tagLesbian SexLost in Texas Ch. 05

Lost in Texas Ch. 05

byEvil Alpaca©

The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author's permission.

It is also a long story. If you don't like longer stories or are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to skip this one.

--------------- ----------------

"Alice! Alice come out of the bathroom sweetie!" Heather was at a loss for how to get the young woman to come out. Laurie started knocking on the door as well.

"It's only going to be for a couple of days. You're a big girl. You can handle this!" The blonde girl shrugged. Alice was being stubborn.

Finally they heard a dim voice penetrating the hole that Heather's fist had made in the bathroom door. "No, I can't handle this. It's too much," she whimpered.

Heather spoke directly through the hole in the door. "Alice honey, you've lived through outing yourself and you've survived being tied up and paraded around like a cocker spaniel by Liz. This should be a piece of cake."

"Maybe, but those things happened one at a time," Alice said, opening the door. The poor, brown-haired ex-wallflower looked terrified. She had just received a phone call that had taken what she had anticipated to be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill apocalypse and made it much, much more confusing.

Shortly after final-exams were over, the band was going to be auditioning for one of a limited number of spots in the KLEZ Battle of the Bands contest. The winner of that contest got a five-song set opening for the Eagles that August. This was a big deal for the girls to begin with, but Alice was the one writing all their material. She was terrified. Liz had promised to be there to support her girlfriend at the contest itself. This was a good thing. Then they had gotten a call from Jane, informing the girls that she, Freddie and Michelle were going to be making the trek to support their young friends. From the moment Alice and Liz had started their relationship, Liz and Michelle seemed to have developed some animosity towards each other. Even though they had never met or even spoken to each other directly. Michelle didn't trust Liz's motives for "drawin' Alice" into a dom/sub relationship and Liz didn't like Alice being so influenced by "an old flame." And for the first time, the two very dangerous women were going to be within arms-length of each other. That had been the bad part.

The worse part was Alice's father calling and saying that he would be there for his daughter's "big debut." Her fairly religious father had been wrestling with the concept that one of his children was gay and much to his credit, he had handled things well. He still loved his daughter. But he was unknowingly stumbling into a hornet's nest. And Alice was faced with her father showing up and getting caught between the cowgirl that took his daughter's virginity and the biker/graduate student who tied her up to the bed and spanked her to orgasm. Those sorts of things might be a little harder for him to deal with. Somehow, she had to keep everything under control. "I am so . . . in trouble," she whimpered as Laurie and Heather sat her down on the bed. "I mean my dad . . . Michelle and Liz want to kill each other . . . ooh! Why is everyone being so difficult?"

Heather was hiding her smile behind her hand. Alice was the shyest, quietest member of the group, so being the absolute center of controversy was a bit overwhelming. But Heather and Laurie had already had their turn in the spotlight. It was someone else's turn.

"Poor baby," Laurie cooed, sitting behind her friend and rubbing her shoulders. Alice started to relax. Laurie's massages had that effect on living organisms. "I'm sure it'll all work out." Laurie scrunched up her eyes and pursed her lips. "Maybe you should take them on a picnic!" she said, with an expression that made it seem like she had just had the most brilliant idea ever. "Take your dad, Liz and Michelle out somewhere public where Liz and Michelle have to behave since you know neither of them will embarrass you in public and . . ." Laurie had to stop when Heather started chortling. "What? Not a good idea?" Heather laughed and kissed the blonde girl on the lips.

Watching those two actually made Alice feel better. Since their whirlwind breakup and reunion following their spring break quarrel, the two had slowly reverted to, and perhaps surpassed, their previous level of cute couple-ness. If they could survive their trials and tribulations, maybe Alice could as well.

"Well, we have YOUR birthday to celebrate in the meantime," said Laurie. "And you still need to decide what you want to do."

Alice sighed. She was the last of the crew to hit the twenty-year mark, and Laurie wanted to make a big deal of it. Liz wanted to make a big deal of it. Alice just wanted to crawl into a dark place and wake up in August.

"And no," Laurie continued, "we won't just 'skip it.' So what do you want to do?"

