tagIncest/TabooLife with the Twins Ch. 01

Life with the Twins Ch. 01


Author's Note: While this story deals with the life of a single father, all sexual encounters are between characters 18 years old and older.


Life is often not what you plan it to be. Take me for instance. If you would have told me when I got married that in only a few short years I'd be raising twin girls as a single parent, I probably wouldn't have gotten married. Even the thought of it would have terrified me beyond words. But I did get married, and we did have two wonderful twin girls, Diane and Tabitha, and only a short ten years later that most terrifying situation became reality. I would be raising my girls alone. Life isn't always what you plan it to be, but the old saying is that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So I did my best to squeeze the lemons and give my best to my daughters.

Today I wouldn't trade my life for anyone's. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'd dearly love to still have the love of my life with me. But that isn't what I got. Instead I have two of the most precious things on earth to care for and help grow. It hasn't always been easy, and at times it's been quite uncomfortable for me. Things that you would always expect the mother to take care of fell on mister mom because there wasn't anyone else. Having to have talks about puberty and their periods and having to teach them about feminine hygiene products. These were less than comfortable topics for me, but they had to be talked about.

Authors note to readers: After multiple attempts to get even the most mundane non-sexual description of a typical event many single fathers have encountered through the moderators, I have been reduced to this note. The site moderators have objected to even the suggestion of any nudity in conjunction with any characters under the age of 18. Therefor it is up to the reader to self determine what transpired leading to the need of the single father to have the "sex" talk with his daughters.

An event occurred when they were fifteen the made the "sex" talk mandatory, discussing among other things, the virtues of abstinence and saving it for someone you loved and not treating it as a commodity to be traded around like so many young people did today.

The next day I made an appointment with their gynecologist for them to talk about birth control. They had me come in and listen to the doctor as they decided which form was the best for them. I left during their pelvic exams, feeling more uncomfortable about it than they apparently did. After their exams I met again with the doctor to discuss their results and their prescriptions. I'd known Sylvia for a number of years now, and even gone out on a date once at the behest of my daughters. Because of our history she felt comfortable suggesting that I get them more appropriate things to use than the handle of a hair brush, going so far as to suggest that she'd be willing to go shopping with me.

I reluctantly accepted and Sylvia and I went to an adult store to select the appropriate devices, ending up with two simple torpedo shaped vibrators. The sales clerk, a very good looking thirty something young woman, apparently sensing my discomfort, suggested that she instruct us on use as well as proper cleaning. While I was sure Sylvia didn't really need any such instruction, she seemed to revel in my discomfort as she lifted her skirt in the little classroom area in such a way that she could remove her underwear and insert the vibrating device into herself while coyly blocking my view of her pussy. The whole "class" left me feeling extremely horny and uncomfortable at the same time.

Through high school my girls became less concerned about how they covered themselves at home, often wearing things that were far more revealing than I would have allowed them to wear in public. They argued that they weren't in public, but I didn't know how to explain that the difference was that they were becoming young women not the little girls I'd bathed.

Now don't think that staying a single parent was a conscious choice. The reality was that the girls had spent many an attempt to "hook me up" with some nice woman to date. It seems that single women just can't refuse a daughter's request to take their dad out on a date. Some of those dates turned out to be okay, others total disasters. A few even turned into pleasant sexual encounters. But finding a "replacement" for my wife just wasn't happening. I was far too busy between work and keeping up with the girls and all their activities to really have time to develop a relationship with someone. Or at least that was the excuse I used, an excuse that I was about to regret using. My girls, now eighteen, would in a few short weeks be headed off to college and that would leave me alone in this house. It was a prospect I wasn't looking forward to.

After the first few years without my wife the girls and I had started taking a family vacation together each year. For the last half dozen years I'd allowed the girls to choose where we should go. Cost wasn't particularly an issue, but finding the time to plan the trips was getting more and more difficult as my business grew. The last two years I'd allowed the girls to plan the trip and this year they were determined that the trip would be a "surprise" for me. I didn't even know where we were going, except that we were taking a cruise someplace. The only reason they had allowed me to know that much was because we were going to have to go shopping.

