tagGroup SexLilac's Sluts: Giana's 3 Tests

Lilac's Sluts: Giana's 3 Tests


I'm Thom, I'm a rich, good-looking, hung, married-but-cheating playboy, and I have the perfect mistress: A 20 year old, gorgeous, skinny, Chinese college girl with big, fake tits and an insatiable, outrageous appetite for every kind of erotic sex. So far, I haven't found Giana's limits. She's fucking perfect.

* * * * *

A couple years ago, I started looking around for a permanent girlfriend. My very pretty and sexy, then-38 year old wife, eleven years my junior, was wearing herself out with her own business and raising our two kids. I had a small stable of girlfriends on the side, whom I could see because my restaurants are very successful and gave me lots of free time both days and night. But I started getting interested in "swinging," you know, hooking up with other couples to exchange sex partners. My problem was, I didn't have a hot, go-to sex partner who wanted to swing with me.

I began looking around online, you know, putting ads on websites and even in the local paper. If you've done that sort of thing before, you know it can be a huge waste of time. Success is hit-or-miss. Mostly, people didn't seem to believe my ads that I was very rich and good-looking; or I got responses from people who clearly weren't who they said they were.

But I got lucky -- I'm just lucky in life, I guess -- with one ad. Here's how it happened.

I live in a college town, where we have a large university with big-time sports programs. I'm not a graduate, but I am now one of the big donors to the school's programs. That makes me a "booster," as they call us kind of guys. I shell out a few million a year in donations, and get rewarded with a 50 yard-line skybox, invitations the every high-brow function at the school, that sort of thing. Makes you feel real important, always the center of attention, get to meet other, rich guys from the area (which is necessary for business opportunities), it's just great.

Anyway, it also means, I had a way of access to things associated with the University. The school had an Internet website solely for its students, with shit like homework, school events, that sort of thing. But it had a "personal ad" page that, I found out, was largely a meat market for students looking for hookups. Last year I took a flyer at it, I mean, it couldn't hurt. I put up an ad saying, basically, did any really pretty and horny college girl want a rich, married boyfriend -- in exchange for being pampered like a princess, she'd get to go on dates with me and other couples. Seriously, when I wrote it, I said to myself, fuck, this is a waste of time, no one's going to respond to it.

Oh, I got responses. Bullshit ones. But, buried in the midst, there was that ONE response. It said, something like, "you sound like fun, if you're for real then so am I, if you like hot Asian girls then I guarantee you'll love me."

Wow! So happens that I actually prefer Asian girls -- my wife is Filipina, and in my spare time cheating on my wife, I had found a couple of married, Asian women on the Internet who were looking to cheat on their husbands. So that response was like gold to me. In football terms, it was a Hail Mary that worked.

I first met Giana at a Starbuck's, just a few hours after she sent me that reply. I almost had an orgasm in my pants the moment I saw her. Definitely a college student, she was (at the time I met her last year) 19 years old, a sophomore at the University. She was tall for most Asian chicks, about five foot six. She was Chinese-American, with long, slender legs, a petite, narrow frame on her shoulders and torso, and perky, small titties. Her face was long and gorgeous -- flawless, smooth skin, big brown eyes, thin lips, flat little nose. But her hair was the first thing you notice about Giana. She had long, curly, jet-black hair, flowing in massive streams around her pretty face, but pulled back so it didn't hide her face from the world. She dressed nice, too, wearing expensive sandals, multiple layers on her top, and skin-tight, $300 jeans. Fucking delicious specimen, I thought to myself.

She wasn't shy, she was playful. Over coffee we hit it off. She was actually surprised I was for real, and she kept saying how "dreamy" I was. I mean, I was 49 years old at the time, extremely fit (I work out almost daily, and run three miles early each morning), and handsome with graying temples and well-groomed, dark hair. My gray eyes and strong jaw often get looks from females. She knew she was hot, and I told her she was.

Turned out she was also pretty much a slut, and admitted it right away. I wasn't the first guy she'd met online -- either on the campus website, or Internet sites for people wanting hookups. I'd only known her about fifteen minutes when I asked, so these oteher guys you met online, did they get lucky with you? She giggled, sipping her hot tea, and said, "You'll find out soon enough, if you want." Oh, I wanted to find out. I took her back to my E-class (that's an expensive car, for you who don't know), and immediately we just started making out when we got in the front seats. Total slut, like I said.

