tagChain StoriesLord of the Rings: Bilbo

Lord of the Rings: Bilbo


The air was thick with the greasy smoke of the torch and for once in his life, Bilbo Baggins was happy that he was shorter than Gandalf. The whiskered wizard held the yellow light aloft, illuminating the watery passage before them, his wizened eyes seeking to discern the shapes of the shadows. He took a tiny step forward and was at once distressed at the noise that the dislodged rocks caused.

"What are you trying to do?" Gandalf hissed. "Are you purposely trying to awaken Smaug?"

"N-no, Gandalf. I was just trying to move closer."

"Stay still, Bilbo. Not all of Smaug's treasurers can withstand his temper."

Bilbo crouched close to Gandalf, holding onto his robe and wondering what the wizard's words meant. The party moved closer, deeper into the dark embrace of the dank, dark cave and before long, the smell of the dragon assailed their nostrils; the stench of rotting bodies and fecal filth arose from the bowels of the blackness and Bilbo gnawed his fingers in fear.

"Time to wake the dragon, my friend."

Gandalf closed his eyes and murmured a few words. A seed of light appeared in the air above the sleeping dragon and slowly grew, its warm light reaching its fingers into the gloomy corners and bringing the beast into relief. Red slitted eyes flicked open and the great head arose, curious about the intrusion and suddenly aware of other presences in the cavern. Its roar sent twin spikes of panic and terror through those in the party.

As the light grew, widening and brightening, Bilbo's eyes took in the scene: the awakening dragon, the pile of golden treasure and … a woman? "Gandalf!" The wizard was out of hearing range and was swiftly moving down the rock-strewn floor to engage the beast in battle. "Gandalf!" The woman sat up, a bracket and chain around her neck preventing her from fleeing. Her features and body structure branded her as a Hobbit and her wide eyes were filled with a combination of fear and embarrassment.

Gandalf was still too far away but Bilbo felt the overwhelming urge to rescue her. His shoes chattered as he slid down the hardscrabble hill, tripping the last few yards and rolling to Smaug's feet. Heat and stink filled the air and Bilbo recoiled as the beast turned its head toward him.

"No!" The wizard's bellow slightly preceded the blue bolt that struck the dragon, sending it pinwheeling backward with the heavy tinkle of gold coins clinking against each other.

Bilbo took the opportunity to scramble to the woman's side, his eyes inevitably flicking to her exposed breasts. "Are you all right?"

"No!" She screeched, looking over the hill for the return of the dragon. "I'm fucking chained to a dragon!"

"I wasn't talking about that, woman!" He spat, tracing the length of chain and finding that it was indeed attached to the half-conscious beast. His hands encircled her throat, looking for a chink in the metal. He could find none. "Gandalf! Help me!"

The wizard dropped down to the cave's floor, then stood looking up at Gandalf and the woman. "I can do nothing to help you, Bilbo."


"The chain is enchanted. She is held by her virginity."

"What?" This time, the woman and Bilbo responded in concert.

"She will only be released by the loss of her virginity, Bilbo. That is the only way the chain will release."

Her wide eyes met with Bilbo's and they stared at each other for a long moment. "So that means you have to fuck me to get me out of this?"

"Uh, I … I guess so."

"Well, let's get going!"

Her shout startled him into action and he leapt forward, clumsily plastering his mouth onto hers. She pushed him back, anger written on her features. "What the hell was that?"

"I was trying to kiss you! What do you think it was?"

"It sure as hell wasn't a kiss. Are you sure you're a man?" She looked over his shoulder in clear exasperation. "Maybe I should ask that other man, the one you called Gandalf?"

Bilbo was upset. He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her again, this time calming down enough to get her to respond to him. His hands dropped to her breasts and massaged them, rubbing his thumbs against her nipples. A throaty howl rumbled through the cavern and he broke the kiss, his heart filled with fear.

"You'd better come on and fuck me. Doesn't look like Smaug's going to wait for a bit of foreplay."

Bilbo fought the urge to laugh, despite being imminent danger from the dragon. He unbuttoned his pants and fished his small, but hard cock out, happy to see the look in her eyes as she lay back, her legs spread and her glistening pussy beckoning to him. He leaned forward and thrust himself into her, quivering as he sunk into the welcoming warmth of her body. He felt her thin shield break and her body stiffened as pain coursed through her.

She was only still for a moment before she raised her legs, hooking her heels behind his back and scooping her hips up into him, driving him deeper. Bilbo gasped at the action and moved against her, pounding his little prick into her little hole and loving every second and inch of it. A burst of electricity skated across his back as his tiny nuts drew up and his cock shot ropes of thick cum into her wet pussy, triggering her orgasm as he did.

The brace clicked open and dropped off of her, leaving them locked in each others embrace. "Are you done?"

He was so surprised that he could barely answer her. "Uh, yes."

"Good. Then would you get up off of me so that we aren't eaten by Smaug?"

Bilbo scrambled to his knees, fixed his pants and helped her down the shining heap of coins. Gandalf watched their escape, a smile on his face as he turned to face the beast. "Um … um … "


Bilbo felt nervous as he led her out of the cave and took a deep breath. "What's your name?"


"Good. Is there a possibility that we can have dinner some night soon?"

She looked at Bilbo, her anger dissipating as she recalled the tenderness that he had tried to display toward her as he worked to free her and a smile grew on her face.

"Yes, Bilbo Baggins. I will have dinner with you."

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