tagErotic HorrorLilliths Tails 06: Lilliths Children

Lilliths Tails 06: Lilliths Children


It was long past midnight in a sleepy English village when the phone rang in a quiet bedroom, the room was sparse the owner having spent so long moving from hotel to hotel, he had never really cultivated the clutter of a normal person. The only visible expression of its owner's personality a small hand carved wooden chest at the foot of the bed. The sleeper stirred reluctantly at the screeching sound of the phone intruding into his dreams.

A dark skinned hand appeared from under the heavy covers and groped around until it found the phone.

"Hello, who is this?" The voice was sleepy but still melodic the words touched with a faint foreign accent.

"It's me, Eddy. Anjou something has happened... I'm going away for a while can you call the servants and have them come back in the morning and clean up the place... I've had a party and the place is quite messed up I'll leave the repairs in your hands." The voice on the other end of the line couldn't have sounded more different, the words were strained and worried the talker seemed to be very worried about something.

"Is everything all right sir? You sound quite distressed." Anjou's voice sharpened as the last vestiges of sleep fell away his tone losing its singsong tone and developing a strong British accent.

"I'm fine Anjou, just fine I just have the urge to travel for awhile I will contact you in due time until then look after the mansion and keep it prepared in case I return without warning."

"You will not be requiring me to travel with you, sir?"

"No Anjou I'm... I'm going on my own this time, I'll keep in touch by email."

Anjou was about to reply when the line clicked and went dead. He knew that his employer was often given to such flights of hedonism but he had never sounded so disturbed before. Shrugging off his nagging worried Anjou rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, after all, there was plenty of time to worry in the morning...

The Mansion turned out to be a total disaster area, half of the rooms had been reduced to total chaos, expensive sculptures smashed, pictures shredded and everything overturned, most of the upper floor was untouched but someone had gone through every closet in the place and thrown clothing everywhere. Anjou toured the disaster before the staff arrived picking his way from room to room surveying the wreckage. Edward Black super rich playboy and devoted hedonist had thrown some wild parties over the years but this one did not make even the slighted bit of sense. Eddy, as he insisted on everyone calling him, would never throw a party without at least a dozen of his well paid private staff to ensure his guests every need was fulfilled, and he certainly would have informed Anjou who's job it was to provide transport, entertainment and occasionally alibi's. No Anjou mused, this... chaos had been done systematically. Someone had gone from room to room destroying and wrecking everything they touched.

Anjou was wandering through the ruins of Eddy's largest art gallery picking his way over smashed statues and mounds of shredded clothing when he heard the distant sound of the main doors opening and the murmured conversation of the staff as they filed into the hall. Turning back to meet them he saw one of Eddies larger modern art pieces a gigantic metal snake made out of scrap iron, he had missed it before because the imposing statue had been reduced to a pile of shredded metal half covered with clothing. What caught his attention now was the head, its neck buried into the wall above the doorway... seven feet up.

Lauri stood in the entrance of the mansion and took in the devastation with a sinking feeling.

"It's going to take forever to clean this mess up."

Her friend Angelique shot her a sympathising smile. Lauri was one of the two full-time Maids responsible for keeping the place tidy all year round, Angelique was the other and over the years she had cleaned up after some seriously destructive parties but this was something else. At 22 Lauri was the older of the two, hired straight out of the local high school at 16 and trained to be a professional maid at Eddy's expense. Beautiful dark eyes, long curly black hair, smooth fair skin and an impressive bust at DD she knew full well like the rest of the staff Eddy had hired her for her looks rather than any ability. Eddie usually went for slim bug breasted bimbo's but her rich full figure had been too much for the Billionaire playboy to pass up. However, as she had long since discovered it was a passing interest that usually stopped shortly after he took them to bed. The job paid triple what it should and if she had to put up with his wandering hands so be it. Angelique, on the other hand, was recently employed and still had that starry-eyed expression that told Eddy hadn't tired of his new toy yet.

