tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove At First Sight Ch. 03

Love At First Sight Ch. 03


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

I opened the newspapers a few days later and was horrified. There were pictures of Kylie snogging me in the lobby of the hotel where we’d stayed the last time we were together. There were pics of me grabbing her arse aswell with titles such as “Who is Kylie’s mystery man?” and the like.

I arranged to meet Kylie again by giving her a phone call. I explained a little about the pictures and she just said not to worry. I took her advice and awaited the day. I arrived at her home and noticed there were a few reporters around, but I walked through them and up to Kylie’s door. It opened as I arrived at it. I looked around then heard the door shut behind me. I looked round to see Kylie standing secutively with a smile on her face, her back to the door.

“Kylie!” I said, stepping to her and lifting her up. She gave a giggle as I drew her down and into a kiss. I then noticed what she was wearing. She had a very tight top on, showing off her push up bra and THOSE gold hotpants.

“Like what you see?” she said, wiggling her body.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I said with a laugh. I drew her forwards and kissed her. I grabbed her top by the straps and simply tore it down the front. She gave a groan.

“That was quicker than normal” she said, throwing the pieces aside. I turned Kylie round, and gently pushed her over. The gold hotpants pulled tightly up her arse. I ran my hand over her tight cheeks as Kylie touched her toes.

“Why the hotpants Kylie?” I said, feeling the bulge of her pussy between her legs.

“Well I know how much you like my arse, so I thought I’d treat you to them” she said, wiggling her arse.

“It’s a very nice treat” I said with a smile, and gripped the waistband. I gently pulled to no avail. I gave quite a sharp tug and the hotpants started to move. After several more tugs I got the hotpants over her tight, shaply rear and slid them down her thighs to the floor, revealing a very tight black lace thong.

She turned and kissed me. I started kissing down her neck as she undressed me. I unclasped and slid Kylie’s bra off as we kissed before I collapsed onto her bed with her. My cock was absolutely rock hard. I pulled her thong off with my teeth. I started kissing her again and guided my cock to her wet and waiting cunt.

“I’ve had a little...operation done” she said. I stopped what I was doing.

“What operation?”

“As a gift for you, I’ve had my virginity replaced. You get to pop my cherry” she said with a smile. I was surprised and delighted at this news. I was going to have the honour of popping Ms.Minogue’s cherry.

“That’s a nice surprise!” I said, and gently pushed my cock to her pussy. The head popped into her wetness with some pressure.

“They tightened me up down there and everything” she said

“Tight as a virgin” I said with a smile. I pushed gently. My cock slid slowly into her now VERY tight pussy. I pushed my way into her till I met with resistance. She gave a groan as I gently pushed a little, stretching her hymen.

“Do it” she breathed. I reached down and rubbed her clit gently.

“This is gonna hurt babe, are you ready?” I said, knowing full well she must know that.

“Yes of course but it’s you. Now please pop me” she said with a smile and groan. I drew back slightly and gave a short, sharp thrust and my cock just broke her hymen. She gave a little squeal of pain as her cherry popped, then a long groan as I held her in the pain of losing her virginity by not moving.

“That hurts” Kylie groaned as she wriggled around, arching her back and trying to both impale and remove herself from my cock. She was obviously enjoying it, as she had a pleasure/pain look on her face.

“Please fuck me, it hurts” she groaned. I drew my cock back slightly and then pushed myself slowly into her until I sunk up to my balls in her tight “virginial” pussy. As I drew out slowly, Kylie closed her eyes with a groan and smile.

We shagged hard for around 10 minutes before Kylie had her first orgasm of the day. She arched her back and dug her fingers into mine as she orgasmed with a groan of pleasure. I kept thrusting hard as we rolled so she was on top of me. She bounced on my cock for about 20 minutes. As she leaned forward to pressure her clit, I grabbed her arse and hammered into her. When I felt my cum rising, I sped up.

“Here it comes Kylie!” I said, and let go deep inside of her. At that moment another orgasm hit her and she screamed in ecstasy. When we had caught our breath, she climbed off me and lay down. I hugged her close to me and we lay sweatily relaxing.

“I needed that” Kylie breathed

“Well I won’t let you down” I said, kissing her. I gently massaged one of her breasts as we snogged. Kylie lay on my chest as we kissed.

“By the way,” Kylie said through kisses “Dannii will be here shortly” she said.

I stopped kissing her.

“You actually invited her?” I said, grabbing her incredible arse again. Kylie glanced back at the hand on her arse with a smile.

“Sure, is there a problem with that?”

“No none at all” I quickly replied. Another threesome with the Minogue sisters was hardly something to refuse.

