Lori Ch. 06


It was still relatively early when we got home; Mom and Dad weren't there, yet. After a quick shower, we settled in to watch TV with both of us falling asleep. I woke up when I heard the parents come in; looking at the clock, it was almost 2 AM.

Lori, wearing only my t-shirt from earlier, was sprawled across the bed. I had seen her naked, fucking me, and in one incredible self-shot photo but I was never going to get used to seeing her body.

I got up to make sure the door was locked then crept between her legs. Her pussy was so beautiful. Pale and pink. Lips prominent and slightly protruding, there was a slight part towards the bottom. Checking to make sure she was still asleep, I smiled as I leaned in and ran my tongue from bottom to top. Lori shuddered but didn't wake up. I licked then sucked on her clit. That did it.

Lori sat straight up with a "HaaaaaAAAAAA!" she looked down at me. "You dirty fucker."

I shrugged the best I could while continuing to lick. Laying back, she ran her fingers through my hair as I worked. I had to stop as she started to get loud and cautioned "Mom and Dad just got home. Don't get too loud." Lori forced my face back down where I began to lick in earnest. She locked her legs around my head as I brought her to her first orgasm. As her second one crashed through her, she rolled to the side, taking me with her.

Freeing myself from her crushing thighs, I sat up. Grinning, I saw her curled up and noticed that by pulling her legs up like she had, it exposed her butt. I didn't think twice before rolling her onto her front, spreading her cheeks, and diving in. Lori yelped as soon as my tongue swiped across her hole.

"Yessssss. Thank you. Thank you!" I know she tried to be quiet but I wasn't sure. To her credit, she buried her face in the pillows but I could still hear her moans and cries.

I decided to up the ante.

Licking my index finger, I began rubbing it around her ring. She stopped moving and I could almost feel her willing her clenched muscle to relax. "There!" she moaned as I pushed, softly, at the crinkled opening. It didn't yield so I attacked it with my tongue; licking and sucking, I pressed and poked until it finally loosened enough to allow my tongue to barely penetrate.


Using both my mouth and finger, I continued helping her relax. Millimeter by millimeter I eased my finger in. Getting in to the first knuckle started her third orgasm with a low moaning, building in intensity. Lori was fighting to control her volume but even with her face buried she was loud. I removed my finger and thrust my tongue in. She bucked against my face as it crashed through her and cried out into the pillow. Finally, she managed to pull me away. "Stop!" then drew me up next to her. Still breathless, "You are never leaving me, right?"

"Never." I responded with a huge smile.

"Good. Because you are SO doing that again," she kissed me. "And again," and kissed me, "and again! I cannot tell you how good that feels."

"I think you've given me a pretty good idea."

Climbing on top of me, she reached down to guide my dick into her; sinking down my shaft until I was fully buried inside her. It was my turn to groan as her heat enveloped me. "You feel sooo good."

Lori lay on my chest, sliding her arms under mine. "Yeah, I do."

She barely moved as her walls clamped and griped and milked my cock. Lori kissed me as we lay there. "I want to make you feel like I did." She rode me until I was close. "You're feeling pretty big, are you about to cum?"

When I nodded, she stopped.

As I settled back down, she alternated between kissing me and whispering increasingly filthy things into my ear. "I want you to cum deep in me. I want a big load, like over at Eric's." then biting my ear, "Did you she her boobs? They were fucking huge!" Smiling down at me, "I'll bet you'd love to see us naked together." she started moving again, "What do you think? Me and her, rubbing our tits all over each other?" she had a small orgasm but she kept at it, bringing me close to the edge again. She leaned in again "Maybe you'd rather see me lick her pussy? Hmmm? I'll bet you'd like that! I bet she's yummy." she groaned softly. "Damn it! If my pussy wasn't so sore from your big cock slamming into it I'd roll over and make you fuck me. I'd scream so loud your parents would swear you were killing me." My balls were aching with the need to unload.

I grabbed her hips and made her keep going "Needy?" she joked.

"Bitch" I breathed.

She stayed flat on my chest as we worked together. I felt my cum rising as she moved around on my dick, the agony of it climbing up the shaft. "Fuck! Lori, I'm going to cum." I gasped into her ear. She clamped down on me and buried her head in my shoulder, biting me as she came again. It felt like my cock exploded fire deep inside her.

