tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLook At Us! Ch. 01

Look At Us! Ch. 01


I was majoring in psychology and taking a course on the psychology of fetishism. For my research project and final paper I decided to do a case study of a sexual exhibitionist. So I placed an ad in the campus newspaper looking for informants and received quite a few replies, mostly from guys. But since I’m a woman myself I was more curious to find a subject who was a woman, figuring she’d think more as I did, that I could relate more easily to her. Also, being somewhat of a curious voyeur myself -- which is part of the reason I chose to do research on this topic in the first place -- and having a special curiosity about the sexual behavior of other women, I decided to consider only female respondents and ignored the many, many guys who got back to me.

One woman sent me and email which said this: “I’m both a voyeur and an exhibitionist. Some people like to watch, some like to be watched. I love to do both. I get totally, and I mean totally, aroused by the visual side of sex, by watching it happen. I love to watch people getting really hardcore. And, even more, I absolutely adore showing it all off, being seen naked or flashing it, and having people watch while I have sex. I’ve been known to put on a pretty hot show. Feel like talking to me? Marcie.”

I sure as hell did! She sounded just perfect.. So I called her and arranged for Marcie to come in for an interview. Like me, she turned out to be a Senior and, at twenty-four, she was older than most since she had decided to take a couple of years off before starting college. She was a tall, very pretty and willowy blonde with these incredibly huge tits, tits which seemed out of proportion to the rest of her since she could hardly have been said to be voluptuous. And she moved with the grace of a cat. I could certainly see how if she loved showing it off, as she said she did, there was probably a big audience for her self-displays. For a naked Marcie, or a Marcie encouraging others to watch her have sex, must have been quite an eyeful.

"I've been that way for a long time," she began. "You know, loving to flaunt it, to show it off. And from the first time I saw someone naked I wasn't supposed to see naked, and then saw someone having sex I wasn't supposed see have sex, I couldn't get enough. And I love to be watched myself. I think it began with my older sister Kelly. She was always like that too, walking around the house in panties and bra. We were still living in the house back then and mom and dad used to give her hell for that. I remember once one of our uncles, our dad's youngest brother came over to the house and in walked Kelly in a little pair of bikini panties and a half-bra. Our uncle couldn't stop staring at her and our dad, of course, noticed. Later he gave Kelly a real chewing out.

"Soon Kelly had me doing the same thing, walking around the house in just underwear. When we'd go out together we'd put on real short skirts and tight halter tops or sweaters, and we loved the way guys -- and chicks too -- would stare at us. Then Kelly decided that we shouldn't wear any panties under our skirts when we went out one day. So off we went like that and every opportunity we had, we'd hitch up our skirts and spread our legs a little, knowing full well guys and girls both would catch themselves a glimpse of our flashing beaver. I guess that's when my fetish began in earnest, when I started going out not wearing any panties and flashing it all over the place.

"And of course whenever Kelly and I caught a glimpse of something sexy we couldn't stop staring. Once when we were taking a hike in the woods near our house we ran across a couple having sex. We hid behind a tree and watched the this guy fuck the shit out his girlfriend. It made us so hot too. We rushed home afterwards and beat off. That's another thing, me and my sister used to beat off together. Masturbating became even more exciting when we did it in front of each other, watching and being watched. We'd discovered our parents' stack of porn tapes, and we'd watch them when we beat off. That's when I started getting a serious fetish for viewing porn and began to realize that the visual side of sex -- seeing it -- turned me on almost as much as doing it.

"Sometimes I'd have girlfriends come over to watch porn with me. I'd always make sure to be wearing a skirt when I did this so I could hitch it up and start playing with myself when I began to get excited. Some of my girlfriends really freaked out when they saw me do that, beating off right in front of them. But others were cool. They'd lift up their skirts or pull down their jeans and just join me.

"Kelly was in her twenties already and still living in the house, and I had turned eighteen a few months earlier. Both of us were working and saving money, that's why we were living at home. I wanted to save up for a trip to Europe and Kelly wanted to get a place of her own. But for now we were still stuck in the old homestead."

