tagNonHumanMidSummer's Night Cream

MidSummer's Night Cream


~To watch Min Dance, to dream, to live~

M'Lady walks.

Through a verdant meadow, drops of Dew sweetening her ankles. The moon shinning it's full smile upon her surroundings. The Ethereal Glade opens further for her, enticing her into the Womb of Her Fantasies.

Wildflowers give way to Iris and Oleanders, Orchids and Eidelweiss, Columbine and Chrysanthemums. Somehow, Alpine melds with Tropical, as Flamingos cavort with Heron, Pandas play with Badgers. Gentleness is the way here, and "You" respond.

Your silken gown trails behind you as you feel so very free and begin to run. It's folds skim between your legs, tickling you as the Meadow's scents arise to join you, to swirl with you, twisting around you as you dance an Ode. As you spread your arms and take flight.

Your legs spin in your Dervish, your arms curling above you as you pirouette. Your smile casts a glow over your environs. The sparkle in your eyes matches the thousands of Stars that form the Umbrella above this scene, this Stage, this Ballet of your dreams.

Crickets begin to chirp, joined by Frogs lowing a deep, rich baseline. Owls hoot. Doves coo. Creatures Great and Small steal to the edge of the meadow and watch as you leap, spin, prance, much as a spirited Colt. ALL join into the chorus and add their blessings to your scene. A Symphony arises around you. No Orchestrations could match the Chords achieved by your admirers! And you dance on. Your leaps so high. Your spins so fluid. The night smiles upon you. LIFE smiles upon you.

Suddenly, from the surrounding woods, a gentle fog begins to curl around the Meadow's perimeter. Blues, greens, reds, and yellows blend until, as a Magenta, they begin to swirl around you. Following your spins and moves. Caught up in your wake along with the luscious scents of the flowers. You feel intoxicated, yet a part of it, a GREATER part of it. For THIS is the role for which you have been preparing. This is your greatest Audience. Your most ardent fans delight in your gambol.

As you Dance, swirling the mix of the meadow into an intoxicating blend, it becomes a Cauldron of Desire. A sensuous mix. A wanton need for closeness. An extension of your Soul. Of your TRUE self! The Doves begin to bob to your rhythm. They touch, curling against one another. Others feel the attraction. Feel the draw to your strength and begin to move. To become a part of your desires and your swirling, Magical performance.

Strangely, into the mix from the Forest, comes a thousand tiny lights. Swirling, surging, surrounding, they come toward you. Actually breathing in the intoxicating scents and becoming a part of the fog. Enhancing it. Bringing it down to you and presenting it to you. As you swirl, the grass's sweetness arises to you. The fog dazzles and the lights swirl around you. A feeling of bliss passes thru you, Over you as you perform a "Death Spiral" in the middle of the meadow. Your energy becomes a part of the meadow's "Being".

You begin to twist your arms above your head and, focusing, see the lights around you are a thousand "Pixies". All hovering about you, smiling at you, bathing in your Soul's luminescence and luxuriating in your sensuality. They begin to pull at your long, Blond hair. Twisting it into tiny braids. Flying over and around one another, twisting, then tying. Soon, they twist it into a crown over your head. They bring Baby's Breath to accent it... You are extraordinaringly LOVELY!

They ease you back into the Meadow's sweet grass. You smile and sigh as you arch your back, your legs rubbing against one another in that style that always lets your Lover, and YOU, know that you are ready. That you expect MORE! That this WILL be ever so VERY special...

As your fingers trace your breasts, the Pixies lift your silken gown and part it. You feel the air drift twixt your legs, over your sweetness, across your intent, your essence. Your hands go down and slide over your inner thighs, and looking down, you see a troupe of pixies fanning your clit with their wings. The effect as telling as your lover's touch!

You begin to arch your back as you urge them on with your smile, your moan. They are immediately on you! Buzzing your neck, teasingly skimming over your skin, lightly twisting your nipples. Your groans rise from the grass. They push your legs apart, tiny fingers rub up and down your Labias. Tiny arms spin your nipples. Tiny lips and tongues minister to your swelling clit. A smiling pixie arrives before your face. His smile matches his tiny erection. You smile back, and teasingly, point your tongue toward him. And he flutters closer. The humming of busy little wings arises from your Breasts, your Pussy, your ass. You are "Manna" from Heaven and they worship you.

