tagInterracial LoveLisa, Unfulfilled: Clothier John

Lisa, Unfulfilled: Clothier John


In the days after fucking Felix, the tech support geek, in her office, Lisa watched as he kept chatting up her employees. What was once a free for all of women making fun of a geeky tech guy had changed to a far more mutual interaction. It wasn't that Felix didn't enjoy the ribbing before, it was just more interactive all around now that he had a little more confidence. It seemed that Felix just needed some ego boosting, which turned out to be a good fuck with Lisa, to get himself going.

Oddly, the girls, just about all of them, seemed to like the more outgoing Felix even better than the shy Felix. They could still get him to turn red at the drop of a hat, or, more apropos, a small desk item which required someone to bend over to pick it up, exposing their cleavage to Felix. Felix, meanwhile, was paying particular attention to one of the less outgoing women in the department. Lisa was surprised at her responsiveness, but noted that she had, uncharacteristically, joined in on the ribbing before the "new" Felix had been born. She figured the feeling was mutual between them and it was only a matter of time before they put tab A into slot B.

Lisa watched in amazement at the change, but also felt a little time pressure. Sure, her having sex with the kid appeared to be the catalyst. The sex was good, despite his less-than-large penis, but he was still really geeky. She had hoped to be able to change that, taking him shopping at some point in the future. It seemed, however, that the future had to be now. After all, she couldn't have one of her girls dating a complete geek! It would ruin the reputation of her entire department.

Shortly after lunch one day, Lisa saw Felix chatting up some of the girls, so she decided it was time to intervene. "Felix, I'm having some problems with the glitch you looked at the other day, when you're done flirting with my staff, could you, maybe, stop by and take a look," she said with a knowing glance.

Flustered at being 'called out,' Felix said, "Uh, yeah, Lisa, I, um, I'll come over right now."

"No rush, you can finish your conversation," she responded, turning her thin Asian frame quickly and walking in to her office with some extra hip thrown in for show. She had a huge grin on her face, as she knew she had completely embarrassed both Felix and several members of her staff.

A couple of seconds after she sat down, there was a knock on the door. "Come in Felix," Lisa announced. "I meant it when I said you could finish your conversation. I was just busting your chops with the flirting thing, though that is what you were doing."

"Uh, well, I mean, it wasn't," he stammered.

"Don't worry," she said, "come in and close the door."

After he closed the door, all of the women in the office looked at each other with a bit of concern. They didn't think Lisa would yell at him for flirting with them, but they didn't expect the door to close. They chatted with each other, wondering if their boss was seriously mad or not.

Once inside, Lisa got up and told Felix to sit in one of her two guest chairs. She walked around and pulled a chair up next to his. He was nervous, beat red, and didn't know what to expect.

Putting a hand on his thigh, Lisa started, "Look, the other night was fun. You're a good fuck." She gently rubbed his crotch and continued, "but you have to get rid of this geek thing." She had intended on just putting a hand on his leg, but, well, she liked the tension of going further.

Lisa didn't exactly know why she was feeling him up, but she liked doing it. It made her hot to push the limits. Perhaps it was the cheating on her husband angle or, maybe, the fact that she was reclaiming something that was hers first. He was a good fuck, but not good enough to fight over him-so letting her girls have him was no big deal. No, Lisa, being, as usual, too introspective, figured she just liked the danger of cheating on her husband.

"Uh," Felix didn't know what to say while Lisa was rubbing his cock, which was now achingly hard.

"Your clothing needs a complete revamp," she said, reaching over and unzipping his pants. "Oh, but you did switch to boxers like a told you to," she noted with some surprise, pulling his stiff cock out the opening and stroking it. She loved seeing him completely flustered and jerking him off in her office during working hours was obviously flustering to him. Not only that, it was extra risky, which made the act even hotter for her. It was like being sexual was a drug and she wanted more of it.

"You, um, said to."

"Yeah, I did. I'm glad you listened," she said, still jerking his thin prick. "Now we have to do something about the rest of the outfit. Today, after work, we are going to get you a haircut. Then, we'll find some time to shop for a few nice outfits."

"Uh, OK," he replied, thinking more about his cock being jerked off than what he was being told.

"Do you want to cum?" Lisa asked.

