tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 16

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 16


Amy awoke slowly, still savoring the feelings of the night before. She stretched her arms over her head and felt a little stiff. She smiled. It was a good feeling. She rolled over to give Hank a hug. Finding his side empty, she panicked for second. Then she remembered he said he had a meeting at the State capital. Had he left already? What time is it? She asked herself.

She rolled over and looked at the clock. It was almost 10:00. She hadn't slept that late since...well she couldn't remember. What a lazy bones. It felt good just to lie there. She forced herself to get up.

Amy could feel that it was going to be hot today despite the air conditioner. She spied Hank's dress shirt that she wore last night and put it on. She loved that it still had his scent on it. She decided to go without panties. She was covered and she wasn't expecting guests. What a change. Three months ago she would be fully dressed by now. She laughed. There were a lot of things she wasn't doing three months ago.

Entering the kitchen, Amy found a note from Hank. It read:

"Dishes in washer. Need to be done. Made some coffee. In the machine. Try the leftover Romanoff for breakfast. Be home around 4-4:30. Love you, Hank. P.S. your sister called. Wants you call her back. Not an emergency. Love."

She went to the fridge and found the Romanoff. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she realized that even a simple note made her feel good. She liked the way he wrote "Be home" not be back. Simple but it sounded nice.

Amy wondered what her sister wanted. She decided to call her after she ate. She moved to the deck. She could feel the warmth of the sun on her skin. Sitting there with just Hank's shirt on, eating Strawberries Romanoff for breakfast made her feel quite decadent. The air blowing on her bare pussy made her feel naughty. She was enjoying it.

She called her sister, Jesse. Jesse asked if she could come over and talk. Amy asked if there was a problem and after a brief pause Jesse said she just needed to talk. Amy said it was fine and to bring her suit. They could swim or soak in the tub. Her sister said she be over in about an hour.

Amy hung up but she felt there was more than what Jesse was saying on the phone. The two sisters never really kept secrets from each other. It was always Jesse who protected Amy. It was Jesse being a big help to Amy when she was down going through the divorce. She realized that the two of them hadn't talked in a long time. It might be time now. No matter she couldn't greet her sister dressed like she was.

She took a quick shower and put on a bathing suit. This one covered her a little more than yesterdays did but not much. She bought these suits when she came back from DC. She really didn't expect to wear them in front of anyone except Hank. She covered herself up with Hank's shirt. She finished dressing as the doorbell rang.

Amy opened the door and Jesse gave her a big hug. "Thanks for letting me come over. Is Hank here?"

Amy explained that Hank was away and shouldn't be back until 4. She told Jesse that it was some business meeting. Together they walked to the kitchen. Along the way Amy asked how the girls were getting along. Jesse said everything was going fine with them. Carrie and Katy, Jesse's middle child and the same age, always got along fine. The oldest, Lindsay, was now seventeen and she was watching them today for her. They were going to the movies.

Amy asked if Jesse wanted some lunch. "Hank made champagne chicken last night. You must try some. It's in the fridge." She took it out and warmed it in the microwave. After it got hot, Amy served it to Jesse. "What do you want to drink?"

"Water is just fine," Jesse said as she took a bite. "Wow, this good. You said Hank made this?"

"Yes he did. Wait for dessert. Now do you want to talk about?"

Jesse put her fork down. She started to talk but instead she started to cry. Amy rushed to her. "What's the matter, Jess? You can tell me."

"I am so jealous of you." Jesse sobbed.

"Jealous of me? But why?"

The entire story poured out. "Look at you. You're as happy as I've ever seen you. Hank must be treating you right. He cooks for you and seems to taking care of your other needs quite well. My God, look at that bathing suit you're wearing. What's happening here? You fucked him on our parents' bed!" Jesse began yelling at Amy.

Amy hugged her sister tightly. She waited for her to calm down.

"I'm sorry, Amy. I'm so sorry," Jesse cried on Amy's shoulder.

Jesse stopped crying and lifted her head." It's not you. It's Dave and me. We haven't made love in 6 months. He says he too tired or too busy with work. We're drifting apart. Then you seem to have all together. I should be happy for you but I'm not. I want what you have, my man to love me."