About two weeks before our departure, the girls took me on a "shopping trip". We hit a number of stores, the girls picking a variety of light weight dresses, all of which they made me watch them model. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy getting my two princesses new clothes, but today they seemed even more interested in modeling not only things I agreed were "appropriate", but also things that were far more revealing, knowing full well I wouldn't allow them to purchase those particular items. By the time they had picked a dozen dresses, several shorts and shirt combinations, and a variety of underclothes to go with it all, I had to say, daughters or not, they had me turned on. I almost wondered at times if it weren't their intent to cause less than fatherly thoughts, especially when they insisted on modeling some of their bras and panties for me, arguing that their swimsuits would certainly show off at least that much. I should have expected what came next.

They took me to our final stop, a swimwear store. It was a little out of the way shop that didn't look overly busy, which turned out to be true. Other than the clerk, a good looking woman that seemed to be only a few years younger than myself, we had the place to ourselves.

The girls got into the task with gusto, drawing the clerk into the conversation and choosing a number of suits to try on. I settled on an offered chair, expecting a long wait while they tried on the variety of suits. I wasn't going to be so lucky. My girls quickly returned from the dressing room wearing their first selection, each a different but rather modest bikini. They turned this way and that, looking at themselves in the multi-sided mirror as well as showing me how they looked and inadvertently how much did and didn't show.

The show continued, with each subsequent suit getting smaller and skimpier. I hoped that they didn't notice how big the bulge in my pants had gotten with their twists and turns, doing my best to hide it with my hat.

"Okay. Now you can't wear that in public!" I said as Tabby stepped out of the dressing room in a tiny lime green string bikini that looked as if she wiggled too much, her 32 D cup breasts would simply pop the strings. Not that the top covered all that much anyway. The triangles of cloth held by the tiny strings looked like they barely covered her nipples.

"No?" she asked, turning to admire herself in the mirror, exposing her back side to me, and along with it her completely bare ass, only three very tiny strings breaking the expanse of soft looking butt.

"Definitely not!" I said with a frown, watching her turn to and fro. I almost gasped in shock as she bent over, her barely covered pussy pushing out between her legs at me. "DEFINITLY NOT!"

"But I could wear it at home, right? Laying out? I wouldn't have hardly any tan lines at all!" she said cheerfully as Diane came out to join her in an equally daring yellow bikini.

"Look you two. There isn't any way in hell I'm letting you wear those in public without carrying a shotgun!" I said, trying to lighten the tension I was feeling with one of our standard jokes.

"I'll get you a new shotgun if you let me wear it on the trip," Tabby said, pressing the issue.

"Absolutely not. You can go back to the last one. That's about as small as I'm comfortable letting you wear," I said sternly, letting them know that they had pushed the limit.

"But we still have more to try!"

"Not if they're smaller than these!"

"But we REALLY want to see what the next ones look like!" Diane complained. "It's just us. It's not like it's out in public, right Daddy?"

Okay. I knew I was in trouble right then. The ONLY time I got "daddy" any more was when they were about to try and convince me to do something or let them do something that I wasn't going to be happy about. "You can try 'em on, but just stay in the dressing room and you can see what they look like."

"But the mirror is out here!" Tabby said with a frown. "Isn't there something we can do?"

"You're not wearing anything skimpier than those. You might as well be naked!" I said, standing firm.

Then the unexpected happened. They had set me up so completely that even I had to admit it was masterful. Diane turned to the clerk and with an impish little grin asked. "Would you model them for my dad so he can see that they're really not that bad?"

"Well. I wouldn't usually do something like that," the clerk protested weakly.

"But there isn't anyone else here. It's only two. And you're going to be getting a good sale."

