping his tongue forward and backward on my slit.

What he was doing felt so good that I was weak in the knees. He seemed to sense this and brought his hands up behind my thighs to offer support. I couldn't believe that such a handsome and sexy young stud offered himself so lovingly to me. I put a hand on the top of his head and felt his soft yet shortly cut hair. The sight before me enhanced the fantastic sensations I received as a gift from him. It didn't take much longer after that to bring my body to climax. He lovingly lapped up every bit of moistness that he could.

I sat in the chair to regain my composure for a minute. I looked down and saw his large cock hard and standing at attention. I wanted to suck it and play with it. But, I kept my cool and said, "You have done well this far. Now, crawl over to the bed and get on it. Lay on your back with your head on the pillows."

As he crawled away I admired his round yet firm brown ass. I couldn't wait to smack it and then enter it. But a part of me felt strange to see him crawl. For some reason I decided I didn't like to see him crawl - or at least crawling AWAY from me.

Once he had completed my orders I walked over to him and stood next to the bed. He nervously stared up at the ceiling. I felt puzzled. I didn't understand why he would suddenly look nervous. I kindly told him to look at me. I asked, "Why are you nervous? You did agree to all of this."

He nodded, "Yes, I know. But, I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about that strap-on."

I shook my head, "Silly boy. I told you that I would be gentle. Don't forsake all the pleasure you can get up until that point by worrying about it. If it is too worrisome for you then we will stop because there would be no point in continuing. But, if we stop tonight because of your fear and mistrust then the whole relationship needs to end right here right now. I won't be with someone that I have to prove myself to because he doesn't trust me. You see, it's not just about sex and domination. It's about you fully giving yourself to me physically, mentally and of course sexually. I will do the same thing for you.

If this relationship is to survive, we must be equals. We must be able to trust each other even with our lives. I am in the dominant roll tonight. But, I full well planned on having nights when you are dominant as well. I will not treat you in a way I would not want to be treated. So, do we proceed or do we end it all now? If we end here and now I want you to get up, get dressed and leave. Our girls can be friends but you and I will be merely acquaintances. If we are to continue, tighten one of your hands into one of the restraints attached to the posts."

Melvin looked to me with a blank stare for a few moments. I could tell this was a totally new experience for him. I wondered if he had ever given himself to someone before and was hurt. If so, I could understand his fear. I was willing to help him through it and though I said I couldn't be in a relationship where I had to prove myself, I secretly didn't mind.

He was in my heart and I hoped he'd stay there by choice. Finally he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He gave a small smile and attached his right wrist into the bind and tightened single buckle. I smiled in relief. Without a word between us I then attached his left wrist tightly. I then attached his ankles to the same kind of restraints attached to the posts at the foot of the bed.

I could tell he was still nervous but was trying to act like he wasn't. I kind of felt bad about this. But I couldn't let him know. I had to stay calm in hopes of relaxing him. I decided at that point not to be as aggressive as I had initially wanted to be nor would I use the strap on.

Instead, I would use smaller dildos just to loosen him up a little and show him that I could bring him pleasure with anal play. I would build him up to the bigger more aggressive stuff. In my excitement I was going to throw him in the proverbial deep end of the pool and he didn't know how to swim yet. It didn't seem fair to him. Besides, we would have plenty of time together in the future.

I stood at the foot of the bed and smiled as I admired his sexy muscular brown body. And the sight of the cock and ball restraint was exciting. Perhaps too exciting so I forced myself not to look in that area too much. I removed my clothing and took the ball gag from the bench. I then walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. I smiled to him and leaned in to kiss him on the lips.

I had planned to quickly pull away but his plump lips felt too wonderful to pull away from. So, my kiss lingered for a bit. I then attached the ball gag and tightened the two small buckles on the sides. His eyes grew wide and I said, "Shhhh.... No fear."

I looked into his eyes with sincerity and said, "Melvin, I claim you as mine. You may never touch another woman with lust or romantic love. Your cock is never to be touched by another woman or pleasured by another woman in anyway. I claim your heart as well. You will never have romantic love for another woman.

If you do not love me yet, you will eventually or you will just never experience that kind of love. I want you to know that I am very loving and loyal. I will never knowingly break your heart or sadden you. I will however be sexually aggressive. It is only because you stir up my hormones and adrenaline in a way I never thought possible. But even then I will not hurt you." I could see him smile at my words. I must have comforted him.

