tagNonHumanLove To Die For

Love To Die For


Julie and Jackson, they loved being called the two Js, had known each other since they were children. They grew up as neighbors, went all through school together, had the same friends and went to the same parties. It wasn’t until they went to different colleges that they realized how much in love they were.

It had been there all those years, growing together, laughing and even crying together, yet they didn’t recognize it for what it was. There was true caring and friendship and yes, love. That first year apart had been devastating for both of them and over the summer they decided to get married.

That was five years ago. They finished college and both had good jobs. Their lives seemed to be like something out of a fairy tale, yet something had died. Or had it really died? Was it just lying dormant under the everyday things of life? Where was that spark, that caring and cherishing they’d had? They both knew it was missing but neither spoke of it.

Maybe this vacation would bring it back. A trip to the beach seemed just the thing to bring back that feeling of first love that they both missed. So it was that they packed up bathing suits and causal wear and headed to the coast of South Carolina. The four-hour drive was spent laughing and talking about old times at school and the fun they had growing up. Just maybe this would be the cure for them.

They were sitting at a bar on the beach and overheard one of the bartenders telling a ghost story. Seems many, many years ago there was a very wealthy older man who fell in love with a young woman. He worshiped her and decided to build her a castle on an island he owned. The young woman, while taken with him, felt he was just too old for her and she refused his love. The man, thinking the castle would change her mind, began having it built.

The young girl would stand on the shore and stare at the island. The man was so kind and her heart did love him, but she couldn’t make herself give into someone so much older. Over the months as she watched the supplies go back and forth to the island she felt herself drawn there. She knew that pure love waited for her there and her heart began to melt. Finally she made up her mind to go to the man and declare her love for him.

She put on her best dress, combed her long black hair and began the walk to his house. Her heart was light, her face radiant and her eyes sparkling. As she walked up the hill to his house she saw many people gathered outside. There was lots of whispered conversation and the mood seemed to be very somber.

Eyes followed her as she walked up to the house. She heard someone whisper, “There she is. She is the reason for this.” People were pointing at her and she didn’t know why. Suddenly she stopped – there was a black wreath on the door. Someone had died. Oh god, no! It couldn’t be! A woman dressed in black walked up to her. “You are the reason he has died. His heart broke over you. He spent all he had and all he was to build you that castle and it has killed him!”

Julie and Jackson were mesmerized by the story, as was everyone around them. The tale was that the ghosts of the older man and the younger woman still haunted the ruins of the castle and if you went there by the light of a full moon you could see them trying to find one another.

That night Julie and Jackson were sitting on the beach after a lovely dinner. The sound of the waves was so soothing and the stirrings inside them so strong. They lay in each other’s arms for a long time, kissing and feeling their bodies together. As they caressed each other a strange thing happened. If was as if the full moon suddenly moved over the top of the island and all of the clouds above it moved away.

“Let’s go out there.” Julie couldn’t believe Jackson was suggesting this but she too had felt the magnetic pull of the moon and the island.

They went back to the hotel, got a bottle of wine, some glasses and a blanket and then asked where they could rent a boat. They found a little place that would rent them a rowboat and they took off for the island. The ocean was calm and the light from the moon was so bright it almost seemed to be daylight.

As they approached the island they could see the ruins. They pulled the little boat up on the shore, took the blanket and wine and held hands as they walked toward the crumbling castle. The palm trees seemed to wave a “hello” to them and the sounds of the night beckoned them to the center of the island.

There it was – the castle built for love. The castle was in ruins – just as they thought their love might be. There were only a few walls remaining, no roof and no floor. Yet, somehow, it felt warm and inviting, almost as if you had been summoned to a gathering of friends for a delicious dinner and dance.

They walked to the middle of what must have been at one time an exquisite hall. Julie spread the blanket on the earth and Jackson opened the wine. He poured a glass for each of them and they toasted the ghostly couple. It was a toast that would signal the beginning of something magical…a magic that only love can bring.

Almost as if they were floating, Julie and Jackson knelt on the blanket, their arms around each other, a kiss between them like none they had experienced before. Their souls were intertwined and their bodies moved with a feral need they had never felt before. The moonlight seeped inside them and exploded into an ache, a desire that consumed them both.

It felt as though water flowed over them, surrounded them and their bodies melted together as one. Jackson’s hands moved so knowingly over Julie and each place he touched her left a burning craving for more. He kissed her neck as he unbuttoned her blouse, then moved his kisses down onto her beautiful silky breasts. Her body was consumed by a raging need for him unlike any she’d ever known. Her love for him possessed her and she was a caged animal waiting to be released. She wanted to drag him into her but she could not move. All she could do was lie there and be tortured by his touch and his kiss.

