tagGroup SexLos Cinco Hermanos Ch. 06

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 06


Wherein Sandy emerges and is tamed, for the time being

Author's note: this is part 6 of a 12-part story arc which I've put under Group Sex (see Chapter 1). Like all my stories, it begins with character development and in this case, over several chapters. The chapters can have the elements of a number of different categories and I will try to give advance warning. This one is primarily Group, Bi/Lesbian, BDSM/Non-consent, Toys and more background. And a gentle reminder: this is all Fiction – Willing Suspension of Disbelief recommended...

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Ginger climbed out of the spa and went to get us towels.

"Beth, what the hell have you gotten into here?" Sandra hissed.

"I like to think of it as Wonderland," I told her with a smile as I climbed out. "By way of a very different rabbit hole."

"What I meant was," she tried to explain, "this is way overboard kinky. I mean, they all presume a certain, um... comfort level... and I, uh..."

"And you're turned on and confused at the same time," I told her. "I'd say that's normal. It was for me. Hey, thanks, Ginger!"

She'd tossed us each a towel and I chose to wrap mine around my waist and roll it into a kind of sarong skirt. Ginger did the same. Sandra looked at us for a moment, then tried to wrap it above her breasts, also sarong-like. It was too short. She could cover her tits or cover her pussy, but not both. She settled for the skirt.

"Come on with me and I'll get you some clothing you can be comfortable in," I told her and turned for the house. She caught up next to me very quickly.

"I am not uncomfortable with my body," she stated rather aggressively. I guess she had something to prove.

"Okay," I told her. "Maybe you're just not comfortable with other people's bodies. Or their reactions to your body. Macht nichts. You seem to prefer clothes. I know where to turn you on to a bunch of choices. You're guaranteed to like at least something there."

"I'm not uncomfortable with other people's bodies!" she protested.

"Okay," I agreed again. "But then why are you trying to cover up? I like teasing the guys a bit. And nude or semi-nude seems like a nice way to do it. Of course, they know I've become a sex addict over the weekend and I'll always follow through on any tease."

"And down this hall, and in this door, is the Closet of Wonder!" I was intentionally ignoring how flustered she was getting at my presumptions about her prudishness and my comments about being a sex addict. I got the feeling she'd never admit to having a hang-up I didn't have. Maybe she was just that competitive.

"I'll be back in a minute," I told her. "Go ahead and browse." Then I ducked out and over to "my room", and retrieved the sundress and flip-flops. And I left off the panties and bra. Dinner wasn't going to be the only thing with a little sauce tonight!

By the time I got back, she was still starkers, but holding up a couple of dresses and had another couple laid out on the bed. As I would have expected from a politically astute animal, she had excellent taste.

"Nice," she commented to me as I entered, eyeing my dress.

"Thank you," I told her, actually believing the compliment.

"Guess that tells me what I need to know, too," she added, putting the two dresses in her hands back in the closet. She went over to the ones on the bed and held them up. One was an emerald green sheath dress, cut low front and back, and the other was a bright tropical splash, mostly yellows, in a full sarong style dress.

"Too formal," she told the emerald dress, and it went back into the closet. Then she looked at me again, closely, apparently trying to decide something. She surprised me by hefting one of her boobs, almost like weighing it.

"Okay, no bra. I can see that. Um... panties?" she asked me.

"No," I told her. "But that's because I'm already fucking all of them." I saw her take a breath and let it out slowly. Then she started slipping into the yellow sarong. No panties.

"Sandra," I started, sitting on the edge of the bed. I was going to do a little probing and see how far I got before she shut me down. "What's wrong with Sandy? You started to say Sandy outside, to Jerry, then corrected yourself. And I've seen you correct others, rather vehemently sometimes."

"Sandy did bad things," she told me, facing into the closet, looking for shoes. "A lot of bad things. She's gone, now. I prefer it that way."

To say I was surprised at her blunt honesty would be a severe understatement.

"And for a moment, you considered waking her up again," I guessed, making a monumental leap in logic. "Because she isn't really gone... she's just asleep. Or locked up. Or however you want to look at it. And this Wonderland is tempting... very, very tempting."

"I'd say you have the general idea," she told me, turning to face me and holding up a pair of flip-flops like mine. "Are these comfortable?"

"Very," I told her, "for me. People are comfortable with different things." I was intentionally leading the conversation back on topic.

