Lost, Stranded, Line in the Sand


"But I thought it was wrong. I was sick. Than you touched me. It felt so good it scared me. I was terrified. Then you said you wanted me, to fuck me. I figured we're both going crazy, crazy with horniness. Then seeing you playing with you penis," my sister using the proper medical term. "Staring at me while you touched yourself, asking me to touch myself. It was too much. I've wanted you inside me for so long, since we got to this island. I've been thinking about nothing else. No one could resist having sex that long, not over 60 days with a cute guy walking around practically naked day after day. I had to have you inside me even if you're my brother." My sister smiled, "Even Mom would have fucked you after a month on this island. I think I did good lasting over 2 months."

I smiled and responded, "Dad wouldn't have lasted a month. Dad would have been trying to get you in less than 30 days. I think I did good lasting over 45. Your so beautiful."

My sister answered, "Dad would have been trying to get inside me in less than a week. I catch him staring at me all the time, checking out my tits and ass, basically eye fucking me."

"Dirty old man. I thought you guys were close, both doctors and all," I quipped.

My sister rolled her eyes, "Sometimes I want to tell him go fuck Mom, she's hot and leave me alone. I'm your daughter for god sake not some slut nurse. Now I'll just tell him I like to fuck my brother, I'm not into dads."

"That'd be interesting."

My sister reached up and sucked on my nipples while squeezing my other nipple with her fingers. "I've never had sex with anyone like that. I've never cum like that, twice like that. I've cum with you three times, more than I've ever cum with a guy. My own brother. My own brother is 4th guy I fuck, fourth guy to see my cum face. My best sex before today was with myself, my fingers or vibrator. I can't believe my best sex is my brother." My sister reached down and started stroking my cock underneath my swim trunks.

"You know I heard you fucking Alyssa at the hotel. I was in the next room. I couldn't believe I was listening to my brother fuck some girl. I put a pillow over my head so I wouldn't have to listen. But when you started to fuck her a second time," my sister looked up at me shyly, playfully, "I decided if you can't beat them join them. I started playing with myself, rubbing my pussy while I listened to you, my brother fuck his girlfriend. At some point I started to fantasy it was me you were fucking."

"I couldn't believe I was thinking that at the time. I thought my little brother has a better sex life than me. I wondered what it would be like with him. I came thinking that, listening to you have sex with Alyssa, imagining it was me. I put my hand in my mouth so you wouldn't hear me scream as I came. I wore that thong on the boat to drive you crazy, like you drove me crazy that morning at the hotel. But you hardly noticed me, dad couldn't keep his eyes off my body, my ass, tits, my pussy but you hardly noticed your sister in her little, bitty bikini, thong, she had worn for her brother."

I reached down and rubbed my sister's breast, "I did notice, your gorgeous. I just didn't want to make a fool of myself staring at my sister." I reached on the floor next to my bed and grabbed a condom. I ripped open the wrapper. My sister was already pulling down my swim trunks. My sister forced my swim wear over my ass and then off my legs and feet.

"Let me," my sister took the condom from my hand and grabbed my dick. With one hand she held my hard cock steady and with the other she unraveled the condom down my shaft. My sister gave my cock one quick stroke and then let go. My sister started to turn to get on her knees so I could fuck her from behind again. I placed my hand on my sister's side and held her in place.

"I want to see your face, I want to see your face as I fuck you this time," I told my sister.

Mandy moved onto her back and spread her legs wide. Obscenely wide,. Her bald pussy graphically exposed to her lustful brother. My sister was smiling as I moved in between her legs. "Every brother and sister should get to know each other like this. Incest, my god incest with my little brother. Fuck me little brother. Fuck your sister's pussy." the ultimate taboo, the ultimate aphrodisiac. I slid closer to my sister, lining up my cock. The tip of my cock touching her wet pussy lips and than I was pushing into my sister's pussy. "God I love cock, my brother's cock" my sister moaned. "MMmmm, perfect fit, my brother's cock, my pussy. Ahhh, Every sister, ahh sister should try their, their brother's cock." My sister spoke in her deep, gutter like sex voice. "Fuuu, fuckkk your sister with that cock."

I smiled down at my sister as she enjoyed my cock pushing in and out of her love hole, "My sister's pussy, sister pussy. Every brother wants to stick his cock inside his sister's pussy. I'm, ahh I'm," I caught my breath, "one of the luck few to do it." Incest is beautiful."

