tagBDSMLily's Story

Lily's Story


I slammed open the hotel room and threw my bags on the bed. I was already much later than I had anticipated. This was the first time, in years, I had been away from my apartment. Sir was excited about my chance to get away and for the first time we would get to be together.

I was a writer for the local newspaper. Nothing special, but I kept up with the local news and information. While I stood in the background, simply dictating the news to the world's readers, I held some form of control over masses. Perhaps it was not that odd that I had become a submissive to Sir.

We met online several years ago. I had just moved into my apartment with my roommate. She and I got along wonderfully, and I was very happy with the arrangement. However, I had held a secret within myself for years. I knew in high school, I had been born to serve others. Sure, I was a dictator of my own life, and an accomplished writer, but I had a drive that I had told no one about. I was a sexual submissive, and I need someone to dominate.

At first, Sir and I didn't talk about sex. Most of our conversations involved that dull tales of life, history, and what we sought in a relationship. When the question about sex came up, I was already comfortable enough to spill my secret. I didn't want a traditional relationship, like I had told him before; I wanted a man to dominate me. To fulfill me like I had never been fulfilled before; and I would do what I could to please him. I didn't want to live the rest of my life writing boring articles for the newspaper, but I wanted to write my own books and live out my life under my dominant.

I knew it wasn't a typical life, certainly not one a young twenty something woman should hope for, but it was the life I wanted. Sir and I met online and talked for years. He was the ideal man for me, and I suppose I was the ideal woman for him; but we lived several states away. Eventually our 'play time' became online sessions that left us both wanting more.

Over time, I saved up a fund to travel out to visit him. Gas prices had been the biggest worry, and the hotel room was more than I had planned to pay. It didn't matter. This was to be the first time Sir and I would get to meet. I would no longer have to tie myself up for his amusement on the camera, but he could tie me up and make me hurt.

I was hours late, and I knew Sir would be a bit upset by it. After all, our years of building anticipation had driven us to the point of insanity. I closed the hotel room door behind me and pulled out my cell phone.

I checked in. I typed the words quickly and pressed send.

I stepped over to my bags and began ruffling through them. I took out the secret items, the items I dreaded my roommate would find. I pulled out some rope, chains, bottles of lube, and several toys. All things I knew Sir and I would enjoy.

My phone beeped and I pulled it from my pocket. My heart raced as I looked at the words that flashed across my screen.

Same room as before? I'll be there in 10, be ready.

I quickly replied yes before throwing the large tote under the bed. My heart was racing. I didn't know he would be here so soon! I organized all of my belongings on the dresser beside the bed. I turned on a light in the corner to give the room a gentle ambiance, and then quickly undressed myself.

I starred at myself curiously in the mirror. I never thought I was that attractive and always thought it would be impossible to find someone to dominate me. I was a short and tiny little woman, with large breasts that tended to droop to my waist. My waist was probably my favorite part of my figure. It was tiny, and gave me the perfect hourglass figure. Sir always told me he loved it, but it was hard to decipher flattery from truth when it came to men.

I was fully naked, and straightened my back so my large breasts would point forward. I had been waxed a few days pervious. Sir had said he preferred smooth, hairless skin on a girl. My long blonde hair fell straight to my shoulders, and I quickly reapplied my makeup. When I was finished, I marched to the door. Time was running out and I knew he would be there any minute. I fell to my knees and waited for the door to open.

My body was trembling. I was terrified, excited, and nervous all at the same time. It had never been like me to meet with someone I met online, alone and in a hotel room, I had checked into for the two of us to spend the next few days together. My throat was becoming dry, and it was difficult to swallow. Several minutes passed, and I waited for the door to open.

Nothing happened. I stood and went to the nightstand where my cell phone glared. He was twenty minutes late. It did not seem like him to not be on time. I went to my bag where I had several bottles of water stored. I took one out and drank it. My mouth was so parched. I was definitely anxious for his arrival; but why was he late?

I sat on the edge of the bed, sipping at the bottle of water. Where was he? A few more minutes ticked by, and I checked my cellphone a few more times. No messages. I sighed, and finished the water. I stood and threw the bottle in the waste bin beside the large dresser. Suddenly, the hotel room door opened.