"Well. I suppose it wouldn't hurt," she said, giving in WAY too easily. So easily that I suspected that my sweet innocent angels had set this up in advance. The clerk took the suit my daughter was holding and stepped into the changing room. "I'll only be a moment," she said as her shoes popped out from under the curtain of the dressing room. Moments later her summer weight dress flew over the top of the curtain partition, followed by a pair of matching yellow lace panties and then a white lace bra. I had no doubt that the clerk was standing completely naked on the other side of the curtain, getting ready to put on the suit that the girls were suggesting.

My girls stood by me, one on each side, almost as if to make sure I didn't move from my seat as the clerk dressed behind the curtain. "It's called a cutout bikini," she said as she stepped out in the tiny pink bikini. The straps and triangles were pretty much normal sized, except that at least two thirds of the material was gone, leaving a web of straps that held incredibly tiny patches of pink over her nipples and pussy. "Some women like them, but if you're looking to get rid of tan lines, this certainly isn't the way to go," she said, before stepping back into the booth.

"Now this one," she said as she changed in the little booth, "is perfect for getting rid of the tan lines. Be just a second more."

"Holy shit," I whispered under my breath as she pushed the curtain open and stepped out. It looked as if three small patches of Leopard print material were floating on her body. She turned around several times, revealing that the tiny patch over her pussy and the small amount of her shaved mound it covered, was held in place by clear straps. From behind she looked completely nude.

"I take it you like it?" she asked sweetly, stepping closer to me as she turned herself to and fro in front of me.

"Um. Uh. Yeah. But I don't think I could see my girls in that," I stammered.

"Well. I do have two more, if you want me to model them for you?" she asked, looking down at me with a smile.

"Oh definitely!" Diane said, grinning back at the woman. "I can guarantee he's enjoying the show."

"Uh huh. Definitely!" Tabby chimed in.

"Well. Alright then," she said, stepping back behind the little curtain. "This next one is a bit more daring," she called from inside, the parts of the bikini she had just worn falling to the floor by her feet.

"How daring?" Diane asked.

"Well. Pretty daring. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable wearing this out in public," she said just before she pushed the curtain open.

"Oh damn," I practically moaned, looking up and down the woman's trim body. The suit consisted of a small string bikini sized leopard material, but that was only the outline. The material that it held in place was completely sheer, allowing her hard nipples and areola to be easily visible, as well as her round full pussy lips and what I could now see was a completely shaved mound. She stepped toward me, turning to show me the straps on her back. She bent over and pulled on the leopard print strap between her round full ass cheeks, practically pulling the material from her pussy as she bent farther.

"Like I said. Pretty daring," she said after being bent over for at least half a minute in front of me. "I have one more I'd like to show you. It's one of my favorite playful suits," she said, walking down the aisle to a set of racks near the far wall, coming back a moment later with a hanger holding what looked like a pink and black suit of some kind. "This one is really playful. It's certainly not for the beach, but at home, with the right person it can really be a lot of fun," she said as she disappeared behind the curtain again.

"I don't think we really need..." I started to interrupt.

"Dad! Come on. She's offering to show you her favorite. As long as she's been so helpful you can at least tell her how she looks in it," Diane chastised me softly.

"Fine," I answered, knowing that I might as well give in now, because eventually they'd keep after me until I did.

"Ready?" the clerk said before pushing the curtain open.

"Oh my god," I whispered.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said with a grin as she stepped out of the booth with her breasts completely exposed, two pink straps around them in the general shape of where a modest bikini might cover, but having no material at all between the outlining straps. A black zipper attached the two halves of the top, if we can call it that, between her breasts. The bottom consisted of only a wide black zipper held in place by pink straps that matched those on the top. "What makes this so playful is that if you want, you can adjust the zipper up or down, depending on how much you want to show your partner," she said as she reached down and teased the zipper farther down, allowing it to split apart on her mound, showing her soft smooth looking skin all the way to where her pussy lips started. "What do you think girls?"

"I'd love one, but my dad would have a fit," Diane said with a giggle. "It looks so fucking hot!"

"I have to admit that wearing one like this always gets me kind hot," the clerk said with a smile. "Now, you said you also needed a suit for your father?"

"Me?" I asked, almost squeaking out the response.