“I just thought maybe you wouldn’t want an incestuous threesome with her is all. Like last time you could ‘excuse’ yourself because of the way she joined but this is organised. Thought you might not wanna. But I’m not complaining” I said, gently massaging her left buttock. Kylie started moving her hips to my massage.

“Well I knew you’d enjoy it, I enjoy it and Dannii will enjoy it so it’s win-win-win” she said, kissing me.

I was not arguing. I now had a raging hardon. She rubbed her pussy on it as I decided what to do with it.

“Want a blowjob while you think?” she said.

“Nah, I’ve thought. 69er Kylie” I said, kissing her again. She gave a smile and clambered into the correct position. She leaned down to my cock as I started on her pussy. She gasped as my tongue penetrated her, and stuck her mouth over my cock in a single spasm of pleasure. She groaned in pleasure as she started sucking and bobbing her head. I licked away at her trim bush as hard as I could. She was obviously enjoying it, groaning away and sucking harder. With her sucking harder I started to go faster. Kylie’s arse clenched and she shuddered. Her pussy convulsed and she moaned with orgasm. With a spasm of ecstasy she deepthroated me, her tongue lapping at my cock. I couldn’t hold out and let go. My cum shot deep into her throat as I tasted her flowing juices. She groaned long and low, savouring the taste of my cum. She pulled her mouth off my cock with a long slurping, cleaning me off. She rolled over onto the bed gasping from breath, sweat on her forehead. I sat up and ran my hand through her hair. She really was beautiful.

“Ok down there babe?” I asked, gently teasing one of her nipples.

“Yeah. You should know by now orgasms are something I really enjoy” she said with a smile. Just that smile started to get me going again. I leaned over and kissed her pouty red lips. She returned the kiss happily. With my hardon rising fast she felt it against her hip. She reached down and gripped it, lightly jerking me off. I slid my left hand onto her hip and gently rolled her over. She held the kiss as long as she could then dropped over onto her stomach. She, seemingly in a reflex action, arched her back, pushing her tight, curvy arse into the air. I smiled and laid my hands on her arse, squeezing the tight flesh. Kylie gave a groan and spread her legs.

“You know what I want” she moaned as I gently started to finger her pussy from behind. I sure did.

“No problem Kylie, but not in this position” I said, her pussy sucking gently at my fingers as I spoke.

“What’s wrong?” She said worriedly.

“It’s nothing bad, I just want you to see this sink into your arse” I said, rolling her over. I grabbed her smooth, perfect legs and pushed them up. She kept her legs straight as I “folded” them back onto her body. She stayed in position once I let go, a true statement of her flexibility. She spread her legs slightly. She was totally vunerable now. I reached to get the KY for my throbbing hardon but she stopped me.

“No lube this time, I want it rough” she said, rubbing her clit.

“It’s your arse” I said, squeezing the tight cheeks. I kneeled up and positioned my cock at her arsehole. I rubbed it teasingly over it. I gently laid my weight on Kylie legs. She groaned as I teased her.

“Oh please, fuck my ass now!” she begged. I decided to let her have her wish and pushed my cock forwards. Her arsehole didn’t yield. I looked up at Kylie.

“They said that with my “tightening” up front that might be effected aswell. They asked me if I was into anything like this but I denied it of course” she said. I nodded and pushed harder. Her arsehole opened and gripped tightly onto my impaling manhood as I slid in. She groaned and closed her eyes, her mega tight sphincter gripped my shaft behind the head. I relaxed a second. Kylie opened her eyes and looked down between her legs to see my shaft penetrating her. Kylie watched as I let my hips sink, my cock sliding into her. She bit her lip and groaned, unable to keep her eyes open as I pushed my 7” into her slowly. It was a slow penetration because she was so tight and unlubed. She moaned loudly as I slowly drew my cock back out of her tight, forbidden paradise. I pushed back in, faster this time and bottomed out against her firm ass. I started slowly and firmly thrusting in and out of her arsehole, her sphincter locked around my cock like a bench vice.

Kylie groaned and wrapped her legs around my lower back, pulling me in real deep each time I bottomed out.

“Oh god that feels so gooooooodddd” she moaned loudly as I pushed into her again, a look of pure ecstacy on her face. She orgasmed hard, her juices squirting from her pussy onto my cock, soaking her pubic hair so it clung darkly to her flesh. As my freshly Kylie-lubed cock slid in and out of her arse, she screamed out my name to the world in her orgasm. I leaned down and gave Kylie a long french kiss as she came down from her analy-induced orgasm. Kylie returned it with vigour as I slowly pushed my cock in and out of her tight bum at an ever increasing pace. Just then we heard the door. Me and Kylie looked around in horror. This would be a horrendous position to get caught in as far as publicity went. Sort of “Kylie caught taking it hard in the ass” type headlines. We looked up and saw Dannii enter and close the door. We breathed a sigh of relief, Kylie gave me a kiss.