"Indeed," she agreed, slipping into the sandals. "And you're fucking all five of them. And they know it."

"All seven," I corrected. "Ginger and Molly, too."

Sandy looked at me for a long time before she commented, "that's one Sandy didn't do..." Then she brightened up. "So! Head for dinner?"

"Sure," I told her, then paused. I made sure I had her attention.

"Obviously, none of this can ever go back to the workplace. I know you know that. And... within the confines of this group of people, this is as close to absolute safety for my Wild Child to come out and play as I could hope for. They don't do drugs. They aren't into criminal activities. Everything is straight up and street legal for California, and they know how to pamper my hedonistic side."

"And they'd probably be very happy to pamper yours, once you figure out what you want... Sandy."

I turned and went to the door, holding it open for her. She hesitated a bit – maybe my words were sinking in – and then came on over to me and out into the hall.

"Just back up the hall is the Living Room," I told her. "And dinner."

* * * * *

Molly had done a superb job. She had decided tonight was Chinese night and picked representative dishes from the eight disciplines of Chinese cooking: Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan and Zhejiang. When I admitted to only knowing about Cantonese, Hunan and Szechuan – with Mongolian in there, too, but it isn't really China, no matter what the governments say – I got the Cliff's Notes version of the lecture from her, with a promise of more detailed instructions when we had the time.

Regardless, we had a great meal, buffet style as was usual for the Living Room or the terraces and Sandra was becoming enraptured by Molly's expanse of knowledge and gentle sense of humor conveying it to an appreciative audience. The guys, bless their hearts, didn't bring up Word One of the porno shoot and neither did the girls. Until after dinner, that is.

"What time do you need to get back to your hotel, Sandra?" Jerry had asked. "I know Beth has an early day tomorrow, so I imagine you do, too."

"Well, by midnight would be good," she told him. "I don't have to prepare for class like Beth. I'm more administrative."

"Excellent!" Jerry told her. "Then Beth doesn't need to miss the screening. I was trying to figure out how to divvy up the time, since she's staying out here."

"Screening of what?" Sandra asked, and I knew exactly where Jerry was going with this. Did I mention he had a devious side? A very well-developed devious side... and I was starting to appreciate it.

"The movie we just shot," he explained. "I finished the editing and wanted to screen it for the crew. I've decided it rates its own release, rather than being part of the compilation I was putting together. I think I'm going to title it 'Los Cinco Hermanos'. Seems fitting."

"See?" Ginger interjected. "There you go again, completely ignoring the Dos Hermanas."

"But it doesn't fit well in the title," Jerry objected. "That's not to slam your excellent contribution."

"Fine," she pouted. "But someday I'd like to see Las Tres Hermanas, with you as the supporting cast!"

"Maybe we will, then, if Beth comes onboard," he tried to mollify her.

"Um, Jerry?" I raised my hand. "Maybe it isn't such a good idea to screen the film with my boss present?" I wasn't sure which way I wanted this to go. After all, I'd just found out about "Sandy".

"Oh, don't worry about it, Beth," Sandra jumped in, a little too eagerly I thought. "Tonight I'm not your boss. I'm just a friend and what happens at Jerry's, stays at Jerry's."

Hook, line and sinker. She was caught. I had a strange feeling that screening the video with Sandra would be like going for a walk with a werewolf under a full moon. Or would that be a were-Sandy?

"Well, that's great!" Jerry exclaimed. "We can use the theatre upstairs. Molly? How long to make popcorn and get out soft drinks?"

"By the time you're settled, it'll be ready," she smiled and stood up.

"My 'soft drink' is going to need a lot of alcohol on the side, Molly," I told her. Everybody jumped on that suggestion.

"Fine," she told us. "Make what you want and bring it with you. I'll do the popcorn." She headed out as I wondered now what the hell am I getting us into?

* * * * *

"I'd like to welcome everyone to the Advanced Advance Press Screening of Himeros Productions' most recent accomplishment in the world of tasteful erotica. Please make yourselves comfortable and when we are ready, we'll start."

Jerry was in rare form, his CEO and salesman side coming to the fore. Except I knew for a fact that he wasn't an asshole, like the other sales people I had to deal with.

