tagFetishLifes Changes Ch. 10

Lifes Changes Ch. 10


I woke up the next morning feeling hung over. As if I as on a drinking binge for a week. Pam handed me a glass of orange juice that tasted so good I drained the glass in on gulp. I looked around the room and asked

"Where's Bill."

"He left for work early today, he thought it was best for you not to see him. He said you've been worse this year then you ever have before and he was afraid you wouldn't be able to control yourself if he was here."

"He's maybe right. Did I do anything last night I need to apologize for?" I asked

"No you were the perfect nymph you were just very demanding. Do you remember anything?"

"Very little I remember eating and then coming up here with Jenny and I tasted her and then you. Then I smiled at Bill so he would mate with me. And then there was a name I was supposed to remember. It was very important that I remember it."

"Was it Desrei? That was what you kept saying over and over." She asked

"No I don't think so. Or maybe it was when I had to remember it. I'll have to remember what the owl said."

"What owl, Mayle" Pam asked

"The one in the tree. He told me many, many things but I can't remember them right know."

"Mistress do you hear what you saying?" Pam asked

""What do you mean?"

"You just said you talked to an owl." Pam said with a surprised look on her face.

"Well of cause I talked to an owl. He was very smart he knew lots of thing about the forgetting, but I just can remember them all right now. There was a name I was suppose to remember but it had to do with when I remember it."

"Mistress did you talk to anyone else?" Pam asked in awe

"Well I did talk to a squirrel but he wanted to be petted more than talk and the deer he had his own problems then there was a bear and fox. But the owl he was the smart one." I said as I got out of bed. My legs felt like jelly and they hurt like I ran a marathon. Then I said, "Today can you find me something softer to wear that skirt yesterday was rough on my exposed skin. God I wish I could go with out cloths I'd feel so much better."

"How about a satin slip under the skirt. I know you don't want to wear anymore cloths than you have to but you do have to wear something."

"I guess that will have to do. What about tonight can we go to Jenny's so Jon can work till nine?"

"Yes she thinks it would be a great Idea and we can stay out by the pond in the forest."

"Oh good that will remind me of home." I froze and then said. "Now why would I say that"?

"Maybe it has something to do with breaking the spell?"

"No for that I have to remember the queens name on the day after my renewal." I turned to Pam and asked. "Did you understand that?"

"Yes as clear as a bell. Now why can you tell me that today? And yesterday it would have come out as gibberish."

"The owl said that once a human said my nymph name I would remember it maybe I'll be able to speak of the forgetting as well." I didn't feel tired anymore I felt charge I said to Pam "Let me take my shower then we'll go to the computer and see if I can read you the passage I read to you yesterday."

I when down stairs after showering and getting dressed. Pam handed me a bowl of fruit and a glass of juice on my way to the den she had the computer all ready up and site with the circle of trees was all ready up.

"I see you remembered my pass word."

"Of cause Mayle. Now can you read what's written there?" Pam asked I read the first paragraph then I asked

"Well did you understand what I just said?"

"Yes. Mechi was the Mage that loved the Queen of the Fairy folk and caste the spell. That's too bad I really like listening to you when you spoke Fairy speak." Pam said. I relaxed my self and then read the passage again. This time Pam said. "No not a word but that has to be the sweetest sounding language I ever heard. It makes me want to kiss you and make love to you."

"Stop right there if we get started neither of us will be going to work and Jon's workers will get nothing done. I guess I can turn it on and off as I like. I best get ready Jenny will be here shortly." We went back into the kitchen and Pam handed me the cooler and I said

"Thanks I finished all the fruit you gave me yesterday. I can't believe how hungry I was. Oh and dinner last night was superb."

"You are expending a lot of energy. So I imagine you need a lot of food to keep up your strength. So tonight I'll make more. You seemed to be very hungry; you had three lobsters and two baked potatoes. Not counting the salad and the fish."

"God if I eat like that all the time I'd be a round little nymph wouldn't I." I said

"Do you realize that was the first time you called your self a nymph?" She asked

"Well I guess I'll have to start thinking of myself as one seeing I maybe one after all." Pam nodded her head and then I said "Well I better get out side before Jenny gets here and those works get here. They looked offal good yesterday. I don't want to even think what could happen if I was in the same house as they are."

