tagBDSMLittle One Meets Her One Ch. 03

Little One Meets Her One Ch. 03


**Author's Notes**

I have many thanks to Bob for his hours of editing for me on this section. Sorry it's been such a long time between installments, but i've been trying to decide the best way to unfold this story. I've, also, had back surgery, and it takes time to heal from that.

Part 31

tara diligently worked on her essay and sent her notes to Trey on a regular basis with questions about things she had read. Things she wanted to better understand that the sites seemed to only touch upon or just began to discuss. she had a plethora of questions and Trey seemed happy about this.

tara could tell from His correspondence back that He was happy that she was taking all this seriously. He would comment now and then about her progress and about the questions she asked. He said some would have to wait for now but would eventually be answered. That at first frustrated tara, but she soon realized that Trey knew best.

It was like learning a foreign language -- one couldn't expect to learn everything all at once and be able to hold a conversation in that language at a drop of the hat. This was the same way. The lifestyle was complex and had many twists and turns to it. she was but a newbie learning things. she had a lot to learn but was showing that she was open to the entire process.

she was gradually getting less sore at Sam as well. she had to take ownership of her part in the deception and this was her penance for it. she knew deep down that Trey was angry, but realized that, like with all things, it would take time to ease and end. Trey didn't seem the type to hold a grudge.....or so she was hoping.

There was a few nights in the beginning that tara cried herself to sleep. she felt a bit lost in all this and had no one really to turn to yet. In the mean time though, she did a pretty good job of holding it together for when she was able to correspond with Trey. she was keeping to the facts and the reports and a tad bit of how are You doing things.

she was feeling the weight of what she had done by keeping it a secret. she knew that soon Trey would be calling her back to the house and to continuing her education in the lifestyle. she just had to complete these two weeks of her punishment. she knew the first night back was going to be bittersweet in many ways.

tara remembered what Trey had said about the rose. she had even dried it to preserve it. she wishes she could have kept it forever but like all floral things they eventually die and become withered. It was a fond memory and one she wanted to preserve for as long as she could. One day she hoped to get a silk version of this rose to keep in her bedroom, but had not found one at a craft store that suited her taste.

Slowly over time tara began to broach the subject of rebuilding her trust with Trey. At first all she got back was vague responses that seemed to indicate He was still too upset with her to talk about it. she didn't drop it though because it was important to her. she wanted that trust back and needed to know how to do that.

Eventually she got a curt warning to stop and that He would talk to her about it when He was good and ready to and not a moment before. Patience had never been one of her strong suits in some things. she realized though that she would just have to suck it up and not pester Him again on this point. If she truly wanted this then she'd have to learn to leave some things alone.

Trey was losing patience a bit with tara. she had a knack for pushing His buttons in a way that no other of His submissives did and she was the new girl. He didn't quite know how to respond to her or how she went about things at times. He didn't want to discourage her but she needed to realize that this was a time of punishment not a time of atonement.

He found a way to distance Himself from the matters she kept bringing up by being to the point about it. tara quickly got the point and eventually dropped the asking for answers that she was seeking. He would give her those answers once His anger had diminished. He at first thought of adding more time but in some ways that seemed cruel. He would have to keep an eye on things though.

Sam across town was working on his punishment assignments diligently and getting them done one by one. Unlike tara, He didn't bother his Mistress about making atonement for his transgressions. She would forgive him, release him or cease his cross training. It was that simple really.

He finished reading the book first and sent that essay by messenger to Trey along with the book that was given to him. He liked the book so much that he ordered his own copy of it from the local book store. He wanted to have it in his personal library. He realized exactly how he messed up and knew that he needed to fix it or tara might never forgive him.

What tara didn't realize was that Sam, being the experienced submissive, should never have asked her to keep a secret from her Dominant in the first place. He was the one who led her onto a path of destruction, and it was ultimately his duty to fix what was broken. This atonement was part of it. The next part would be having another conversation with Trey.

Part 32

tara was really hoping that Trey would be open to a real conversation about things when her punishment was over, but she realized too that His disappointment in her might not end when the punishment did. she was slowly realizing that by having kept the secret that she did she had been dishonest, and that was wrong. Trey expected better from her and that was the bottom line. He wasn't being cruel but rather had to teach her this lesson.

she spent many a night thinking back to that night with Trey and it hurt. It hurt on so many levels because it was supposed to have been a special night for T/them. she tried not to wallow in sadness but sometimes it was really hard not for her not to do so. There was something different about Trey that made this smart.

she finally finished the 5,000 word essay and double checked all her references. she wanted to be sure this would be acceptable to Him. she double checked it all and read it over several times before sealing it in an envelope for the messenger. she had two days to spare on her punishment. she knew the next two days would be agonizing to say the least.

Across town, Trey got the messenger's delivery. He was happy to see that she had completed the task, and settled down in His study to read over it. In some ways He wasn't quite ready to read the words that poured out before Him. They spoke of genuine remorse and sorrow and atonement.