Twenty minutes later, we were in my "fuck place" (an apartment I rent, my wife doesn't know about it), and I was eating the Chinese slut's gorgeous, shaved-bald pussy. Giana is massively multi-orgasmic, she had like four orgasms before I even got around to sticking my 8 inch penis into her vagina.

Over the course of the next few months, she became a regular fucktoy for me. She even readily agreed to try swinging with me -- meeting other couples and switching sex partners.

I'm sort of sinister. I decided, I needed to put Giana through some tests. Fun tests. Three of them. If she passed them, I figured, she was a keeper. But was she slutty enough and playful enough to put up with all of them?

* * * * *

First, I wanted to see what kind of stamina and sluttiness Giana had.

A few months after I had gotten her a boob job, I brought her over for one of her "usual" sessions with me. She had a couple hours open in the middle of her Wednesdays, when she had a late-afternoon class of some kind. She'd come to my fuck place for an hour or so of hot sex, then head back to campus. It worked for me because my wife didn't expect me at home at those times, and my restaurants are all so self-sufficient they don't need me there before they even opened.

So that particular day, almost as soon as Giana came over, we started making out. Her petite titties had transformed into over-sized, D-cup balloons, and she loved me to suck and fuck those big hooters now that she was busty. So I had her on the floor, kneeling in front of me, letting me pump my 8-inch erection between her big, fake tits, until we were both thoroughly aroused. To the bedroom we went, stripping completely nude, then jumping into bed and fucking madly. I can stay hard when I cum, usually, so even after I squirted my first hot load on her (I pulled out at the last moment to ejaculate on those breasts), I just shoved my penis right back into her (then) 19 year old pussy. We kept fucking brutally hard, until I was cumming a second time in her shaved vagina.

Checking the clock, we were right on schedule. I'd been fucking her about 45 minutes, and it would be any second now.

Giana was already saying, damn Thom that was awesome today, she was sore as fuck but now had to get back to campus for class. She hoped no one sitting around her would notice she smelled like a whore.

Her words were cut off by the ding-dong of the door to my rented condo. I pretended to be surprised, telling her to stay in the bedroom while I slipped on a pair of slacks and threw on a t-shirt. Leaving her behind, I went out to the foyer, and carefully, quietly let in my expected guests.

Sawyer and Ameldo were all grins, looking anxious to get it on, as I let the two tall, muscular black men into my condo.

As a big-time booster of the local college, I knew Sawyer pretty well. He was probably the best player the school ever had, and he had a fledgling five-year career roaming the secondary for a couple pro teams, once as an All-Pro. So now, at like age 33 or something, he was like a rock star at the campus's football games, and of course I'd met him. He's like six foot four, 220 pounds, and solid muscle. Seriously, if he had 3% body fat, I'd be shocked. Girls loved him, he always had blonde college girls on his arms -- usually two at a time. I should also add, he was a smart and exceptionally friendly guy. Great laugh, very funny, and sharp, he was running a media business on the side and making some good coin at it. Even I'm jealous of him, frankly, and I don't get jealous of many men.

Through Sawyer, I knew his "homey" Ameldo. Another black guy in his early 30s, not quite as built but tall and athletic, he was a small-time athlete but a long-time buddy of his rich football pal. Ameldo hung off Sawyer's coattails at campus events, hooking up with the college girls time to time. I couldn't even tell if he had a real job, he just always seemed to be around Sawyer.

So, the thing is, if I needed two black guys with huge cocks to fuck the shit out of a college girl, Sawyer and Ameldo were the guys to do it.

The moment was awesome. Petite, nude Giana was sitting up in my condo's bed, wearing nothing more than the bedsheet she'd pulled up to cover her huge, fake tits, with my sperm from an earlier climax still smeared on her chest and shoulders. Her brown eyes grew wide as quarters when she saw me walk into the bedroom trailed by two black studs! They were grinning at her, chuckling a little, saying things like, "Hello" and "How are ya," like she was anything other than a nude girl sitting in a bed covered only by the white bedsheet.

My girlfriend's jaw dropped, and she freaked on me with a short. "What the fuck, Thom?"

I was already headed for a chair near the bed, where I plopped my sore body into it, tired from 45 minutes of hot sex with her, propping my feet up on the edge of the bed. "Baby, thought you'd like some more fun."