Day 85

The last 19 days had been the greatest time of my life. My sister and I spent our days enjoying each other's company and bodies. My sister was far wilder than I had ever imagined. My sister was a horny woman. My sister fucked her brother, me, on average twice a day. A couple of days my sister was too sore from me fucking her too hard. On those days Mandy would give me a loving blow job that only a sister can perform while I ate her pussy. We had sex in every imaginable position and place on the island. Under the waterfall, in the ocean, on the beach, in the forest, on the raft, from behind, missionary, her on top, reverse cow girl, 69, standing up, and many others. My sister and I had grown incredibly close, from partners fighting for survival to incestual lovers to a couple.

The wind had been whipping during the night so I got up early to check on the raft. I wasn't sure if my sister ever planned on leaving the island now but I wanted to maintain the option. I was happy where we were. I knew if we were ever rescued or used the raft to escape the island our relationship would change back in the real world. My sister had insisted on that condition only a couple of weeks ago. Had things changed for her? My sister had also said that no matter what we were using the raft to get off the island at the 6 month mark of our stay. Did she still feel the same about that as well?

I guess time answers most questions. I decided to enjoy my sister's body for the next 3 plus months and see what happened then. Carpe diem.

I was walking back to the ship when I saw my sister sauntering towards me carrying the towel. My sister was topless, only wearing her tan thong. My sister and I had spent the last two weeks naked about 80 percent of the time. This was the most clothes I had seen her in days. Way too much clothes I thought, but she had told me she was worried about her pussy lips getting sun burnt. My sister's thong only covered her pussy lips and not much more but I immediately wanted to yank it off her and start eating her pussy. I was wearing my swim trunks.

"Hey little brother, you got up way too early. I was lonely. I need my morning loving," my sister coyly played.

"I wanted to check on the raft. Make sure nothing fell on the boat."

My sister looked out at water, "Are you in mood?"

"For what?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"To make love to your sister, little brother, I need you at least twice a day," my sister teased.

"Always," I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around my sister's nipple. Licking her nipple with my tongue as my right hand squeezed my sister's breast than I squezzed her nipple. My left hand went to my sister's pussy and started to rub her clit through the thong.

"AAhh baby, you know, you know what I like, you like my tits don't you little brother.." I moved my hands to my sister's bathing suit and hooked my thumbs into the material. I pulled down my sister's thong over her ass and then down her thighs. I sucked hard on my sister's other nipple as my left hand cupped my sister's wet pussy. "Make love to me, please, I need your cock, please" my sister moaned. I pulled my mouth away from her breast and my hand from between my sister's crotch. There is nothing like hearing your sister beg for her brother's cock to get your attention.

My sister stepped out of her panties as I pulled down my swim suit leaving it in the sand. My sister spread the towel on the beach. "I forgot, we ran out of condoms yesterday. Should we do this?" I asked.

"I know, I did the math, we can have sex for the next 7 days than we have to take a break for a few days," my sister looked at me shyly as she lowered her body onto the towel. "But we can do other things, you know. I can't live without your cock, no way. I'm a doctor trust me. I won't get pregnant. I won't make you a daddy, and an uncle. Ehhhh, that's too strange to think about, it's going to be fine. This is human physiology 101. I got an A in that."

"I trust you," I told my sister. I kneeled down behind Mandy as she moved into her favorite position, "on all fours" as my sister watched the ocean from the beach. "I have to rate my sister's body A plus." I looked out over the ocean. "Can you believe how calm the ocean looks, so different from when we were out there on the boat. The wind and currents bringing us here."

My sister stared out at the water, "I love the ocean, if it wasn't for the ocean we would never have gotten together. I would have lived my life never knowing what it was like to make love to you, my brother. I would have married Brian, had boring sex, saved some lives which is a positive, but lived under constant stress. Do you think we'd have gotten together, if things had been different, no storm?"

"Not a chance," I quickly answered with certainty. "The real world had us both so programmed that I never would have considered it. If I ever tried making a move, anything sexual towards you, you would have told mom and dad or the cops."

"Your right," my sister speaking to the ocean, "Thank you, thank you, for the greatest sex of my life. I've never cum so much, been so happy.."

I moved closer to my sister and kissed her back. I lowered my stiff rod to my sister wet lips and slid inside her. My sister's pussy felt even better without a condom, slick, tight and warm. I pulled partly back and than pushed back into her vagina, bottoming out. My sister's and my genitals pressed against each other. "Fuck, fuck ahh what we would have missed." The taboo of making love to my sister had faded some after 19 days of intense fucking. My sister was beautiful both physically and inside. The first time I had fucked my sister but the sex had turned into love making.

