tagMind ControlLil' Wizard Ch. 1

Lil' Wizard Ch. 1


This is a work of fiction- If you cannot control yourself….move on.

Let’s just say that I was your very normal teenage boy who thought of sex every third second of every minute of the day, whether sleeping or awake. There wasn’t a woman around me who was safe from being mentally undressed by my eyes and mischievously sex filled thoughts. School teachers, nurses, clerks, best friends’ sisters, fat, skinny, old, young, it made absolutely no difference to me. Once those hormones had awakened they weren’t going back to sleep.

I’d like to say that I was some kind of jock, but truth told I was always the smallest kid around and the only thing going for me was a supremely high intellect. Of course my wandering thoughts, were tougher for the broadening of my education as I was quickly and easily distracted by any and every sexual thought that crossed my mind. Even the slightest scent of perfume on a classmate would send my dick into a blood filled rage. But again, being short and uncoordinated, I was never looked at as a sexual kind of guy.

What I didn’t know at that early age, was that I was the first guy in school to have hit puberty. Having been teased most of my life for being the “shrimp” I hardly expected to be the first to be teased for developing hair and for my unit growing like it did.

And believe me you would have laughed yourself to tears if you had seen the look on my face the first time by cock exploded with cum. I was sitting in a bathtub having my usual innocent sexual thoughts and didn’t even realize I had an erection. When I blew that first load it sailed over my head and hit the wall behind me. I seriously thought I had broken some part of my body and needed a surgeon immediately.

Once I had calmed down and figured out how powerfully good that physical release was, I couldn’t stop myself from working that boy till I passed out. Literally any excuse to masturbate, was taken to full advantage. Eight or nine times a day was nothing to me as my young body produced fluid like an Arab oil well. I wasn’t the slightest worried about going blind, I was more worried about winding up in a wheelchair, I was yanking off so much. Any you would think with the amount of cum I was shooting all over, that wet dreams would not have been an issue. Wrong! Every other morning I was waking up sticky and having to find an excuse to wash my sheets. It was embarrassing.

Things got a little better as the rest of the guys started hitting puberty, and I was soon not as noticeable in the lockeroom. As a matter of fact, I was soon getting teased for having such a little pecker. Of course, the guys only saw me while flaccid and I was too young and naïve to know the difference.

Then one night I had the strangest dream that I was making love to this beautiful woman that tended to my every need. Deep in my sleep I was somehow conscious of her presence, especially as she nuzzled seductively into my groin, licking and touching me in ways that sent chills throughout my body. She was everything a full-grown man could want, with the physical proportions that would make any supermodel envious with desire. She took control of me and penetrated the depths of my hidden desires. When her tongue danced between my ass and my heavy scrotum, I winced with pleasure. Her hands were so soft and dainty as they wrapped around my now engorged penis, the moans escaped me. This can’t be real I thought to my slumbering subconscious, “I’m still a virgin, no woman wants me like this.”

I tried to reach my hand down to my shaft, but found that my arms and hands had gone completely numb. I was not the one in control and this seemed to be the way she wanted it as she grinned up at me.

“It’s a grower,” she whispered up to me seductively.

“A what?” I didn’t want to talk, I just wanted her to continue so that I could climax.

“The other girls will figure it out. There are men with huge cocks, but they grow but a little when hard, while others are tiny until aroused….then they are,” she looked down at my erection, “huge.” She dropped her mouth down and swallowed my cock until her nose was resting in my pubic hairs. My fingers grasped the bedspread, but still I was unable to move.

She took both hands and pumped slowly up and down my shaft. Her voice seemed to be everywhere within the room and in my head. She told me how much she loved my cock, and how lucky the other girls would be once they found me. When she pushed a finger slowly into my ass, I started to spasm and cum shot into her mouth. I could feel my rectum clenching onto her finger as my cock pumped shot after shot into her mouth.

I sat up awake instantly expecting to find myself covered in another sticky mess, but to my surprise my cock was still rigid and I was alone. Strangely though, my door was open and I was sure that it had been closed when I lay down to sleep.

Nightly, this dream reoccurred, but each time my strange lover changed her appearance just slightly. Sometimes she was blonde with a shaved pussy, other times she was a petite redhead with a full bushy cunt that I could smell once she entered the room. She always spoke to me and held me in a way so that she was in control. She came to me one night with a huge smile on her face. She came in the appearance of Dawn, the girl I was so infatuated with at the time, “Do you like me like this?” She dropped a thin nighty to the floor and my every fantasy of how Dawn’s body would look became an instant reality.