Your tongue goes out, pointing, the tip ever closer. It touches his tiny shaft! A light surrounds you along with the cheers and applause of a Thousand Pixies. They all hover over you, the joined light from their beings alighting you along with the Moon's light, showing your greatest ability. That of Love. Of Sexuality!

They watch as you curl your tongue into a "U" and hum your invitation to your tiny suitor. He glides toward you, nestling his tiny cock into the womb of your tongue. AGAIN, the applause is accented by the multitude's assembled light. As He begins to pump your tongue, You urge him on. Your moans and breathing spuring him.

Hundreds of little hands rub you, little cocks enter your pussy, your ass. Tiny nipples rub themselves against, around your own stiffening nipples. You are the center of an orgy of Lust. The epicenter of Celestial desires and passions.

Your central lover grabs at your cheeks, much as your man grabs at your ass when he fucks you. You give him your attention, your wishes for his Heaven, and he responds, pumping your wet tongue as you urge him on. Your eyes gleam as you suck him and the group of humming wings at your EVERY errogenous zone reflects your effort. You, and "He", are about to explode!!!!

Suddenly, galloping into the Meadow's center, comes a Centaur. A Sagittarian Archer. A Half-Man, Half-Horse and, with his nostrils flairing, he watches as your tiny lover cums into your curled tongue. Tasting like nectar from Honeysuckle, tasting like a sweet pollen to your dreams. Your tiny lover drifts slowly away from you, mumbling a sort of gibberish, as ALL your satisfied lovers do.

Looking up at your Sagittarian, you smile as you lick your lips. The Fire-fly lights of the Pixies stream away from you, with their laughter, Kudos, and appreciation of you echoing in your mind as your Centaur sidesteps closer. His face is serious. His hand extends to you, and helping you up, He assists your swing onto his back. He rears and as you hang onto his Golden-blonde mane, the multitude of onlookers cheer as he carries you from the enchanting Meadow. The swirling mists trailing your exit as you feel the mixture of His silken hair and spine rub between your Labias, Exciting you as you have perhaps never known.

He gallops, deeper into the darkening Forest. And you find your thighs scissoring forward and back. The ridges of his Vertibrae gliding forward and back through your sopping wet slit. You angle your hips to feel the ripples rub over your clit. Your hands clutch at his mane, your Gown trailing behind, teasing his haunches. Your strong legs grip at his flanks and his sensitive hide feels the beginning of your orgasm as your face falls to the back of his neck. Your teeth bite at him, URGING him to run faster toward your climax. Your squeals of delight mix with his whinnies as your juices mix with the sweat from his withers. Your fingers clutch at him. Your whimpers plead with him. Your Womanhood joins with him, becoming ONE with his back, as you beg him.


Suddenly, He stops. His hooves prancing in excitement as he turns his head to you and, nostrils flaring, says "Your wish is my desire My Fair one!" With that, He extends his hand to you and eases you down from his back.

You gather in your surroundings. A small Rickle curves around the scene, forming the Penninsula on which you stand. A bubbling, gregarious sound arises from it's riffles as it flows over the smooth stones that define it's channel. It sounds akin to a continuous giggle being thinly stiffled. The grasses under your feet are so fine, so delicate, as to in reality be a Moss. It's sponginess caresses your feet as you spin. There is a broad hole in the Aegis of trees above you, and tall Conifers dance to unfelt breezes as they celebrate the Moon's gentle light shining through the opening. But the centerpiece, the defining statement here, is the spreading Silver Maple that accents the scene. It stands Stalwart. It's branches spreading like fingers from a hand's palm. Low they sweep, and high, extending to all sides the length of Ten Horses. Mise-en-scene!! Each limb defying gravity in it's stoutness. You spin, smiling as you become a part of it....