I was splitting the middle of the first row with Sandra, on my left. Dave was on my right and Ginger was on the far side of Sandra. Jerry was out in front at the moment and Molly was finishing handing out popcorn. Paul, Ron and Jackson were arrayed behind us in the second row.

Molly sat down next to Ginger and Jerry pushed some kind of remote control, first dimming the lights then firing up the video as he slid in next to the guys. A set shot of the Pacific Ocean near Malibu came up behind the opening titles and credits, then panned its way up into the Hills. "Los Cinco Hermanos" was off and running and I had no idea what was going to happen.

Jerry had said most of the editing had already been done, in the camera, and it seemed he was pretty right on. The camera zoomed in on the three of us girls talking and then getting into the massage with the only edits being between the various camera angles. I'm glad the lights were dimmed, because I blushed when the girls had me roll over onto my back. Although, I had to admit, I didn't look too bad.

I felt Sandra squirming a little, next to me, when Ginger and Molly started suckling my tits, on-screen.

Oh, shit, I thought. She's nervous. Girl-on-girl is probably offensive to her... and it's going to get worse.

On the screen, the girls moved my thighs apart for the "spread shot" and I was surprised at how literally soaking wet my labia were. And how swollen my clit was. I guess I wasn't imagining how good it felt. And honestly, I think my pussy looked pretty cute.

When, on the screen, Ginger went down on me and Molly started kissing me, I definitely felt a squirming next to me. Sandra was trying to reposition herself in the seat, sort of turning her back to me. I started to worry that this was a bad idea and there were going to be repercussions at work.

But unrelated to my worries about Sandra, I was getting turned on. A lot. Between the sights and sounds on the screen and my memories of them the first time around, I was leaking. I stole my hand under my dress and started rubbing myself lightly, to get a little relief.

When the on-screen me cried out her first crashing orgasm and the girls didn't let up and I went over again, I felt my own mini-cum... a gentle pulsing and endorphin rush that eased some of my tension. I let go the breath I was holding and was surprised to hear my soft sob.

Then I realized it wasn't me.

Sandra had been jilling herself and now was obviously cumming and trying not to advertise it.

I saw Ginger lean over to her and whisper, "need help with that?" while running her hand up Sandra's thigh, disappearing under the dress. Sandra stiffened again as Ginger began working her magic, and then suddenly, Sandra moaned, "Oh, GOD!!!", turned the rest of the way in her seat to face Ginger and grabbed Ginger's head, pulling her into a deep kiss.

So much for my assumptions about Sandra being upset at the movie.

I heard the guys snickering behind us. Up on the screen, I was still cumming my brains out and starting to shake. Down here in the theatre, I was hot and bothered and confused. Hot and bothered from the movie, and the scene developing next to me with Sandra and Ginger, and confused because I had no idea about the Sandy side of Sandra or what that might mean. My confusion got worse seconds later.

Sandra suddenly broke the kiss with Ginger and, with Ginger's fingers still in her apparently, twisted towards me in the seat, reached out and grabbed me the same way she'd grabbed Ginger. I got pulled into the kiss – all crushed lips and probing tongue – before I knew what was happening. All I knew was that the expression on Sandra's face had been wide-eyed and wild... and scary!

But her kiss was hitting all my right buttons and I was warming up to her and the kiss at light speed.

Ginger was still diddling her, but I added my hand to the mix, running it down, inside her dress, cupping one of her tits and kneading it as she moaned into my mouth. I found her nipple and began rolling it between my thumb and forefinger, and she swelled up until she was sticking out, hard, maybe an inch. When I ran my nail over the tip of her nipple, she came. Hard.

"Should I pause the movie?" Jerry asked quietly, behind me. I could feel the grin on his face.

"Nnn-nnn," I answered, trying to indicate "no" with Sandra's tongue down my throat. Or virtually, anyway. We were going to need to ease up this Sapphic interlude fairly soon.

On-screen, the girls had let me calm down and Ginger was starting to give me instructions on how to pleasure a woman. Off-screen, Sandra was slowing down a little as Ginger and I eased up, but she still had that wild-woman look. And I swear to God her eyes were glowing! Maybe it was just the light in the theatre, but she looked absolutely feral.

"Sandra," I asked. "Should we pause the movie?"

"My name," she growled huskily, "is Sandy. And don't you fucking dare!"

Oh. Shit.

* * * * *

It turned out that when Sandy came out to play, all Hell broke loose.