"The sooner you get started the sooner you will be finished girl, at least you have Angelique here to help you." Miss Parker a thin waspish woman with a short temper ruled the kitchens and the maids with an iron hand, currently she stood hands on hips glaring at Lauri for daring to speak. Unlike the two maids in their traditional black and white uniforms, Miss Parker wore a severe white dress that emphasised her slim frame.

"We will all be working together to clean the house." Lauri started as Anjou appeared at the top of the stairs. "That includes you, Miss Parker. The entire house is much the same as this so I have called in the entire staff, they will be here in another hour."

Lauri hid a smile at her superior's furious expression at being corrected in front of the two maids, Anjou Eddy's butler was the only member of staff who could order the head cook around and he would not stand for her bullying. Usually, when Mr Black was away Anjou was always with him which left just the three of them to look after the house and a couple of gardeners to keep the grounds, If Anjou had called back the entire staff there would soon be a dozen more hands to help. Of course, if the entire building was like this they would need them all.

"Will Mr Black be back soon Anjou?" Angelique's voice was soft and dreamy much like her personality.

"He will be back in due time he did not leave an exact date for his return just instructions to keep the place ready for him."

"Like we don't do that already" Lauri muttered under her breath drawing another of Miss Parker's glares.

"Ladies if you would start in the kitchens I will send the rest of the staff to join you as they arrive."

Anjou watched as the three women headed for the wreckage of the kitchens, as soon as they were out of sight he headed for the elevator.

Even if Eddy's party had happened no human being could have torn apart that statue, let alone hammered its head into the wall above the door. Anjou hurried to the secret hiding place of the one creature on earth likely to possess such strength.

The wine cellar was a mess, bottles smashed and racks turned to splintered kindling, Anjou stepped out of the lift into a sea of expensive wine staining the floor red as blood. The Vivarium door stood open the flickering lights revealing a mass of broken glass and bent metal of the snakes that inhabited it there was no sign. Anjou picked his way across the floor to the concealed lever that opened the door to Eddies most secret pet but found it gone. The whole mechanism had been torn out of the wall and lay in twisted pieces. Lillith's lair was locked and nothing short of a team of workmen with heavy equipment would open the door again.

Lauri lifted the remains of a splintered door and wiped her forehead on her sleeve. It looked like whoever had trashed the place has simply broken down any door that was locked and then trashed whatever they found beyond. The rest of the temporary staff that were usually called in when Eddy was at home had turned up some time ago relieving Lauri and Angelique of Miss Parker's ever watchful gaze, now the kitchen was in rough order and the work was spreading out to the surrounding rooms.

"Why did he break down the doors, Eddy has a key that unlocks every room in the place." Angelique wondered aloud, the petulant tone of her voice had been getting worse for the past hour and Lauri was getting increasingly frustrated with her.

"I don't know what happened here Ange but this wasn't a party looks more like a war zone, I think Mr Black pissed off someone and this is a warning."

Angelique looked shocked.

"Do you think Eddy might be hurt?"

"It's Mr Black to us Ange, don't let Miss Parker hear you call him by his first name again or she will have your guts on a plate." Lauri sighed at her friend's stubborn expression, it wasn't her fault she was still new to this and still Eddy's favourite she would eventually realise her place and then she would probably quit like the rest but until then Lauri had a chance to turn her around.

"I don't give a crap what that old bitch Sandra says Eddy told me to call him by his first name and I shall."

Angelique stood there with her hands on her hips glaring at Lauri, if she hadn't been five foot tall the diminutive blond would have looked stern but the skinny girl just managed to make herself look comical.

"It's got nothing to do with Mr Black, its protocol that's one of the things you should have learned when he sent you to learn how to do this, you always call a butler and the head cook by their surname and the master is always sir or madam." There was much more to it of course but as it was usually just the four of them she didn't have to bother with the rest of it.

"But we call Anjou by his first name." Angelique's tone was getting even more stubborn they had been over this before but she never listened.

"That's because he doesn't have a surname Anjou is the only name he's got and you're avoiding the point Miss Parker will fire you if she catches you again."

"Eddy wouldn't let her he's the one who decides who gets a job if she tries he'll fire her!"