I froze where I stood. I was naked and standing in front of the door, having just thrown an empty bottle into the trash. My hand flew up to my chest to cover my breasts. In strode Sir, he looked even more handsome in person than he had online.

His long brown hair was pulled back into a braid, and his sharp face was covered in a shapely beard. He was gorgeous. He wore a brown business suit, I knew he was a lawyer, perhaps he had come back from a job. He slowly closed the door behind him, and gave me a kind smile. His brown eyes seemed to pierce deep into my soul, and shuttered a bit under his gaze. He was here! We were finally meeting.

"What are you doing?" he asked playfully, the smile never leaving his face.

I looked down and noticed that my arm was still cover my breasts. I blushed for a moment and pulled my arm away, revealing what I hid beneath. He had seen my naked pale flesh before, but never in person. We had never seen each other in person.

He shook his head, his smile turning into a frown. "It's nice that you stopped doing that, but it's not what I meant."

I thought for a moment. I wasn't sure what he meant. The idea then donned on me. I wasn't kneeling before the door as he had requested. I threw myself to my knees and looked up at him. I gave him a knowing smile, hoping he would be proud that I followed his command.

He gave a slight grin and then shook his head. "It's already too late," he said. He had a smooth voice, one that demanded attention. He then reached forward and strung his fingers through my hair. He then yanked, pulling my head back. My eyes filled with tears, and then he pulled me forward, forcing me to the ground at his feet.

He wore dress shoes, black and newly polished. "Stay there," he said, pressing my face into the carpet. He released my head, and my eyes stung with the forming tears. I sensed him step over me and listened as he walked to the nightstand beside the bed.

"You've done a good job, little flower," he cooed from behind me. "You brought everything I asked." I couldn't help but smile a bit. I sat up and looked up him. He was admiring the length of rope I had laid out. I wiped the tears from my face. My heart jumped, proud that I had pleased him.

He looked back at me, and held out the rope. "What are you doing?" He asked.

My eyes widened with horror. I had disobeyed Sir again! We had done plenty online, through webcam and instant messengers, but I had never been in the same room with someone who dominated me. What was I doing? I knew better than to not follow directions, but clearly I wasn't used to this. I threw myself forward again, and pressed my face into the carpet.

I heard his soft footsteps come near me again. His fingers brushed into my short black hair, and he yanked on it again. I cried out a bit as he yanked my head up and forced me to my feet. My eyes pleaded with him a bit. I liked pain, but this was unexpected.

He released my hair and grabbed my shoulders with both hands. He spun me around to look up at him. My breath caught in my throat. The soft brown eyes that had entered the room were now fierce, and I knew he was angry. This was all happening so fast!

He grabbed me by the shoulders again, and threw me behind him onto the bed. My bare body landed with a soft thud on the mattress. I was definitely grateful he hadn't thrown me on the floor. My heart quickened its pace, but I didn't dare move from the bed.

Suddenly, he was behind me, lifting my legs to my back. He grabbed my arms, and then tied the rope tightly around my ankles and wrists. I struggled, this was so uncomfortable! For a moment my gratitude swelled in my heart again, thank god I bought the Japanese silk rope. He was tying my limbs together, loosely at first, but then tighter, and soon I couldn't struggle anymore. He grabbed my hair again, and pulled my head back. He put part of the rope into my mouth, and then tied it to his mixture of knots around my wrists and ankles.

He hogtied me! I didn't know what I expected when I call him and told him I was getting the hotel room for the weekend. Nor did I know what I expected when I texted him when I entered the room. We'd see each other, kiss, maybe cuddle, and have hot steamy sex releasing years of tension. Instead I had been forced to kneel on the floor, thrown on the bed, and then hogtied with the rope I had bought.

I cried a bit, trying to force and opening for my mouth around the rope. The more I struggled, the harder it pulled, forcing my tongue back into my throat. This was more than I had expected! At least, I thought it was.

