tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 11

Love Letters for Him: No. 11



I had an hour to kill today and thought I'd go to the library and spend it there. They have new DVD's out; I picked up a couple you'll enjoy. You know those bloody, gut-spewing action films you like. Don't worry. I picked up a couple for me too, chic flicks.

Once I had my movies I sat down with a magazine. Cosmo, you know it well. I leave it laying around with marker mustaches gracing the photos of all those sexy women they use. Pfft! I thought of you then and how you tell me every day I'm beautiful and sexy and usually you show me how sexy you find me every chance you get, especially lately.

Well, my thinking of you led me to me thinking of you in the library with me. That led me to thinking of you in the library, with me and us doing something naughty. That of course led me to doing something naughty and then leaving the library with a flushed face, a slick pussy and a moist hand. Though I did try to lick what I could off without anyone noticing, but I think someone did. Let me explain.

I was sitting there and thought of the fantasy you told me about in your letter, about the two men pleasuring me. I decided I'd head to the ladies room and take care of the problem. I had that little massager in my purse, so I didn't think it would hurt anything. Here is where it got more naughty than it should have been.

The bathrooms were full. I walked around the library, feeling the slickness of my sex increasing as I thought of taking your cock in my ass and the other in my cunt. I even whimpered, but quickly covered the sound with a cough. I caught the eyes of a passing gentleman and he paused, studied me for a moment and then walked off. I didn't think too much of it, until I took a deep breath. I blushed. Baby, you could smell my arousal, or at least I could and by the look on that man's face he could too. I was so embarrassed, but yet I was even more aroused.

Remember the corner windows they have there at the library, the ones clear in the back, where hardly anyone bothers to go and check out the old relics that are shelved back there. I decided to go back there and wait. I figured I'd calm down, the aroma of my sex would disappear and no one would figure out what was happening to my body. I was wrong.

I got back there and yea, it was empty, but that only added to my thoughts. I sat down on the cushion and turned so I had my legs on the cushion. I stared out the window, studied the lake and then thought of the times we were teenagers and went skinny dippin' in my parents' pond. Yes, bad idea on my part. I became more wet and I shifted in my seat. I don't know what made me do it, but I did it. I reached in my purse and slipped out the massager.

Looking around while I did it... I eased the massager up my long loose skirt and coughed hard to cover up the slight flicking sound of the switch being turned to medium. Jesus, Baby. I was so horny that when the massager hit my pussy I moaned and then was coughing again to hide it. I closed my eyes and brought one leg up, bending it so the other could lay flat against the window and my hand could stay up inside the long folds of my skirt. I started to move my toy around my pussy, rubbing my clit and then letting it plunge into my cunt.

I kept doing this over and over. Every once in a while I'd open my eyes and make sure no one was around and then I'd let my imagination sore. I thought of you at the library with me, coming up behind me while I read a book and taking my hand, leading me to this very window and lowering yourself to your knees while you spread my legs open. I could almost hear you breathing and I brought my toy out and teased my nipples, through my blouse. I then ran it back into my cunt and started thinking of other things to do.

My mind conjured up the image of me reaching up on a high shelf and you coming up behind me, cupping my breasts and massaging them. I saw you walking up and tossing my skirt over my hips and ramming your rod into me when I bent down to tie my shoe or pick up a scrap of paper. Baby I wanted to come, so I kept fucking myself and picturing you with me. I could hear you moaning Baby. I could hear the deep throaty sound of passion capturing you and taking you with me.

I quickened my pace and exploded all over my hand and my toy. I showered the cushion with come and saw explosions of light slam against my lids. I muttered fuck and then I heard the echo of my words, but it wasn't your voice and it wasn't my imagination.

I paled, and then felt myself blush. I looked around, just in time to see the back of that stranger that had passed me turn a corner. I growled out an annoyed "damn" and then pulled my toy out. I slid my fingers over the come and eased my long digits into my mouth. Too embarrassed to actually check out any more magazines, I grabbed my purse and headed toward the exit. It was then that I saw that man again.

Something told me "don't look" "don't breathe" "don't stop"... I took a deep breath. I looked, but Baby, I didn't stop walking. Your very embarrassed wife darted out of the library with the image of a stranger and a very large wet stain on his pants in her mind.

I'm was so shocked, but I came hard and now... you have something to clean when you come home.

Love you,


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