tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLiz's Valentine's Day

Liz's Valentine's Day


Elizabeth here, or as I am usually called, Liz.

Frank told you about last Halloween and how he forced me to live out my fantasy as a reality. He also got to tell you about the Christmas party that we went to.

So I want to tell you about Valentine's Day.

If you read Frank's stories, you know about me and my fetishes. Exhibitionism, and trimming my bush into interesting designs. That brings us up to Valentine's Day.

I needed to do something really outrageous after the Christmas party. The Valentine's Day party was going to be held at the same place as the other parties and also become an orgy.

Frank was curious about what I was going to do for the Valentine's Day party. He kept asking me what I had planned.

"What are you going to do for the Valentine's Day party? I want to know how you're going to top the Christmas Party."

"I'm still thinking what to do and haven't made up my mind yet."

"Well you better decide soon, there isn't much time until the party."

"I'll think of something."

I didn't want to do something anyone else had ever done. I racked my brain for weeks trying to think of what to do. It hit me while I was looking at one of those cute little Valentine's Day cards. Cupid with the bow and arrow and lots of pink.

Once I figured out just what I wanted to do, I got the props I would need. A small cupid's bow and arrow and a large adult sized diaper.

I didn't tell Frank what I was going to do. I told him it was a surprise. He would have to wait and see like everyone else.

On the day of the party, I went to the beauty parlor early in the morning. I had briefed them on what I wanted done and they were ready. Sally thought it was great and wanted in on it. She did insist on taking photos. I insisted either a mask or hands over the face. We did both.

Now let me explain why I had to get to the beauty parlor early. Everyone trims their pubes to a heart shape or even two hearts. Been done to death. No. What I wanted was different and much more complex.

I wanted a full color Cupid. The trimming and dying would take hours to recreate the full color Cupid. Trimming took almost an hour. The dying took six more. And boy was it tedious.

Being an exhibitionist I got quite a rush from everybody looking closely at my pubes and crotch as I lay there naked from the waste down through the process. Then they bleached and died my hair a bright pink and curled it.

It was late afternoon when I left. I wore a blond wig to cover my dyed hair and misdirect everyone as to what my costume really was.

Frank wanted to see my new pubes. I said no. Even he bought that the wig was part of the costume. I was dressed primly, at least for me, when we went to the party. I had a large draw string sack with my props in it.

Dinner was lovely. A salad with fresh heirloom tomatoes and some goat cheese to start. Then grilled salmon with a delicious hollandaise sauce on the side. The salmon was so good that I almost forgot about the hollandaise sauce until I was half way through it! The green beans that accompanied the fish were steamed to perfection. Just a bit of crunch left, not too soft. The grilled red potatoes with butter and rosemary were a perfect accompaniment to the fish and green beans.

Dessert was a small creme caramel and a small chocolate mousse. Both guaranteed to get you in the mood for what was to come later.

After dinner there were the usual drinks, allowing time for dinner to settle before before the orgy. The thought of an orgy while still full from having just eaten is not something I find appealing. The conversations were about anything but the orgy that was to break out in a few minutes. I was already getting a bit horny thinking about my costume and the effect it would have and the anticipation was getting to me.

Just before the orgy was to start, I discreetly grabbed my sack of props and slipped off to the powder room. I changed into my costume. I took off my dress, bra and panties and put them in the bag. I took off the wig and arranged my hair back to what it was supposed to be.

I then put on the diaper, grabbed the bow and arrow and was ready.

I slipped out of the powder room making sure no one was paying attention. They were focused on the activities leading up to the orgy.

I made my entrance. A bare breasted, sexy Cupid with bright pink hair. Boy did I get everyone's attention. I milked it for all I could get. Holding classic Cupid poses kept them looking at me. I loved all the complements and attention. I was getting flushed and wet already.

Then I said, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

I undid the large safety pin in the front and whipped off the diaper to reveal the full color Cupid that was my pubes. God what a reaction! It was great! I even posed in the same pose as the Cupid in my pubes!

And all the attention of displaying myself really got my motor revving as people came up for a closer look at my Cupid. Several of them commented on my very apparent wetness and scent. A couple of the men and women ran a finger or two over my slit to pick up some of my wetness for a better smell and a taste. Horney doesn't even begin to describe my feelings at this point. Feeling those fingers rubbing my slit. Different textures and pressures as each of them rubbed. Some of the women's fingers were very soft and a few of the men must have been laborers as their fingers were much rougher. The sensations sent shivers through me.

A few of the partygoers got a little more adventurous when I didn't object to them running their fingers over my slit and just moaned and opened my legs a little wider so they could get better access. Soon they were running their fingers inside my lips and diddling my clit and then they started to put a finger or two in my cunt. I was a play toy for them. I was flushed and breathing deeply and panting. I was so turned on.

The humiliation of being on display as they used my body and played with me made me so hot that I thought I would soon erupt in spontaneous combustions. And I was letting them do it to me!

I was moaning now between panting. They were teasing me. They watched me and made sure I didn't come, just got so horny that I couldn't stand it. If they kept it up much longer, I would have to break character and just grab some guy and rape him!

Well, the scene must have gotten some of them hot as well, because the orgy started. They left me and I grabbed Frank and virtually ripped his clothes off.

You better believe I wore Frank out at the orgy. This wasn't making slow languorous love, it was pure animalistic hot, intense sex! He ate me, I ate him. I was the aggressor, I fucked him with me on top and had at least three orgasms before he came the first time. Then it was more oral until he could get it up again. Then I fucked him until he was dry. In fact, he couldn't keep up, so I asked him if I could get some assistance from a couple of the other guys. Frank was so exhausted that he gave his blessings!

I rode three men's faces and another two went down on me. And I rode several of the men to orgasm, several of mine to each of theirs. Several of the women also went down on me or rode my face as I was getting eaten or fucked. The night was an almost continuous string of orgasms. I lost count of how many. All I know is that it took everything Frank had and all those other men and women had to finally satisfy me. But at least they finally did.


The next morning at breakfast, Frank said, "God you were so hot last night. That was a fantastic costume. And I have never, ever seen a woman so insatiable. I am just glad there were enough of us to do the job."

"I love you so much for letting me be myself and live out my fantasies. I am a bit sore down below, but it was worth it!" grinned Liz. "As soon as I'm recovered, I am going to fuck your brains out, I'm still horny as hell thinking about all those people starring at my naked body!"

"I think I've created a monster."

"Are you sorry that you got me to live out my fantasies?"

"No, it's led to some of the hottest sex I've ever had in my life."

"Well I can't help it if it makes me so horny!"

"I am beginning to worry how far this is going. I don't know what you'll do the next time you trim your bush."

"I'll think of something."

"That's what's worrying me."

"Hmm, my pubes should be grown out by the 4th of July. I wonder what I could do with that holiday?"

"Meanwhile, I have an appointment Monday morning at the beauty parlor to have Sally dye my hair back to my natural color. I wonder if she might have some ideas?"


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