tagNovels and NovellasLouisiana Heat Ch. 07

Louisiana Heat Ch. 07


This is a ten chapter romantic Crime thriller with consenting erotic and romantic sex, male on male violence and a lot of exciting cliff hangers at the endings of each chapter.

As is usual in my stories there are a large selection of colourful characters and not all of the people in my stories have happy endings.

You have been warned -- so if you like the kind of story that combines sex, violence, complicated and interweaving story lines, and that you can sit back each day and read a new chapter -- read on.


Abigail stood pushing Rory towards the door, "Answer it you fool....."

Walking towards the door he heard the person outside knock again and call out, "Miss Roseaux, its Sheriff John Millet....."

Rory turned around a look of horror on his face and hissed, "Sweet Jesus it's the Sheriff.......he's come to arrest us."

Pushing past him she hissed, "Don't be stupid Rory.....we only just started to discuss it....no reason for him to come and arrest us.....not unless he ends up arresting himself as he's in up to his neck in the other stuff." And she gave a hard shove at Rory and he opened the door taking a deep breath, "Sheriff.....come on in and get out of the heat....what can I do for you."

Removing his hat John nodded to Rory, not at all surprised to see him there as he knew the two of them were having an affair, though he thought the man a bastard for what he must be putting his young wife through, especially as she had only months before had their child. "Can we go somewhere and sit down.....I need to have a talk with the two of you?"

"Sure." And leading him into the main room Abigail sat down on the sofa. "What's up Sheriff?"

Looking at Rory and noting how uncomfortable the man looked and then at Abigail he said, "Jake Bailey escaped from the prison Chain gang three days ago. He's thought to be heading this way."

Rory stood up like a shot, "Escaped!"

"Yeah....they've got men trying to track him, but he was hiding out in the swamps and it's difficult. Men are coming down later today to see me and they're sure they'll get him, but I wanted to let you know in case he tries to contact either of you. If he does make contact in any way, let me know, and we'll pick him up."

"He's dangerous."

"I don't think he'll try and hurt you Miss Roseaux......Bailey was never violent in the past ....and he was set up by us....I need to get him and get him fast......"


Standing up and looking at the agitated Rory Kendal as he paced back and forth swearing the Sheriff said quietly. "Come outside with me Kendal, I need to have a word with you in private."

Once the two men had walked outside and the Sheriff had replaced his hat he asked the other man, "You got a gun?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Start carrying it...I don't suppose its occurred to you that Bailey has worked out who set him up two years ago.....and he's probably coming straight for you."


"Listen sugar, this could be the answer to our prayers."

Looking at Abigail as if she was mad Rory pulled at his tie to loosen it.

"We can get rid of all our problems in one complete swipe......you shoot the Mayor, just as we worked out.....everyone will think its Jake....he's escaped, thought to be on his way here......I can say I saw him running away from the scene of the crime.....they're after him anyway....they'll probably shoot to kill. No one will ever suspect it's you.....the problem of the Mayor will be wiped out....Jake either killed, or apprehended...."

"What if they capture him and he starts talking...tells the police his suspicions if he has any about being framed?"

"They won't believe him now...they didn't two years ago...."

Rory stood looking down at her, his head feeling like it was going to explode. Abigail put her hand on his arm, and looking up into his eyes whispered, "You can do it Rory, go get your gun......everything is going to be alright."


Hannah lay on the bed, her body and hands pushing the heavy body of Jake off of her. The wound in his side had started to bleed slightly and he lay there a sheen of perspiration over the skin of his back, chest and arms, asleep in a mix of sexual exhaustion and a slight fever. She lay looking up at the ceiling, her body was feeling like it was floating on a soft cloud, muscles relaxed with the residue of pleasure, the swollen flesh between her thighs sticky and wet and a feeling of being slightly bruised.

Her first time had been wonderful. Everything she had dreamed about. Her nipples still tingled where Jake had suckled, pinched, licked and bitten, and the skin on the side of her neck felt slightly raw where his rough stubble covered chin had rubbed as he had kissed and nibbled the side of her neck and behind her ear, a place she had never realised how sensitive it was before now.

Turning her head she watched Jake as he slept, the dark black long lashes of his eyes laying in a small curve above the sharp high cheekbones, his mouth slightly open as he breathed. Smiling a big smile she turned on her side and drifted off to sleep next to him, content and happy, no longer feeling unfulfilled and unloved.


Rory's wife sat in a miserable heap on the sofa in her front room, the drapes pulled closed, tears running down her cheeks, the depression settling deeper upon her caused by looking after a new baby, her husband flaunting his affair in front of the town and herself, and his wounding cruel treatment towards her.