"Of course Daddy! You can't wear that crunky old set of trunks you have on this trip. So what do you have in good looking men's suits?"

"Well. I'll be right back," the clerk said with a grin. She was gone only a few moments before she came back with several hangers. "I think this would most certainly be a wonderful suit for him," she said, holding out a hanger with what looked almost like briefs made out of some kind of slick material, and not even very big briefs at that.

"I really don't think..." I started to protest.

"Now Dad. You said anything we wanted, right? So right now, we want to see how these look on you," Diane said firmly.

"But sweetie!" I said. "You don't understand..."

"I'm NOT taking no for an answer. Now get up and change, or you'll force us to do it right here!"

"You wouldn't," I said with a frown.

"We would and you know it," Tabby chimed in. "Now go!"

I normally wear a leather hat that's similar to a cowboy hat, but not quite. The girls call it my outback hat from Australia. I had been carefully holding the hat in my lap for a reason, and I didn't exactly want to get up and show off that reason.

"Come on Daddy. Don't make us get testy!" Diane said, tugging on my arm to get me up.

"Sweetie!" I protested again.

"Come on Daddy!" Tabby said, grabbing my right arm and pulling on it in time with Diane's tugging on my left arm. With both arms now being pulled by my daughters, my hat slipped off my lap, revealing the significant bulge in my slacks. "Oh god. Dad!" Tabby cried in surprise, letting go of my arm and covering her mouth. "Jesus!"

"Shit. That's one huge bulge Dad!" Diane said with a giggle. "No wonder you didn't want to stand up!"

"Okay. Well, now you know," I answered with a scowl.

"Doesn't get you out of it though. Come on. Up and into the changing room!" Diane said pulling my arm again. "Come on Tab. Give me a hand!"

With both of them once again pulling on me, I stood up and let them push me into the changing room. "Here Daddy. Put this on or I'll ask the clerk to come help you."

"I don't need help!" I said testily.

"UH huh. Well, don't take all day," Tabby called through the curtain as Diane closed it on me.

"This is a bad idea." I mumbled to myself as I started undressing. I pulled off my shoes and then my slacks, my hardon pushing the front of my briefs out significantly in the semi bent position it was relegated to. I pulled my polo shirt off and then, after a moment of indecision, pushed my briefs down, letting them land on the floor, my cock sticking out and hardening further now that it was free of its confines. "HEY!" I shouted as my pants and underwear were suddenly pulled away under the curtain from outside, leaving me with nothing but the swim suit to wear.

"That's just in case you change your mind!" Diane said with a giggle. "You sure you don't want Emily to come help?"


"The clerk!"

"Oh hell no!" I answered quickly, looking down at my now fully hard cock.

"Well, get it on then, because I'm going to open the curtain in thirty seconds," Tabby called through the material. "If you don't want to wear that one, I can give you the green one I have on. I'm dying to put on that leopard one."

"You're NOT wearing that one!" I answered her through the material as a lime green bikini bottom that looked an awful lot like the one Tabby had been wearing, came sailing over the top.

"Better hurry up daddy. That leopard one is looking real good right now!"

I quickly stepped into the tight spandex briefs, stuffing my cock down as well as I could before quickly opening the curtain. "You're not putting on..." I stopped mid-sentence, Tabby still wearing both pieces of the lime green suit she had on when she pushed me into the dressing room.

"WOW!" the three of them all said at once, staring at the huge bulge in the suit that my hardon was making.

"Yeah. I don't think I can go to any lower of a waistband or you won't fit in it at all," the clerk said quietly, staring at my bulge.

"Okay. Now that you all had your look, how about a real suit that I can wear?"

"You don't like that one?" Diane asked. "If you ask me, you'll get a whole lot of attention in it."

"I don't want attention," I answered her.

"How about something a little shorter yet?" Diane asked the clerk.

"I don't have to even go anywhere for that," she said as she held out a smaller multi shade blue brief.

"Oh perfect. Here daddy. Try THIS one!" Diane said, holding it out.

"I'm not putting that on," I said with a frown, looking at the material.

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