I kissed Pam then when out side to wait. When the two-construction worker showed up. I wave to them then smiled. As they were going in the house I heard one say to the other.

"Dam she has to be the sexiest thing I ever saw." Then the other said

"When she smiled at me a got wood. Dam I wouldn't mine give her a taste of junior." I almost laughed out loud. I know they did know I could hear them. Jenny pulled up just as the men went into the house.

"Well I see you didn't jump those two. So you must be under control." Jenny said in a joking manner.

"Oh don't get me started you don't know how hard it was getting in this car and not following them into the house."

"So your ready to go again? I don't know how you do it. Jim's thinking of calling up an army detachment for tonight. He thinks twenty to thirty men should do the trick."

"Mmm that sounds lovely. Do you think he can?" I said half serious

"Sheri you little slut." Jenny said laughing I guess I shouldn't tell her I was serious. "So you all are coming over to my house tonight and Pam's cooking dinner in Ginger kitchen. I'll tell you Ginny's not real happy about that. That almost put the cabash on the whole thing till Pam promised you would smile at her extra sweetly."

"So now Pam's pimping out my smiles is she well I think when this is all over her and I are going to have a little talk that may just end up with a paddling."

"Well she may just like that." Jenny said as we both laughed. Then she asked, "So what's tonight going to be like?"

"I haven't a clue this time everything's different. I never remembered what happens after Bill started fucking me but last night I remember different things. Not the whole journey put parts of it. Like the part with the owl I don't remember speaking to anything." Jenny stopped me

"Hon I don't understand you."

"What part didn't you understand?"

"Well the parts after you said remember different things. Then you started speaking Fairy speak I think Pam calls it."

"Well that's odd I didn't have any problem with Pam this morning. I wonder why you can't understand me" I sat there thinking the problem though till we arrived at my office building.

Once in my office I asked Ginger what my schedule looked like "Mr. Davenport would like to see you he has some equipment request he needs you to sign and Jeff Franks would like a moment of you time. A phone call will suffice. Other wise that's it."

"Schedule Mike for this morning and I'll call Jeff now. When Kim gets here have her come in." I sat at my desk and called Jeff. He had a small question about the equipment we were giving a way then I called Pam at the office

"Pam It's Sheri. Do you remember when I was talking to you about the owl." I asked I wanted to see if she could understand me."

"Yes Ma'am do you remember anything else?"

"No I just wanted to see if you could still understand me. When I tried to tell Jenny about it she didn't understand me she said I was speaking in Fairy speak. I wonder why she didn't understand me and you do."

"Maybe it's because I said you Nymph name and she hasn't yet."

"That could be can you call her and tell her my name so she calls me it?" I told her

"Of cause that's a good way to see if that's what we'll have to do. If it is then Bill and Jim will have to say your name too."

"Ok I talk to you later or maybe not. Oh and the next time you pimp out my smiles I'll paddle your ass." I told her

"Oh you heard about that did you. He wouldn't let me use his kitchen until I promised him you would. I'm sorry I won't do it again." I laughed she sounded so upset.

"I'm just teasing you now don't worry I'm not mad. I talk to you later. Or do some thing nice to you. I can still taste you on my tongue." I laughed again when she moaned.

Kim came in at about twenty after nine and I said, "Well are you always going to be late?"

"You said I set my own hours so technically I'm not late. But I had to stop off at personnel when I came in this morning to drop off some paper work." She told me then smiled at me sweetly.

It came flooding back to me about the green-eyed female being the off spring of the Mage and the nymph. And yes that smile will be trouble for me. I found it irresistible as I'm sure so did many others.

"That smile's gotten you out of trouble before hasn't it?" I asked after I got myself under control.

"Yes it works quite well especial when I use it on cops. I've never gotten a speeding ticket. I don't find many that can resist it." She said but I could see she was trouble that I resisted it. I was having troubles resisting, my pussy was dripping like a faucet but I was determined to take control of this relationship. I will give into her but under my terms not hers. And my advantage was I knew what that smile can do. I asked

"Where should we start with the gym?"