What got to Him the most was the fact that she genuinely got why she was supposed to be 100% honest in this type of relationship. her research had been thorough and had shown her a great many things that He really couldn't teach her even if He truly wanted to. Either Y/you got it or Y/you didn't. It was that simple really.

He went to His computer when He had absorbed the contents of the essay and had thought things through. He took some time to carefully pen the email that He was going to be sending His minx. There was still something about this girl that got under His skin in a way He didn't quite understand yet. He was going to figure it out though.


I am happy to say that you have completed this part of your punishment. you have shown to Me through your words that you understand what you did. I am quite pleased with this essay and with you. you will, however, finish the rest of your punishment. I wish to see you at my house at 6 sharp in two days time. I wish for you to dress as if you were going to a club with friends. Do not disappoint Me in this. W/we will discuss some things that may not be pleasant at first but is needed if W/we are to go forward from here.

your Sir,


tara cried a bit when she received His email. she felt relief that all her hard work was for something good. she had the perfect outfit in mind to wear. It is one she almost had worn to the club the night she had met Him. It was quite the eye candy.

tara got the outfit out of her cupboard and looked it over. Yes it would do perfectly she though to herself. she put it away for now and went to make herself some dinner. It was in that moment she felt a bit sad about things with Sam. Normally she had someone to share things with but right now that wasn't permitted.

she wasn't about to risk further punishment by contacting him. her anger had diminished as time had gone by. As she prepared her super she thought about the whole situation. It finally dawned on her, just like as she had been wrong to snicker at Sam...he had been wrong to tell her to keep this a secret.

That was the real lesson in this. That's why she had not been allowed to see Trey all these weeks. It was because she hadn't been honest. she felt like the utter blonde that she was in that moment.

she went over to her computer and started to compose a note to Trey. she didn't think this realization was something that needed to wait until T/they saw one another again. This was too important of a realization and she felt it affected so much between them. she carefully wrote the words and reread it several times before hitting send.

my Sir,

There is something that just dawned on me that i felt should not wait to be said until we see each O/other again. It has dawned on me that i was wrong for listening to Sam about keeping a promise. i now realize that is really what upset You and that i need to atone for that. It was that promise that i had made to Sam that got me sent home that the night You claimed me as Yours. i am sorry Sir and i promise You that it will never happen again. i should have disclosed that experience to You. It was wrong of me to keep it from You. In a way Sam robbed You of something that was Yours to have. i am sorry that i did not include this in my essay. If further punishment is required for not completing the assignment correctly then so be it. i feel that this was not left out intentionally though. i await Your word Sir.



Trey got the email the next morning. He was pleasantly surprised by it. His minx had realized the full reason she was being punished without Him having to explain it. she truly was a wonder. He thought a few moments before replying to her email.


I am glad that you finally got the full point of your punishment. The essay was done to my satisfaction without this late realization. I will see you at the appointed day and time.

your Sir,


Section 33

Time couldn't go by quick enough for tara. she was truly missing Trey and things were so complicated right now in that relationship. There were so many things she wanted to ask and to have answers to. she knew better than to bombard Him all at once. After all she wasn't the one running things.

Finally it was time for tara to get ready to go and see Trey. she was excited and was trying desperately to calm her nerves. she got dressed and waited for the taxi that would be taking her to her destination. Finally she heard the honk of the horn and went out to get her taxi.

Trey didn't like for any of His submissive to drive to His house for a couple of reasons. One, parking in His neighborhood was hard to come by. Two, He wanted to be sure that after a strenuous or difficult session that no one was harmed getting home from fatigue. He had seen it happen before...an accident involving a Friend's submissive.

Trey paced the floor waiting for tara to arrive. He was a bit nervous about tonight for some reason. He knew that there were some answers that needed to be taken care of first. What He wanted most of all was to hold her but He wasn't about to admit even to Himself that He couldn't keep it together. He had to play it cool.

tara arrived at her destination and rang the door bell. Trey answered the door dressed all in black. His demeanor was one of someone trying to be aloof. He ushered her into the living room and told her to sit on couch. He sat down in the chair near by.

"There are some things that we need to establish tonight before any thing else can transpire in this relationship, tara. I will not mince words with you and please listen closely as I don't wish to repeat myself. you will be allowed to answer questions once I am finished. If at some point before that you need clarification on something you may get my attention. Is this understood?"

"Yes, Sir, it is understood. i am ready to listen Sir."

"Good, that is precisely what I wanted to hear. Trust was broken between us on a level that is perhaps fixable, but there has to be a very clear understanding about things from this point on. One, it can not and will not happen again. Two, you will have to work extra hard to prove to me that this second chance is not for naught. I need to know on some level that you are truly committed to having a D/s relationship that is based on honesty and integrity. This incident made me question that you understand what I need from you, tara."

Trey paused for a long moment and simply looked at tara. she shifted nervously in her seat but listened intently to His words. she knew deep down that He was right. she had messed up, and royally at that. she wanted to be in His good graces again.

"There is something I need to know before I ask any thing else tonight. Did you purposely withhold that information because of a promise, or did you simply think it wasn't that important of an experience to amend your questionnaire? Which was it, tara?"

