tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLinda's Ordeal Ch. 01

Linda's Ordeal Ch. 01


Two months past her eighteenth birthday and Linda couldn't wait for the next big event -- graduation. There was only one week of school left, then she would be finished at Lake Erie Academy and on to Ohio State after a nice summer off.

She waved at the lifeguard friend of hers as she passed the pool at River Park then she continued her mile and a half walk home, enjoying the part of the walk she could spend walking through the park. She was nearly through the park when she saw the three men who had accosted her and her older sister a few weeks earlier. She turned and started walking west when she saw them.

Too late.

"Hey look who's here," one of them chortled. The men began following her.

Linda ignored them, just as she had done the last time. But the last time her sister Karen -- a brown belt in karate -- had let them know in no uncertain terms they needed to leave the two women alone.

And followed up with a sharp strike to the jaw of the largest man.

But now Karen was away at college. And Linda was walking alone.

As Linda neared the treeline the men moved and began to surround her.

"Here, let me help you with your books," one of them smiled. Then knocked the small stack of schoolbooks out of her hand.

She reached down to pick up her books, but a hand grabbed her arm.

"You don't seem so tough without your bitch sister here."

Linda turned at the voice, angry at the word he used. Brown eyes glared at her.

"Hey, we just want to get to know you baby. Chill out." She became more uncomfortable as she saw the man's eyes staring at her chest.

Then suddenly, before she could react, his hands darted out and took hold of the top of her white blouse.

"I guess sis got all the tits in the family," he laughed. His fingers quickly slid free the top button.

Linda recovered from her initial surprise and drew back. But one of them was behind her and she couldn't move.

"Relax baby," Josh's voice cooed. "Like I said, we just want to get to know you," he purred as his fingers returned to her blouse. She twisted to try to free herself, but with the man behind her she couldn't move. She felt another button being slid open.

"Stop it!" she demanded in a now-scared voice.

Her demand was met with the eyes staring into hers -- and the fingers moving down to her third button. The man looked down at her now-revealed white bra.

"Kinda small, but they look nice." His eyes held hers cruelly. "How about a little look?"

"Hey man, let's take her into the woods."

Linda did not know what they wanted. But she knew she did not want to go into the woods.

"No!" she yelled as the man behind her threw his hands around her middle and began to drag her into the trees. One of them picked up her books. In a matter of seconds they were deep in the trees. And there was no sign she had been there.

When they finally stopped pulling her Linda looked around urgently, but could only see trees. And the four men.

"Like I said, how about a look?"

"Leave me alone!" she snapped angrily.

"Hey, you really need to chill out," Josh purred back. Then she drew back as far as she could as she felt his hands move to cover her bra.

"Nice and soft," Josh cooed. Then he grabbed her wrist and pulled it. "I got something that ain't soft for you." She felt her hand being pressed over his jeans and felt something hard and long under the denim.

"How about you get to know me better?" he laughed. With that she felt his hand fumbling under hers. An instant later she felt something firm and fleshy under her palm.

"How about you just pull on this a little bit. You do a good job and we'll let you go." The laughing voice burned into her mind as she felt his hand force hers over his hard cock.

She tried to pull her hand away, but his hand closed over hers and bent her hand around the firm thing she felt. She had felt a cock before -- her relationship with Timmy had advanced to the point she was letting him play with her tits and had once in the movie theater let him slide her hand inside his pants and feel his cock. But he respected her boundaries and was willing to wait for her to do it again.

This time she was not with Timmy on a sweet date. She was surrounded by four men -- and being forced to hold a strange man's cock.

"Just like that, baby," he purred as he began to pull her hand up and down his hard shaft. She stood timid and afraid as her hand was manipulated.

Then she felt his other hand slide up her stomach to her chest.

Tears began to well in her eyes as Josh's hands returned to her breasts.

And as she feared she felt his hand slide inside her bra.

"Please," she begged, looking at him.

Josh simply smiled at her, held her hand more tightly over his cock, and began to feel up her left tit inside her bra. He stared into her eyes and saw her tears forming. It excited him. His hand dug deeper inside her bra and gripped her soft breast.

Linda sniffled as Josh's hand forced hers to move on his cock. He was soundless as he felt her small soft hand again pulling on his hard cock while the other three laughed. For long moments she stood silent as his hand worked over her tit.

Then, silently, his hand left hers. She felt him move his hands to her shoulders. For a moment she thought her ordeal was over.

Then she felt his hands begin to press down on her shoulders.

Not for a second did she doubt what he had in mind.

"Oh god no!" she screamed as she felt herself being pressed downward.

"Shh, just relax baby," Josh smiled when he succeeded in pushing her to the ground.

She fought to rise, but Josh quickly knelt over her, straddling her. She saw him staring into her eyes, then he pulled her bra down, revealing her nice tits. Her blouse was still in the way so he yanked it open, popping off the last button and giving him full access to her chest.

"No!" she screamed, kicking, as his hands darted out and began to maul her bare tits. She tried to slap him, but his head ducked her attempt.

Josh merely laughed -- and called out to the other men.

"Get her arms!" Devon and Kyle quickly fell to the ground, pulling her arms high over her head.

She saw him looking down at her on the ground, staring at her legs The sight of the white knee-high socks and plaid skirt hiked halfway up her thighs now was more than he could take.

"No!" she screamed again when she saw his hands move to her skirt. "NO!"

Josh leaned back and sat on her kicking legs, then shoved her skirt up her nice round thighs. He saw her delicate white panties and without hesitation reached down to grab the sides of the waistband.

Straining against the hands holding her arms tight Linda tried to free herself as she felt his hands begin to tug. In an instant he saw a nice triangle of hair. He could not stop now even if he wanted to -- which he didn't.

Holding her legs under his weight he tugged at her panties until they were at her knees.

