tagNonHumanLittle Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood



His head turned. He heard faint singing coming from a clearing to his left. His nose twitched and lifted into the air but he smelled nothing. His eyes narrowed. Who was singing and why couldn't he smell them. He sniffed again, deeper, but still he could not smell anything. He growled. He didn't like it. He turned towards the clearing and started running.


"La la lala lala la la lala laaaa doo dum dee dee la doo daa dum de da do dumm dumm do la laa lala," she sang as she picked flowers from between the twisted roots of an oak and put them in her basket. She heard a crack come from behind her and she stopped picking and singing, turning around. She started getting up but her red hood snagged on a root and she was yanked backwards, falling in between two big roots. Her hood fell down. She scraped her hand and cried out. She looked at the bleeding scratches on it and started to get teary. She started sniffling and crying even though she tried not to. She was only nine but that didn't excuse her for being a crybaby. She heard another crack and looked up, gasping. There was a pitch black wolf with silver eyes staring back at her, from the edge of the small clearing. She stopped crying but started squirming. It was huge. She felt scared. She should have never left the path like mother told her not to do.


It was a little girl, with a cute button nose and brown wavy locks flowing to her shoulders, picking flowers. She was cute, with sparkling dark green eyes the color of tree leaves, singing her little tune. He stepped on a branch. She stopped singing and picking flowers and turned around. She couldn't see him. She started to stand but the corner of her flowing, red hooded cloak, that went to the backs of her knees, snagged on the root of the old oak tree where the flowers she was picking were. She was yanked back and fell, scratching her hand. She started crying. He stepped out. She stared wide eyed at him and started to squirm, fear starting to creep in. He walked slowly towards her, head and tail down to show her he meant no harm.


She started squirming when she looked deep in his silver eyes and saw them flecked with black. They seemed to draw her in. He crept closer until he was in front of her. Slowly he lowered his head and licked her palm. She winced in pain. He paused then licked again, and this time it didn't hurt so much. He licked once more and she looked at her palm when she hardly felt any pain. Her scratches were healed! He licked her palm and she giggled.

"Hey. That tickles." She said, smiling at it. Its eyes seemed to light up a little. She reached out and petted it. "You're so handsome. I wish I could stay here with you. But I cant. I have to go see my grandmother, who lives in these woods. Except I don't see the path." She looked around, noticing that it had disappeared from her view. The wolf nudged her side, and she got up. It nudged her again and she followed it. They walked in silence until they reached the path. "Thanks!" she said smiling and jumping onto it, giggling.


If he could smile in that form he would, when she jumped onto the path giggling. She was so cute. He licked her palm again and turned around, walking back into the trees of the forest. He didn't leave though. He watched her as she walked down the path, all the way to her grandmother's house, and then back to her village at the edge of the forest later on. He closed his eyes remembering the scent of cinnamon and a hint of peppermint that she smelled of. He couldn't believe he found his mate when she was so young. He had never heard of this happening before. He turned and walked deeper into the forest to his home where his brothers would be waiting to see what took him so long. He couldn't wait to tell them. He had found his mate. She was so young though.


His head snapped around when he heard the humming of the one he so dearly loved since the moment he saw her eight years ago. She had grown from a cute, no, adorable little nine year old into a sexy, curvy woman with a slim waist and medium sized breasts. She had long skinny legs and her brown wavy locks now went to the small of her back. She had red lips and rosy cheeks with dark green eyes that sparkled. He raced forward to find her in between the big roots of a tree where flowers grew. The place they met eight years ago. She was humming and picking flowers. She stopped and picked out a rose from the flowers. She frowned. That's odd, she thought. In all the eight years that she came to this tree to pick flowers, there had never been roses. She tucked it behind her ear, after carefully removing the thorns. She heard a snap and smiled, turning around to see her silver eyed wolf walking towards her. She held out her hand and the wolf licked it, before licking her face and causing her to giggle like a little girl.

"Would you like to walk me to my grandmother's house. Well I suppose it's my house now that my grandmother has passed away to a better life." There was no sadness in her voice, only a little melancholy but she stayed strong even when her grandmother first died, and Chase felt proud of his strong little mate. It was time he met her in human form. He nodded his head and followed her. When they reached it she opened the door and left it open for him. He was pleasantly surprised and walked in. He followed her into the living room and laid down. She laid down next to him, snuggling into his warm fur. Soon she fell asleep. Once again he was pleasantly surprised but he guessed it was due to her loneliness. His wolf ached at the thought of her being alone since she turned fifteen because bother her mother and grandmother had passed away and her dad had died a long time ago. He wanted to comfort her, and soon that would be a real possibility.

She woke up to find strong arms wrapped around her, holding her to a strong body. She felt panic start to rise and she turned around to look at the intruder but one look at the silver eyes flecked with black that she knew so well and she knew that her wolf was a were wolf. Stranger things had happened here in the enchanted forest. She just never thought they would happen to her. He watched her with a slight smile, feeling pride she kept a strong head in times of trouble. She smiled a little, and hesitantly asked.

"Are you my wolf?" He smiled wider, especially because she had referred to him as HER wolf, and nodded. She felt relief and then she noticed how handsome her wolf was. Messy, longish, black hair, a small, thin, neatly trimmed goatee, like Dorian grey's in the movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" not that she would know since movies weren't invented for another couple hundred years, and a dashing smile. She smiled.

"I knew it. I'd recognize those eyes anywhere. I knew you were my guardian wolf. And here you are protecting me." She snuggled against his chest feeling completely safe. Chase felt his heart sore and his wolf howled when they saw her snuggle against him, feeling completely safe and trusting them with her heart. They loved their mate and would never let anything bad happen to her. She fell asleep again he cradled her lovingly, kissing the top of her head. He would protect her and be just what she said he was. Her guardian wolf. He would be that and so much more.

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