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Long Distance Friends


His eyes searched avidly through the crowd of people flocking off the plane. Standing over six feet tall, Jason could see each person as they disembarked.

"No, too heavy... no, too short... no, too dark...," he fervently thought as his blue eyes assessed each person. Stephanie would soon become familiar with their touch of gray and green like an artist's palette.

"Wait, is that... could that... it is!" he thought excitedly as he saw the blond, flipped hairstyle belonging to the person he sought coming towards him.

"Stephanie!" Jason exclaimed excitedly as he wove his tall, lean body towards her.

Stephanie saw him and her rosy lips extended into the most glorious smile, showcasing her white teeth. When Jason had Stephanie's lithe figure in front of him, he enveloped her in his arms.

"Jason, you are smothering me," Stephanie lightly protested in her soft Southern drawl before she returned his hug.

Disengaging himself from her arms, he took a step back and placed his hand under her chin and tilted her lips towards his. Gently covering her lips with his in a seductive kiss, he spoke a thousand words without saying a thing.

Jostled by another onslaught of travelers from the next arrival, they reluctantly broke their kiss. Putting his arm around her to protect her from fellow travelers, Jason guided her to the luggage area.

Seeing no luggage on the conveyor belt, he backed Stephanie into a corner to continue his nonverbal assault on her senses. Five minutes later, and a lifetime too soon, he heard the belts kick into gear. Reluctantly, Jason stepped to one side to allow Stephanie to identify her luggage.

As she waited in front of him, he stood back and assessed the beauty who had traveled many miles to see him. Her round bottom was showcased by a pair of snug Levi 501 jean shorts; the hot pink short sleeved top that hugged her body emphasized her womanly figure. When she turned to the side, he caught his breath. Most people would not be amazed by her modest chest, but on her, her bosom looked perfect.

Locating her luggage, Stephanie pulled the suitcase off the belt and towed it back to him. Jason was amazed. Most women would have expected the man to retrieve the luggage for them. She had neither asked nor hinted that she wanted him to stand up there in her place. With a smile, he reached over to grab her suitcase with one hand while reaching for her hand with the other.

Together, hand in hand, they walked out to his silver Ford Ranger pickup.

"Did you have a good flight?" he queried.

"It took too long," Stephanie exclaimed with a grin in her voice. "I never knew that two hours could last so long. There were kids all around me - jumping, talking, hitting - fighting. One little boy even tried to shoot me with a water gun!"

Jason laughed.

"Damn, it is good to see you here," he said as he silently thanked the powers that be for a safe flight.

Hoisting her luggage into the bed of his pickup, he walked with her to the passenger side of the vehicle. Stephanie reached for the door handle as he unlocked it and he light-heartedly swatted it away. He opened the door and made sure she buckled her safety belt before trotting around to the driver's side. Making sure he was secured, Jason started the truck. Slowly he wound his vehicle through the cars in the lot until he reached the toll booth. Paying the parking fee, he inched onto the Red Bluff Freeway and toward his home.

As they drove, Stephanie was feeling relaxed in his company. With nails that matched her hot pink shirt, her fingers tickled their way up his arms. She giggled as she snuggled as close to his body as she could with the belt on.

"It is so good to finally see you," she sighed. "Thought I would never get here. I missed talking to you even though it only took two hours to get here."

"Time has crept by," he agreed wholeheartedly.

Over the past two months, he and Stephanie had spoken at least four hours daily. Looking at her, he knew no one would guess what she did for kicks. A stranger couldn't fathom that she wrote erotic literature. That was how they'd met. Inspired by one of her stories, Jason had glanced at her profile and become entranced with her picture.

Curious to know if her stories were based on life experiences, he had e-mailed her, wondering if she minded him asking a few questions. Quickly responding, she assured him she did not mind in the least.

Thus began a flurry of activity that kept the Internet busy. On an average day, they chatted all day via instant messaging and most of the night on their telephones. It didn't take him long to realize that she and the writer were two different people, and both of them he adored.

After two months of reluctance, she finally conceded to a meeting. And here they were. In his truck. Headed to his house. Alone.

"You are even sexier in person," Jason complimented her, and a light pink shade infused Stephanie's cheeks. "Stop... I'm serious. Your lips are so inviting. Your warm eyes suggest a friendliness most people don't have."

"Jason, I am just me," Stephanie simply stated. "The best me I can be."

After thirty minutes of fighting traffic, they pulled into the driveway of his two story brick home where he opened her car door for her. Retrieving her luggage, he walked her up to the house in silence. With a show of bravado, he flung open the front door and set her case in the foyer.

"You don't seem nervous at all," Stephanie assessed. "You are one cool cucumber."

"Oh, I'm nervous," Jason assured. "I have been at the airport since you hung up to make sure I didn't miss you. Never know with planes these days and all the threats of hijacking going on. If something happened, I wanted to make sure that I knew."

Stephanie turned a teasing smile toward him.

"Silly goose. Nothing was going to happen in two hours."

"Never know," he grumbled. "Would you care for anything to eat or drink? We can always...." Stephanie interrupted his sentence with a kiss.

Without an ounce of fight in him, Jason pulled her closer. He slid his lips up and down her neck, tasting her sweetness. Urging her hips against his groin, he boldly cupped her ass with his hands. He hesitated, giving her a chance to change her mind. No refusal was forthcoming.

