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Live to Ride Ch. 02


Thanks for the comments and feed back. Be forewarned, you WILL NOT enjoy this story if you are just looking for quick jerk-off material. Also some knowledge of Biker culture and terminology will help you (as I am not going to explain every term), but are not necessary for you to enjoy my work. Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome, and if you're going to comment step to plate and leave a name. Huge thanks to my editor HMEdits without him and his ideas this story wouldn't be what it is.

Chapter 2

Business as Usual

Man my head is killing me, what the hell happened last night, must have been a good party. I roll over and my arm lands on the nude form of Amanda. She looks to be still passed out after our little after party last night. She then moans and rolls over to face me, "Morning" she says, sleep still heavy in her voice.

"Morning, How'd you sleep?" I say rubbing my eyes, trying to get the sleep out.

"Good, Nothing like the sleep after a night of good fucking, eh?" she says with that after sex glow returning to her amazing body.

"You ready for some breakfast, or you ready for another round?" she says while curling up to my side, while starting to nibble on my neck and earlobe.

"Well, how can I refuse an offer like that?" I retort, rolling over on top of her. I nibble my way over her neck moving towards her collarbone. She's groaning and beginning to thrash beneath me. I work my way down to her tits and slowly begin to slide my hand over her thigh towards her pussy. I begin to lightly bite one of her nipples, her moans proceed to go up an octave. My hand finally arrives at her pussy, man she's dripping wet already.

"Jesus, stick that cock in me already! Quit teasing me, please?" she begs me, lust heavy in her angelic voice. Who am I to deny a woman a request like that? So I line up my erection with her sopping wet pussy.

I proceed to bury myself in one thrust into her dripping wet pussy. "OH GOD!!" She screams, already going into her first orgasm beneath me. I then place my arms on each side of her, making preparations to pick up the pace. I begin to fuck her with reckless abandon, wishing I could stay in bed with this lovely creature all day, but as they say all good things must come to an end. "God yes, Faster, Faster, Oh yeah that's so good." She cries out, shaking through another orgasm beneath me. I proceed to keep up the pace, chugging along like a freight train towards my own orgasm. I know I am getting close now, so I pick up the pace just a little more, trying to get her to orgasm with me. "HOLY SHIT!! Yes, Yes, Yes, come on baby fill me up" She says going into a shuddering orgasm beneath me. I can only groan loudly as I fill her with my healthy sized load, seems as though she didn't completely drain me last night.

After cuddling and kissing for awhile, I say "So how bout that breakfast you offered earlier?"

She chuckles to herself "Well, for that we might actually have to get out of bed" she retorts. So we both roll out of bed and I throw on a pair of boxers, she stays nude to cook, teasing me slightly as she moves about the kitchen with the same grace she showed in the bedroom.

After a great breakfast and some slight teasing on both of our parts during breakfast I say "Well how about a shower, because I do need to get around at some point today" I say all the while kissing and fondling that amazing body.

"That sounds absolutely delicious" she says a slight twinkle of mischievousness in her voice.

"But only a little funny business, I do need to get back to my duties at some point today" I retort putting some of my own mischievous edge on my voice.

That shower sure was an adventure, Amanda is quite the little minx, she did manage to coax me in to another bit of fun. Regrettably though, I do have to get around, so I managed to peel Amanda off me for a bit and did finally finish up my shower. We got out of the shower and drying off was just as much of adventure as everything else is with this woman. Amanda and I help each other redress, seems we both can't touch and explore the other's body enough. Amanda comes up behind me and slides my Cut back onto my shoulders, and I tuck my snub nose inside, ready now to face the day. After another kiss from Amanda, I say "Well, thanks for the welcome home. Are you still going to be here when I get back home?" I ask hoping she says yes, I surely would like to get to know her better.

"Sure, I'll stick around although I do need to run home and get some clothes." She says. So I head to the garage and fire up the shovelhead and head out towards the Clubhouse.

I arrive at the Clubhouse, after checking in at the front gate. I walk through those doors and it looks like Jonestown the morning after in the main part of the clubhouse, people have just slept where they fell. I see Smiley curled up on the pool table with a good looking red head, Chibbs and Murph are curled up with a set of blonde twins over by the bar, and other assorted people are passed out around the clubhouse, sleeping anywhere there seems to be empty floor or table space. At a glance it seems as though I am the first one around after last night's blowout. I proceed to look around the clubhouse to see if anyone else is even conscious in this place. I go towards the back of the Clubhouse where we have a kitchen and a couple small apartments for people to crash out. As I go by the kitchen I see Candace, a hang around of the club, she's always had a thing for me. Candace stands about 5'4" with dirty blonde hair obviously from a bottle since she was a brunette when we were kids. She has a nice set of C cups and a trim waist.

Candace is always trying to lure me into fucking her, although I have made it clear many times that I do not want any kind of relationship with her. She just keeps trying to tempt me, I do admire her tenacity at least but she is going to be disappointed once again."Hey Sarge, good to see you back." she says, all the while posing suggestively to try and get me to notice her feminine charms.

"Hey Candace, is anyone else around? Have you seen The Old Man by chance?" I say, trying to end this conversation quickly.

"Yeah, The Old Man left a little bit ago saying something about he needed to take a ride, Tank just went towards the bathroom, other than that I haven't seen anyone else." She says batting her eyelashes at me and trying to entice me with her body.

"Alright when Tank comes out will you tell him to meet me in the Chapel?" I say trying to bug out of here fast.

"Sure, can do" She says, still trying to flirt with me.