"God! It's so hot! Fill me! Fill my womb! I want it dripping out during Church like last Sunday!" she kept up her ramble as blast after blast filled her. With a final deep thrust, I gave her everything I had and then I was done! My head fell back and my hands let her loose. I think I told her I loved her as I passed out.

Waking up with Lori spread across me, I glanced at the clock and saw that it was just before 10. CRAP! There was no way we were making it.

Lori moaned as I moved to crawl out of bed "Oh God, I'm sore." Laughing, I told her we were going to miss Church.

Her eyes popped open. "What?!" as dirty and naughty as she could be, Church was still incredibly important.

"Don't freak. We can make it to 1230 Mass in the City." I told her.

Still, she flew out of bed and into the bathroom. I hauled myself down the hall to the other bathroom. 30 minutes later I was downstairs talking to Mom waiting for Lori. They had overslept as well but decided to skip.

I got text from Eric thanking me for my help. Apparently he was just getting up, too. I gave him a call and invited them to go to Church and lunch. He needed to check with Vanessa; a few minutes Eric called back and told us to pick them up. An hour later we were racing down the highway.

After Church, Lori said she wanted to go shopping for a dress. I must have looked at her funny because she said "I need something to wear to Prom."

Prom. I had almost forgotten about it; I had been rather distracted.

Vanessa was all excited about shopping, I mean, what girl isn't, right?

They huddled together in the back seat planning where to go and what to wear. I looked at Eric and asked "So, got a date for Prom?"

He picked it up "There are a couple of girls I was thinking of asking..." he stopped when Vanessa popped him on the head. I looked in the mirror and Lori gave me a 'look' then refocused on telling me where we needed to go first.

Three malls later, I was thankful my truck had a covered bed. It was loaded up with all kinds of new clothes and shoes. However, the highlight of the day had been when Eric and I got to watch the girls model the slinky, slutty, revealing dresses they were not going to wear. Lori informed me that, since I had been such a dick forgetting about Prom, I got to pay for hers but promised that it would be worth every penny.

Before we headed home, Eric suggested that we go eat at the Olive Garden, yep, slow to start... We asked for a corner table, in back, so we could talk.

Vanessa started it off. As soon as the waiter took our order and walked away she asked "Are you two always like that?"

I was a little embarrassed to be talking about it and started to beg off but Lori jumped in with both feet. "Yeah, pretty much. I get horny and I jump him."

Eric was no help, he had a shit eating grin spread across his face.

"I've seen porn that was less explicit than you guys!" Vanessa commented. "I..."she glanced at Eric "We didn't see it all but, after I heard you scream, I had to look."

Eric had busied himself with drinking his water until Vanessa said "I hope my first time is half as awesome as yours." He started choking as Vanessa and Lori both looked at him innocently.

Lori's turn, "What did you guys do after we left?"

Vanessa was already a little flushed but Eric decided to answer although he was less graphic "She, uh, tried to do what we saw you do at the end." Vanessa turned absolutely crimson but Eric took her hand and finished "She was very good." then looked at me and said "Her boobs are AMAZING!"

I was surprised when Vanessa leaned over and kissed him, asking "You really think so? I mean, I was...I did a good...?"

"Yeah. I mean, it was incredible. You said you weren't then...." It seemed that Lori and I had been forgotten.

"I'd never done it but after I saw what Lori did. I'm not sure I like the taste, you know, at the end, but it was..."

"I can't get enough of Mike." Lori stated boldly. "It freaked me out at first then..." She trailed off as she saw the look on their faces. "What?"

I laughed "You are such a little slut."

Vanessa gasped and Eric whistled "Dude! That is seriously wrong!"

Lori shocked them both, again. "Why? I am."

"Did you just say that you were a a a slut?" Vanessa's voice full of disbelief.

"Sure. Well, I'm Mike's little slut." She deliberately moved her hand from the table to under the tablecloth onto my leg. Looking at me, she said "I think I would do anything for the man I love."

"But you know I wouldn't ask."

"I know. That's one reason I love you." she responded.

"Man, where do I get me one of those?" Eric murmured followed by "OOOWW!" We looked over; Vanessa had a fork in her hand and was firmly pressing it down on Eric's hand staring death at him.

Lori and I both laughed at the sight. "Eric, if you stop being a dumbass and treat Vanessa right, you might get your wish." commented Lori.

"Yeah, right, like that's ever going to happen." responded Vanessa.

Eric got up, looking very ashamed, he said "Vanessa, I'm sorry. It's just...I'm sorry." he shrugged his shoulders and then walked away.