She dropped a nipple into my mouth and I was unable to breath I was so excited. “Lesson time,” she purred. The breasts were so firm they were actually hard. Then she did something I had never expected. She crawled up and lowered her pussy onto my face. I had no idea what to do, but nature took its control and I was soon licking and sucking on her tiny velvety lips. She cooed and moaned, and for the first time I got to see what a woman’s orgasm looked like and my cock once again erupted. I was hooked; there was nothing in the world that I wanted more than to see for the rest of my life, women coming. Even today, so many years later, the very sound of a woman in orgasm can send me over the edge. This was not to be my first of firsts though. As she scooted her body backwards and took my cock into her hand. I was amazed as she guided my cock into her body, dropping herself slowly until our pubic bones pressed into each other. I could feel her pussy tighten and loosen around my shaft, and I was in heaven. She rocked herself forward rubbing her clit (which I had no idea that’s what it was at this point) across my pubic hair. She grinned and put her finger into my mouth. When she raised herself up and pumped her hips back down with a slight roll, my nuts jumped an inch. “mmm yes, what a lovely virgin cock,” she purred into my ear. As she continued to fuck me, I noticed that her body would shimmer and change. No longer was it Dawn, but one of Dawn’s sweet sisters, then change again and she was my neighbor, then my busty schoolteacher. “In truth, we all want you…have confidence.” She sat back a little and began taking longer and longer strokes on my cock, until just the head would sit at the entrance of her pussy, then jam down hard onto my shaft. I could feel my balls pressing up against her ass. When she reached back and cupped my balls, it was the perfect moment and I erupted inside of her, filling her womb with blast after blast of my seed.

This went on night after night, until I was much older. When I finally got my first real girlfriend, Michelle, she thought I was so “cute”. There was a lot of heavy petting and underage drinking. It was also about this time that I discovered marijuana and was high as often as possible. Michelle would love to sit around getting high, and then let me go down on her. She would get off with nothing near the explosive vocalizations that my night lady would, but she always remarked how wonderful a tongue I had. We would fuck and suck each other, regardless of where we were or who was around. Her mother knocked on the door one day and then opened up to see me spraying her daughter’s ass with my cum. She sent Michelle out of the room and looked at me like I was the very devil. I got a little cocky and took another hit off the joint sitting in the ashtray. “You think your something special mister smarty don’t you?” I just grinned in my stupefied gaze, I mean I had just shot a huge load and was stoned outta my mind. “How on earth does a little runt like you keep a 4.0 average and smoke like that?”

“Dunno.” Was all my smoke filled mind could muster, but to my own later shock I reached over and started rubbing her thigh. Oh she slapped me hard, but I just laughed and gave her a little spank on the ass. By now my cock had gone completely limp and she looked down at it, “I mean really, look how little you are….what does Michelle see in you?” I winked at her and gave my lips a long lick with a snaking tongue movement. She snorted at me and started to turn away. I was feeling absolutely no pain when I said to her, “It grows.” I waved both hands at her in the way only someone truly stoned can and said, “vaginus absolutum”. Her clothes vanished, and her nipples hardened.

Michelle’s mother turned and stared at my cock and dropper her hand to grab it. Limp as it was her hand completely covered it, but within seconds it had grown and was soon well over nine inches long and four inches around. I could see that she was struggling to swallow, and her breathing had shallowed. I placed my hand on the back of her head and sighed as she wrapped her lips around my cock. Michelle walked in, “Mom! What are you doing?” But I waved my hands at her and gave her a command. Her body responded and she was soon lowering her pussy onto my face. I was in heaven licking her pussy with long swipes of my tongue, as her mother grazed her teeth across my engorged cock. I was able to give her mental commands to do everything I wanted. I wiggled a finger into Michelle’s little ass and buried it up to my second knuckle. Her mother meanwhile continued to suck on me and then fingered herself. I could see very little as her mother got up and sat down viciously on my cock. I could hear her, and it was just like my lady of the evening. She moaned and started talking, “oh you little shit, this is what we love, give me your cock.”

It was hilarious to me (especially being stoned) that this grown woman wanted my cock so badly. But I was in seventh heaven when I started flailing my hips upwards, to meet her downward thrusts, and when she came it felt like my dick was in a vice-grip. But it wasn’t time to stop yet. I reached up and gripped Michelle’s nipples to help send her over the edge. Michelle crashed over violently, screaming loud for the first time. Now that’s what I expected! I sat up and rolled her mother onto all fours. I sat the head of my cock against her ass and grinned as I gave the command for her to sit back onto it. “yyyyeeeessss” was all her mother could say as my shaft impaled her ass. I just sat there on my knees and let her fuck herself silly on my cock. My last act was to reach around and start rubbing her soaked pussy. Michelle sat in the corner and rubbed herself into another mind shattering orgasm. Her mom began to shake and as she fell over the edge, I loaded her ass with another load of my cum.

That night, my lady of the evening came to visit me, “My young wizard, you have passed the first test. They will no longer resist you.” She turned and walked away, and left me stunned. So I was a wizard now? But the training had just begun.

Michelle and her mother called frequently, once to tell me that they were both pregnant and wanted me to return. But I had more lessons to learn and more magic to cast.

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