I grab a beer from behind the bar and head towards the Chapel, weaving through bodies strewn across the floor all the way there. I sit down in my spot, first chair on the right side at the head of the table. I take a moment to remember all the times I have spent here at this table, from my first meeting after getting my Patch all those years ago, to the day five years ago that I was elected Sergeant At Arms and became the next in line to the throne. After a few more minutes of recollecting, I hear the door crack open. Tank walks in, "You wanted to see me, Boss?" he says still a little groggy from his hangover.

"Yeah Tank, have a seat, I want you to catch me up on everything that's happened the last few months" I say while patting the seat next to me.

"Sure boss, just let me go grab a beer real quick" he says walking back out the door. At that I crack open my beer and take a long pull off from the frosty brew.

Now for a little back story on Tank. Tank and I both served in the Marines together, yes, we still carry on the tradition my Father and the original Brothers set by serving in the Armed Forces. Tank is a big guy as his nick name may imply, he stands about 6' 5" tall and weighs about 340 pounds pretty much solid muscle from our days in the corps. Tank and I were always good friends but our bond changed after an incident in battle. Our unit was on a mission in some god forsaken hell hole. Long story short, as we were going through this village clearing houses one by one, I made the mistake of not waiting for back up, an insurgent came down the stairs with an AK-47, and my boy Tank put three in his chest before he could get the drop on me. Since that day I have been ready to repay that favor at the drop of a hat.

Tank returns, his beer already opened, he sits down and says, "Where should I start?"

Tank never was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I love the guy so I decided by saying, "Why don't we start with how the beer business has been going and then we'll go from there." Now, I'll explain that beer business in our world is code for our arms trade side of the business. We use codes like this to refer to any of our not so legal activities, even in the Chapel due to the fact of you can never be too sure who may or may not be hearing your conversation. And it is this precision and caution that has lead to us staying out of the cross-hairs of the Federal Government.

Tank takes a long pull from his beer and starts, "Yeah the beer side of things has been going great, all shipments and deliveries on schedule. I can't be too sure about everything with the cell phone and hotel side of things, but I'm pretty sure everything has been fine." Now, cell phone in our world is code for our drug trade and hotel business is code for prostitution.

"Well that's good Tank I knew you could handle things for me while I was away. Anything else been going on since I took my leave?" I say.

Tank thinks for a minute, "Oh yeah we also made the security upgrades we were discussing a while back, especially that new front gate, that thing will stand up to anything short of a tank, and before you ask we tested it."

I give Tank a slap on the back and say "Good, that gate needed to be upgraded especially after that incident last year. Alright well sounds like that's everything, anything else you can think of Tank?"

He seems to search his brain for a minute, "Oh yeah we took on a couple more prospects awhile back, since Dirt and Wild Bill are coming up on their year soon." That sense of relief coming over his face that he gets when he remembers something.

"Well that's good I almost forgot about that myself" I say trying to make Tank feel good for remembering something, even though I was well aware that their year is coming up in exactly eight days. "Alright Tank I need another beer, what about you?" I say, being reasonably sure we have gone over everything that Tank has to tell me.

"Yeah I could use another beer, let's see if anyone else has decided to wake up yet" he says finishing the last sip of his long neck.

We head out into the main room making a beeline to the bar to get another beer, as we walk through I notice Dirt and Wild Bill cleaning and restocking the bar, I also notice two guys cleaning bottles and trash up around the room, I don't recognize them, so I assume they must be the new prospects. "Hey you two, get over here and meet the Sarge" Tank yells startling the two prospects out of their conversation. They rush over and Tank introduces them "This is Cleaver." He says while pointing at the guy standing on the right. Cleaver stands about 5'9" and has a medium build, his nickname obviously comes from the huge scar that runs down the outer right side of his face. "And this is Dozer." Tank states pointing to the other guy, Dozer stands around 6'4" or so and has a rather bulky build, the kind of build that comes from spending a good amount of time in the joint.

I proceed to shake both their hands and say "Welcome prospects, now get back to work."

"Yes sir" they both state almost in unison. Tank and I continue our beeline to the bar. We both pull up a stool to the bar, Dirt gives us a head nod and grabs two beers.

He moves about wiping up he says "Good to see you back Sarge, place wasn't the same without you." Dirt doesn't really stand out as an outlaw biker, he stands about 5'5" weighs probably only 150 pounds soaking wet. I'm not really sure why we call him Dirt though, guess the name just kind of stuck for some reason.

Wild Bill walks by at this point headed back to get more beer to stock the fridges "Sarge" he says "Good to see you man." Wild Bill stands about 5'10" and has the thin wiry build of a Wild West gunslinger. Also we call him Wild Bill because he has a big bushy handlebar moustache.

"How you two been?" I ask them, before taking a pull from the beer in front of me.

We shoot the shit for awhile longer, more people proceed to wake up and go to the bathroom and such to wake up from the apparently amazing blow out we had last night. After awhile everyone is pretty much awake or close to it. The Old Man Returns from his ride. "Son!" He exclaims before embracing me in a big hug, while he has me close he says in my ear quietly "You ready for vengeance?" I look at him quizzically for a bit and he nods at me and I nod back, no words need to be spoken for I know what he is talking about. We break out of our little quiet moment, and The Old man barks out "Smiley, Tank, Chibbs, Murph and Diesel, you five need to get ready we got some business that the seven of us need to handle." They all nod to the affirmative pretty sure what he is talking about, "Any other volunteers? We need three more for an important mission." The Old Man hollers out. Looking around the room, I see that Loki and Thor, two of Smiley's best guys from the Portland Chapter have volunteered, among a couple dozen other hands that go up. "Alright, Loki, Hammerhead and Thor you three are coming with us get ready to travel immediately we're headed to the farm." My Old Man says. I can tell The Old Man is Feeling the same as me, relieved at the chance to get retribution, finally from the ashes of that atrocity will I rise.

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