Rocking back and forwards on the cushions she felt that life wasn't worth living, all her dreams having shattered at her feet.

Picking up the baby she wrapped him up in a white shawl and leaving the house walked quietly next door and asked her neighbour if she would be so kind as to look after the baby for the afternoon whilst she went shopping.

The neighbour readily agreed taking the baby into her house and Rory's wife walked back into her own home, going to the closet in the bedroom where she knew Rory kept his gun.


John Millet went back to his office and waited for the law officers that were coming down to see him about the escaped Jake Bailey. He settled back in his chair behind his desk and thought about Hannah and how much he wanted her. He knew he couldn't burn her out like Claude wanted, and he also knew if he held on she would soon have to sell up the land, or the bank would take it back on default on taxes.

Daydreaming about her he didn't see the Mayor getting into his car and drive off in the direction of Hannah's farm about twenty five miles south of the town.


Hannah drifted awake, the tickling feeling of something feathering across her face. Opening her eyes she looked up into the deep green eyes staring down at her, and saw the feeling was from Jake holding a lock of her hair that had escaped from her hairclip and was being stroked over her face by his hand.

In a quiet soft voice he asked her, "Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?" Blushing she tried to sit up and turn away from his intense gaze, but his hand moved from her face and held her still.

"It didn't seem to come up between the hen coop and the bed.....we didn't exactly have any deep conversations.....you and me....it just seemed to happen."

"Did I hurt you?"


"I'm sorry...."

"Don't be..."

"Why me?"

"Why not?"

"I'm a wanted man; I can't stay around....."

"I understand that and I'm not asking you to.....just stay long enough to get completely well and your strength back, then Frank will take you to his people and they'll help you."

"I'm innocent..."

"I know..."

"I want to clear my name..."

"You can't stay around here to do that, they'll catch you and they won't listen."

"I have someone in town who I believe will help me."


Turning onto his back and looking away from her he told her, "Abigail Roseaux....she was my girlfriend....I was going to propose to her...I was arrested before I had the chance.....but she'll be able to help me clear my name...." turning back to her he growled, "In prison I had time to think things through...I think I was set up by my business partner Rory Kendal....Abigail will help me if I can speak to her."

Sitting up and pulling the sheet around herself Hannah tensed up, "And if you prove yourself innocent with the help of your girlfriend?"

She felt his hand stroke down the curve of her shoulder, a gentle soft stroke, and then she felt him sit up next to her and then his lips trail down where his fingers moments before had stroked. "I don't know.....I haven't thought what will happen after that." And turning her face with his hand he bent and kissed her, "Let's just live with what is now for the time being."

Leaning over her he gently eased her back onto her back and raised himself over her, his warm skin moving against hers as he kissed her deeply his hand sweeping her slim body until he reached her mound and gently rubbed between her flesh that seemed to blossom for him at the first touch.

Breathlessly she told him, "I ought to change your bandage...." His voice replied in a deep soft growl from deep in his chest that made her bones melt, "Later.....much later." And then she gave herself up to the new feelings that his body, hands and mouth made her feel, swirling down into a vortex of pleasure that then rose up and peaked before he entered her body with his own bringing her back to the peak and beyond.


Rory opened his front door and quickly strode up the stairs to the bedroom where he came to a shocked stillness at the sight of his wife standing in front of the open closet on a chair, the gun he was about to get in her hand. She stood on the chair, her body turning halfway towards him, her shaking hand with the gun in it turning with her body towards him. He took a sharp step backwards and without realising it said, "What the fuck are you doing?"

With one hand holding onto shelf inside the closet she turned totally towards him and lifting the gun up towards her head shouted at him, "It's what you want isn't it? Me out of the way." Tears streaming down her face she continued, "Making room for that woman to take my place....well I'm fed up.....I can't compete.....have her....." and she lifted the gun up to point at her head, "You don't love me anymore....there's nothing to live for...."

And she pulled the trigger.


Claude drove up the old road, the dust swirling up as the Black Ford Coupe ran at a steady forty over the rarely used, bumpy, and never kept up, bit of road. He passed on the way one of the old homesteads that he had bought from an old couple at less than rock bottom price, and smiled when he thought of the enormous profit he had made selling it on to the county.

Further down the road, about two miles, on the other side of the road the beginnings of the wide water of the bayou came into view. Lush foliage on the other side of the water grew thicker as he drove on down, with big Cypress trees dripping with hanging moss hiding much of what lay behind.