He then dragged me from the bed, and carefully placed me on the floor. I tried to struggle and cry, make it known that this wasn't what I had had in mind. He then ripped the comforter from the neatly made hotel bed, and then threw it over me.

"I'll be back later," he said.

My breathing became frantic as I heard him walk to the door. I forced a squeal against the ropes as I heard the door open and close. He was gone, and I was naked and tied up with a thin hotel comforter as my only covering.

I tried to struggle a bit more, but it was futile. The blanket made everything dark, and it was starting to get hotter. I felt panic rise up in me, and I even cried a few times. I rolled onto my side, hoping it would be more comfortable and then I cried.

What had I been expecting? This was Sir. I had known him for years online, surely he wasn't really that dangerous. Would he really be back? A lot of our conversations had covered BDSM. I had always had fantasies of being tied up and helpless. Though imagining it certainly wasn't the same as it actually happening. He admitted to enjoying being a dominate. He had dealt with several submissives before, but he never felt truly committed, and he was afraid that they weren't as committed to the lifestyle as he was.

I had always been sure I was, even though it was something I never experimented with. I wanted tied up and beaten, fucked like crazy and humiliated. I also wanted to please whoever I was with, sexually, and in our home. For years I had dreamed of moving in with Sir and living out this dream life. I knew meeting him at this time was the first step, but what did it truly mean?

When I told him about visiting, he gave me a warning. I won't hold back, I hope you know that. I remembered staring at the text with a smile. Why would I want you to? I had replied. Perhaps that was my downfall. Maybe I made him believe that being hogtied and left on the hotel floor was what I wanted. I certainly had made myself believe it.

The thoughts seemed to come, one right after the other. I was terrified and saddened by my situation. While I also tried to convince myself that I had asked for this. I had, hadn't I? I focused on my breathing. The heat beneath the blanket was becoming unbearable, and prayed for him to come back and remove it.

Nothing happened. In fact, I laid there for a full three hours. I still have no idea how I survived being in that position for so long. I don't think I slept, but I certainly don't remember it. When he returned, I nearly jumped up with excitement. Of course, I wasn't able to move from my binds. The blanket was so thin, he probably could see me struggling to greet him, but he took his time before uncovering me.

I listened to every footstep he made, and tried to ignore every pounding heartbeat in my chest. He crossed to the nightstand, and soundlessly picked something up. He then got on the bed and busied himself with something. I could smell food wafting through the room, but I focused on him and solely him. He finished whatever he was doing and then picked me up, blanket and all and put me back on the bed. He then pulled the blanket off of me, and gave me a charming smile.

"Are you hungry?" He asked, that honey laced voice playing with my soul. For a moment, the rope and position I was in didn't hurt so much. I tried to nod, but the restraints held me back. He laughed for a moment, and then reached behind me to untie something. Instead of being fully released, as I had hoped, the rope from my mouth fell.

He turned for a moment, and reached into a bag. He pulled out a box and sat it between us on the bed. My head and mouth were free! I wanted to say something. I even cleared my throat to prepare my speech, but the words were lost. I didn't know what to do, and I didn't think he'd want me to say anything.

He opened the box and revealed several chocolate covered strawberries. They looked like they came from a local chocolate shop, and probably cost a lot of money. I was shocked that he had brought them for me. He plucked one up from the packaging and put it to my lips. I took it gratefully, and let the vibrant juices fill my mouth. It tasted so fresh, and sweet, and the chocolate was the perfect compliment. I smiled with joy as I swallowed it.

He put the lid back on the box and then sat it on the nightstand by the bed, reaching over me as he did so. It was then that I noticed his clothes had changed. He was no longer in the professional brown suite. Now he was in loose sweatpants, a white button down, and he was barefoot. The relaxed look suited him very well. I licked my licks with excitement, he seemed to be growing more and more attractive before my eyes.

Sir stood up at the edge of the bed. "Are you still hungry, little flower?"

I nodded, thinking of the tastiness of the strawberry. I wasn't that hungry, but those were amazing. The most delicious treat I ever had.