Jackson sensed her need and it only served to heighten his own desire. The love he felt for her became a consuming fire driving him to the brink of insanity. His hands, his mouth, his body – all needed to touch her and take her. He removed her blouse as her body yielded to him. Her breasts lay bare in the moonlight and her nipples invited his mouth. He sucked them into his mouth, scraping his teeth gently over them.

Julie moaned as the shocks traveled the entire length of her body. She pulled his head to her, begging for more of him. She could feel his hand removing her shorts and the need that was about to explode only grew more intense. The sweet honey dripping from her secret place was warm and fragrant. Like a cat she moved beneath him, pushing his head to the honey. His body slid along hers in a dance that had been danced so many times before. But this dance was new to them; it was the dance of lost loves. It was a dance they would never forget. It was a dance that would bring together two sets of lovers.

Jackson’s mouth covered her legs with kisses and his tongue gave little licks that sent shivers up her body and made her cry out his name. His mouth reached that wonderful place with the honey and he consumed her like a man possessed. Her body shook with the first orgasm and she cried out in sheer ecstasy. But he didn’t stop…he needed to have more of her.

Julie came over and over until her body could handle no more. Jackson soothed her with gentle kisses until she was breathing slowly. Her body glistened with perspiration and the warm breezes from the ocean felt like hands surrounding and protecting her. The quivering of her body finally slowed and she could feel Jackson pressed against her. She needed to touch him.

His muscles were taut and she could feel his need as if it were her own. She reached between them to find him hard with that lovely precum on his cock. The sweet nectar of love drew her down his body to his throbbing manhood. Her tongue barely licked the head of his cock and tasted the sweetness of his desire. She felt his body jerk from the shock of her touch and she wanted him even more.

As she sucked his cock into her mouth her hands ran over his thighs. His body tensed and his hips lifted to meet her. She closed the wet warmth of her mouth over him and drew him in. Her tongue did little dances down his cock as she moved up and down the shaft. She could feel him quiver each time her mouth closed over him. She massaged his balls so carefully, pulling them up close to his cock so that as she took him all in her tongue could just lick them. She felt the throbbing that meant he was so close and she slowed her tongue’s dance so that he had to wait. Then she began again, this time licking his balls and sucking them one at a time into her mouth as her hand stroked his hardness. His cock was so beautiful and she loved the feel of it in her hand and her mouth.

He was so close to cumming but he wanted his seed inside her. He wanted to feel her wetness surround him. He reached down and pulled her up onto him. She leaned forward and her breasts just touched his chest. Ever so slowly she lowered her pussy onto his cock – the sheer agony of moving slowly down his cock almost made her cum. She could feel every inch of him as he filled her with his hardness. Her eyes never left his so that he could see the yearning that was in her soul.

She was all the way down now, rocking her hips back and forth, her breasts swaying so seductively. As her hips moved his cocked rubbed that wonderful spot deep inside her and she could feel the orgasm building. Suddenly she couldn’t stop; she came so hard, her cum dripping down his cock and his balls. Her screams reverberated throughout the castle – the sheer rapture of it filled every part of the island.

But there was more – she wanted more – she wanted him to cum inside her. Jackson grabbed her hips and moved her up and down on his hard shaft. Faster now, building to that glorious climax that would take them to another world – a world full of ghosts and memories yet unborn, a world of such bliss that only those who truly love experience it.

Now! . It was an eruption of joy that made their bodies writhe and their voices scream out together. The screams of total rapture as they both came were animal sounds that escaped their throats, a sound from so long ago that neither of them recognized it. There was no one but the two of them, the world was a blur, and the moon, so full and bright, dimmed by comparison.

Julie collapsed on top of Jackson and their hearts beat together. But they were not alone. Somewhere in the darkness of the castle was a new light. They looked around as a soulful sound ripped through their beings. There! There at the edge of the castle wall. It was them – it was the lost lovers. They could see them both and now the ghostly lovers could see each other.

The ghostly lovers had wandered the island for so many years never finding one another. So close and yet unable to touch, unable to find the thing they had given up so long ago. Now they were there in the shadows embracing each other. The act of love between Julie and Jackson had released them from their bondage.

They turned and looked at the couple that lay in a silent embrace on the ground and smiled. There were no words needed for each knew what the other had done, what had been given that night was a gift of undying love. Julie and Jackson had given to one another in a new way, a place of total selflessness and only that act could bring the lost loves together.

Julie and Jackson made love that night again and again. This time they were watched over not only by the moon but also by the two who had found each other at last...for eternity. Never had their love-making been so sweet, so needy and so fulfilling.

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