For the next two hour the two sisters talked. Jesse did most of the talking and Amy listened. They talked as only sisters could, caring and loving. Towards the end, Amy suggested Jesse take a soak in the Jacuzzi, drink some wine and relax. Jesse said it sounded great but she forgot her suit. Amy said, "You could use one of mine." When Jesse objected, Amy replied, "Or you go naked."

Jesse decided on a suit but after she put it on, she wasn't so sure about it. "I can't wear this!"

"Let me see," Amy asked.

When Jesse stepped onto the deck, all Amy could say was "Wow!"

The bottom was a tight but not too bad. It was the top. Amy didn't realize that Jesse was that much bigger than her. The fabric barely covered her nipples and the stings looked like they could break any second. "See."

"Look, Jesse, it is only us. No one will ever know. Come on, relax. Let's get in the tub. I'll pour us some wine and it will be fine. Maybe Dave should see you in that."

The two sat in the tub and let the bubbles moved around them. Jesse had to admit it felt good. Along with the wine she began to relax. Soon they were talking about old times. Soon the talk turned to sex. The water and wine worked on them. The two reminisced about the times they swam in the pond and the afternoons spent there. They told each other about their first time and Amy had to admit Hank was first. Jesse was surprised. Her husband Dave wasn't her first. Jesse was even more surprised to find out that Amy only had sex with two men, Roger and Hank.

"He's bigger than Roger but you know I've only personally known two," Amy laughed.

Jesse had to ask, "Is he that good in bed? Be truthful."

"Like I said, I've only known two but if there are others like him out there I've really missed something. I told you, being with him is like turning on a switch that I can't, no, won't turn off."

Jesse poured another glass a wine for both of them. "Tell me more!"

As the wine flowed, Amy related all that had happened between her and Hank. She told Jesse everything, every hot exciting moment. Amy found as she retold the story, she felt her pussy growing damp. She squirmed in her seat.

Her sister pushed back in her seat. "Good God, Sis, I'm getting turned on just listening to you. You really let him fuck you in a limo driving the streets of DC? I thought you were the quiet one." The girls laughed.

Jesse suddenly got serious. "Have you told him about Carrie?"

"What do you mean? Hank has met Carrie and they got along fine."

"You can't be serious, Amy. You know that there is a possibility that Carrie is his."

Amy shook her head. "No, no, no. I got pregnant on my honeymoon. I know, I was there. Hank and I only made love that one night."

"Did you have the monthly visit from Aunt Flow after Hank left?"

"Christsakes, Jesse. That was a long time ago. How can I remember 15 years ago?"

"Because you were always on time. We could set our watch by you." Jesse looked Amy in the eyes and saw some doubt. "You and Hank made love on July 4th. You married Roger around September 4th.And Carrie was born almost two months early. A fine, healthy baby girl. You saw the picture of Hank's sister on his mantle. You commented yourself on how she and Carrie look alike. You told me even Hank noticed."

"No, Jesse, It's Roger's baby not Hank's," Amy insisted.

"Why, Amy, does Carrie have to be Roger's? Wouldn't you rather Carrie be yours and Hank's. A child created from love." Jesse grabbed Amy's shoulders. "Why not?"

Amy pushed her away and moved to the other side of the Jacuzzi. "Because if it is Hank's, I've hurt him more than ever. How can he forgive me? How could he still love me? No, Carrie is Roger's! Damn it!" Amy was almost yelling.

Jesse moved to her. She hugged her little sister as only an older sister could. Amy was sobbing into her shoulder. "Amy, I'm sorry. I came here because I was jealous of you and what you have. Now I've made it worst."

"No, Jesse, you haven't," Amy said as she leaned back. "I think, deep down inside, I've always suspected but I wouldn't admit it. I don't have any real proof. Hank did mention at the picnic on how Carrie looks like his sister. I'm pretty sure Roger felt that Carrie wasn't his and that was part of the problem. Now it's part of another problem. What should I do, Jesse? You have always helped me."

Jesse shook her head. "I don't know but we'll think of something together. Don't tell Hank anything right now. You already waited 15 years so what's a little longer?"

Amy smiled. "I think we better get out of tub before we prune up." The two sisters hugged each other then got out. "Let's get Chinese for supper."

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