I then began to slowly run my hand over his muscular chest and over his sexy abs. I then gently took his cock in my hand. His body jerked in surprise (or excitement perhaps). I pretended not to notice as I began to stroke it. When it began to come to life I lowered my mouth over the tip and licked in circles. I heard his breathing deepen as he began to get excited. When I began to slowly take his manhood into my mouth I could feel his cock get thicker. I kept going until I had all of him in my mouth and down my throat. He moaned in ecstasy. I guess his cock was about 8 inches and was surprised I took it all in.

I then swallowed a few times to let my throat stroke him. I pulled off of his cock until just the tip was in my mouth as I took a breath. Then, I went down again. I repeated all this 3 more times. When I tasted pre-cum I knew he was close and decided to make him wait a bit. I looked up to him and saw the pleading look in his eyes. I chuckled and said, "Not yet, you naughty boy."

I then got up and retrieved the nipple clamps from the bench. I attached one to each nipple and ignored him when he sucked in his breath from the sudden sharp pain. To torture him just a bit I pulled on the connecting chain a bit to pull his nipples a bit. He seemed to not care too much for that. I took a mental note of that. I pulled again and said, "Your release will be much sweeter after suffering a little pain." He looked truly worried with those words.

I then retrieved the cat-o-nine whip and whacked it onto his hardened cock. He sucked in air again and shook his head no at me. I said nothing and whipped him again. He sucked in his breath but looked up at the ceiling this time. I did it again and he just grunted. Once again I did it and he grunted again. But his cock did not deflate.

He seemed to find some arousal in this. I whipped him again and said, "Funny how pain can be pleasurable, isn't it?" He looked to me and nodded. I whipped him three more times fast and hard. I could see a little pre-cum dribble out of the head of his cock. I knew that meant it was time to stop doing that.

I pulled on the chain a few more times to level out his pleasurable pain. Then I decided it was time to introduce him to anal sex - on the receiving end. I retrieved the lube and bent down to start the next phase.

I poured a little lube over his asshole and then began to gently push my index finger in his asshole. He was very tight and tightened up more as I began to press in. I looked to him and saw the worry on his face. I said, "Baby, you have to relax. Focus on making your asshole stay open. Fight the urge to clench it closed. We are doing this tonight. I'd rather not do it the hard way." He nodded his head to me in understanding.

It was apparent that he took my advice as he relaxed his anus. The index finger was slid all the way in. Slowly, I began to slide the finger in and out. When he was relaxed enough I slid my middle finger in alongside the index finger. Once I had both fingers in I began to flick the two fingers against each other. He found pleasure in this as evident by his pleasurable moan. Fearing he would cum I stopped and pulled on the nipple chain a few times. I looked down at him and said, "I will make you my ass whore. I don't think it will be hard after all." He just looked at me wide-eyed.

Next came the butt plug. I picked up the smaller of the three and lubed it. It was black, 5 inches long and one inch wide at it's widest point. I held it up for him to see and said, "This is the first thing to go in your ass. We will get to a bigger one later." That worried look was on his face that I just ignored again.

I began to slide it on his ass and he suddenly tightened. I stopped where I was and said, "Don't tighten unless I tell you too. Otherwise you will make this hurt more than it needs to." He took my advice and I slid it all the way in. I smiled to him and said, "See, not so difficult." I noticed his cock had gone down a bit so I lowered my moth down and took all of his cock in and out a few times. When he was hard again I stopped and decided to focus my attention elsewhere.

His testicles were nicely separated due to wearing the cock and ball restraint. Taking advantage of this sexy sight I sucked his right testicle into my mouth. I sucked on it and used my tongue to move the fragile testicle around inside the ball sack. The other testicle was next. He moaned loudly as pre-cum began to glisten on his cock head. I was not ready for his release yet. He would cum twice from something in his ass this night.

I slid the butt plug in and out many times to simulate fucking. He moaned and repeatedly turned his head left and right as if the pleasure was too much. So, the bigger butt plug was lubed and replaced the smaller one. The bigger one was the same length but wider. It was 2 inches wide. This time I fucked him hard and fast until he ejaculated. His back arched as he nearly screamed into the ball gag and his whole body tightened. As he was ejaculating I snatched out the butt plug and shoved an even larger one in. It was 5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. The sudden intrusion seemed to make him squirt again. I left it in his panting excited body. I looked down at him and said, "Yes, you are going to be a great ass-whore. Just relax there, baby. You are going to cum at least one more time this night. Just lay there and relax."

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