Wild-eyed, she stared at the two guys she didn't know, both of whom were standing casually at the foot of the bed, wearing tight t-shirts and jeans, looking at her in as amicable way as they could. Sawyer had that patented, white smile; and Ameldo looked inoffensive with a three-day, stubbled beard, prematurely balding head, and relaxed disposition. Then she looked back at me, laughing, realizing immediately what was in store for her. "Oh no," she cackled, keeping the bedsheet pressed to her chest with one arm, "I got class today!"

I shrugged off that obstacle. "Naw," I told her, my arms crossing on my chest as I settled in the chair, "you wanna skip that today -- really -- instead, why don't you show the guys here what I bought you?" I was consciously not telling her their names, I wanted it to be supremely slutty.

The 19 year old Chinese slut was still staring at the two men, and me, and not believing it. "Like -- seriously?" She knew the code words, "what I bought her" meant her new, D-cup titties. She was proud of them, she loved showing them off.

So, with all three of us adult males staring at the college coed, she dropped her arm and the bedsheet fell with it, exposing her huge, succulent, creamy Asian titties. Her smallish, dark-brown nipples were rock-hard, as usual, and she leaned back to arch her spine, pushing out her huge tits even further. Her big, brown eyes glanced up at the two black studs, and with her face blushing, she wiggled her chest a little for them. "You mean these?" she asked me, knowing full well I did.

I couldn't resist a grin. She was such a slut, I loved it. Giana was showing off those boobies to the two handsome, hung strangers, and she just had to know they were going to fuck her -- and she wasn't resisting at all, instead, she was grinning ear to ear, like the cat that swallowed the bird.

Sawyer and Ameldo strode over to the edge of the bed, in front of me, sitting on the edge softly, their feet on the floor. They left space between themselves, and motioned for naked Giana to come over to them. She paused, blushing badly, but did as we wanted, sneaking forward to sit on her ankles, knees together in front of her, right between the large black athletes. Fuck, she looked so small next to them! They were so much taller, and built-up and muscular; except for her false tits, she was skinny and, frankly, almost frail. Grinning and blushing badly, almost embarrassed, she said "Hi" to them nicely, as she slipped between their bodies at the side edge of the mattress, directly in front of where I was sitting.

The men immediately reached to her boobs, each guy taking an orb in his big palm, feeling the fleshy curves and softness, telling her how sexy they were. Giana was staring at me, watching me watch her get fondled. Then, her libido taking over, she looked into each guy's face and measured how handsome each was. I asked if she recognized Sawyer, and she didn't; so I said, he was a football star, he played pro, she should be honored he was here. "Yeah?" She sounded impressed. Her big eyes were staring up at his face, as Sawyer like Ameldo was gazing at her huge tit in his hand. "Mmm, you like me?"

"Oh, I do," the stud moaned, finding himself looking right into her eyes. It just happened, they started to kiss. Man, what a slut Giana was! She was doing it with him, and he only walked into the room 30 seconds ago!

Getting fondled by both black men, she was instantly aroused, despite being well-fucked by me already. Reaching her small hands to their crotches, her eyes grew even larger, and I heard her moan in delight while her thin lips stretched out in a grin. "Mmmm!" she exhaled, reaching harder. I'd been at an orgy with Sawyer and Ameldo before, so I knew what she was feeling through their pants. Two fat, gorgeous, 9 or 10 inch black cocks. These guys were fucking HUNG, they put my 8 inch long, super-fat white penis to shame.

"Ooooh, fuck, Thom," whined the hot bitch as she fondled those big dicks and had her boobs in their hands, "holy shit!" Then she looked at both guys, back and forth, grinning, letting them see she was enamored at the opportunity to be groping their pricks through their clothing.

The guys didn't let that situation last long. Both of them stood up, peeling off their t-shirt to reveal chiseled, ripped six-packs on their dark-chocolate bodies. Ameldo's torso was straight up and down, with small curly dark hairs on his chest. Sawyer had an almost inverted triangular frame, his shoulders and pectorals were massive and developed, down to a tiny waist, and his dark skin was completely smooth and seemingly hairless. Giana's young eyes soaked in the sight of these hot males, but she grinned more when their hands went to their pants. They unfastened their jeans, pushing them and their underwear down, and both stood up -- totally nude, those massive black dicks sticking out of their flat abdomens.

She shrieked, almost. "Fuck!" Looking at me, she laughed, then stared back and forth at the two dark boners in front of her. "Fuck, those are huge!"