Heather sat down next to her girlfriend and kissed her again, trying not to disturb the movement of the girl's hands on Alice's shoulders. "You might as well give in. You know how she is about birthdays."

Alice sighed again. She was racking her brain for something fun but not too ostentatious. Alice would have been happy with a group dinner-and-a-movie outing, but Laurie wasn't going to be happy unless it was something she could over-plan or was novel somehow.

"How about the carnival?" Heather suggested. Laurie perked up. Alice looked quizzical. "There's one of those traveling carnivals setting up on the corner of 4th and Lexington. That might be kind of fun."

Alice smiled. It had been a long time since she had been to anything like that. She distantly remembered going to the county fair when she was younger. But as she grew older, she and most of the other kids decided they were too "grown up" for stuff like that. It might be nice to not be a grown up for a while. "Yeah," she said. "That sounds nice."

"Cool!" was Laurie's response. "And . . . ooh! We could have a contest to see who can win the coolest prize for Alice! And . . ." And like a shot, Laurie's mind and mouth were moving as one. Alice smiled shyly at Heather. It was a good idea.

"C'mon folks," Heather said while standing up. "We've got band practice in a bit." She pulled Laurie to her feet and the two girls exchanged a quick kiss and rubbed noses. It was strange for Alice. Even though Heather had gotten noticeably friendlier in general over the last year, she was like an entirely different person around the blonde girl. That got her thinking about her own girlfriend. Then she thought about the upcoming chaos. Finally she put her head back in her hands and groaned.

---------------- ------------

That evening . . .

---------------- ------------

"I can't believe this," said Alice as she stormed out of Liz's bedroom. "I thought we'd cleared this up! Michelle will be up for Battle of the Bands. She IS coming with Jane and Freddie! And NO, I won't un-invite her! Why are you being so pigheaded about this?"

Alice and Liz had been at it like that since the moment the younger girl had walked into Liz's apartment. The greetings had been friendly, but then Alice started talking about the material they were working on for their set and how she hoped "everyone" would like it. Liz jumped on that "everyone" with the firm belief that Alice was talking about Michelle, and the argument had started. After a while, Liz had actually asked Alice to ask the muscular cowgirl not to show up. The young girl had naturally refused. Liz's jealousy towards Michelle boggled the mind. Alice had been tempted to point out that she had been sexually involved with Jane and Freddie as well, so why not "ban" them all. But she decided she was too tired to fight. She was actually grabbing her stuff and preparing to leave when Liz started to calm down.

"Please, don't go," the tall girl said with scarcely concealed forced-calm. "Let's just drop it," she said, putting one hand on Alice's shoulder. "We can talk about this tomorrow."

"There's nothing to talk about," Alice returned. "She is going to be there. And you're going to be there and my dad is going to be there. And if you actually care for me at all, you'll try and make this easier for me instead of harder." She felt Liz's hand twitch. She had struck a nerve, but her girlfriend recovered quickly.

"Let's just watch Leno and go to bed. Okay?"

Alice sighed but tried to smile. "Sure," she said. They sat on opposite ends of the sofa, watching television and not speaking to each other. Then they went to bed. When Alice had first come over, she had sort of been hoping for a little bit of bondage fun, but the two of them had agreed that they would never engage in their dom/sub relationship if one of them was angry. There was some strained small talk, but that ended quickly as they lay under the covers, facing opposite directions. Alice thought back to how Heather and Laurie looked earlier that day. Despite almost breaking up not long ago, the two had rebounded and were a stronger couple than ever. And they looked like what a couple was supposed to look like. 'Not like this,' she thought as she was drifting off to sleep. 'They don't look like this.'

----------------- -------------------

Alice's birthday . . .