"To be honest Sir it was neither of those things. May i please explain my reason why Sir?"

"Yes, you may. I need to hear and perhaps understand from your answer."

"Sir, it wasn't that i thought it unimportant to amend my list of experiences. i quite honestly didn't understand what Sam was truly asking of me when he asked me to not tell about the experience. i thought it was because maybe it was going to get him into trouble because it wasn't on the list of things he was allowed to do with me getting me ready for that first night i came here Sir. i choose to omit it because i didn't want to get him into trouble. So that is wrong on my part and i will completely understand if You decide that because of it we can not continue in this D/s relationship, Sir."

Trey listened to her talk and knew on a level that perhaps she didn't quite know yet that she was being sincere in her words. tara was still a girl learning about life and was still a bit naïve. He knew this when He had chosen her at that club. He had purposely sought her out for this.

"you are good to realize that it is I that decides if this continues or not. I do understand your reasoning and have to tell you that it makes me wonder if there is any thing else you have omitted because you didn't wish to get your friend into trouble. Is there tara?"

"No, Sir, there isn't any thing else that i have omitted from my experiences to protect Sam."

"I believe you, tara. I believe this was a naïve mistake that you have made. It is one that had consequences to it. They are ones that you have paid to my satisfaction and you are forgiven for this transgression. I will not mince words with you here though. This can not ever happen again. you can not lie to Me. A cardinal rule of protocol is that you must be truthful in all things. Is this understood, tara?"

"Yes, Sir, it is understood."

"I am glad that we are in agreement on this. Give me one good reason why I should allow this relationship to continue."

"i believe that You should allow it to continue because i am truly sincere in my apology, penance, and because i have a strong desire to learn from You, Sir."

Trey tried to hide his true expression from tara when she said those words. she was right in so many ways about that last bit. He knew deep down that she was sorry and that she had worked hard to make amends. Again He realized that He would have to be guarded with this one.

"tara, I may yet make a good submissive of you. We will continue in this D/s relationship. you will be on a probationary status with me for the next six weeks though. If you mess up in any way, this ends. There will be no begging for a second chance. I will not grant that. Yes, tara, this means we are yet on shaky ground but you will earn that trust back over the course of these six weeks. I will not be easy on you, and you may regret or have some ire at me for this. Are we understood, tara?"

"Yes, Sir, i do understand. For six weeks, i am on probation with You."

tara breathed a sigh of relief. she was still Trey's submissive and the training would continue. she grasped in those moments how precarious things were and didn't want to rock the boat with questions. she would have to be patient and wait until things were settled once more.

Section 34

Trey shifted in His seat and smiled at tara for the first time that night. He could see that she was relieved by the things He was saying to her. He knew just how much she had a desire to blossom her submissive side. There was really no denying that she was a true submissive at heart.

"Come here tara. I wish to look at the outfit you have chosen for tonight. Stand before me."

tara rose to her feet and removed her trench coat. she went and stood in front of Trey. she let Him get a good look at her outfit and twirled slowly before Him. she didn't need to be told to do so. she did so by instinct alone.

He took in the sight of her as if He was taking in her scent. He appraised tara and was happy with what He saw. she had followed His instructions well and He couldn't help but smile inside. He kept His face rigid though as not to show praise just yet.

"Stand still a moment, tara. I wish to take in this outfit of yours."

"Yes, Sir."

He looked her over some more. There wasn't anything He could find fault with. He was stalling in a way. He wasn't about to let His emotions rule tonight.

He was having an inner struggle with this particular submissive. she kept getting under His skin and making it hard to remove emotion from the equation. He wanted nothing more than to drag her from this room and take her once more. That, however, would have to wait though.

tara may be forgiven but He didn't quite trust Himself that night to reveal what He was feeling. He needed to have a clear head, and that was becoming difficult. she was like intoxication.

Trey rose to His feet, and took tara by the hand and leads her into another room of the house. This one she had not seen before. It was His library. she quickly eyed the various titles that lined His book shelves.

He went and sat behind His desk and produced a pillow. He set it down beside Him and turned on His computer. tara was quite curious about what He was up to. He focused on what He was looking at for a moment before addressing her.

"The pillow is for you, tara. Please kneel up here while we discuss some of your questions. That is why I have brought you in here. We have quite a bit to go through. Some of your questions though will still go unanswered. It is simply because I am not going to answer them just yet. In time, however, I will answer each and every one of them."

Without saying a word tara crossed over behind the desk and kneeled up on the pillow. she could be close to Him, and was happy that she would be getting some answers. she listened closely as He began to speak once more. He read off each question one by one and paused before answering.

she couldn't help but smile as He spoke. He was taking her seriously and showing that her questions weren't utter nonsense or simply a way to keep in contact with Him. she was learning quite a lot that evening. Not just about the lifestyle but about Him as well.

Her Sir was a complex man. He kept His emotions on a tight reign and didn't express them. she doubted that He expressed them with any of His submissives. she suspected that someone had hurt Him pretty hard once upon a time.

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