tagInterracial LoveLights, Camera, Romance 06

Lights, Camera, Romance 06


"Uh, hey." Jen said back.

"Um, lets go upstairs Eddie," Ella grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards the stairs.

"No!" Jen protested weakly.

"You two need to talk." Ella told her before heading upstairs, tugging Eddie after her, who sent a look to Daniel that Jenifer couldn't read.

When they were gone, she felt herself have a mini panic attack. Daniel was looking at her deeply, and she tried to ignore his gaze by looking at every single object in the room with severe concentration and interest.

"My looks cant kill you." he told her.

'You have no idea,' she thought to herself, wondering how a guy this gorgeous could possibly be in HER house talking to her. She knew that this wasn't a dream because there was no way that her mind could come up with something as crazy as this. Her only solution was to try to face this head on and not make a fool of herself. Besides, she bet he had only come to return her phone.

"I know that." she told him.

Daniel smiled that breathtaking smile that made her knees buckle and forced her to break eye contact once again. He seemed to notice her uneasiness, because out of the corner of her eyes, she watched him pull her phone out of his pocket and lay it on the coffee table.

"Thanks." she said, still not looking his way.

"Yeah, you're welcome."

They stood in awkward silence for a while, each in their own thoughts. Jen wished that he would just go away. Her nipples tightened under her tank top, and since she did not wear a bra, she crossed her arms over her chest praying that he didn't see it. Luckily, he didn't. He was staring at a painting on the wall, obviously in deep thought, she allowed her eyes to skim along his figure.

For one, he was tall and dressed casually in a plain white t-shirt with a black and white plaid shirt over it, unbuttoned, with a pair of dark denim jeans, a brandname sneaker that she didn't know the name of on his feet. His hair was cut perfectly, not too long, not to short, and was curly, but had a certain straightness to it. His hands were manicured and clean, cut short.

She realized now that his brilliant green eyes were suddenly darker, looking intently at her. Jen had no clue how long she was going to be able to stand this. It was bad enough that this guy was in her house, and she was pretty sure that if they knew, half of America's population would probably kill her.

"You gave me my phone. You dont have to stick around." The voice that came from her lips didn't sound like herself. She wasn't sure if she was more afraid that he would leave, or that he wouldn't.

"Listen Jen-" Daniel began.

She shut her eyes and drew in a deep breath. Here it is, she thought, already feeling the disappointment. He's just throw me out like i'm yesterday's garbage. She couldn't believe that for a second she actually thought that he was going to try to let them see where this goes. What was she thinking. The only thing that they had ever shared together was a bed.

"-I know that you may not like me all that much, but, I really do want to get to know you. I know i'm not exactly the most perfect guy because i'm new to this, but if you just like, try to-"

"Are you kidding me?!" She yelled before she could stop herself, a feeling of numbness suddenly taking a grip on her, forcing her to back to the couch which she sat on and rubbed her temples. She looked up and him and couldn't believe what he was telling her. "So wait, you WANT us to be together?"

He grinned sheepishly. "Yeah."

"Oh wow, I wasn't expecting that at all." Jen confessed.

After much battling with his inner self, Daniel sat on the couch next to her. "Let me guess, you thought that I came here to just give you back your phone and say that the night we had was a mistake?"

"Well, yeah."

Daniel knew that he shouldn't be offended, because that's exactly who he was, but he couldn't help it because no one had exactly admitted that he was a jerk to his face except Eddie who only joked about it. The truth really hurt. "I guess I kinda give off that impression, huh?"

She laughed a sweet syrupy laugh that brought a stupid grin to his face. "I guess so. So, we're really going to do this?"

"We're going to try," Daniel said.

Out of nowhere, Jen pulled him by his shirt and pressed her lips to him, groaning when she felt the contact. For the longest while she had been wanting to do that, and now she was. He pulled away first.

"What was that for?"

"I was just breaking the tension." She smiled which immediately made him smile.

"Listen, how about we do something?"

"Like what? A date?"

"Yeah. What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Um, I got school."

"You're still in school?"

"Yeah. Final year of college." She told him.

"That's cool. I never got the chance to go to college."

"Yeah, I know."