Turning her back to the stairs, he slowly guided her to the next story. There, he coaxed her into the second bedroom. His bedroom. Breaking their kiss, she looked at him with questioning green eyes.

"If you don't want this, better tell me now," Jason offered. He wanted to give her one more chance to back out. "I won't be strong enough to walk away if you don't tell me now."

"Mmm, Jason, I want this. I want you. I have wanted you since we first started talking."

Relieved at seeing no sign of a refusal, he bent over and continued nuzzling her neck.

She placed her hands on his masculine chest and confidently tugged his deep blue Polo over his smooth head. Feeling no doubt, she palmed his growing erection.

"Stephanie," Jason whispered in a husky voice that sent shivers down her spine. "Your lips are so soft; they feel so good."

"Oh baby, hold me closer," she encouraged as she snuggled against his chest. "I want to hear your heart beating."

With trepidation, he reached for her top. She took a slight step back and allowed him to remove her shirt. Standing before him clad only in her lightly padded white bra and shorts, she knew he could see the desire clouding her harlequin green eyes.

Nuzzling her neck again, he unfastened her demi-bra and carefully laid it to the side. Lowering his mouth to one of her nipples, he flicked at her ripe rosebud.

In a voice thick with desire, she moaned as she felt his touch. Encouraged, he took the nipple between his teeth and tugged gently. With a swift intake of breath, he captured the areola in his mouth. Stephanie held his head there; he worked the teat as a baby would.

Jason loved her sensual taste. Gently, he unfastened her denim shorts and slid them down her slender hips. His dream woman stood there in her lacy, skimpy, silky bikini panties dampened by her own juices.

"This is what fantasies are made of," Jason thought.

"Stephanie, oh Stephanie," he whispered with a guttural moan. "You are so sexy... wonderful... ravishing."

"Take me," Stephanie huskily commanded.

Jason didn't need to be told twice. Lowering her to the blue paisley comforter, he moved in between her thighs. With a skill he didn't know he had, Jason positioned his head at the cleft between her legs. His tongue lapped up the juice seeping out of her womanhood. The more of Stephanie he tasted, the more Jason wanted. He could not get enough.

Using his fingers to tease her clit, the businessman felt a gush of juice seep out of her vulva. She moaned. He buried his face deeper.

"Mmm, Jason," Stephanie exclaimed. "Eat that pussy. Oh yes, right there! I'm going to cum in your mouth."

She arched, lifting her back off the bed. He could feel her pussy tighten up. The walls closed in. Stephanie nearly sat straight up with an expression of pleasurable agony on her face. It seemed as if her bones turned to Jello; she fell back to the comforter and lay still. She could not move.

After catching her breath, she took Jason by the shoulders and nudged him to his back.

"My turn," she said with a devilishly angelic expression. Unbuttoning his jeans, she tore them off him. Unable to control herself, Stephanie took no heed of his boxer shorts and pulled those down as well. Seeing the object of her prey, she looked at him and said, "No mercy."

Lowering her head, she licked his raging hard cock. She took that dick in her mouth and eased her lips down his shaft. Cupping his balls in her hand, she began to massage his erection with her mouth - not quite taking his dick all the way in... yet.

Stephanie lifted her head long enough to lightly graze the head with her teeth. She whispered a cool breath across the now moist member. Lapping up the pre-cum oozing out of the eye, she settled in for a luxurious cock licking. In. Out. Shallow. Deep. Fast. Slow. Licking. Sucking. Feverishly she wanted to taste every bit of this man.

Unable to remain quiet, Jason gasped with every new sensation.

"When you stop, I am going to fuck you raw," he promised. "I dare you to stop. Oh, yeah. Work it. Suck it. Take it."

He began writhing in pleasure.

She refused to let up on her assault on his cock. Using her tongue, she traced the vein running up the side of the bulk of his manhood. Wrapping her right hand around his shaft, she stroked his penis in the same rhythm that her lips danced up and down. With a jerk, he unleashed a load of cum down her throat.

"Stephanie," he said so softly she could barely hear him. "That was so... I mean... Oh God, I have never cum in a woman's mouth before. I can't believe you swallowed all that. I didn't see any escape your lips."

"Take me," Stephanie whispered. "Now."

Without further prodding, Jason sheathed his cock with a condom and climbed to where his dick was in direct alignment with her pussy. In a single thrust, he entered her. Her pussy walls eagerly accepted him; it was a snug fit.

Shrouded within her warm pussy, Jason began to ease himself in and out; he moved his hips in a thrusting motion. As they mated, her pelvis lifted up as he pushed down, heightening the sensations of the ritual. As they "danced", he placed his hand between her thighs and toyed with her clit. She came again, unleashed.

Jason felt there were words that had to be spoken.

"You are so incredible; how did I go my whole life without knowing you? So sexy. So beautiful. You turn me on so much."

As if his words unlocked the door, a tidal wave of emotion filled the air. Her orgasm triggered his release. Sated they curled up; she fell into a light sleep. As she napped, he relived in his mind everything that had happened. Wrapping his arms around her he wondered if they just wrote her next erotic story.


After a weekend of satiating sex, Stephanie boarded the plane heading home. Jason didn't know it, but she left part of her heart with him.

"I hope he takes care of it," she thought.

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