"I think I'm getting the picture," I said and I was. Marcie was providing as clear a picture of the origins of her fetish. And it wasn't just what Marcie was telling me, for I had noticed that Marcie had worn a short skirt to the interview and as she sat there on the couch, opposite me, she slowly hitched up that skirt and started pulling her legs apart little by little. Pretty soon I could see that Marcie wasn't wearing any panties under skirt this time either. Not that I was surprised, given what she had already told me.

And of course she noticed me noticing, dropping my eyes between her legs. The sassy smile on her face told me she knew perfectly well that I had caught a flash of her thicket of blonde pubic hair. But the one who was really in for a surprise was Marcie herself. Because knowing what I already knew about her from her response, and talking to her on the phone, I thought that I, too, would get appropriately attired for this interview. So I also was wearing a short skirt. And just like Marcie, I also had chosen not to wear any panties under that skirt. So right after she hitched up her skirt and spread her legs, I did the same. I could see how amazed she was by the sight. She'd probably figured I couldn't be too surprised by her coming in like that. But she hadn't expected me to show it off for her the way I was doing now.

"You did say you liked to be watched and to watch, right?" I teased as we laughed, the ice definitely broken by this brazen mutual display. And this is how our interview would continue, with our short skirts hitched up, our legs spread apart, and pussies showing.

"As you were saying?" I said with a knowing smile.

"As I was saying, I learned it all from my sister. Kelly was really something, a role model for me in the ways of sex. She was always a wild thing and had a firecracker libido, something I think I share with her. Maybe it's in the genes.

"Anyway, one weekend our mom and dad were off on one of their ski weekends. I knew Kelly would probably use the opportunity to bring over a guy to fuck. She got a real charge making it in our house when mom and dad were gone. Kelly figured she was a grown woman now, and this was her house too. So if she wanted to bring someone home and party into the night, that was her business. She'd done that before and I almost got to peek in on her once, but the guy she brought over to screw slammed the door shut right after they got inside her bedroom. All I could do was listen to Kelly howling and groaning and the sound of the bedsprings as he socked it to her. That's another side of voyeurism, you know, when you listen rather than watch.

"Now a while before this my sister had told me that she was definitely bisexual and liked making it with chicks a lot, not just guys. I was a little surprised, but not too much, since I knew what a total sex fiend Kelly was and how she always got turned on by girl-girl scenes when we watched porn videos together.

"So right after our folks split for the weekend, Kelly tells me that lately she's been seeing this foxy young stripper who dances in a topless bar not far from where Kelly worked. I couldn't help smiling to myself. That was just like my sister, having a fling with a stripper! The problem was that this stripper was married, supposedly to a real jealous jerk too. They had to sneak around to do it, but with mom and dad gone, Kelly figured she could have Ginger come over to our place.

"So a couple of hours after mom and dad left, this Ginger shows up at the door. She turns out to be about my age, not yet nineteen, and she's this really cute, sleek young slut. Kelly introduced us, then took me aside, asking me not to slip up and say anything to mom and dad about Ginger coming over and spending the night. We were tight, me and my sister, especially about things like sex. After all, we'd been beating off together for years.

"Then Kelly told me that after she and Ginger went into her bedroom, she'd make sure to leave the door open so I could peek in and watch her and Ginger make it if I wanted to. You can imagine how that flipped me out. I'd been beating off with my sister and other chicks, watching them and having them watch me. But this was different. Now I'd actually be snooping on my nasty older sister making it with someone, a stripper no less!

"Later, as Kelly and Ginger went upstairs to her room, Kelly looked back and winked at me. I waited a couple of minutes and then walked up the stairs quietly, making my way down the hallway to Kelly's room, then peeked in. The two of them were on the bed, still dressed, making out, kissing and feeling each other up. Then they took off their clothes and I couldn't help staring at Ginger's spectacular body. I always envied the guys Kelly fucked, so I figured the first girl she made it with would turn out to be one fine piece of ass! And she sure was!

"Kelly had always been a little aggressive in sex, I knew, so I wasn't really surprised to see her take charge. But I wasn't quite prepared for what she did next. She had Ginger get on her elbows and knees, sticking out her foxy butt, and then spanked the hell out of her, until her buns were crimson. Kelly looked back towards the door at me and winked, smiling and licking her lips. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked. But very, very aroused also. Lately me and my sister had been watching these kinky videos where people did things like spank each other. But then you know all about stuff like that, with your interest in fetishes."