Eddy wouldn't even wave Angelique goodbye if she got herself fired Lauri mused. He would simply hire another cute ass and steal her virginity like all the rest, God Lauri thought to herself I'd better watch it I'm getting bitter in my old age.

"Look Ange just try to behave okay we don't need any more trouble right now." Lauri leaned the badly sagging door against the wall and dusted herself down. "Now let's get out of here and find somewhere that doesn't require me lifting things that weigh more than you."

"Hey, what's this?" Angelique bent down and picked up something that had been hidden under the door, it glittered gold and green between her fingers.

"That's odd looks like a scale or something it's probably from a fancy dress worn by one of his bimbos." The scale was roughly egg-shaped its point ending in a flat end, the whole thing was about half an inch across and semi-translucent green shot through with gold veins.

"I'd kill to wear things like all those models he hangs around with, I think I'd look better than them they all have boob jobs and liposuction to look that good."

If Angelique didn't fill out more than her current B cup Lauri had no doubt Eddy would eventually offer her the same thing, the dumb blonde would accept too.

The two girls continued their friendly bickering as they made their way up the corridor.

Anjou was becoming seriously worried, every secret entrance to the underground areas of the mansion had been sabotaged. Levers ripped out, wiring destroyed, all the release mechanisms were ruined. Presumably, anyone on the inside could still use them but no one could get in. Anjou was coming to some disturbing conclusions about the previous night's events. Eddy Black was the only employer Anjou had ever had, in his teens he and his entire people had been rescued from the poverty of the mainland relocation camps and returned by Eddy to their ancestral island. The only thanks Eddy asked for this seemingly benevolent act was loyalty, secrecy and a few people to train to work for him. Back then, Eddy had been a young man scarce more than a child himself and filled with the drive to make himself incalculably wealthy. Anjou had been sent to England to learn the ways of civilised society as Eddy called it, mostly that meant learning how to lie more and more convincingly for his employer.

For most of his adult life, Anjou had followed Eddy around as he made his fortunes and turned from a spoiled boy to a sadistic and debauched connoisseur of the depraved. Eddy was obsessed with sampling every carnal sensation not a single deviancy had gone untested but Eddy always returned to his one prime fetish, Vore. Anjou's people had always worshipped snake gods and vore was not so much a fetish to them as a divine communion, this was the reason the young Edward Black bought back the land of his people. A place where he could indulge in his most secret desires and hide his darkest secret. Some years ago Eddy had gathered the finest and most ambitious scientists in the world to his secret island hideaway. There deep under the sacred caverns of Anjou's people, under yet another of Eddy's sprawling mansions in an abandoned military complex he had them bring to life his greatest fantasy, Lillith a giant woman-eating snake. It was there Anjou first met Eve, a geneticist decades ahead of her time. Together with her lover, Lisa, they took Eddy's dream and made it a reality and for their efforts, Eddy used Lisa as the subject to be transformed into Lillith!

Anjou had for the first time realised just how dark his master had become and how far he had fallen beside him. He had gone to Eve and talked for the first time to an outsider about his people and their beliefs and had given her a desperate plan of revenge which she refused to share with him. All he knew was Eve had somehow changed Lillith to make the women she swallowed turn into Naga's instead of being simply digested, she had given Eddy his wildest fantasy and then left before the giant snake that had been her lover even awoke. He had never doubted her promise to return one day and have her revenge but when Eddy had told him just three days ago that Eve had returned and begged to let Lillith swallow her he began to think things might have changed.

That had been the last time he had seen Eddy, his master had dismissed the entire staff for a few days so there wouldn't be any potential witnesses to silence later. Now it appeared something had happened but Anjou couldn't for the life of him image what. After all, Lillith might have the strength to wreck the house but smart as she was she surely lacked the intelligence to find the door controls or Anjou thought with a sudden superstitious shiver, the hands to reach them...

