tagRomanceLong Overdue Time Away Ch. 03

Long Overdue Time Away Ch. 03


Over the next several days Karen and I spent nearly every night together. Her five foot tall frame and curves to match are easy to get used to. Not fat at all, I suppose there are a few pounds distributed in the right places that would keep her from being called skinny. Really perfection in my mind. This woman is active and her figure reflects it. Her short blonde hair is cut above her shoulders, and her brown eyes seemingly looked into my soul at times. Best of all is her infectious smile and attitude. The kindness she shows not only for me but it's displayed in how she interacts with customers and employees at the marina. Some people have a way with others that makes you want to be around them. The more time I spend with her the more complexity I become aware of in her. This one is smart, and I get the feeling much more savvy than you might initially give her credit for.

"It looks like the fog is lifting early today." I said as I raise my glass of beer.

"I'm so glad it's warming up. Perfect afternoon, thanks for hosting the bbq here." Karen said. She was bare foot wearing shorts and one of those loose fitting tops that the neck sometimes droops over a shoulder. It was hard to not look at with her beauty and I came to expect the smile she had more often than not.

The deck coming off the back of this rental cabin offered in incredible view of the harbor below. Watching the fishing boats come and go could be mesmerizing on this lazy afternoon. We were ready early before the others were to arrive and it afforded us the opportunity to sit for a few minutes and relax over a beer from Sanches's. "Eddie brews a solid West Coast style IPA." I remarked holding the glass up to the sunlight looking at the color and clarity. "Eddie is a good brewer. Business man? Not so much." Karen held up her glass and then took a healthy sip. And shrugged her shoulders.

"Nancy had to have mentioned I'm a brewery consultant?" I asked. "That's initially what got us talking about you, when Nancy and I were having lunch a while back and she was as usual incessantly trying to get me back into dating, her eyes lit up when I mentioned the problems we were having at the brewery. We put a lot of money into it to scale up to more capacity. and its becoming more and more apparent that Eddie isn't up to the task of reaching the distribution goals he had presented when he pitched the investment to us."

"Anyway, Nancy was so excited and said she had the perfect guy, a customer looking to go on vacation that knew about breweries." Karen looked towards to front door thinking our guests might be here. Looking at her cell phone she said "they're not due for another thirty minutes." then continued, "I couldn't believe how excited she was, she kept saying what a catch you were and you had a very good reputation for turning breweries around that were having problems. But mostly that you were perfect for me."

Karen started to tier up a little and got serious. "Nancy was right. You don't know what this last week has meant to me! You couldn't have come at a better time. My father passed away last year, and while I was already managing the marina and other business interests... its just been a very hard year." She wiped her eyes and continued, "I cant believe we have only known each other a this short of a time. And now its going to be time for you to leave...Oh god I'm going to make you bolt for the door!"

"Not even close." I put my hand on her leg. "the moment I saw you, I knew! I was so worried that letting things go so fast That I was going to screw it up. I didn't want you to think I was this player coming from LA looking for a sex vacation. You are an incredible woman! And I am a very lucky man to be here when I am."

"Hey you two love birds!" Steve was walking through the house carrying a cooler. Melinda was right behind him with a salad bowl.

"We'll continue This later." I said to Karen getting up to help Steve. "what else?" I asked taking the cooler from him. "I've got it, just one more cooler of beer and wine in the car. I'll be back in a sec. Start the Barbecue, lots of steak and fish in there." Pointing at the cooler. Karen got up and on her way by to follow Melinda into the kitchen paused long enough to give me a quick kiss on the lips. Standing on her tip toes and placing her hand on my chest. Then her and Melinda disappeared into the kitchen.

Other guests arrived shortly after and we all had our fill of steak, fish and all the trimmings. One of the other guests Alex brought some fresh oysters and showed me how to grill them while his wife Beth made an incredible tequila cilantro lime reduction sauce to put over them.

After dinner we all sat around the fire pit after getting in and out of the hot tub.

"It's getting a little chilly." Karen said putting her shirt back on over her bikini top and came over to sit in my lap on the lounge chair. I could feel her cool skin as I put my arms around her to warm her up. I could feel the goose bumps forming as I rubbed her skin. Her fingers were exploring my shoulder and I caught the eye of Steve and I could see the wheels turning in his head.