"I know a little," I said with a sly smile.

"Now that she had spanked the daylights out of the stripper, she turned her over and started to eat her pussy," Marcie continued. "Kelly positioned Ginger to make sure I'd have a good view of her lapping away at Ginger’s cunt. I couldn't help bringing a couple of fingers down to my own pussy as I watched my sister go down on Ginger. There was something wonderfully taboo about this, watching my own sister having sex with another woman!

"After Ginger thrashed around wildly on the bed, shrieking and moaning as my sister brought her to an orgasm, Kelly got up and pulled something out of a dresser drawer. I was in for another shock. For now she strapped on this huge dildo! She had Ginger get on her knees again, then got behind her, and shoved that fat dildo all the way up the stripper's cunt in one savage thrust. Kelly reached around to squeeze Ginger's big boobs and pinch her nipples as hard as she had spanked her ass, all the while pumping forward and slamming the dildo into her in a furious fuck. My sister made sure to look back at me and smile as she slammed it into the stripper. Naturally she caught me holding my skirt up above my waist and digging my fingers between my legs.

"Kelly's pretty strong, so she gave the stripper one hell of a vicious fuck until, a second time, Ginger's whole body shook and quivered and I knew she had just enjoyed orgasm number two. Then, slowly, Kelly pulled out the enormous dildo. I couldn't help gazing at it, all wet from the stripper's juicy cunt.

"Suddenly my sister looked over at me again and waved me into the room. I stood there, stunned. Me? Of course now Ginger realized she had been watched by me all along. But as a stripper she was a professional exhibitionist, used to being watched. Though having a babe watch her sister spank Ginger's bottom, then fuck the shit out of her was a little different from being watched by a horde of lunch hour businessmen crowding around a stage.

"I walked in a little awkwardly, unsure of what was expected of me as Ginger looked me over matter-of-factly, seeming to like what she saw. A faint smell of pussy permeated the room.

"Then, out of nowhere, my sister asked me if I'd like to have Ginger go down on me. I was still straight, but after my sister confessed to me that she was bi, I had been burning up with curiosity, always asking her about girl-girl sex. So she knew I was into it.

"So I said to myself, this was my opportunity. The stripper was a fox, sitting there on the bed, looking like she'd love nothing better than to go down on me. Well, I told you this is when it began, my developing a fetish for watching and showing it off. So it didn't take anything for me to whip off my clothes and tumble down onto the bed with my sister and Ginger. A second later I had my legs spread wide and Ginger between them. I could see why my sister was into the slut. Ginger ate pussy with the same relish a little kid licks a lollipop. Kelly, who still had her dildo strapped on, laid down next to me to watch, breathing hard, excited by what the stripper was doing to her baby sister.

" 'Ginger really knows how to eat pussy, huh?' Kelly whispered in my ear. This was really something for me, my first time having sex with someone watching, my first time having sex with a woman. And I loved it, loved every second. And I loved the look of it all. Me, showing off to my sister while I was getting eaten. Being able to look down at the sleek, sexy Ginger munching away between my legs, my naked sister next to me, dildo strapped to herself.

"I was so excited that pretty soon I was groaning and moaning and trembling as the stripper brought me to a cum with her wet, slippery tongue.

" 'Move over, Ginger,' Kelly said to her suddenly. 'Now I'm going to fuck my little sister!'

"I looked at Kelly in shock as I nonetheless kept my legs spread wide open, letting Kelly get between them to work her big rubber cock inside me. Here were two more firsts. I was getting fucked with a dildo, and I was having incest, for godsakes! And Ginger loved it too, saying she thought it was so freaky to watch Kelly fuck her own sister. She stared at us like she could hardly believe this was happening. And the way she was watching me made everything twice as exciting, especially when she spread her legs lewdly and started fingering her own pussy, giving me one hell of a show while me and Kelly provided one for her.

"Soon the stripper was squeezing my big tits and sucking on my nipples while my sister kept fucking me. Then she sat over my face and fed me her pussy to eat while Kelly kept burying it inside me, the first one I'd ever eaten. The stripper had a jealous husband who worried she'd meet some other guy while taking off her clothes at work. Little did he suspect, Kelly had told me, that it was pussy Ginger hunted for, not cock!

