tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLindsi's Mistake

Lindsi's Mistake


It was another Saturday night and Lindsi hadn't quite finished up the house. She still had to vacuum the Master's office on the second floor, and he was due home in a few minutes. She hurriedly went for the vacuum, pulling out a tangled web of cord along with it and proceeded up the stairs.

More quickly than she should have, she began pushing the vacuum back and forth, using all of her strength against the stubborn carpet. She was almost finished and was working on the corner of the room, right of the doorway, next to the Master's expensive French vase he'd gotten some three months ago for his birthday from a business partner. No sooner had she pushed the vacuum forward, did the vase come crashing down into some twenty or so pieces.

"SHIT!" She exclaimed aloud.

Lindsi knew the Master would be furious when he found out. But it also had occurred to her that he almost never paid attention to the damn thing. She fell to her knees in a desperate attempt to pick up the pieces and throw them away before the Master found out what she had done. In her desperation, she heard his large steel toe boots coming up the stairs.

"Oh no..." She thought to herself. "He'll surely have my neck now. I just know it."

Faster and faster she tried picking up the pieces, her hands shaking terribly. She reached for the smaller pieces first and disposed of them in the nearby trashcan. She reached for a larger piece a bit too quickly and managed to cut her finger on the jagged edge. Just as she drew back her hand from the shattered mess before her, she saw out of the corner of her, two steel toe boots turn to face her.

"What happened?" Said the Master in a cold, hard tone.

"I-I bumped the table your v-v-vase was on, s-sir." Stammered Lindsi, her face tearstained.

The Master let out a long, irritated sigh before reaching down and grabbing her ponytail. He was a brute of a man whose grizzly face and coal black eyes could scare nearly anyone. Standing at a good 6 feet tall, some 230 pounds of nearly all muscle, her small body was nothing compared to him. A mere 5'7 and 120 pounds, she was weak and frail compared to his massive size. He was able to pick her up off the floor without breaking a sweat. He tightly held on to her dark brown hair and pulled. She winced out of fear more than anything, but the pain was certainly a factor there. Slowly and roughly, he pulled her hair up until she was standing on her feet, her face down, so as not to infuriate him further.

"What have I told you," he hissed through his teeth "about FUCKING UP MY THINGS?!"

"I-I'm sorry, M-Master... It was a-an accident!! P-Please..." Lindsi pleaded.

He let go of her hair, but was quick to grip her chin roughly and force her head up to see him eye to eye. She began to whimper and sob a bit more, before he jerked her head to get her to stop.

"STOP CRYING, YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" he shouted at her tearstained face.

She bit her lip to keep it from quivering so much and shut her eyes tightly to try and stop the tears. Her breathing had quickened and her heartbeat was near dangerous. She could feel his cold eyes penetrating at her.

"Open your eyes and look at me, Lindsi." He said all too calmly.

She did as she was told, only to see that he now had a rather dark smirk on his face. She knew what this smirk was. She'd seen it often when she'd first gotten the job as his maid. He required that she wore a rather revealing maid's outfit, so she was used to being gawked at by this disgusting man.

"You know that I have to punish you," he began coolly. "You can't just get away with something this serious."

"B-But sir, I-I..."

"SHUT UP!! I have not asked you to speak, woman!" he sneered.

Just as soon as she had opened her mouth, she'd closed it and looked toward the ground. Her chin was aching from his grip. She let out a small grunt of discomfort to hint that she was in pain. He merely smiled at her.

"Does this hurt, woman?"

"Y-Yes sir. It does." She whined.

He brought her face close to his. So close that she could smell the whiskey on his breath.

"Then you should have been good girl."

Before she knew it, he had jerked her head to side with so much force, that she fell on the large pieces of vase still on the floor. She let out a tiny scream of pain as the pieces sliced her skin, but that only excited the Master further. She looked up at him, and noticed his member standing tall before her.

The Master looked down at her with an evil, controlling grin and began to undo his belt buckle. He slowly slid it off of himself and snapped it at her. Lindsi's eyes widened with fear and she began to slowly back away from him.

"Ah ah... you stay there, woman." He warned. "I told you that you were going to get punished, and that's exactly what's going to happen."

Ignoring him, she continued to back up, too afraid to get on her feet, or even look around for some way out of the situation. Before she knew what was going on, she had backed up into a corner.

"Silly girl." Chuckled the Master.

With great force, he raised his belt high in the air and just before she opened her mouth to beg, it had come crashing down on her skin. A huge surge of pain shot through her entire body and she let out a rather loud scream.

The Master drew back his belt and smiled. He liked seeing her like this. She was his. His to own. His to mistreat. Again he raised his belt high in the air and again, he sent it crashing down on her fragile skin. Another yelp of pain and another as each horrible lash fell upon her.