"I think we should get me an office first. I don't need to be in your hair all day. And I'm sure you don't need me up here. I'll keep you abreast of what's going on, on a daily basis till you feel you can trust me on my own."

"Do you have any equipment vendors in mind?" I asked

"Yes I have three that I want to call. I'll make sure they all know the other's involved then we'll see who comes up with the best deal. I think we should go with two new stair masters two new tread mills seeing they're your favorite. Some weight trainers and a couple of stationary bikes. That's for starters then well see what's used and what's not. We can always add more, later. Do you have anyone on staff that can lay carpet and install lighting?"

"That we'll have to talk to Mike about. If he doesn't have the manpower we can contracted it out. How do you know the stair masters and the tread mill are my favorite?"

"Janie told me. We had a little party last night to celebrate my new job. She said you invited her and Kandy to the party on Friday as well." It surprised me that she knew about Kandy.

"So you know about Kandy?"

"Sure I don't see what Janie sees in her, but if that's her thing let her enjoy it. Personally I don't see what any of you bisexuals see in the one eyed worm but you must get some pleasure out of it. I can't stand the thought of anything bigger than a finger going up in me. Maybe a nice fat tongue but that's about it."

"You don't even like dildos or vibrators."

"No I tried on once it hurt to much. I never enjoyed the feeling of being penetrated. It feels totally foreign to me. As if I'm being stabbed with a red-hot poker. I gives me the creeps just thinking about it." She said as she shivered

"I'm sorry to here that." I told her

"Don't be. I have enough fun with out it. Especially if I find someone with a really talented tongue." She said smiling at me sweetly. Just then Ginger knocked then came in and said

"Mr. Davenport is here."

"Please have him come in." Then to Kim I said "If you don't mind I need to speak to him privately first." I really didn't but I need her out of my sight to get myself under control.

"Sure I'll wait in the outer office." I could see she was troubled that her smile wasn't working on me. I consider myself lucky for the intrusion. I began to wonder how much she knew about what that smile could do. Kim left with Ginger as Mike came in.

"Well Mike how much are we spending today?" I asked

"Not much only two hundred grand but that's several pieces of equipment. I wouldn't do them all at once except they will take some time coming in. So the bills won't be here all at once and before you ask yes we need all of them."

"If you say so Mike. How desperate are we?" I asked seeing the urgency in his face

"Those first two pumps if the one that running now fails. We'll all be out of a job until I can get the air-conditioning system back up. I'm sure you being a computer guru knows what happens when the air conditioning goes down."

"Yes I do. Is guru the politic correct way to say nerd?" Mike laughed and said

"You got me I almost did say nerd."

"Don't worry Mike give me a pair of taped up glasses and a pocket protector and I'm your typical nerd. I don't care.

"But your the prettiest nerd I ever seen." Mike said then quickly apologized "Sorry I didn't mean anything by that."

"It's ok you think I'm pretty I try to be pretty. Just don't try and force yourself on me." Mike was going to deign he would which I know he wouldn't. I held up my hand and said. "Lets get back to business. What else do you have for me?" I could see the relief in his eyes that we were getting off that subject.

"That's about it. I did hire three new employees and I'm still looking for three more. By the way is that the new fitness trainer you hired." I told him she was. "Well I think I'll have to started going to the gym more often."

"Don't bother if you looking to make her one of you conquests. Hey aren't you married?" I asked

"Yea. My wife says I can window shop all I want as long as I don't go in to the store. And she's pretty to look at." We both laughed.

"If that's how I'll get more people in the gym then so be it. And speaking of her do you have a office for her yet?" I asked

"Yes I do right across from the gym that some computer nerd was using for a storage room. They're moving the equipment out as we speak." He told me

"How many rooms did I stash stuff into?" I asked

"From what I gather quite a few. Franks has his people empting rooms out all over the place. Who ever is getting this stuff has hit a gold mine." Ginger came in and said

"Mrs. Macon There's a Anton Phillips here to see you and Ms. Swan said you'll what to see him."

"Thank you Ginger and her name is Kimberly or Kim." Then to Mike I asked, "Do you mine he's the one who hit the gold mine."

"No I'm done if you are."

