tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLisa Does What She Has to Do

Lisa Does What She Has to Do


The girl lay on the bed, the afternoon sun streaming in through the apartment window. Her eyes were closed but she was not asleep. A student at a university in the north of England, she was mentally reviewing the work yet to do on her thesis for the final year of her art history course, a comparison of the work of 5 leading Renaissance artists. She was so absorbed in these thoughts that she was able, almost, to ignore the man lying on top of her. Able, almost, to ignore his heavy breathing, his frequent grunts of pleasure and the weight of his body pressing her into the mattress. Able, almost, to ignore his hard cock slowly but steadily pistoning inside her.

An observer, had there been one present, would have seen an attractive 22 year old woman, with long dark hair spread out over the pillow. Her face was heart shaped with red generous lips and creamy skin. Her arms were slim, soft, rounded, her hands small and well manicured lay lightly on the shoulders of her lover. Her legs, slim but not skinny, were drawn back and spread wide on either side of the man, her feet lay flat on the bed. Any more of her body could not be seen covered as it was by the man. She lay motionless, seemingly uninvolved in the sex act taking place.

The man was nearer 70 than 60. His arms and legs were skinny and white with a fair bit of grey hair sprouting out from them, his back was white but hairless. The only part of him that was not skinny was his stomach. Not really flabby but more like a taut round bulge protruding out underneath him. Although the man supported himself on his arms and knees her it was his stomach that pressed her firmly into the mattress . He was bald on top with just a fringe of grey hair . His face was probably pink normally but was now almost red from the exertions of his copulation. The lack of active involvement on the girls part didn't seem to bother the man at all, indeed the pleasure he was taking with this young woman was very obvious.

The scene remained the same for another10 minutes or so, the man absorbed in taking his pleasure, the girl absorbed in her thoughts -- seemingly not repulsed by the activity but not exactly participating in it either. Every so often the man would stop to get his breath . He would lower himself down onto her as if his arms needed a rest from supporting him. He would kiss her face or nuzzle into her neck, a hand would reach underneath him to squeeze a breast or pull at a nipple, or reach behind him to stroke the soft creamy skin of her thigh. Once he tried to kiss her lips, but her head turned away and the man muttered an apology as if this was forbidden by some previously agreed rules. Then he would lift himself up and start again.

After 10 minutes the girl seemed to decide that it was time to finish . She came out of her reverie and opened her eyes looking at the red, sweating face of the man above her. Her arms wrapped themselves around his back, her hands stroked him. She drew her legs up further and hooked her feet up onto his back. Her hips started moving, pushing back against him, matching his rhythm. She kissed him on the face a few times and softly spoke the sort of words of encouragement that will usually bring a man to the point of no return. It seemed to work as straight away his pace quickened , his thrusting into her became harder and faster, his gasps and grunts continuous now. His arms were around her neck clinging on to her , his face nuzzling into her neck. He cried out now with every thrust, taking great gasping breaths. And then it came, the intense juddering spasms as once again he emptied himself into her. The girl wondered, as she had done before, if one day he would have a heart attack at this point so intense was his orgasm.

When it was over he collapse onto her , gasping for breath. She stroked his back and head asking "Was that good? " and "Did you like that? " and so on. After a few minutes , when his breath had started to return to normal she whispered gently to him that he was heavy, he should get off her now. He climbed off and lay down beside her still breathing heavily and telling her how fantastic it was and how great she was.

Once again Lisa had paid the rent. Once again Ron her landlord had collected.

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