"By the time we were done that night all three of us had gotten to strap on that rubber cock and use it on the other two. All three pussies had been eaten and all three of us had tasted each of the other two. And what added spice to everything was that there was so much to look at. Pretty wild, huh?"

"I'll say!" I told her listening raptly to her story of 'firsts.'

"So after all the innocent stuff, walking around in my undies, beating off with other women, watching lots of porn, I finally got to see someone else doing it, got to have them watch me doing it."

"And that's how that part of your fetish began?"


"You'll have to tell me more," I said.

"Oh don't worry, there's plenty more to tell," Marcie said, "but first how about we take off these skirts?"

We had them hitched up with our knees separated and no panties underneath, flashing fur at each other. So taking them off was a natural next step. A moment later both of us were naked from the waist down. We had been flashing a little shag, now we were flashing pink.

"What a nice pussy, and what a nice bush," she said, staring between my legs. I do in fact have a vivid little bush of curls down there, and a nice, pink slit in its midst. And looking over at Marcie, between her legs, I saw another nice triangle of downy curls, and a pretty, slick pussy peeking out at me.

"Show it off!" I hissed at her as I showed off mine.

"Uh huh," she hissed excitedly, reaching in to hold her labia open as I did the same.

"Look at you, exhibiting yourself to me like that," I said, teasing her about her fetish.

"And you're giving me something so pretty to watch too."

"Well, watch and talk. Tell me more. Tell me more about your fetish."

"Well, Ginger got my sister a job dancing at a topless club. So pretty soon Kelly was a stripper herself and had moved out of the house. Kelly knew I was trying to save up money so I could go to Europe. So she suggested that I, too, might want to dance topless. Well, by know I knew I was an exhibitionist and figured this would be perfect work for me. A few weeks later I was stripping at the same circuit of clubs where Ginger and my sister danced. I was still living at home and mom and dad knew nothing about it, since I was stripping during the day for the most part. I was only nineteen at the time.

"Then I decided to move to San Francisco. There are lots of strip clubs there and I found plenty of work. Back home I was working these clubs where I danced topless but had to wear a G-string down below. But in San Francisco they had these raunchier clubs, where you could dance bottomless and really show everything off. Shit, at one club I was encouraged not only to dance and strip but to spread 'em wide and masturbate in front of the paying customers. Some dancers had trouble with that, but not me. No one had to talk me into flaunting it like that in front of the fellas!

"I was making good money and then I found a way of making even more. I started to work in these peep booth parlors along with the stage shows. There you'd sit in a booth and a guy sits in a booth opposite you. A curtain comes up and there's a window between you and him. He's got his dick out, whacking it, while you show it off for him. And what they really like, and tip you big for, is when you fuck yourself with a dildo while they watch. I made sure to keep a couple on hand in the booth. Plus, with my tits being so huge, guys just loved to see me suck my own nipples. I mean, I saw all sorts of guys and all sorts of cocks. Most were nothing to write home about. But once in a while a good looking guy would come in with a big, nice cock and then I'd really get into it. He'd watch me and I'd watch him, and we'd really get off on one another. And I can't tell you how many guys I saw shoot their loads in there. I saw enough semen for a lifetime splattering against that glass."

"And you loved it, huh?" I said.

"Oh yeah!" Marcie said with a keen smile. "This wasn't just work for me, stripping and showing it off in a peep booth . Remember, this was my fetish I was playing out. Not only was I grooving on it, but I was making damned good money doing it too! And I was living in this cool building on top of a hill. San Francisco is a pretty loose town, and my neighborhood was really free and easy, full of freaks, which naturally I liked. I was working the peep booths and stripping and that gave me plenty of outlet for my exhibitionist side. I was showing it off plenty! But my voyeur side needed to be fulfilled too. One thing I liked to do was watch the other strippers strip, especially when I worked the bottomless clubs where we were encouraged to spread them and play with ourselves in front of the customers. They used to have live sex at some of these clubs, I'd heard, but they'd stopped that years ago. One night though, after closing hours, the owner decided to take a chance and let me and this other stripper do a lesbian show, going down on each other and getting a little kinky in front of a crowd of hooting men and a couple of dykes too. I sure loved that!

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