Then yanked hard until they were pulled down her lower legs.

And off.

"Better shut her up," Leonard warned. Kyle's free hand jutted out and clamped down over Linda's screaming mouth.

Once her panties were off Josh grabbed each of her legs under her knees and began to shove upward. His strength and position were better than hers lying on the ground and he succeeded in pushing her thighs up.

And apart.

"I'm gonna fuck you," he growled as he spat in his left palm. "Gotta get it all nice and wet for you first."

Before Linda knew what was happening Josh's hand took his spit-tipped cock moved it under the full thatch of brown hair.

Then he started to push it into her.

She whelped as for the first time in her life she felt a penis head pushing against her labia. She felt her cuntlips being forced apart by what she knew was the head of his cock. She started to kick, but Josh's hands held her thighs tightly and all she was doing was tightening the grip of her pussy opening onto his cockhead.

"Oh fuck she's tight!" Josh chortled as he felt the front of her pussy clamp over the first inch of his cock.

Then, to his surprise, the spit-slick cockhead that was pressing in effortlessly suddenly could not go in any farther.

"Oh fuck, she's a fuckin' virgin!" Josh squealed.

"No way!" and "that bitch?" two of them replied.

"Yeah," Josh responded.

He stared into Linda's eyes.

"Well, she was a virgin!" he laughed, glaring at her.

His fingers dug deep into her thighs as he debated how to take her cherry.

Then he decided.

He held her thighs tight and began to press forward slowly. He thought about ramming it in -- but he wanted her to really feel him taking her cherry. And anyway, there was another cherry hole he could take forcefully if he got a chance.

Linda felt something inside herself begin to stretch, and then tear, followed an instant later by something hard sliding up inside her. She cried out as she felt her virginity torn from her, then moaned as she felt what she knew was his penis moving up in her

Eroticized by popping her cherry Josh pulled back.

Then shoved.

"Unnghhh!" Linda cried out as with a deep lunge he buried half his cock up her tight channel. Her tears began to flow freely.

Josh again stared into her eyes.

He pulled back, again, but this time pressed himself back up in her slowly.

"Yeah bitch, I'm fuckin' you!" he sneered as he began to slowly slide his cock into her.

Josh pulled back, nearly all the way out, then pressed forward slowly again. He did it slowly. He wanted her to feel herself being fucked.

And being unable to do anything to stop it.

Over and over he slow-fucked her as she cried. Each time he would imbed himself a little deeper. Then, unable to wait any longer, he stared into her face.

Reared back.

And shoved the full length of his cock up her tight spit-wet cunt.

"Yaahhh!" Linda wailed as she felt the hard thin rod slam deep up inside her.

He moved his hands from her thighs and gripped her tits as he began to piston inside her. His ass rose and fell as he pumped into her, each thrust becoming more powerful as he took what was lying tight and damp under him.

"Uhnn uhnn uhnn uhnn," Linda whimpered with each stroke of his cock deep into her pussy. His hands mauled her naked breasts as she was fucked, his cock sinking balls-deep. He leaned down, grabbed her left breast in both hands, and dug his teeth into her tit-flesh. He wanted to leave a sucker-bite on her boob.

Over and over he fucked her deep and slow. Her once-virgin pussy was so tight around him it hurt.

"Where's...your...fuckin' sister...now!" he snarled, each word punctuated by a thrust deep up her cunt and a grunt while Linda only whimpered in loss.

Most of her friends had started being sexually active, but that was not for her. While she might not save herself for marriage, she was not going to be just a toy for a boy.

But now that didn't matter anymore.

She lay panting under him as he fucked her.

"Ugh ugh ugh ugh!" he grunted over and over as he screwed her. Each grunt of his exploded into her base disgustingly as she was taken.

"Oh fuck!" she suddenly heard him exclaim. "Oh FUCK!" he she heard him moan again.

And as she lay crying under him his cock began to jerk. She did not feel the first deep thick burst of cum. But she felt the second as he rose up and pumped his cock deep as he came in a powerful explosion.

"FUCK!" he squealed as he felt his cock spurt deep in her gripping pussy.

"Aaahhh!" he whimpered as the fourth and final burst of come exploded from her cock and splashed against her cervix.

She did not have to feel the spurts of wetness slapping up into her to know he had orgasmed inside her.

She could tell from the noises he was making.

He shoved deep up her cunt one last time, groaned as he held, felt the top of his cock become drenched with cum, then fell heavily on top of her as he finished coming.

When he finished Linda lay still. Defeated, her legs remained splayed open.

She was fucked.

And cummed.

She barely felt it when he finally withdrew from inside her, sliding out with a wet "splop"

She barely felt him withdraw.

But she felt his cum began to slide out of her, down her ass-crack, and over her asshole before dripping to the ground.

"You were a great fuck, baby," he laughed as he looked down on her weeping face. Smiling, Josh pushed himself back into his boxers and zipped his pants as nonchalantly as if he had just taken a piss -- and had not just come inside a crying virgin held down for rape.

"My turn!" Devon chortled.

Linda's eyes bulged at the words. She never imagined they would all rape her.

"Hey man, there's people starting to come over here," Leonard warned, still looking out through the thick woods toward the park.

Linda's only relief -- that her ordeal was over -- was ripped away by Josh's next words.

"Bring the car up over there." He pointed to the street fifty yards away out the other side of the woods. "Let's take her with us!"

"No!" she screamed through her rape-agony as Josh pulled her roughly from the ground and began to pull-drag her to the edge of the woods where the car would be waiting. Devon reached down and picked up her bookbag. Then he saw her panties, picked them up, held them to his nose, then ran after Josh and his terrified captive.

Josh and Kyle manhandled her to the car and shoved her in the back seat. There was no one around to see them.

Or help her.

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