tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLily's Lesson Continues

Lily's Lesson Continues


The only contact I had with Mr. Logan over the next few days was over the phone. He called to have me messenger over some papers. His tone was quick and curt; anyone listening would have no idea of the game he was playing with me. Each time he called my pussy would swell and ache just at the sound of his voice. Every time he hung up I wanted to touch myself knowing my panties were wet, but I stuck to my promise. Thursday afternoon when the phone rang I answered it as usual absently grabbing my message pad. His voice rang in my ear and I felt my body instantly go hot.

"Lily?" He asked his voice smooth and deep, the butterflies in my stomach took flight.

"Yes Mr. Logan?" I asked knowing there was a slight tremble that I couldn't seem to help. He sounded different, gone his usual business-like manner.

"Is the office door locked?" He asked. I heard a horn in the background and realized he must be in his car.

"Yes sir, I just locked it." I answered quickly, eager to please him.

"Go unlock it now." He said sharply in my ear. I stood without hesitating and quickly unlocked the door. When he spoke to me like that it was impossible not to obey.

"It's unlocked now sir." I whispered. My free hand smoothed over my hip, my fingers aching to touch myself.

"Open my office door and go lay on my couch right now." He demanded. I shivered as I entered his office, the lights were off and I sank down on the couch, slipping my heels off my feet not wanting to scar the camel colored leather. "Are you lying down?" He asked in my ear.

"Uh huh." I answered softly, looking up at the ceiling.

"Good girl." He whispered, I could almost see the smile cross his lips. "Do you see the head set lying next to you?" He asked. "Put it on." I turned my head and saw it, lying on the small table next to the couch. My fingers closed around it and I eased it on to my ears.

"I have it on now." I said. "Can I touch myself now?" I asked trying not to make it sound like a plea.

"That's what you want to do isn't it?" He asked me his voice smooth as silk as it caressed my ear.

"Please?" I asked so softly I didn't think he would hear me.

"Not yet, slide your skirt up for me now Lily, do you have on stockings today?" I eagerly pushed the fabric up my thighs.

"Yes," I said "There black, and um a matching garter belt." I added wanting him to picture me in his mind, my fingers trailed over the lace stretched across my stomach.

"Mm, you didn't wear panties now did you?" He asked me, I could hear the slight warning in his voice.

"No sir, I didn't forget."

"Good, now, unbutton your blouse and pull it down your shoulders for me, your bra straps to," He directed. Slowly I complied, undoing each small button until my blouse was open, and I slipped it off my shoulders and eased the straps down. As I looked down, my breasts overflowed the cups, my nipples were peaking over the top of the lace, tightly pebbled in excitement. I moaned into the phone.

"Lily!" he said sharply into my ear. "I told you not to touch yourself; if I get there and your fingers are wet there will be hell to pay!" He warned me.

"I didn't," I cried into the phone "I'm being good, I promise." I couldn't believe it, I was almost crying, I didn't know how much more I could take. A bang in the hallway caught my attention. "Is that you?" I asked, my body shaking with need for release.

"Is what me?" He asked into the phone.

"Oh my god someone is here!" I whispered into the phone freezing in fear of being discovered.

"Don't move," He warned me. "You had better be on that couch with your thighs spread for me when I come in, do you understand me?" He growled it at me arrogantly through the phone.

I froze not knowing what to do, I wanted more than anything to close my thighs, but I had never heard him sound so fierce before. My pussy contracted and I felt my own sweet cream drip down the cheek of my ass. The fear was exciting me more. A shadowy figure appeared in the doorway. I gasped as it moved towards me.

"Who's there?" a voice I didn't recognize spoke. "Well, what do we have here?" He stood a few feet from the couch, an inch or two shorter than Mr. Logan. He stared at my spread thighs and glistening pussy and grinned.

The door slammed again, and another figure appeared, the lights flicked on making me blink rapidly.

"Don't move," Mr. Logan's familiar voice rang out. "Hey Sam," He greeted the stranger, who's eyes finally turned away from me. I started to pull down my skirt, my face burning, and panic setting in. Mr. Logan crossed the room to me quickly his hand flicked at my nipple and he looked down at me saying nothing, but shook his head and yanked my skirt back up.