“Awwwwww you started the fun without me!” Dannii whined.

“I’ve got needs Dannii, and I wanted some fun” Kylie said over my shoulder. I started thrusting again, hard up her ass now. We were going fast, her sphincter still gripped me tightly, Kylie’s juices were now running down between her legs and tight arse. Dannii walked over and watched interestedly as my cock slid in and out of Kylie’s tight arsehole. She stood and leaned over to give Kylie a kiss. I watched surprisedly at their complete show of passion to each other.

“I wasn’t expecting that” I said, pumping Kylie hard.

“Well since last time it’s how we greet each other in private. We haven’t done anything else because we were waiting for you. When we meet we snog each other and we’ve been sleeping in the same bed butt naked since you last saw me. We also shower together” Kylie said in gasps as she enjoyed her now favorite sexual past-time. I was surprised and even more turned on by this. We’d been going at her arse for a good 40 minutes now, then felt my cum rising.

“Here it comes Kylie” I said, thrusting hard now. Kylie closed her eyes and contracted her sphincter down even tighter on my cock. I pushed in all the way and let go. Kylie orgasmed hard again as I blew my load into her tight arse. She had her arms around my neck, and pulled me tight to her as we orgasmed. She grunted and groaned, her now very talented sphincter milking me for cum as if it were her pussy. I stopped thrusting into and and lay on top of her. Kylie was in heaven, with a look of ecstasy on her face, staring into space. We were both gasping for air as we rested properly for the first in a good 40 minutes of anal exercise. Kylie’s entire body glistened with sweat.

“How can you love getting fucked up the arse so much Kylie?” Dannii said, dropping her bag onto the floor and sitting down on the end of the bed. Kylie looked over at Dannii.

“Just give it a try, and you’ll find out” she said, giving me a kiss. Kylie unwrapped her legs from around my back and I pulled my cock out of her with an audible “pop”. The cum dribbled from Kylie’s arse, mixing with her juices and running down between her firm butt cheeks, dripping onto the sheets. I gently fingered Kylie’s soaked pussy, rubbing her clit.

“You ok babe?” I said, seeing as she hadn’t moved.

“I’ve never, EVER felt so relaxed and....and relieved in my entire life” Kylie said, still breathing heavily. “I’ve never orgasmed so hard that my juices squirt before. I need to rest and take this in. Have some fun with Dannii for a moment” Kylie breathed in pleasure.

I left Kylie seeing stars and turned to Dannii, who looked at me sexily. She stepped forwards and gave me a long, smooth kiss. I grabbed her top and pulled it over her head and off her. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were already hard. I kissed her some more and fell on top of her, pulling her skirt off with one hand. She gave a moan as I ran my fingers over the front of her white lace thong panties.

“Funny how you go for the innocent white underwear while Kylie always wears sheer, naughty black lingerie” I said, peeling Dannii’s thong from her. She gave a giggle and sat up to kiss me again. Kylie stretched her legs and sat up to watch.

“God I’ve never been fucked like that” she said, rubbing her pussy as she kneeled up, a mixture of cum running down the inside of her perfect thigh.

“Lets get going” Kylie said, laying her sister back on the bed. I kneeled between Dannii’s legs, my hardon, which had been hammered the worlds greatest arse just a little while before, standing high in the air. I pushed my cock to her already wet snatch and slid the head inside. Dannii was nowhere near as tight as Kylie, but she was warm and wet. As I pushed myself into her in a single stroke Dannii let out a long, low moan. Kylie grinned as I started fucking her sister, and tweaked Dannii’s hard nipples. Dannii moaned as I started hammering into her, Kylie then leant down as started sucking on one of Dannii’s hard nipples whilst feeling the other one. Dannii couldn’t hold out and orgasmed. Kylie laughed as she watched her sister convulsing and moaning through orgasm.

“I never thought I’d see my sister do this!” she said, rubbing Dannii’s nipple.

I’d been fucking her for about 20 minutes now, and she was groaning as she neared another orgasm. I felt my climax approaching and pounded harder. I pushed in and let go of my load, which pushed her over the edge along with Kylie gently rubbing her clit. Dannii’s eyes crossed, screamed in ecstasy and orgasmed, her pussy milking me for all I had. We rested for a second before I pulled out of her. Kylie grabbed my cock and licked me clean, clearly enjoying the taste of me and her sister on my cock. Dannii sat up and watched as her sister acted in a sluttish manner.