----------------- -------------------

Alice had forgotten how messy cotton candy could be. Liz constantly had to wipe it from the girl's face, causing the young woman to blush a bit and hide her face against her girlfriend's chest. Things had gotten better in the last week between them. Liz had reluctantly acknowledged that Michelle was going to be there for the show, and then neither of them brought it up again. Alice realized that it wasn't the best way to handle a conflict, but at least it allowed them to have fun on her birthday. Mary was off with her third boyfriend of the year, a lug named Bruce, trying to win Alice a stuffed animal at the ring toss. Jenny was playing the game where you try and loop a bottle with a ring on a string and pick it up, and she hoping to get a Frankenstein's Monster figurine. Heather and Laurie had disappeared up onto the Ferris Wheel where they were probably making out. Liz had just played the "strong man" game where you hit the lever with a big hammer and tried to make the bell at the top ring. The tall girl had won Alice a tee-shirt with a caption that read "You've been a bad girl. Go to my room!" That made Alice smile and brought some genuine joy to her heart.

The whole gang got together to ride the small roller coaster that the carnival had brought with them. Laurie was terrified of the things, which pleased Heather to no end. When Laurie got scared, she got clingy. When the blonde girl got clingy, Heather got lucky later in the evening, so it all worked out. Indeed, when the ride was over, Laurie's arms were wrapped so tightly around Heather's neck that it surprised any of them that the dark-haired singer could still breathe. But the large number of kisses she was receiving seemed to more than make up for any discomfort. As the kisses slowed and started getting longer, the rest of team realized that they should probably get going before the two girls started having sex right there in front of everyone. Apparently, Laurie had won the discussion with her father about what was and was not appropriate behavior regarding public displays of affection.

Everyone gave Alice the prizes they had won for her over the last few hours, wished the delighted young woman a happy birthday and headed for home. Mary took her boyfriend off for a quickie in the backseat of her car, and Heather took Laurie and Jenny out for a late-night coffee run, while Liz took Alice back to the apartment. She had plans for her girlfriend, who was almost bristling with anticipation.

------------ ------------------------

Back at Liz's place . . .

------------ ------------------------

Liz and Alice were sucking some serious face as they scrambled to get the door to the apartment open. The two of them hadn't been intimate in over a week. While they might not have been as sexually active as Laurie and Heather were, a week was still too long and they were looking to make up for lost time. When they got in, there were several large, unlit candles scattered about and there was a large white sheet on the ground. Alice was worried that her girlfriend was going to want to try using candle wax again, despite the discomfort it had caused the last time. But she didn't need to worry. Liz had other plans. She brushed Alice's hair to the side and started nibbling on her neck. Alice closed her eyes and enjoyed the contact. Then she felt something slip around her neck, and she knew Liz was securing the collar.

"Strip, then get on all fours," Liz whispered intensely from behind her. "You're going to be my Bitch . . . my little doggie tonight. In EVERY sense of the word." Alice instantly obeyed, but wondered what Liz was up to. Liz went into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her. Then, from beyond the door, "And I expect you to be in show position in the middle of the floor by the time I get out there."

Alice did as commanded. She was on all fours on top of the sheet that Liz had laid out when Liz came out, wearing nothing but the shirt that she had won for Alice. She was carrying a number of common toys, as well as a couple of tubes of unknown origin.

"Good Bitch. It's nice to know you haven' forgotten how to behave." She took a moment to wander around and light the candles, never taking her eyes off her lover. "Tonight, we strip away a little more of your 'humanity.' Let's start by giving you a tail," Liz said with a grin. She held up a small black butt plug with a small bit up plastic with a slight curve to it for a handle. It looked just like a dog's tail. Liz lubed up the business end and slowly inserted the plug into Alice's rectum. Alice was becoming increasing excited. This was kinky, even for them! Since the plug wasn't particularly thick, it went in with only a small amount of discomfort. Then Liz went and grabbed the two tubes Alice had seen her carrying, and she used one of them to squeeze some white substance into her hand. Then Liz sat cross-legged in front of Alice and started applying the substance to her face. It was body paint. "We're going to make my little Bitch all nice and pretty." It took almost twenty minutes to complete the application process, but Alice didn't mind at all. Liz's touch seemed especially gentle that evening. She spent longer on Alice's breasts than seemed necessary. The same could be said for Alice's ass and around her crotch. Once the young submissive's body was completely covered in a white base, Liz took the other tube and squeezed out some black, placing dots of different sizes all over Alice's body. She even put some on Alice's nose and around her eyes. Finally, she stood back and surveyed her work. And she looked pleased.

