Lori Ch. 01


"I don't think you believe that...or at least 'he' doesn't"

"'He' wants to. So do I but I'm not sure if" she cut me off.

"You think too much!"

Maybe I was. I wanted to, she wanted to. "I'll stop if you tell me"

She leaned and kissed me. "If you stop I'll scream." and with that she reached down and positioned me at her opening. I'd watched porn and read about it but nothing had prepared me for what I felt. Volcanic heat surrounded me as I slowly pushed. Lori gasped. "Oh my God, it feels....don't stop."

I pressed in a little farther and when I was almost fully inside Lori cried out "AHHHH!" then started breathe deeply. I started to pull out but her legs held me in place. I felt her gripping me and I just knew I had given her her first orgasm. Confidence surged into me and I resumed pushing inside.

"All of it" she breathed, "I want to feel it all." I gave a final thrust and we were joined.

Lori wrapped her arms around me and moaned "So much, so full. You feel...you're filling me up!"

I felt her contracting around my dick and gasped "Lori, I'm not going to last long. " She didn't hear me as her second orgasm flowed through her. "GGGGAAAAHHHH!!!" she screamed incoherently.

Her arms released me and she fell back to the bed gasping. "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Make me cum again!" she pleaded.

With difficulty I withdrew a couple of inches and thrust back in side. Each thrust cause Lori to grunt and I could feel my cum building. "Lori, I can't make it last" I tried to maintain a steady rhythm "You feel too good!"

"I don't care! Cum in me! Make me your woman!" she begged.

I managed to hold out a few more seconds then I felt it rise "Lori! Here it CUUUMMMSS!" Holding myself inside as deep as I could as it washed over me. Lori clasped me tight and I could feel her milking my dick as I pumped my cum into her. It seemed to last forever then it was over.

I collapsed on top or her and lay there panting.

Lori brushed the sweat off of me and began planting kisses all over my face. "You feel so good, Lori. "

She laughed at that and I understood. "Thank you for making me yours. I'm your dirty girl, now."

I smiled and replied "Yes, yes you are MY Dirty Girl"

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