"I didn't mean to interrupt you..." his friend's voice trailed off as his eyes focused back on me looking me up and down with a grin on his face.

"Say hello to Sam, Lily...don't be rude, I wouldn't like that." His voice was even and silky waiting to see my reaction. I looked down at the floor, my skin burning and flushed I mumbled.

"Hello Sam." I closed my eyes tightly willing myself to be somewhere else. I felt Mr. Logan sit down next to me my bare pussy a mere foot from him.

"Are your fingers wet Lily? Have you been good?" He took my hands and held them to his nose as Sam watched with growing interest.

"I didn't touch myself." I whispered. He let go of my hands and slide a finger over my stomach stopping just above my triangle of curls. He smiled at me and looked over at Sam.

"I won't let you touch her, but if you want to see her cum for me pull up a chair." He grinned and chuckled as my body trembled at the thought.

"Damn, Logan you are a mean son of a bitch," Sam laughed, "But I'm not going anywhere." He grinned and took a step closer. "She sure is wet." He groaned shifting closer to see.

"All right Lily, I know you're embarrassed," Mr. Logan said touching my knee softly. His fingers slid up my thigh and it quivered in response, I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to lay still. "Pull your leg up higher honey; I want to see you opening for me, that's right." He encouraged me. I knew I was going to explode soon I could do nothing to stop it. "Look at me Lily." I opened my eyes to find him staring at me, "Do you want to cum now?" He asked.

"Please." I whimpered. I could hear Sam gasp, but I couldn't take my eyes off Mr. Logan.

"Tell me what you want, Lily, I want to hear you say it." He demanded. I moaned and bucked my hips. His fingers clenched into my thigh, he blew warm breath against my sex and I whined out loud.

"Please make me cum, Mr. Logan, you make me so wet and..." He didn't wait any longer, he plunged three fingers into my swollen and soaked lips, the scent of sex filled the room as his fingers filled me, I began to convulse around him. I cried out loud and squeezed him tightly inside me. My body shook and trembled, riding wave after wave of emotion. Tears streamed down my cheeks. Gently he circled my clit and sent me spiraling all over again. A cell phone rang at my desk, he pulled his fingers away and stood to answer it, His hand trailed slowly up my thigh, before he left to answer it.

"Yes," I heard him say. "Lily is still here, we are just finishing up, so she won't be long now. All right Mr. Garwood, Ill tell her you called." Sam stood still staring at me; I glanced up at him, my thighs still open and spread. A bulge and a dark spot on his slacks betrayed his aroused state. Neither of us spoke as Mr. Logan entered the room.

"Well Sam, you can see why I was in a hurry to get back to the office now can't you?" He grinned at his newest client and walked over and shook his hand. "Why don't we hold off our discussion until Friday evening?" Sam looked down at their hands, and shook his head, with a quick smile, he could feel the stickiness and drew his hand to his nose glancing over at Lily and then quickly back at Logan.

"Sure, Ill be looking forward to it, and to seeing you again Lily." He said letting his eyes roam over me again. The two men shook hands and then Sam was gone. Mr. Logan turned to me and smiled.

"How do you feel Lily?" He asked me walking closer and staring down at me. I blushed and tried to sit up. "You did like it didn't you," He whispered sitting down and pulling me over to straddle his lap. His cock was hard I could feel it pressing against me.

"Yes," I whispered, "I was embarrassed and afraid, but it made me so wet, I don't understand..." I snuggled into his shoulder as he quickly pulled himself free of his slacks. With a quick stroke he was deep inside of me. His teeth fastened on my nipple sucking and biting at it. I heard myself begin to moan louder and louder as he thrust into me, His hand came down on my ass cheek hard slapping it and then digging his fingers in lifting me and pulling me back down, his tongue flicked over my nipples red and swollen from his bites, His sack slapping against my wet ass, soaked from my own cum, the slapping wet sound aroused us both more and with a hard jerk he slammed into me spilling deep inside me, the force so hard I could feel it shooting into me. I leaned against him then feeling his cum soaking me mingling with mine. A warm glow settled around me with just a slight sense of panic of what Seattle would bring.

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