The fire had warmed Karen and her skin was smooth and warm to the touch. She layed her head back on my shoulder and closed her eyes for a few seconds as the rest of us talked about anything from fishing to cooking what we caught. While Beth was explaining how she made the oyster sauce I could feel Steve's stare begin to linger a little too long and Melinda tried not to be obvious when she nudged him with her foot. I was starting to get the impression Steve wasn't a fan with how quickly Karen and my relationship was progressing or maybe even me. At this point it was hard to tell.

I could tell it was starting to annoy Melinda. She got up to excuse herself to the kitchen and started cleaning up and asked for Steve's "help in the kitchen." The group started to wane as our other guests a few at a time left to go home. I tapped Karen on the leg and said I should help Steve load his coolers in his car. As she jumped off my lap. She looked me in the eyes and I think she knew my plan was bigger than that but didn't object.

As I was putting a cooler in Steve's car he approached me. "Jim, I'm not one to stick my nose where it doesn't belong. Just understand Karen and us are close. After Kyle's death she was devastated. We weren't sure she was going to recover. It took a long time." "Steve!" Melinda was behind Steve saying "don't! This is not your story to tell!! You need to trust Karen. She's knows what she is doing.""I'm very sorry Jim, Steve gets a little protective.""I'm glad Karen has such good friends that care about her. I should be so lucky." I said with a pat on Steve's shoulder.

Melinda was getting in the car and it was clear she expected Steve to follow suit.

As I walked back through the house to the back yard, the seat I left Karen in was empty and since I hadn't seen her when I walked through the house I was wondering where she had gone until a glimmer of light caught my eye in the hot tub. Now walking over I noticed in a neat little pile was her shirt with her bathing suit on top of it. I didn't even stop walking as I shed what I had on. By the time I was knee deep and moving toward her my cock was already at half mast. She was sitting on the seat with the water barely covering her breasts. I went down to my knees and she parted her legs as I moved between them. She moved forward and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me slowly on the lips. "Steve wasn't too hard on you was he?" She said with just a little bit of a smile. The kind of smile that said she was glad he had her back. "Not at all. You're fortunate to have him as a friend."

With that she slid forward off the seat and pulled herself into my arms. She felt weightless in the water as her legs wrapped around me. The feeling of her smooth skin against mine in the water had me fully hard and the motion of the water had my cock bouncing against her. We kissed with our tongues lightly exploring each other's in what was getting to be a familiar dance. The familiarity we were gaining when we kissed and when our bodies met was making our lovemaking more and more intimate. I stood up and placed Karen on the edge of the hot tub deck. I kissed my way down her neck to her nipples taking my time to lightly knead and kiss each one, then kissed my way down to her smooth pussy I was intoxicated by the mixture of the cool salt air and the moist heat coming from between her legs. She was wet and as I at first just kissed and sucked her clit "mmmmmm." she leaned back on to her elbows and arched her back. I looked up to see her eyes closed and she was biting her lip and then opening her mouth trying not be loud with her moaning.

I knew she was close so I gently pushed my finger into her with my palm up so I could reach her g spot while my tongue slowly pushed up to her clit again and again. She leaned back onto the deck and held my head while she thrust her hips to meet my rhythm "ooooo...god!! I can't take any more." She whispered pushing my head up. "And I'm cold. Let's go inside."

We both were wet and grabbed a couple of towels and hurriedly dried. I was in awe of her firm body as we made our way inside. Her boobs and her ass jiggled going up the two steps into the house. With out saying a word we both knew we wanted to be in bed. I pulled back the covers and Karen slid in and held the covers up for me as she faced me wanting me next to her. When I got in she pulled me close and rubbed my back with her hand. "I'm so cold." I love the softness of her skin and the feel of her next to me. Her hand slid between us to see if I was hard and then rolled onto her back bringing me with her and guiding the head of my cock just to the opening of her pussy. She slid it back and forth a couple of times lubricating it as she did, then pushing her hips up she guided me in. Slowly I rocked, pulling almost all the way out and then all the way back in. Rising up to kneeling I closed her legs and put her feet up on my shoulder while rhythmically pumping in and out. Her hands over her head she grasped the headboard and braced herself as our bodies made a slapping noise. Her tight vagina felt like velvet and she knew I was close and spread her legs wide and out stretched. I fell forward and felt her nails grasp my lower back pulling me in as I convulsed jerking forward, jet after jet shot into her. Falling to my elbows the rise and fall of her breathing pushed against my chest as we both caught our breath. I rolled onto my side and she faced me. I kissed her a couple of times and then just looked into her eyes and stroked her cheek.