'Fuck the Sheriff,' he thought to himself, 'He, Claude Gaudet was going to have a word with the stubborn Miss Campbell and explain the facts of life to her. And if she still held out, tomorrow night he would come out himself and set light to the fucking fields and burn her out.'


Hannah sat next to Jake on the side of the bed, washing out the wound before placing the fresh dressing onto it. "You need to keep still and not start it off bleeding again. The wound needs to start knitting."

"A little bit of bleeding should do it good and clean out any dirt that's left in there." He then winced as she started to smooth the ointment onto his sunburnt back and the marks left from the beating days ago. "We could go back to bed again.....when we're rolling around there I forget the pain in my back."

Laughing she carried on smoothing the liquid onto his back, "You need to rest."

"I need to catch up on the last two years of being celibate."

Biting her lip as she smoothed the last bit of ointment on his back she felt a pang of sadness, realising that for him she had just been a release, whereas for her what had occurred between them meant so much more. Getting up she walked to the door and turned around, "I need to get on and help Frank do some work around the place, you lie down and rest. I'll wake you up for supper."

And then she was gone.


The trigger on the gun made a loud click, but nothing happened.

Rory's wife stood there, eyes scrunched up, barrel of the gun at her temple, then heard her husband say as he pulled the gun from her hand, "You stupid bitch, couldn't even do that right.....the gun was empty....I don't store it loaded you idiot." And she felt his arm push past her as she stood there shaking on the chair as he reached in the closet and pulled out a brown cardboard box, and then left her standing there.


The two men sat opposite John sipping their coffee. One of the law men had done all the talking. He was a grizzled man of about fifty, his broad shoulders and barrel chest belying his age, his hair an iron grey, eyes a grey flint colour. Explaining to John that there were men going through the swamp where Bailey was last seen, he believed that eventually the escaped man would be caught before he made it to town, but to be on the look out as they believed that was where he would aim for.

He went on to explain that two of the guards from the stockade that had been trailing Bailey were now missing and that the tracking dog had been found without the two men, making them believe he had killed them somehow.

He was now wanted for murder.......four in all, Granger, Broussard and two other men, one of the guards when he escaped from the workforce and the one with Broussard when they were tracking after him.

The lawman doing the talking had told John that orders were bring him in 'Dead or alive.'

'Damn right,' John thought to himself, 'definitely dead, more than alive."


Claude pulled up the car in front of the small house just as Hannah opened the door and stepped out, and she stood there on the porch, her heart in her mouth as he climbed out of the car and walked up to the house, and up the steps to stand in front of her. "Well mornin' Missy, you an' me got some things to talk 'bout." And he pushed past her into the house. Hannah turned and grabbed his arm, "Where do you think you're going Mr Mayor, I haven't invited you in. This is my home."

"And that Missy is what you and I are goin' to discuss." Shaking off her hand he went into the main room and sat down on the sofa. "Get me a drink Missy, my throat is dry after that long drive out here." And he looked around at the shabby room, with it's worn out chairs and old fashioned wooden furniture.

Hannah stood her ground, "I have no intention of giving you any hospitality Mayor Gaudet, you are not welcome in my home, say what you've come to say and then get out."

Leaning back and crossing his legs, one arm thrown across the back of the sofa the fat man stared at the skinny woman in the work worn denims and frayed cotton shirt, face devoid of any make up, hair pulled back into a clip from her face. "You look a mess Missy, life ain't easy for you......farm is going down fast since your Momma and Poppa died.....you ain't cut out for this.....sell up to me and you get money....stop scrabblin' round to exist.....don't sell up and it's only goin' to get a lot worse."

"You threatening me Mayor....."

"No Missy....tellin' you like it is. You need to sell up and sell up fast.... I'm a reasonable man....don't like to see a woman dirty her hands workin' in the field like a farm hand......got your best interest at heart.....you know the amount I'm offering...take it and go."

"What you're offering is a pittance...."

"It's all you're going to get....take it....before the price lowers due to unforeseen circumstances happen to your land."

After a few beats she hissed, "That was a threat."

Looking around the room a greasy smile on his face he looked back at her, eyes wide, brows up, "You see anyone here to witness what is said between us right now......you're alone Missy....no one to help you....." and he rose up and walked over to her nose to nose in an intimidating way. "Take the fucking money bitch or I'll make your life a living hell." And he stormed out the house and into his car, tyres squealing as he did a tight 'U' turn and started the drive back into town.

Hannah stood shaking in the room, her arms wrapped around her waist as she heard the hallway door open and Jake slip through to take her in his arms and hold her as she sobbed into his shoulder. He had stood behind the door listening and had heard it all, and as he had another part of the conspiracy that had framed him clicked into place.


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