Daniel's eyebrows raised. "You know that I didn't go to college, yet you have no idea who I am."

Jenifer blushed. "Its funny, I know. Ella is fan girl, so whenever i'm reading, and she's watching something about you, I do overhear a couple statements, but I dont watch anything, so I know some facts about you, but I didn't know what you looked like exactly."

"You know some facts about me?"


"Like what?"

"Your favorite color is red, you like long walks on the beach, you're a fan of Kiss, you prefer television to computers-"

He held up his hand. "All of that is wrong. My favorite color is Aqua, I hate the beach and I dont like the feeling of sand between my toes, I dont like kiss, i'm a fan of the Beatles, and I definitely prefer Computers to television. Seriously, the crap people say on t.v."

Jen laughed and once again, a grin was brought to Daniel's face. He felt something stir in the pit of his stomach when he sis a once over of her attire. A tight fitting tank top hugged her upper half and it was quite obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra because of the print of dollar sized nipples which were pushing against the top in the same fashion his dick was. They called out to be touched. Jen obviously had no clue that they were like this, and Daniel felt something along the lines of pride to know, or to be pretty sure, that he was the cause of this. What he wouldn't give to reach inside her denim cutoffs to find out if she was wet for him.

He so wanted to take her right there on the spot on this comfortable sofa, and taste her, his goal would be trying to make her cum twice before he got the chance to get lost in her.

He tried to shake these thoughts from his head, but they kept coming back, and it made him feel like his first time with a woman and he didn't like that feeling at all.

"Back to the date thing," Jenifer interrupted his thoughts with a grin on her face.

"Yeah, what time are you done with school?"

"Um, I only have two lectures tomorrow, so it'll probably be about 2:30. Why?"

"How about I send a car for you at around that time so you could come visit me on the set?" Daniel said, a smile already coming to his lips when his mind sped forward into time imagining the happy look that was supposed to cross her face.

It never came. "I dont think so Daniel."

"But I thought that you'd be thrilled to come see the set." He said a bit exasperated. This girl seemed like a tough kind.

"You seem to have gotten me mixed up with Ella. I'm not a fan of ... Anything to do with movies."

"What the hell does that mean? Aren't movie sets good enough for you?" He had always had a quick temper, but she was bringing out the worst in him. Could she not see that he was trying? That he, Daniel Logan, had never had to work for anything in his life? Why should he start now.

Jen however, surprisingly remained her cool. "Well, you're taking it the wrong way. You see, I try to stay away from things like that." She said as gently as possible. Having dealing with anger management problems with her mother, she knew herself capable in acting in these situations.

"Then how am I supposed to take it?"

"I cant believe this, not even five minutes into the relationship and we're already having a fight over nothing. Hey, this thing might actually work."

Daniel fought a smile, but it came anyway. "I guess."

"Listen, I dont want to fight with you. But I do want to bring Ella because she might simply flip out."

"Not a problem. Eddie will be there also." He smiled at her, marveling at how she solved everything and thinking about how he could get used to the idea. Out of habit, he looked at the Rolex attached to his wrist. "Shit!" He was on his feet in a second.

"What?" Jenifer was right after him, chasing him to the door. "Are you that sick of my already?"

He laughed. "No, I had a breakfast meeting with my producer about an hour ago and I forgot. She is going to hate my guts, along with Hannah."

"Oh I guess i'll see you tomorrow boyfriend." she squealed which brought a smile to his face.

"Of course ... girlfriend." He added, leaning in without thinking and giving her lips a chaste kiss. Before he could pull away though, Jen's hands were already around his neck, pulling her deeper into the kiss, her tongue snaking itself into his mouth. His hands landed on her waist and pulled her into him as close as he could.

She broke away first to draw air into her lungs.

"What was that for?" he asked.

She simply shrugged. "Do you have a phone?"

"Yeah, sure." He handed it to her.

After a few seconds, she handed it back to him and said, "My number is in there. Do not forget me because I know people."

Daniel laughed again, surprised at the many sides he had seen in one girl in three days, or technically, two days and a night. "I'll text you." were his final words before the door closed behind him.

Jenifer leaned against the door and let out a sigh before smiling. Not a bad start to a day, she thought to herself.

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