I wanted to tell her I loved her. But hesitated, I didn't want it to be cliche. An after sex kind of thing. I even opened my mouth starting to say it and then stopped. She was looking in my eyes and I could see it in hers. "I love you," her eyes were soft and started to fill with tears, and she kissed me and then pulled me close with her face next to my neck and then with a soft voice, "I love you, I have wanted to say that so many times. You treat me with so much love and kindness, it has been so long since I have felt this." Tears were streaming down her face. I wiped them with my thumb and she pulled back and said "I want you to stay."

We both stirred that night. I didn't sleep well with my mind spinning a hundred miles an hour.

How was I going to manage a long distance relationship? Was this even going to be fair to Karen? Finally, I think my brain exhausted its self at what must have been two or three in the morning and I slept hard until I woke up with the sunlight peeking through the blinds at 6:30. Karen looked peaceful in her sleep and since I thought her night was similar to mine I didnt want to wake her.

The floor was cold on my bare feet as I walked as quietly as I could out of the bedroom.

The fireplace had one of those gas things in it that made lighting a fire easy. I already had wood stacked on the hearth. With the fire started I went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. Earlier in the week I was somewhat irritated at the fact that both this cabin and Karens kitchen only had the old stainless steel percolator type coffee pots. It puzzled me. But after a couple of pots of terrible coffee early in the week I was starting to get the hang of this thing. Timing was important to a good cup. And my addiction to caffeine forced me to pay attention to it. And since it seemed the sun might not come out today based on the fog and mist it was going to be a coffee kind of day.

I took advantage of the alone time and spent some time on my laptop setting things up for the next week. I was able to push some things off a couple of days but reality was beginning to dictate my return to Southern California. I had some obligations that were going to fill my calendar for the next couple of weeks. My mind was busy trying to figure out how to make this work.

Karen got out of bed in a couple of hours and I could hear the water run in the bathroom as she washed her face and did her morning routine.

She sat down on the couch next to the fire place and tucked her feet up under her self and pulled a blanket onto her lap. The T shirt of mine she put on wasn't long enough to cover her legs. At five foot eight and two hundred and twenty lbs. I'm not enough taller than her to provide a double X shirt to go to her knees.

I brought a cup of black coffee to her and she thanked me as I sat next to her. And while she had her usual good natured smile I could sense a serious conversation was coming.

"Well I hadn't anticipated this conversation was going to take place this soon. But there are some things you need to know. Some information you deserve before making a decision to keep going down the path we are on." I could see Karen wasn't enjoying what she was about to say. "this is my least favorite thing about my life, having to manage relationships and having to be so careful about who I let get close to me. What I have to tell you sucks! But I have learned some hard lessons and learned to listen to smart people around me." She paused long enough to sip some coffee and read my reaction so far.

"I had a pretty good idea who you were before you came up." Taking another sip of coffee then setting it down she continued, "whether I like it or not there are people in my life that are going to "vet my love interests." And that is a big reason I haven't had many. It gets too fucking complicated." That was the first time I had heard any profanity come out of her mouth at all. She was shaking as she spoke and I could tell she wasn't enjoying this.

"It's not with out reason. Thats why I'm telling you all this now. You deserve to know all this before deciding if you want to see me again after you leave."

"I'm guessing the marina isn't the extent of your financial interests." I said.

"I need to finish. Or else I don't know if I will be able to. This is very hard for me. My father built an empire ranging from one end of this country to the other. I come up here to get away as often I can, its my escape. I love it here. But most of my responsibilities lie in boardrooms in Seattle and Los Angeles. I am responsible for my family's business interests on the west coast."

"Listen." I started. "All this is certainly a shock. And I didn't come up here knowing any of this." I paused. I had a thousand thoughts running through my head but I knew I needed to organize them and check them off one at a time. "We are obviously going to have to take all of this and work through it. I'm not offended I was "vetted."" I said making quotation marks with my fingers. "if this gets to be too much for me, you'll know." I picked up both our coffee cups and headed for the kitchen for refills.

"Here is what I know, you are a very special lady that I am falling in love with. All of this is a surprise and is a lot to process, but it doesn't change what I see in you. What I love about you. I have questions, but none of them have to be answered today we have time."

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Slow down

You need to flesh things out more. The story concept is a good one but each time I read a new chapter it feels like I have skipped the previous 2 or 3 chapters. To get into a story I need to be ablemore...

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Aimee, are you so desperate to fuck you have to advertise on a story comment

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