My sister and I had developed a rhythm to our sex. I started pistoning in and out of her pussy. She was so wet. I could feel her using her pussy muscles more and more as she tried to squeeze my cock. I looked down between us, my sister's shaved pussy, my cock disappearing inside her. So beautiful to watch my cock move in and out of my sister.

My sister started moaning "Ahhh, ahh, god I love your cock, my brother's cock, no one can fuck a girl like her brother." My sister knew I loved it when she talked dirty. I started fucking my sister harder, god I loved the sound of my body hitting hers combined with the slushing sound of wet pussy and cock. "Only dirty, dirty girls let their brother's fuck them" my sister grunted. "What a shame, what a shame, missing, missing, so much, so good, brothers are so good."

My hands were wrapped around my sister stomach as I used her body for leverage to fuck her harder. "Ahh babbby, bbaby brother, fuck me fuckkk mee." I looked up at my sister who's head was down close to the towel as I scanned the ocean. My sister continued her moaning, "oohh god, ohh make me cum." That can't be I thought to myself, it's an optical illusion I thought. A boat had pulled into the harbor and was anchored off shore. I continued fucking my sister as I moved my hands to her hips as I pulled my self upright looking out at the ocean. I saw people moving on deck and the flash of glass, binoculars? Two people looking at the beach with binoculars, watching me fuck my sister. Rescuing us?

Stunned, I didn't stop fucking my sister, my cock and hips were on automatic as I slid through her silk sheave. God my sister's pussy felt good, the taboo of fucking my sister rushing back at me from society. Making the sex better than ever before, more wrong, people were watching me fuck my sister. I needed to tell Mandy, my sister. It was only right.

My cock pounding into my sister stroke after stroke, the glasses still flashing on the ship's deck as strangers watched our incestual sex. I leaned down pressing my body against my sister's back. I reached beneath my sister and cupped her soft, silky breast. Squeezing her nipples.

"Ahh my nips, love that, pinch them, pinch my nipples, right to my pussy." I pinched my sister's nipples again. "make me cum, cumm, please."

My mouth next to my sister's ear I whispered, "Mandy," my sister had her eyes closed tightly, "Amanda."

My sister opened her eyes and turned her head to look at me, "Watch me cum, so close."

My sister staring at me with an agonized expression, breathless I said, "Look there's a boat, boat out on the ocean, rescue. Watching us fuck."

My sister stunned turned her head and looked out at the water, "Ohh my god."

I continued to thrust my cock in and out of my sister's pussy, never stopping. Stroke after stroke. "Should we stop?"

My sister replied immediately staring into my eyes, "Nooo, noo don't stop, keeep fuccking, ahh meee. So close, let, let ahh watch. Who carrres," then my sister turned her head towards the water calling out loudly but not loud enough to be heard, "Goo away, ahhh, my brother's fucking me, don't resucue, now, go away. I want to cum on my brother's cock. Fuckkk, fuck go, go go. Llleave us alone. Can't give him up, never, never give up his cock."

My sister and I watched as two people got into a small boat and started towards shore, "I think we better stop, sis. There coming."

"Noo, I'm too close, please, please don't stop. Brother fuck your sister. Fuck me."

The small boat was powered by small outboard engine and moved quickly towards shore. Our bodies joined as one as the outside world intruded on our love making. I kept fucking my sister. I said to her as I saw the binoculars raised again, "There watching us fuck, your fucking your brother, sis. I know you love people watching you fuck, they're watching you fuck your brother."

Suddenly, My sister raised her body as she stared out at the craft coming a shore. My sister had lifted both of her hands off the ground. My hands slipped off her breast to her ribs directly beneath her boobs. Her breast now totally exposed to the people in the boat who were both watching us through binoculars.

"Ohh my god, noo, no so wrong, can't beee them noo, ahhh keep fucking me little brother." I slowed my pace as my gentals hit my sister's genitals lightly. "Harder, make me cumm litllle brother, I want to cumm in front of them, don't stop. Hurry. Harder." My sister dropped her body back down and her left hand balanced her weight. I slid my hands back up to my sister's breast and squeezed her tits and started pounding my cock into her pussy with increased force.