Kylie stepped off the bed and stretched. She bent right over with her legs together, pulling her arse tight as she leaned over the bed. I couldn’t resist and slapped her tight cheeks firmly with a healthy “slap”. Kylie gave a groan as I slapped her tight butt. It seemed Kylie had developed quite a love of her arse, such as anal sex and now, it appeaered, spanking.

“You like that Kylie?” I said, gently feeling her arse. It was so tight and shaply.

“It just feels great” she groaned, wiggling her arse under my hands.

“Hey Dannii, come feel her arse. It’s just a miracle, so tight” I said, slapping Kylie again, causing her to groan and open her legs slightly. Dannii shuffled forwards and felt Kylie’s tight cheeks. Kylie gasped, juices running down the inside of her leg. Dannii saw this and ran her finger through it before sucking it, tasting Kylie.

“She’s so delicious” Dannii said, slapping Kylie’s inviting arse firmly. I followed suit and laid a firm slap on Kylie’s arse. Kylie was now clenching her pussy and dripping wet. I rubbed her smooth cheeks gently and then slapped her arse once more. Kylie couldn’t hold on.

“Oh GOD!” Kylie screamed and orgasmed right there bent over the bed before collapsing face first onto the sweat-dampened sheets. Dannii was obviously surprised as her sister orgasmed from having her butt smacked.

“I can’t believe she climaxed on that!” she said to me as Kylie fell forwards unconcious on the bed from sensory overload.

“We better wake her up don’t you think?” I said to Dannii with a smile. I leaned forwards and grasped the pint-sized Kylie and laid her up against the pillows. She was still totally out of it, which was very surprising.

“You wanted to eat her out, so what better way to wake her up don’t you think?” I said to Dannii with a smile. Dannii’s nipples instantly hardened and she climbed onto the bed. She gently spread Kylie’s legs to access her soaked pussy. She leaned forwards and dragged her tongue up Kylie’s slit. Kylie moaned even though she was still asleep. Dannii smiled at making her sister groan and really got going.

“She’s delicious” Dannii said, and delved her tongue into Kylie and started sucking and licking hard. I lubed up with KY as I was gonna fuck Dannii in the arse when Kylie woke up. I moved round, my hardon glistening with lube. I gently rubbed one of Kylie’s hardened nipples and gave her a kiss. She smiled and started to stir, stretching. She suddenly snapped back to full conciousness as she felt Dannii licking her out and groaned with a shock-pleasure manner. She looked down to see Dannii eating her out.

“She said she wanted to eat you out last time” I said with a grin. Kylie smiled and sat up fully, letting Dannii work. Dannii’s curvy arse was in front of me bent over as she was licking Kylie.

“What say we let Dannii find out the pleasure of anal sex eh Kylie?” I said, spreading Dannii’s cheeks

“Great idea” Kylie said, tossing me the KY.

“I don’t think I’m ready!” Dannii shockedly mumbled through Kylie’s pussy.

“Sure you are Dannii, don’t worry about it. I’m here to help you. You’ll love it I gurantee” she said, giving a gasp as Dannii sucked her clit for a few seconds. I put lubricant on Dannii’s tight arsehole and some on my fingers before gently inserting one into Dannii. I worked for a few minutes to open Dannii up which she gave some muffled complaints to, which were barely heard through Kylie’s grunting.

I now had Dannii ready and open, my hardon rock solid and ready for another Minogue arsehole.

“Kylie could you hold her butt cheeks open?” I said, which Kylie did.

“I gotta see this” Kylie said with excitement, sitting forward to see Dannii’s penetration. I pushed my cock to Dannii’s tight hole. Whilst biting her lip in pleasure, Kylie grinned and watched eagerly as I nudged the head in. Dannii gave a gasp as I penetrated her back hole, her sphincter clamping onto my cock. I pushed firmly and my lubed cock slid into her hole. Dannii gave a groan of pleasure-pain.

“It hurtsss” Dannii groaned as she sucked Kylie’s pussy.

“It’ll be ok baby” Kylie said, running her hand through Dannii’s hair as it was planted in her groin. This had been the longest I’d seen Kylie go without an orgasm in recent times. She was a very multi-orgasmic creature Kylie, and she’d been being eaten for about 20 minutes now, which I would have thought would be more than enough to get her off. I slowly pulled my cock back to the head in Dannii’s arse and looked at Kylie, who was intently watching Dannii’s sphincter sucking at my hardon.

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