I had no idea how to get Sandra back. Apparently, Ginger did. I don't know how, but she did.

"What do you need, Sandy?" Ginger asked, licking the side of Sandra's face. No, make that Sandy. For now, that's who she was.

"I need to cum my fucking brains out," she growled. "Eat me, bitch!"

Ginger not only didn't take offense, she immediately moved to comply. She knelt down in the space in front of Sandy, hiked up Sandy's dress and went down on her, very much – I'm guessing – like what I was doing to her on-screen.

Sandy kept mewling and moaning and occasionally letting loose with a string of very descriptive vulgar words – make that "colorful metaphors" – as she came again and again, keeping Ginger's head basically clamped between her thighs. When I was doing Molly on-screen and Ginger made it a daisy-chain, Sandy grabbed me again and pulled me into another session of deep kissing. So I went back to rolling her nipples and scraping them with my nails until she damn near passed out.

Which, conveniently, was about the point where the scene on-screen faded out. I think Jerry made an executive decision to stop the video at that point, and I think it was a good idea he did. Sandy began to calm down as Ginger and I let up, and I could almost feel the outpouring of tense energy as Sandy approached being sated.

When she finally stopped kissing me and lay back in the seat, and Ginger withdrew her fingers and mouth, I asked Sandy, "are you alright?"

She nodded slightly, then asked, "where's the bathroom?"

"C'mon, I'll take you," I told her and Ginger helped me stand her up. She was rather wobbly but determined, and it was more like guiding a wild animal than a human. The bathroom next to the theatre had three stalls and three urinals, plus the sink. I got her parked in one of the stalls.

"Don't pass out on me in there," I warned her, and she grunted her acknowledgement.

I took the opportunity to pee, and while I was washing up, Jerry walked in to use a urinal.

"Is our guest okay?" he asked me as he stood there.

"Yes," a rather subdued voice came out of the stall before I could answer. "Sorry."

"Whatever it is you're sorry about, don't be," he told her. "Nothing to be sorry about," he added as he zipped up and came over to wash his hands. "We'll be in the breakfast nook, Beth," he told me. "Join us when you can."

I nodded my understanding and waited for Sandy to emerge from the stall. When she didn't, I got concerned.

"Are you okay in there?" I asked.

"Yes," she said quietly.

"Are you coming out?"


I started to laugh, but then had a realization.

"Am I talking to Sandra?" I asked.


"Well, then, look Boss – oh, wait, you said you're not my boss tonight, we're friends – look, Friend... you need to finish up and come out of there, and then we'll go find somewhere quiet to talk about what you're feeling. I'm guessing you're embarrassed?"

The latch clicked on the stall door and it opened, revealing a rather bedraggled Sandra.

"Yes," is all she said. Then she moved to the sink to wash up. She ran a brush through her hair, then turned and looked at me expectantly... subdued, but expectant. I led her to the ballroom where we could grab a couple of overstuffed chairs and face them to each other.

"Beth, I am soooo sorry," she began, before I could say anything. "I never wanted Sandy to see the light of day again! She's all screwed up, and I am so sorry I let her out and she attacked you. You were right to try to protect me from..."

"Will you SHUT UP???" I had to get in her face to stop her rambling.

That stopped her. She blinked at me in surprise.

"I know you're my boss, I know it's rude to yell at you and I know you feel pretty bad right now, BUT... you don't have to!" I told her forcefully.

"Sandy didn't do anything I didn't like. Or Ginger, for that matter. Were you even paying attention to what was going on up on the screen? Other than this is rather awkward, since you are my boss and we've had a kind of adversarial relationship and I don't know what this means for our future, I enjoyed Sandy."

"Maybe she's into some heavier shit, but what happened in there is fine with me. And it's fine with the others. Rule Number One around here is No means No. If Ginger or I hadn't wanted to be involved, we would have said no – forcefully, if necessary, and the guys would have backed us up. If anyone didn't like what was going on, they had the option to walk out."

"I don't know if Sandy feels like she has options or not," I went on. "But I do. I told you before, this is my safe place to let my Wild Child out. It can be Sandy's, as long as she isn't hurtful. Now think about that for a minute, before you start apologizing again."

Sandra sat silently, looking at me in what I thought was confusion and contemplation. She was obviously making a huge effort not to say anything. Eventually she took a breath and spoke.

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