My sister reached up with her right hand and placed it over my hand which was cupping her breast, "it's them. Mom and Dad, their watching us fuck, it's them, ahhh, my god their watching me fuck my brother." I pinched both my sister's nipples hard.

"No, impossible, their gone," I squinted my eyes, could it be mom and dad?

"Mommy, daddy, Gavin's fucking me, I love the way my brother fuck's me," the launch was almost at the shore no, my sister's voice might even be heard by the people on board. "Your son has the best cock, good job making my brother for me, his sister loves his cock, he fucks me so good, I'm going to cum, watch my brother make me cum. Mommy, Daddy, I want you to see my cum face. See my tits, mom, daddy loves my tits, see us cum together.

My sister had gone insane. Ohh my god, she's right, my sister's right, our parents our watching their children fuck, their watching me fuck their daughter, my sister. Their son, her brother. "Don't stop they've already seen us, keep going, keeping fucking me little brother. Mommy, daddy wants to fuck me. Mommy, daddy wants to put his cock in my pussy, his daughter's pussy. I know he does, but I won't let him, my pussy is for my brother, my brother's cock only. Mommy, daddy, watch us fuck, please, please."

Our parents were now only twenty feet away. I was turned on by my sister's words, scared at what was happening. I pushed into my sister's vagina, trying to cum, make her cum. This is insane. I fucked her harder than ever before. I was a fucking machine. Sick perverted little brother fucking his sister. The sound of fucking echoing everywhere, down to my parents at the shore line.

"Ohh, my god, daddy, mommy, ahh, I'm cummming, my god your watching me cumm, your daughter with my brother ahhhh noono, my parents watching, should 't be seeing this, doing this with my brother. Ahhh so good, he's so good" I pinched my sister's nipples hard, than pinched her nips again. I could feel her pussy immediately grab my cock, squeezing the cum out of me as I shot my load into my sister's taboo pussy as she spasmed beneath me. I had never cum so hard in my life.

"Ahhh babby, babby brother your cumming in me, no protection, mommy daddy, Gavin's cumming in my pussy. Ahh, I can feel his cum inside my pussy. My brother's cum is in my pussy, his sister's. Ahhh yes, you've watched us fuck, our parents. Your children fuck each other's brains out. I'm his sister, my brother. Incest is best, the best."

My hips were still on automatic as I continued to thrust my cock deep into my sister's pussy. I said too loudly, "Fucck, your good sis, best pussy, best sex, with my sister." I looked at my parent as they moved towards us. My hips stopped thrusting my cock into my sister's love hole.

My sister who normally practically passed out after she came started crawling forward. My cock slipped out of her pussy. "Ahh, ahh." my sister moaned. My sister, Amanda, put her hands down and pushed herself up on incredibly shaky legs. My parents were 15 feet away and walked forward a couple of steps. My sister was standing naked in front of my parents. My sister tentatively raised her hand to gesture hello. My mom was dressed in a sexy white bikini cut high on her leg. My dad looking distinguished with his salt and pepper hair was wearing kaki shorts and blue collared shirt. They stopped 10 feet away from my sister.

I was still on my knees and my cock still hard. I stared up at my sister tight ass from behind and in between her legs. I could see my sister's pussy juices, her cum and my cum, her brother's cum, leaking out of her shaved, bald pussy. A sibling concoction of juices. Her thighs, pussy lips wet with our fluids.

My mom and dad standing there looking at their naked daughter. My dad a pillar of the community, a doctor, a surgeon. My mom, a country club diva, judging the world on morality. My sister's huge d cup breast, her gigantic areolas and hard nipples. They stood their staring, not believing what they had seen their children doing. Fucking, committing incest. The biggest taboo.

I could see my dad eyeing my sister, especially her tits, than his eyes moved down to his daughter's pussy. His daughter's pussy which he had been desperate to see for years. At last her dad could see his daughter's shaved pussy. Our father could see the cum leaking out of his daughter's taboo pussy hole. My dad who secretly lusted after his daughter's body. Checking out his daughter every chance he could, eye fucking his daughter. My dad watched his son's cum leak out of his daughter's taboo pussy. The taboo hole that he yearned to fill with his fatherly cock, but knew it was wrong, immoral and illegal. Society keeping him in check. His son, her brother, had put his cock in his daughter, the taboo hole where her dad had lusted to enter. Not Incest with him, her father, but his son. Incest. His daughter had fucked her brother, his son's cum mixing with his beautiful daughter's pussy juices.

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