Sandra Parker put the last of the knives back in the block and surveyed the reordered kitchen, most of the damage had been repaired only a few hopelessly smashed cupboards had been carried out to throw away. Tiring of the idiotic hired help she had driven them out to finish on her own. Fifteen years ago Sandra had been an up and coming model, her looks had brought her all she wanted until they brought her to Edward Black. He had wanted her to work as his personal assistant at the mansion and although the job was a far cry from modelling it paid well and the chance to get her hands on one of the richest men in the world had been irresistible. Now her fame had long faded with her looks she had been passed by for other younger, easier girls and had fallen through the ranks until she found her place here in the kitchens. The few times she had tried to find somewhere, anywhere else it was made plain to her that with no qualifications and the threat of Eddy's displeasure hanging over her no one would employ her. A sudden noise interrupted her introspection as she turned she saw one of the pantry doors slowly swinging closed.

"Is someone there? Angelique if you're in there skipping off your duties I'll have you out of this house before the day is out."

Angry now she crossed the kitchen and threw the doors open.


A line of freezers in the old pantry hummed quietly in the silence, the room was empty. Sandra shrugged to herself and turned back to the kitchen, the last thing she saw was a pair of burning emerald eyes rushing towards her, her scream faded unheard upon her lips as a burning sting upon her neck brought dizzying darkness...

"What do you mean you can't find her?" Lauri stood glaring at the groundskeeper who until half an hour ago had been helping clean up the mess in the indoor swimming pool.

"Like I said, Miss, she's not here we've looked everywhere and Miss Parker isn't in the mansion."

"Of course, she's here you idiot where else would she have gone to?" It was bad enough having to clean up this mess without the woman supposedly in charge hadn't decided to vanish into thin air. The two of them stood in the kitchens surrounded by a circle of tired looking servants.

"Look you know what that old bitch was like she's probably got in a strop and quit again, Anjou will know why don't you ask him."

Lauri sighed with exasperation

"I would if anyone could find him no one's seen him for hours, now look she'll turn up eventually and if she has quit that doesn't mean we should stop working so get back to what you were doing and let's try to survive without her." She watched the older man walk off muttering then glared at the crowd around her.

"Am I talking to myself, get moving people we've work to do!"

The crowd quickly shuffled off trying to look busy leaving Lauri on her own with an awe-struck Angelique.

"Jesus Lauri you had better be careful I think you're turning into Miss Parker."

"Don't Ange I'm not in the mood, now come on let's go see if we can find Anjou this mess is all we need right now."

Anjou turned the sound down on the kitchen monitor and sat thinking for a moment. Eddy's control room had still been accessible and he now sat in his master's black leather recliner watching the activity of the entire house on the monitors. Well, not the entire house, the surveillance system in the underground network was malfunctioning and Anjou suspected the cameras were more than likely torn out of their hiding places. He had come up here hoping to get an idea of what was going on but the blank monitors and the buckled mess of the trapdoor down to the complex only deepened his worry.

He had been sitting there trying to think when the entire system went dead, every screen suddenly winked out and a few minutes later came back on without any assistance. Until he had heard the staff start searching for Miss Parker he had not attached any significance to the blackout but now he realised Miss Parker had disappeared exactly the same time the cameras went down. That meant someone had used the master controls in the lower complex to hide her disappearance. It also explained why the system was working at all, they needed the mansion system to keep an eye on the staff, someone was stalking them...

Sandra drifted gently back to consciousness in the darkness finding herself unable to move anything but her head. The air was hot and dry and smelled thick with some strange spicy musk. Her bonds whatever they were that encased her seemed to be massive yielding cables as thick as her waist that seemed strangely soft and warm and yet oddly marked as if covered with thousands of small grooves that imprinted on her sensitive skin. She tried to call for help but it came out a soft moan her vocal chords uncooperative in her half sleeping state. Suddenly her bonds began to move squeezing and rubbing against her the gently grating movement causing her to moan again in pleasure. The gloom seemed to be getting lighter and she started gently as something rubbed past her face, she had been buried completely she realised and now the gentle movement was bringing her to the surface. When she finally reached the light and saw what bound her she wished she were able to scream...

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