I saw the fear cross Vanessa's face. Telling Lori, "I'll be right back." I followed.

Eric was leaning against my truck when I found him. I didn't say anything. He began "Mike. I," and stopped.

"Do you care for her or is she just a hot chick with boobs?" I asked.

"I think." he paused, "You know, I saw how she'd been looking at you for weeks before I knew you guys were dating, Lori I mean. You guys are amazing together." He looked at me, "You to know that I never really wanted to go out with her, right?"

"Did everyone see it but me?" I asked.

Shrugging, "I'm not sure what I want with Vanessa. Sure, I want a good time. Sure, I think she's hot. I mean, you saw her tits last night, didn't you?"

Smiling at the memory, "Yeah, they were pretty spectacular."

We stood there a few minutes before he continued. "I meant what I said. I don't want Lori but you two have something." I nodded. "I don't know if I'm ready for that level of commitment."

"Is Vanessa asking for it?"

"No. I suppose not."

"Then enjoy the ride. If you guys break up tomorrow you can still be friends. If this thing lasts for the next 60 years then it will. Be happy. Don't push. I think Vanessa knows what you meant inside."

"Think so?" he asked.

"If I know Lori, she'll have this so smoothed over when we get back in there that we might need to skip dessert." I joked.

I was right. We returned to the girls and ate lunch, dinner, whatever. We talked about everything but last night. When it was time for dessert Lori declined for us all.

The drive home was quiet; Eric up front with me and the girls in back. Every once in a while Lori would whisper something to Vanessa, her eyes would go wide or she would blush and look at me or Eric then nod. Yeah, Lori was up to something. The last time I looked back I saw them both holding their hands up and apart like they were measuring fish. When it hit me, I re-adjusted the mirror and heard them both laughing. Eric asked what was going on, I just shook my head.

We dropped them off at Eric's and made plans to meet back there at seven then home to unload and change.

There was a note from Mom saying that they were going to meet up with Lori's parents for dinner. The house was empty and we had just under an hour.

I flirted with Lori, teased her, then all but ripped her clothes off in an attempt to have a quickie but she kept begging off, saying that she was still a little tender. I gave up, not wanting to cause her any more pain, although I did joke that I couldn't wait to see how she walked on Monday. I got the bird in return.

Lori wore a loose skirt that barely covered her ass and one of my undershirts; I could see her brown nipples through the thin material. She told me to dress 'very casual'. When I came down stairs wearing shorts and a polo she sent me back up to change. "Bumming around clothes!"

Returning, I had change into gym shorts and a t-shirt. She nodded until she pulled out the waistband. "Lose the underwear."

I had been right. "What's the plan?" I asked, removing them right in front of her.

"Plan?" reaching out to stroke my hardening dick, "I just like to have easy access to you." and walked out.

Since Eric only lived two blocks away, I suggested we walk. We got there just after seven.

I raised my hand to ring the bell but Lori stopped me, she had her 'focused' look. "What?"

"You're my man, right? My only man?" she asked.

I love it when she says things like that. "Yeah."

She looked back the way we came for a minute. "We can go home if you want." I offered.

In answer, she pulled up her t-shirt, grabbed my hand, and placed it on her left breast. Her nipple was hard enough to dent steel! When I applied a little pressure she closed her eyes and moaned. "They hurt."

Glancing around, she pulled the waistband of her dress out and shoved my hand inside. Of course she wasn't wearing panties. "Dear God! You're soaked!" It wasn't just her pubic area; I could feel and see her juices coating her thighs.

I cupped her sex and slid a finger into her. She clutched my arm and seized my shoulder as she trembled and shook. "Uuuuuuuuuuggggghhh! OH GOD STOP! Not yet." I knew better than to tease her so I pulled my hand out. She grabbed it and began sucking and licking my fingers clean.

"Lori? Are you OK?" I hadn't seen her this worked up since our second night.

Meeting my eyes, she smiled around the finger that was in her mouth then playfully licked it until I pulled my hand away. "I want to fuck you so badly. I could do it, right here. I could drop to my knees and suck your cock then..." she shook herself. "Do you remember what you promised me? In the library?" I nodded. "Tell me." she pleaded.

I took her in my arms, telling her "I will protect you. I will only be yours. I will love you. I will help you maintain control."

She rested her head against my shoulder and nodded.

"Lori? We can go home. I don't know what you have planned but we don't have to go in."