"Uh, yeah," he said, with a slightly faltering voice.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth?"

"Oh God."

"Then tell me."

"Lisa, I want to cum in your mouth," he stammered out, she could feel his cock getting harder in her hands at the mere mention of her sucking his dick.

She smiled, knelt down in front of him and slid her mouth fast over his glans and down his shaft.

"Uh, God."

After taking his entire cock into her mouth hard and fast several times, causing him to utter the Lord's name a few more times, she started using her hand on his skinny shaft while sucking on the head. Lisa reached down under her skirt and slipped a finger under her panties to play with her clitoris. Based on the noises that Felix was making, she didn't figure she'd have enough time to cum, too, but it was certainly worth the effort to try.

It didn't take long before he said, "I'm gonna cum."

Lisa pulled her head up and said, "Tell me where" before going right back to work. It wasn't particularly hard work, however, because Felix was on the verge of an orgasm. Lisa, still playing with herself, was close, too, but stopped fingering herself to focus on Felix's incredibly hard cock.

"I'm gonna cum in your mouth," he stammered. "Oh God." It really turned her on to hear him say that and know that he was so turned on. That she was bringing him to orgasm. "Yes," he said and then a spasm went through his cock and his first stream of cum shot into Lisa's mouth.

She stopped working her hand up and down his svelte shaft and went right in with her mouth, sucking him hard and deep into her oral cavity. He shot about five progressively smaller loads of cum, all of which she swallowed.

"Oh God," he said, yet again, as his body relaxed into the chair.

Lisa pulled him from her mouth and said, "Did you like that?"

"Oh yeah."

"Good, now make sure you're ready at five and get the hell out of my office," she said with a smile.

Felix chuckled, knowing she was joking, and put his soft tool back in his pants. On the way out, all of the girls looked at his red face and thought she had really let him have it. He slinked out of the department and didn't say anything to anyone, nervous that they might figure out he had just had a killer blow job from their boss.

"Why did you do that?" several of the girls asked at once.

"Do what?" Lisa asked them, she had watched him leave.

"Ream him out. We were just playing," one of the girls said.

"I didn't," she responded. "I was giving him pointers on how to get you bitches into the sack. First thing, I'm taking him for a haircut tonight."

Everyone in the group was a bit shocked. "You did not tell him how to get us to sleep with him!" one of them finally said.

"Maybe, maybe not. But I am going to make sure he has a proper haircut and, after that, clothing. I can't have some geek chatting up the hottest girls in the company. It'll kill our rep."

All of the women laughed. Then the shy girl asked, "Are you serious?"

"Yes, fraternizing with a total geek will tarnish our reputation as the hottest women in the company."

The woman laughed and said, "No, not about that. About the haircut and shopping."

"Yeah, tonight I'm taking him to get a haircut. Why, do you like his hair the way it is?"

"I wouldn't mind seeing what you could do with it," the girl said, looking down with a smirk. They all knew that Lisa was far more stylish than most, so she would be able to help this kid if anyone could.

"Maybe you want to join us?" Lisa asked.

"Uh, no, no," the girl stammered out.

"Oh, I just thought that..." Lisa stopped short of saying what everyone on the desk knew. "Anyway, I've got some work to take care of." She walked back into the office, sat in her chair and reached her hand up under her dress, quickly fingering herself to an orgasm.

"What the hell am I doing?" she asked herself, still basking in the glow of her 'quickie.' She was so hot that reaching an orgasm took virtually no time at all. She had mixed feelings about that, as she never expected cheating on her husband would feel so good.

That afternoon, she called her husband and told him she and a friend were going shopping-of course forgetting to mention that the friend was a guy she had sucked off at lunch. Craig, her husband, was OK with that, not that he had much choice, so she said she'd 'make it up to him' when she got home. She had gotten off with another man already, so letting her pathetic lay of a husband fuck her didn't seem too much of a price for her infidelity.

Felix showed up a little before five, leading the girls to chat him up about his pending haircut. Everyone was giving options, including the shy girl. He was a little overwhelmed at the attention, but was flattered that all of these hot women were excited to see how the transformation would turn out. It actually made him feel pretty good that Lisa had shared it with them and that they all seemed to care. And it was genuine, too, because he was a nice guy and they did want to see him reach his potential.