"What a fine looking Bitch you are! I think being a Dalmatian suits you." She wandered into the bedroom and came out with a digital camera. "Straighten up! I need a picture for posterity's sake." She snapped off several pictures. Alice was wondering how water-resistant this stuff was, since her pussy was already hot and moist. Liz put the camera down, then sat herself on the couch. She very leisurely began playing with herself as her 'doggie' watched on. Alice started to whine. She needed to get fucked or to tongue something, because she was hot to trot, so to speak. "Don't be like that Bitch. I'm just enjoying . . ." she started as she drove her fingers into her own pussy, ". . . the view!"

Having Liz touching herself just a few feet away and being unable to participate was maddening to Alice. But that's probably what Liz wanted. Alice just stayed there, feeling the paint dry. And she was actually beginning to drool a bit. After a few minutes, Liz figured she had tortured her young puppy long enough.

"Here girl!" she said at last. "C'mere and show your Mistress what that little doggie-tongue of yours is good for." Liz spread her legs wide as Alice crawled between them and immediately began running her tongue up and down Liz's slit. "Lap it like a proper dog should," Liz grunted, and Alice spread her tongue wide and started going from bottom to top over and over again. Alice knew this drill fairly well. She would have to get Liz off once like this, and then her Mistress might let her do it again, except a little more free-style. Not that she minded that much. She loved the feeling of that pretty sex-box parting before her little pink tongue and the feeling of Liz's nether lips against the lips of Alice's mouth. Alice licked and licked and then licked some more until she finally got Liz off. Alice saw her Mistress's body twitch and felt the warm girl-cum seeping out of her box and onto Alice's waiting tongue. Alice never got tired of the taste. It meant that she had been a good girl to her owner.

"Sweet Bitch! You know, just because it's your birthday, I'm not going to make you work for your treat tonight. Middle of the room, show position," she commanded. Liz put on her harness and strap-on then knelt behind the waiting Alice. "Now you know the rules. What do you say?"

Alice glanced back over her shoulder with a lustful expression. "Thank you for letting me lick your pussy and helping you to cum. Please fuck me!"

Before starting, Liz reached down and attached a leash to Alice's collar. Then she grabbed a firm hold of the other end of the leash and wrapped it around her hand until it was taut. She positioned the head of the dildo at Alice's opening and, using only the leash for leverage, thrust inside. The pleasure centers in Alice's brain went into overdrive. With the dog-tail butt plug in place, the eight inches of latex dong in her pussy seemed much bigger than usual. She actually whimpered a little as Liz pumped away at her cunt. Liz even played with that tail a bit, pulling on it just enough for Alice to feel it but not hard enough to pull it out. Alice was feeling delightfully stretched in both her lower openings, and made herself a mental note to do something nice for her Mistress the next time she got the chance.

"You're such a naughty, slutty little Bitch, aren't you?" Liz asked pulling a bit on the leash. "You're almost always in heat, aren't you? Well, we're going have to take a little bit of vinegar out of you. I think I'm going to have to fuck you until you can't move anymore. I don't want you humping my leg or the furniture anymore."

Alice grinned. 'I only did that once,' she thought to herself, 'and she's never going to let me forget it.' Alice didn't have much time to ponder the idea as she felt an orgasm building. "Mistress, may I cum? Please let me cum on your big cock!"

"Well, when you ask so nicely . . ." Liz cooed. She upped her tempo while increasing her handling of the butt plug. It wasn't long before Alice's body froze, her back arched and she felt her juices trickling down her legs. She was gasping when her body finally came down from its sexual high.

"Thank you for letting me cum," she whispered, trying with all her might to NOT collapse onto the floor.

"You're welcome. But if you think that's it for the evening, you are SADLY mistaken. Stiffen up those front legs," she ordered. "Show position."

Alice struggled to maintain her posture as Liz laid into her again, thrusting the dildo into Alice's warm and willing body over and over again. Liz fucked her Bitch to another orgasm, and then another. Alice was lucky her brain still worked enough to thank her Mistress for each climax. But after the third set of pussy spasms, she knew she wouldn't be able to keep her arms straight anymore.

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