Turning, she rang the doorbell. "Remember your promise."

Vanessa answered the door. She had made it back and was wearing a pair of loose grey shorts and a tan t-shirt. For her it was extremely revealing. Eric was coming down the stairs dressed like me. I looked to Lori then Vanessa then Eric. Yeah. This might be interesting.

Vanessa led the way to the TV room and announced that she had brought over '28 Days Later' so we could better understand what we watched last night. As if.

We sat on the same couches as before, lights out and started the movie.

Blood. Screaming. Zombie things. Guns. Same thing as before but on a smaller scale.

There was no subtlety as Lori moved her hand up my shorts again and began squeezing my already hard shaft. She kissed my neck, whispering "Trust me." before getting up and walking into the other room.

Biting her lip and looking uncertain, Vanessa followed.

Eric paused the movie. "What's going on?"

"I have no idea but I'm betting you will not complain."

A few minutes later Lori returned and sat next to me, she was wearing Vanessa's clothes. I started to ask but she shook her head. I looked behind me and saw Vanessa standing there in Lori's short skirt and t-shirt. Wow. My shirt was actually a little tight across her chest!

Lori whispered into my ear as she kissed me "She's wearing exactly what I had on when we got here." Smiling hungrily, "I figured her bra and panties would just get in the way."

I stared at Vanessa and watched as she took a deep breath and returned to her seat next to Eric. Lori was rubbing me through my shorts. "You want to see her naked, don't you?" she asked. There was no good answer to that but I found myself nodding. Lori playfully bit my neck "Yeah, I thought you might want to see those huge tits again."

Eric looked uncertainly at the girls then to me. I shrugged. He restarted the movie.

None of us were watching the movie, it was background noise. Lori shook her head when looked at her. A very tense Vanessa was watching Lori. Putting my arm around Lori, I leaned back trying to relax but I could feel that Lori was on edge. I wasn't sure what was happening or going to happen so I decided to wait.

It was weird, in trying to relax, I pretended to watch the movie then suddenly I was.

Blood and gore. It took my mind away from the sexual tension in the room. And as I relaxed, I felt Lori calm as well. She snuggled in next to me and we began to, if not enjoy the movie, at least, get caught up in the action.

When the movie ended and we were watching the credits, I felt Lori move her hand into my shorts. I glanced over at Eric and Vanessa. They hadn't stopped. Vanessa was straddling Eric's lap as they fiercely made out. Both of them had taken off their shirts. I turned to Lori, she had her eyes closed but had a huge smile on her face. She seemed to have calmed down.

Lori got up and went to the light switch and turned them up a little bit. Vanessa sat up, looked at the lights then at Lori. She gave a weak smile and nod then went back to kissing Eric.

Lori came to stand in front of me, holding out her hand. She pulled me up then lifted my shirt off before removing her own and the shorts. I opened my arms to her naked beauty but she shook her head. "Trust me?" I nodded. She guided me over to the couch next to Eric and Vanessa. Kneeling in front of me she pulled my shorts down before pushing me onto the couch.

Vanessa looked over, raising her hands instinctively to cover her chest. Lori held out her hand. Vanessa looked at me then back to Lori. "OK, yeah." before dropping her hands. As she stood up, Lori knelt in front of her. I could see her trembling as Lori ran her hands up her legs, under her skirt. She gasped when Lori squeezed her butt but didn't pull away. Lori left her hands in place for a few seconds before moving them to the waistband and removed the skirt.

Vanessa was facing away from me but she had a magnificent ass; round, firm, and high. Lori moved Vanessa's feet apart as she stepped out of the dress then ran her hands slowly back up her legs to grab her cheeks and squeeze them again. Lori's eyes closed tight. When they opened, I knew where she was looking. I couldn't blame her.

Vanessa put her hands on Lori's head and Lori's face transformed. She was loosing it.

I got up in time to hear Vanessa say "Lori? This wasn't part of the plan." I motioned Eric back and touched Vanessa on her shoulder. She jumped a little but flashed me a smile "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I assured her. "She just gets lost sometimes. I'm..." I hesitated then pressed forward, "I'm going to say some things to her. It's all true but I don't want you to freak out. OK?"

She nodded as I moved next to Lori. "Hey. You gonna stick to the plan?" I whispered. She didn't seem to hear me at first.

"I want to. You know that, right?" she whispered back. I wasn't sure if Vanessa heard.

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