At five, Lisa opened her door and strutted her little Asian frame out. "Where's my victim?" she asked loudly.

"Right here," all the girls said at once, pointing to Felix, who looked around awkwardly and smiled.

"Any suggestions before we go?" she asked the team, looking directly at the shy girl.

"I think he'd look good with short hair," she said, as all of the other girls looked at her. Felix, turning beat red again, kind of looked at the floor.

"Short it is!"

Lisa grabbed Felix by the arm, started to walk out of the office, and said loud enough for everyone to hear, "I hope you have lots of credit."

The pair took a subway down to the Village for a haircut at Lisa's favorite place. On the way, they talked about the girls, technology, and other mundane things. Lisa noted how nice it was to talk to Felix-he really was a nice guy.

Inside the hair place, she told 'her' stylist that Felix's girlfriend wanted it short and cute. And that's what he got.

"Nice," Lisa announced afterward, running her hand through it. "I kind of liked being able to grab your mop, but this really does look good. It brings out the strong features of your face. Give Robbie a nice tip."

Felix did and they were off again. This time they traveled uptown to Brooks Brothers. When they got inside, she dragged him directly over to the suits. "First we need to get you a couple of nice suits," she told him, as she pulled him through the store. "You have to have something to impress the ladies when you go out on a nice, and expensive, date."

Once in the department, an average height salesman of Middle Eastern decent came over and asked, in an English accent, if he could help them.

Lisa melted at the sound of his voice, since she loved English accents. The fact that his looks were so exotic made it even better. She looked him up and down, passing quickly over his entire body only to return her gaze to the mound in his pants. She blinked her eyes wide looking at his cock.

"Are you looking for anything special?" he asked.

Lisa looked up, slightly flushed in the face, and said, "Uh, my friend is looking for a couple of nice suits." Her gaze glanced back down to his groin. She couldn't believe her eyes. This guy was dressed very well, but typically European, so his pants were a little more snug then most American men would wear. The extra tightness made the outline of his massive dick blatantly obvious. It was so thick it actually pressed against the sides of his dress pants. She swallowed.

Felix looked down at what Lisa was examining and his eyes bulged, too. He instantly went from feeling like the king of the world to feeling like a little boy playing in a man's world. This guy was bigger soft than he was hard, and Felix knew it.

Although Felix was a bit out of sorts, Lisa was getting a little moist just looking at this guy's crotch. She was thinking back to how good it felt to have Rod's big cock inside of her. By the look of it, this guy was probably as big, if not bigger, than Rod. She stole a glance at his left hand, which reveled no wedding ring.

He caught the look and the smile on her face at finding no ring, and smiled back at her with a slight nod of his head.

"Your friend is thin, so I think we need to look at something that can give him a little more heft," the man said walking ahead of them. "Oh," he said, turning back and offering his hand to Lisa, "my name is John."

Lisa took his hand, noting the strength in it, but not matching it, and said, "My name is Lisa. This is Felix. I'm trying to get him set up with one of my coworkers. But right now he's a little too nerdy for his own good."

"That's very nice of you," John said with a smile. "I'm sure we can help him look simply dashing without too much effort at all."

The trio walked over to a rack of suits and John pulled a couple out. "Let's try these first," he said, beckoning Felix and Lisa to follow him to the dressing room. "We have chairs in the dressing room where you can sit, Lisa."

"OK," she said, feeling like a fool for acting like a schoolgirl. The worst part was that every time he turned to talk to them, the first thing she looked at was his cock. She just couldn't take her eyes off of it. She imagined running her fingers gently over the length of it and watching as it slowly grew hard. She wondered how much she could fit in her mouth, let alone if she could get the head of it comfortably past her lips without chaffing him. The size also made her reminisce about the feel of Rod's large cock head pushing her pussy lips wide before slipping over the ridge of his glans. She figured John's dick would feel just as good inside of her.

Showing Lisa to a seat in the dressing room, John took Felix to a room slightly out of site. Lisa quickly stood up and slipped her panties off, shoving the moist garment into her bag. She licked her lips lightly, anticipating having some fun.

John came back, catching a glimpse of Lisa's thighs before looking her in the eye and saying, "I'm going to get Felix a dress shirt."