You begin to dance again, circling your Archer as you feel his stammering hooves telegraph through the ground under you. You come closer, touching him slightly at first,the electricity of Lovers passing through you both, then rubbing yourself against him. Finally, you confront him. Your arms circle his waist, your hands slide up his muscled back. His head dips toward you, and your lips meet for that first provoking kiss. Your lips hang to his as your fingers run through his hair and HIS grip your ass, pulling you tighter to him.

"Give me what you gave the Pixie!", He requests, almost begging.

You smile as you kiss down his chest. Under, to his belly, where his skin gives way to a fine, Cashmere like Golden hair that matches what is on his head and back , only finer. You begin to moan, Mewl, as your fingers run through it, and you rub your cheeks on it. Messmerized. Hypnotized by it's silkiness. You find yourself luxuriating in it. It becomes even finer, yet FULLER as you moan and sigh your way further down toward what you want. Suddenly, there it is. Pink, framed by Golden strands of Silken, Flaxen, Rappunzel woven Streaks of Equine softness. The most perfect Penis immaginable. A soft, glistening drop of pre-cum at it's tip, awaiting your attention, awaiting your lips.

You hear your Lover moan as you plant a kiss on it, your fingers coming under it in a tender caress. Your tongue traces the underside of it as your lips eagerly take it in. Your hand cups his perfect balls as you taste his nectar, even sweeter than the Pixie's, and you hum your assent as you suck it deeper into your engaging mouth. You roll his balls as you begin to move your head forward and back. It grows larger. Throbbing in it's need of you. Swelling in it's want of you. You open your throat and try to take all of it. Your arms go up and around his flanks, feeling his hands close on your own. You know He needs you, adores you, LOVES you.

The slurping sounds coming from your lips, your throat, drive him wild! Your sucking with such abandon even suprises you. You somehow find an innate knowledge that allows you to relax and swallow him completely. Even as he slides INTO your throat, you wonder, "Can my Pussy take ALL of him?"

Your hands explore, rubbing his tresses over his balls until he begs you, implores you to cease. "PLEASE,,,,, STOP!!!" he pleads.

But you don't, you want to taste his cum, want to OWN him!

You are maddening under him. Suckling, pushing, urging, like a starved Lamb Sucking for it's meal.

"Dammit Woman,,,,, STOP!!!" He says as he pulls away from you.

He extends his hand, "My Darling, We have only a short time with one another, you said you wanted me to Fuck you!"

Wiping his juices and your saliva from your lips, you take his hand and nod. For that IS what you want. He leads you to the nook at the base of the tree. Kissing you, he turns you around, facing away from him, and bends you over into the crook of the tree. Your hips press into a downy nest of fine moss and lichen.

Your lover's hooves come up on either side of you and you feel his soft belly hair slide up your back. EVER so sensuously. Ever so sexy and delightful. His rock hard cock rubs through the cheeks of your ass, then as you both adjust your hips, slides under you, it's head funneling tween your pussy lips and gliding roughly over your clit. Back it pulls, to slam forcefully forward again. You feel it's head and veins pull at and stretch your clit.

"Fit it IN!", He commands.

Your hand goes under, capturing the head and feeling the slick cream-essence of MORE of his pre-cum. You lather it onto, INTO your pussy. Your breath catches at your own touch. He presses himself urgently to you, and you guide the enormous head to split your pussylips wide. You gulp in a great heave of air as the head pops into you, and exhale a throaty groan as he pushes deeply into you. This is JUST what you needed as those Damned Pixies just DIDN'T give you what you REALLY wanted! A Good, SOUND Fucking!!!

He begins to move on you. Deeper with each thrust. Your fingers dig into the tree's bark as you hoover between pain and ecstacy. His fingers entwine in your hair as he snaps your head up and drives even deeper inside you.

"Say you LOVE it Woman!", He commands.

"I-I-I,,,,, I LOOOooovVveeeeeee IT!" is all you can gasp as his enormous cock assaults your tight, wet, tortured little Pussy. His hands slide down and his fingers twist your nipples.

Your gasping for air, feeling the fine line between pain and pleasure. "EXTREME Pleasure!" as you've heard women talk about it before. And now you KNOW about it. Your Pussy muscles begin to relax, begin to accept this onslaught of cock. You find yourself pushing back, wanting MORE, wanting him to go deeper.