"Ginger, show Mr. Phillips in would you." Ginger opens the door for Anton and Mike stood up when he came into the room. I said, "Mike Davenport I'd like you to meet"

"Anton Phillips leading pass rusher of the NY Giants. And if I may the next Hall of Fammer." He finished for me

"We'll see about the Hall of Fame when they vote next." Anton said modestly.

Looking at him he seemed bigger then When I seen him Saturday. He was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a golf shirt that looked too small for his wide frame. And he sure looked good too to bad he didn't like women. Then I thought to my self "Control girl control."

"Mr. Phillips If you don't mind me asking why did you leave. You were still on top." Mike asked.

"The names Anton. I could live with hurting after a game on Wednesday. But when I was still hurting on Saturday I knew it was time to leave." He said with a laugh. Mike then said to me

"I'll get a couple of my guys and we'll meet you down by the gym." Then he left

"Ms. Macon I want to thank you for this donation if there is any thing I can do for you. You just let me know." Anton said

"You can start by calling me Sheri. And I'm glad to do it." Anton gave me a big smile, which caused me to smile back at him. Then I said, "Let's go down and see what you're getting."

Kim Anton and I got on the elevator and rode down to the third floor. On the way I said. "You do understand that no one needs to know about Dominators?"

"Of cause I wouldn't dream of bringing it up." He said looking hurt that I would even mention it.

"I guess I didn't even have to mention it did I." I said

"No, but I can understand why you would think you would have to. That was your first time you were ever in my club. We are very discreet you name doesn't appear in any of my records. My hostess, happen to see you name and where you live and brought it to my attention because she knew Kimie lives down here. Other wise I wouldn't have know where you lived. And I didn't know your last name till Kimie said it yesterday."

"I'm sorry I even brought it up." I said feeling like a heel.

"Don't be. Today is a good day. I already have people lined up to teach mother on welfare how to us these computer so they can get jobs and get off welfare and give their kids better lives. So today is a great day."

He made me feel better just by telling me this and the enthusiasm in his voice. I could tell he really enjoyed doing this. As we got off the elevator about fifteen people met us working to get the equipment down stairs. I realized these were my people they worked for me. Mike took Kim and me over to the office he had for her and said

"This should do we will bring up a desk and some chairs. Franks can set you up with a computer and a phone. What do you think it's quite big?"

"It's perfect and it's real close to the gym." Kim said Then Mike was called away Kim said to me "How am I suppose to dress. I can't be instructing in a dress all the time."

"Of cause not. You can wear work out cloths. But I would like you to keep a business dress or suit handy in case you have to go to a meeting with the president or the CEO and in case you have to go to a board meetings. The work out cloths must be conservative nothing racy."

"How about if I come dressed for business then change when I'm going to be in the gym. Then if I have to go to a meeting I'll be ready. And I'll be dressed to go out to dinner or what ever."

"That's fine with me." I told her then looking at my watch I said, "It's time for Ginger to go to lunch. I'll be in my office if you need me."

When I was back in my office Ginger said "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me. Kimberly said you would want to see him and I interrupted you meeting it won't happen again." I knew why she did it but I couldn't explain it to Ginger she wouldn't believe it if she did understand me.

"That's ok she can be quite compelling just remember you work for me not her. Think what I would want." She said she would and she left for lunch. As I sat at my desk the phone rang

"Hi busy for lunch?" Janie asked

"No come on down." Janie was there with in minutes She sat on the couch with me and said

"Well how are things going?

"Not bad been kind of hectic today. What's up with you? I hear you and Kim had a little party last night."

"It really wasn't much of a party. We sat around had some champagne and talked. It was ok I told her you invited Kandy and me to your party. She told me you invited her first. So since we where all going to be there I figured it was ok I told her."

"Yea that's fine. I'm not real sure why I invited her myself. But I did so that's the end of it. She knows about Kandy? I asked

"She's known about Kandy a long time. She doesn't care. In fact I think she likes him better now that he's wearing a dress."

"I wonder why she hates men so much?" I asked of cause I knew the answer.

"Oh she doesn't hate them she doesn't have any use for them and the one eyed worm, as she calls it. When I showed her my strap on she made me promise not to try and use it on her. She won't let me put more then one finger up her. In fact she'd rather I didn't put any up. She hates to be penetrated." Changing the subject I asked

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