After some twenty minutes or so, the blows had stopped. She opened her tearful eyes and looked up at him. He seemed quite pleased with himself. His hard on had actually gotten larger during her beating.

"Have you learned your lesson, woman?" he asked, smirking.

"Y-y-yes sir..." she choked.

"Really? Because I don't think so."

He quickly and roughly grabbed her by the ponytail again and dragged her out of the office door and down the hall into his bedroom. The closer they drew to the room, the more she fought him. Her arms flailing around helplessly, she tried to wiggle free from his grasp.

"It's no use, woman. You must be taught." He growled.

Lindsi pleaded with him more, but had become so terrified, that her words were not understandable through the incessant sobbing. She would soon find herself literally thrown into the room and onto the bed.

"Don't move until I say." The Master continued as he kicked off his boots. "Remove your dress now."

Her voice shaking, she did as she was told. She felt his eyes burning her flesh as she slowly slid the dress off of her. No sooner had the dress fallen at her knees did he rush to the bed and snatch it away. Now she sat there, in nothing but a black silk wire bottomed bra... while the Master stood before her, a dark look in his eye and an evil grin resting on his face.

"You're a bad girl, Lindsi. I see you no panties on you." He said lustfully.

She was far too frightened to say a word. She could only watch him as he inched toward the bed, his hand pulling down his zipper, letting his jeans fall at his ankles.

"Slide down my boxers, woman." He instructed firmly.

Her hands shaking tremendously, she did as she was told. She moved to the edge of the bed where the Master stood and pulled down at his boxers until they fell to the ground. He slowly stepped over them and stood next to the very most edge of the bed, his knees in contact with the mattress.

Glaring at her, he removed his shirt and pointed to her bra. "Remove it." He said.

She reached around toward the hook of her bra and unlatched it, her whimpering becoming louder. Just as soon as her bra and been unlatched, he reached forward and roughly pulled it off of her. He watched in awe as her large breasts bounced from the force.

"Ooo, nice tits, woman." He said as he reached for them.

He cupped his hand around one, sizing it up while he bent down and began licking the other nipple, occasionally biting it. The more Lindsi seemed to be resisting, the harder he would bite down on her tender nipple.

He was now rock hard. He looked down at her on the bed, her eyes big and full of tears. He loved how terrified she was. He was ready to give her the fucking of a lifetime. And with that thought in mind, he reached out and grabbed her ankles, throwing her backwards onto the bed.

With one ankle in each hand, he pulled her towards his huge, throbbing member. He was sure to pull her slowly, so as to raise her fear even more when finally, the head of his cock was rubbing the very most outside of her tight, waiting pussy.

"P-please, s-sir..." she cried.

The Master simply put his finger to his lips and looked into her eyes. She was quick to shut her mouth. He leaned forward, grabbed her ponytail and gave her a rough kiss on the mouth, his tongue devouring her throat. Then, ever so slowly, pushed his 9 inch throbbing member into her soft flesh.

"Ooohh, that's nice, bitch." He said moaning. "I like that."

He continued at a slow pace, until she was nice and wet, then he began to speed up. It seemed the faster he pumped, the more Lindsi seemed to whimper. So, he pumped as fast and hard as his body would allow, her screams motivating him to pump faster and harder.

"AAAAAHHH!! AAAHHHH!! AAAAHHH!!!" she screamed with each long hard thrust of his huge cock.

It seemed the closer he got to cumming, he would stop and flip her into some other position, making sure that she would feel all 9 inches every way possible. After a horrible 2 hours of taking every way imaginable, he flipped her over on her back, pulled her legs toward him, grabbed a tit in each hand as hard as he could and went at as though he hadn't gotten off in years.

"UUNNGGG!! OOOHHH FUUUCKKK!! TAKE IT BITCH!! FEEL MY CUM INSIDE YOU!! OOOHHH!! FUUUUUCCCCKKK!!" he yelled in ecstasy, his huge load shooting inside her pussy.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH" screamed Lindsi at the top of her lungs. She was completely humiliated with herself for cumming with him.

A few thrusts later, and the Master pulled out, sighing with relief. His cock still hard and dripping with cum. He laughed at the pool of blood laying beneath her. He'd fucked her good. He turned, picked up his clothes and headed for the shower.

"Maybe next time you'll be more careful woman." He said, tossing her clothes at her. "Oh, and clean those sheets you just fucked up."

She could only blink in horror after him. Not only had the bastard taken her in the most violent of ways, but he actually had the audacity to give her more duties to do.

"NOW WOMAN!!" he roared from inside the shower.

She jumped to her feet, quickly put on her dress and was out the door.

"A woman's work is never done," Lindsi thought to herself as she stripped the sheets from the bed and headed for the washing room. "Never."

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