"HARDER!!!", you hear your voice say.


He redoubles his efforts, pounding himself into you. You feel your asscheeks jiggle and the sound of his hips slapping against them takes you closer to the edge. You feel the ground shake under you as his rear hooves fight for leverage. Small branches and leaves cascade down around you as the tree quivers from your lovemaking. You feel his thumb press against your ass as you answer by sliding your hand under and caressing his balls.

Suddenly, your pussy opens, your taking ALL of him now, his ramming hips driving ALL of him deep inside you, making a mash of your insides. You swear you feel his tip at the base of your spine. All at once you begin to come. From somewhere deep within you, your recesses release a flood and your cum washes down your canal, over his cock, flooding your hands on his balls, draining down over your thighs as you shudder and go slack.

"Hurry Now!" He pleads, and supporting you, turns you onto your back, allowing you to slip down, your ass settling into the spongey mosses. And you gather his cock hungrily into your mouth. Your lips urging him as you suckle, your moaning voice urging him to join you. Your fingers stroke his balls. Stroking them, then choking them, holding back the stream until he cries out. Then as you resume your fingers milking motion toward your mouth, he relinquishes his orgasm to you. A torrent errupts from him. Gushing out. Your mouth opens and it spews at you. The consistancy of syrup with powdered confectioner's sugar. And just as sweet. You swallow as much as you can. Like a Christmas dazzled child afraid to lose a drop of sweet fluid. It comes up, running down your chin, onto your chest. You suck it more while he moans. Lovingly licking his shaft while he gasps for breath. Catching it with your finger off your nipple and sucking it to your lips. You suck all the way down to his balls. Pulling his tail tween his legs, rubbing it over his inner thighs, you clean his genitals with your suckling, needy lips.

"Come HERE!" he pleads, pulling you out from under him, lowering his front hooves, and nestling you into the tree's crook. He bends and kisses you deeply, until his tongue carries away the combined taste of your love making from your own tongue. His tongue outlines your lips as he hums his own delirious assesment of the Honey derived from your joining.

"My DEAR Woman." He finally intones, his baritone mixing with a warm breeze filtering through the trees. "I must take you home!"

He picks you up into his arms and carries you to the Brook. He bends and offers a leaf filled with Spring water to your lips. You drink it in, your hands touching him as you sit on his bent front knee, the Sweet, Pure water soothing your throat. Picking you up again, he deposits you on his back. You luxuriate, your limbs splayed over his form, your hair flowing with his mane as you kiss his neck.

"Hold on my Darling." He warns as he once again gallops off into the forest. Your fingers once again entwined in his hair, your thighs once again moving in concert with his flanks, with the cadence of his hooves. The fresh exhilaration of the night air, the enchantment of the moon's shadows, the Thrill of his muscles under you as He leaps over fallen branches and effortlessly fords streams gives you the finest afterglow from lovemaking you have EVER experienced!

Coming to the edge of the woods, he slows, to a smooth Canter, then a joyful trot, and finally to a slow walk as his hand slides behind him to take and hold your own. Slowing to a stop in the shadows just outside your enchanting Bed n' Breakfast, he helps you slide from his back. Kissing you deeper then even before, he whispers, "Don't forget your Lovers here on the Olympic Penninsula. Come see me again soon My Darling!" And he wisps away the bit of a tear from the swell of your cheek, turns, and gallops silently away into the Moonlight and another gathering, entrancing fog.

~She sighs, and turning, lets herself into the Cottage end of the Inn at which she shall sleep the remainder of the night away. Drawing herself a hot bath, she loads in bubbles and oils and slides herself into it. Placing a warm washcloth over her forehead and eyes, she drifts back into her night of fantasies and desires. Wishing she could FOREVER be a part of it.

Hearing the door open, she peeks from under her towel to see her husband loosening his tie. Entering the bathroom he groans, "This is the WORST seminar I've EVER had to endure! Did you have an interesting day?", he adds.

"I took a nice walk!" She smiles.

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