"That's great," she said to him, with a smile and glance at his huge package.

Lisa sat for a moment and thought, "What the hell do I do. I want to play with his huge cock and then have him shove it all inside of me. What the hell is wrong with me? I've cheated on my husband with two men and now I'm practically drooling over the chance to fuck another guy while I'm spending time with one of the guys I've already fucked. Worse, I just gave Felix a blowjob this morning. I don't even know if John's interested in me." Her over analysis was interrupted by John bringing back a couple of shirts.

"Can I see?" she asked.

"Sure," he said, bringing over the shirts and holding them up.

"I have to ask," Lisa started. "You have an amazing accent, but..."

"But I don't look British?"

"Yeah," Lisa replied, with a sheepish look at the floor.

"I was born and raised in Great Britton, but my parents were both from the Middle East. I don't know why, but I picked up the cool British accent and nothing at all of my parent's accents. I guess growing up with foreign parents, I just wanted to fit in."

"That's interesting," Lisa said, "I'm second generation American and I can't even talk to my grandparents." She rolled her eyes as if to suggest she was just ditzy.

"It's hard to grow up in an all white world when you aren't white," John said. "It's odd, I don't normally talk about this with people."

Lisa looked down shyly and slightly bit her lip. Looking up again, she said, "Perhaps I just make you comfortable."

John smiled, "Perhaps."

"You had better get those shirts in to Felix."

"Quite," John said, not taking his eyes off of Lisa. Eventually, he turned and walked the shirts back to Felix's dressing room.

"He'll be out in a moment," John announced as he came back in.

"Great!" Lisa exclaimed, uncrossing her legs and giving John a quick peek up her skirt.

"I don't mean to pry," John started, "but what's between you and Felix?"

"Nothing, really," Lisa lied, but only a little bit. Sure there was the sex thing, but that wasn't an ongoing relationship as far as she was concerned and, frankly, it wasn't likely to happen again anyway. "He works in my company and likes one of the women I work with. He's a really sweet kid, but he's such a geek. I can't have my coworker dating a geek."

John laughed, "How nice of you to step in and attempt to correct the situation."

"Well, I think she likes him and I know he likes her. I think the geek issue is the only thing stopping her from dating him."

"So you're the company matchmaker," John joked.

"I guess," Lisa rolled her eyes. Then, flipping her hair, she looked at John and said, "So if you grew up in Great Britton, how is that you are in the U.S.?"

"My dad got a teaching job at Columbia and we just never went back."

"That's kind of neat."

"It is and it isn't. I was the outcast again."

"Yeah, but that accent must have been a great icebreaker," Lisa said, looking down at his cock thinking, "and your huge dick must have opened a few legs, too."

"Yes, I guess it did help."

"Oh, it's melting my heart," Lisa said honestly. "Your accent alone could get you to first base."

"Really?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yeah," she answered, standing up. She walked over to him, put her arms around his shoulders, and kissed him. He kissed back, putting his arms around her waist.

The pair pulled apart and said, "Nice," at exactly the same time, causing a brief moment of humor before they went back for another kiss. This one, however, was far more passionate than the first, as John slipped his tongue into Lisa's mouth.

As they pulled away, both slightly red in the face, they heard the dressing room curtain swish open. They separated. Lisa looked down at his pants and widened her eyes. His cock was stressing against his pants, showing that the kiss had clearly aroused him. Lisa's arousal was more concealed, but she was keenly aware of how moist she had become.

"Felix! You look amazing," Lisa said, looking him over. "That suit is perfect. John, you're a genius."

John laughed and said, "I try."

"More!" Lisa demanded.

"Yes ma'am," John said, walking out of the dressing room.

"Felix, you are going to get so much action your penis is gonna be sore," Lisa told him, causing him to blush. "Oh stop it. You're cute and nice and have a cute girl in my office who'll gladly be the first in line."

Felix chuckled and asked, "Do you really think so?"

"Oh please," she said. "You go in looking like this and she'll ask me if she can blow you in my office." They both laughed at the reference to their earlier activities.

"She's right," John said from behind them. "You're thin, but you have a good frame for the right clothing."

"He brought more, go go go," she said, taking the clothing from John and handing it to Felix.

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