tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 09

Love Letters for Him: No. 09


Author's Note: This letter will compliment jushorny's Love Letter to Him No. 10. I hope you are enjoying these snippets of love between a husband and wife. ~ Red

My husband,

The day was long and stressful. When you get home, I'll be in bed. Please wake me up . . . anyway you like.

You could start with those kisses on my back. You know the ones. The ones that make me whimper and moan for more. The ones that make my toes curl. I like those a lot. You could start anywhere you like, I'll be naked. I'll only have a sheet covering me, the air is too humid and the air conditioner is broke . . . you'll need to fix that, sometime tomorrow.

Let's pretend my sweet; I'm lying on the bed, my tummy is pressed to the mattress, the sheet lies at a funny angle across my back and ass. Your there sneaking up on me and then you begin your assault. You just might run a trail of licks down my spine. The small of my back is sensitive to your touch. You know this. You know how my sex tingles when I feel the heat of your mouth cascade over my flesh.

I can almost see us there. Your hands moving the sheet lower, your tongue sliding over my ass. Your fingers kneading at my flesh and perhaps you are slowly starting to wake me up. So you stop and run a finger between the cheeks of my ass. I would moan, my erotic dream becoming more heated. Baby? Would you lick me there? Would you run your tongue down the crack of my ass, tease my hole as you made your way to my pussy? Maybe you'd lose control then . . . maybe you'd have to fuck me and you'd make me wake up by pushing a finger into my sex and moistening it, so you could drive it into my ass. Would you wake me up like that baby?

What if I'm laying on my back, when you come to bed? You could move the sheet slowly away and press teasing licks across my shoulders and collar bone. You could ease the sheet down further and play our favorite game of "connect the dots" using my freckles and your tongue. I thought perhaps it would be nice to take the children swimming and so I was out in the sun and now have new spots of you to enjoy.

Perhaps I'll be in the middle of that erotic dream I mentioned and my nipples will be hard. You could tease them with your lips, flick the nubs with your tongue. Maybe, my love you could trace the difference in color, and feel the little ridges and peaks, before you latch onto my nipple. I wonder love, how soft could you suckle from my breast before I wake up? How long would you stay there before moving down further and perhaps teasing my tummy with long lazy licks?

Will you wake me up this evening, by surprising me with a timid touch against my sex? Just a soft touch, one so light I can barely feel it. That is the point isn't it? To make me not feel it, or is it to make me feel it in my dreams?

My mate, my love, my heart . . . could you wake me up with kisses along the soft curls of my pussy? Your slippery tongue can easily slide between the lips of my sex, lips that you would have prepared for your entry. I bet if you tried very hard, you could ease a finger into that slick hole and slowly start to fuck me. I bet you could do that, if not . . . do you really think I'd complain? Do you? I think not.

I wonder if you could slide two fingers in and suck my clit with your warm lips. I doubt I'd be asleep then. I may just fake sleeping though, allowing you to pull it with your teeth, nuzzle it with the end of your nose. You'd hear me moan quietly. My hips would start to lift and fall, slowly, not wanting you to know I was awake. I would cautiously move my legs, spread them further so you could push your fingers and your tongue into my wet cunt.

Baby, I know I'd be breathing harder and my voice would give away my secret and when you heard me beg for more, you would know your lover was awake. Awake and ready for more.

I would look down on you, see your head between my legs and that sight alone would make another stream of honey fall free from my pussy. You would grin and lick it away only to finger-fuck me for more. I would give you more. I would be begging you for so much more of your mouth and your fingers.

You could give me more, couldn't you. A third finger and then maybe sweetheart you could use your other hand and make your fingers wet and then enter my ass. Oh, God baby. I would love that. You, fucking my cunt with your fingers and teeth. Your tongue making laps over my pussy and inside the slick hole. Your finger in my ass. Oh fuck yes That baby would make me come. You and I know it would.

I would cover you with my juices and I would hump your face nonstop until I had gotten all of my honey free. Baby, can you feel it? Can you smell how badly I need you? I have to fuck you when you get home. No matter the time baby. No matter how peaceful a slumber I'm in . . . I want you to wake me up. Wake me up in your own way . . . please.

I love you,

Your wife.

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