The guys crawled back onto the bed, kneeling on both sides of Giana, with my petite, now-tiny-looking girlfriend surrounded by the dark meat. Those two massive, throbbing pricks were pointing right at her slim Asian face, and Ameldo already had precum leaking out of his cockhead. She reached her small hands up, barely able to gather each monster cock in her palm, holding them and stroking them a little. Looking back and forth at the men's dicks, and at me too, the girl giggled politely. "Are these for me, Thom?" she asked with a playful whine.

I shrugged. "If you want 'em."

"Mmm!" She looked up at Sawyer's face, then at his 10 inch penis in her one small hand. "I doooo!"

Suddenly she was sucking a big black cock, really stretching open her jaw to let it into her mouth. Sawyer gasped, pushing her head down on it, and she could barely get the cockhead into her mouth while her tongue swirled around it. Ameldo's penis was stiff in her hand, while she jerked it slowly back and forth. Mouthing more of Sawyer's prick, Giana got the top few inches wet with her saliva before turning her attention to Ameldo's dick. She opened up and swallowed him too, rolling her slanted eyes up to the sexy black man, watching him watch her suck his penis.

"Oooh, yeah, girl," Ameldo praised her, caressing her bony face with his fingers, "you're so pretty, you suck that cock so nice."

She snickered for him, pulling off it. "I love your cocks," she told him.

Yes, my girlfriend was a confirmed whore, I loved her reaction to this.

The guys let her take turns sucking their pricks back and forth, even rubbing those huge, wettened poles on her face while another one was in her mouth. But after ten minutes or so of being sucked by her, they wanted her cunt. Giana let them pull her back onto the bed, pushing her onto her back, and Sawyer was the first one to mount her. Ameldo moved to the side to watch, and I got a view of Sawyer's muscular, powerful ass lowering down to my girlfriend's body, her skinny legs pressed out uselessly to the sides, as his enormous penis rubbed against her vagina. Both of them were moaning, and Sawyer was muttering something to her I couldn't hear. But I did hear Giana scream out, "Ohhh yes!" and then, suddenly, Sawyer's body jerked forward. He started shoving his fat, long black prick into her college cunt, and she was now getting fucked by an all-muscle black man.

I could have had about anyone fuck her, but I wanted Sawyer and his buddy for a reason. These guys were hung, and knew how to fuck. Sawyer was all business, holding her down, using his superior strength to really work his dick into her tight young vagina. Her then-19 year old pussy had to stretch out of shape to accomodate Sawyer's massive penis, which was definitely fatter than mine besides being longer by a couple of inches. Of course he couldn't get nearly all of his tool into her twat, but he got well over half of it, maybe two-thirds, and by that time, her cunt was on fire, distorted, stretched all around his boner. Giana was screaming -- "Uhhhh! Uhhhhh! Owwwwww! Uhhhhh!" -- but he didn't care, he just kept fucking the bitch. I found myself nodding at the same rhythm he was pounding her, moving his ass and pelvis up and down, plowing his meat in and out of her cunt.

Her hand reached out, she was holding and stroking Ameldo while Sawyer fucked her. Sawyer also kissed her, and she kissed him back, allowing herself to be used like a complete toy by the stud. But he broke the kiss and just leaned over her, giving room for his buddy to join the sex. Ameldo stuck his cock forward to Giana's mouth, getting sucked while Sawyer continued to fuck her on top of her. "Here," I heard Sawyer say after a few moments. He pulled out, and rotated himself and my mistress around until she was on her knees, sideways to me, her face over Ameldo's prick. As the bald-headed man leaned back and pushed his cock forward, his muscular, thin thighs spreading wide, I saw Giana grin and suck the top couple of inches of his fat cock back into her mouth, while Sawyer was now behind her bony little ass, about to fuck her doggy-style.

"Uhhhh!" Giana looked up at the ceiling, aching at the moment she felt that big penis enter her bald Asian cunt from the rear. "Yeah, fuck me!" Then, realizing I was staring at the sex, she snickered at me. "Thom, baby, they're so big!"

Damn, it looked beautiful, that awesome black penis entering Giana's cunt over and over from the rear. Her small, creamy ass was in his big hands, he pawed and groped her buttocks while fucking her slowly, rhythmically, from behind. Ameldo pushed her head down more, getting a solid four or five inches of his penis inside her mouth and throat, making her gag softly each time. She was being used, a tiny rag doll between these two hung studs.

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