He pulled down his pants and boxers at once. His cock was partially soft, but the length of it made my heart race. He leaned forward and put both hands in my hair, and pulled me headfirst towards him. It was awkward with how I was tied up, but he managed to force my face against his dick. He pushed the tip against my lips, and I let it enter easily.

Sucking cock was something I was good at. I ran my tongue along his length and sucked it gently. His hands didn't leave my head and be began pulling my head forward and back, and began thrusting deep into my throat. The sensation of being face fucked sent waves through my body. I forgot I was tied up, and all that mattered was pleasing him. I sucked greedily, and let him hit the back of throat until I gagged.

The more time that passed, the more excited thrills passed through my body. I had had sex before, given head, and been eaten out; but this was a completely different thrill. The feeling of being used to please another human being sent my head spinning. I felt a wetness growing in my groin, and I knew it was rubbing against the hotel blankets since my legs were tied up against my back.

He thrust harder, and I thought I was going to choke. My head began to spin with excitement when his cock began to twitch, and his seed exploded into my mouth. The hot salty cum hit the back of throat and began to slide down it. The sensation sent a warmth through my body and I couldn't help but moan with excitement as he stepped away.

He left me on the bed, letting me fall face first onto the mattress. He stepped around the bed and began to loosen the ropes around my ankles and wrists. It took a moment for my jaw to fully relax and close again. He was so much larger than I thought he was. Sure, I had seen pictures and watched him play with it on cam; but it seemed so much bigger! He nearly choked me to death, and it was amazing. I thought about taking him into my tight little cunt, and how much it would hurt. Surely the pain would make me cry and be totally delightful all at the same time.

He then took me by the hair again and threw me onto my back. I sprawled out on the bed and waited for him to make the next move. He grabbed my wrist and before I could protest he had cuffed it to the metal chain attacked to the bed post. He worked so quickly, my other hand was cuffed before I could say anything.

When I finally made a sound, he pressed a finger to his lips, signaling that I should keep quiet. He then went to the bottom of the bed and grabbed my ankles, one after the other. I was cuffed to the bed, completely spread eagled for him to see.

For a moment, nothing happened. He stood at the end of the bed, staring at me with those deep brown eyes. He then leaned forward and pressed his hands against my thighs. My legs were already stretched as far as they could go, I couldn't believe he could make them stretch even further. The lips to my vagina parted, and I watched as he glanced down to them and licked his lips. Small electric shocks spread through my body where his hands touched, and I was suddenly excited by what would happen next.

"You kept yourself clean for me," he said, smiling at me.

I smiled at him. I didn't mind being exposed like this. I knew my waist was sexy, and the wax had made me look clean and my skin soft. I wiggled a bit against the bed, letting him know I was excited. He turned away, and reached on the floor. I assumed that was where he put his bag. I waited patiently while he rummaged through his things. He then sat back up, with hands behind his back.

"You have been good since I came back, my little flower." He said gently. I licked my lips, excited and terrified by what might happen next. My heart swelled, hearing that I had pleased him. For a moment I saw the flicker of softness in his eyes, he could see that I was happy to finally be with him, and to have pleased him.

His eyes darkened, and as quickly as I saw the sweetness in them, I saw the cruelty. He brought his hands forward and revealed a large dildo. It looked to be about the same length and thickness of his own penis, and shuttered with excitement for a moment as I thought of it entering me. I knew it was going to hurt, and I welcomed the pain.

"Do you want it?" He asked coyly.

I nodded, wiggling my hips a bit more to show him with my body.

His free hand reached forward and grabbed one of my breasts. He grabbed it tightly in his hand, and for a moment I thought I was going to scream.

"I asked, if you wanted it. Sing to me my little flower."

"Yes," I breathed.

His hand tightened even more, and I let out a shout. His grip was so tight and my eyes began to water.

"I told you to sing."

My breath caught in my throat at the realization that he really wanted me to sing. A simple 'yes' wasn't enough. I shook my head, and pleaded with him with my eyes.

"Sing," he bellowed grabbing my breast even harder. I bit my lip, trying hard to defy him, but he then grabbed my nipple. He pinched it until it hardened between his fingers. He then pulled it upwards.

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