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Love with a Twist Ch. 09


Hello Readers, Yes I am still alive and writing. I am sorry I have not updated this story in some time but a new baby will do that to you. I want to thank all the readers that commented or sent me emails expressing how much they loved this story. I love hearing about how much they "enjoyed" it.

A speical Thank you goes out to my wife, who put up with my weird sense of arousal, and only encouraged me to keep writing this story. I have many more ideas, characters and even some trials for Sarah and Robert to live through before this story comes to close....

I hope you enjoy this chapter and keep a look out for Chapter 10 which will be out...soon. Also if your an editor and you like the story I am desperately in need of one, email me!


Robert stood on the street outside of the Florida condo, three months had gone by since he had last laid eyes on the small white building. Three months since he had seen her smiling face, or felt her in his arms. It took three months for him to heal up from the accident, the black patch over his left eye had been replaced with a pair of glasses and the cast had been removed from his arm.

Damage from the glass had all but ruined his ability to focus on things close up, which made reading and writing a challenge. He still struggled with the glasses, finding it difficult to remember to put them on for reading and work. If he was not wearing them he found he would get painful headaches and waves of nauseousness after long stints reading or writing. He was adjusting, and even got some comments from some of the ladies in his former office that the glasses suited him.

His arm was fully healed and out of the cast, he did notice that on some of the cold rainy days that it would throb a bit with pain, but the doctor assured him it was just the final mending process of his arm.

Standing in the warm Florida sun he found a sense of comfort, at peace with himself, but an overwhelm hunger ate away at him. The hunger to see her, hold her, kiss her, and make passionate love to her. They spent three months back in the old routine of calling each other in the morning, text messaging each other through out the day, and talking late into the evening.

Standing on the curb across from her condo, he smiled to himself watching her walking in front of the large bay window where her dinning room table sat. He watched her move and sway around the table, as if she was floating. Her brown hair had gotten longer, stretching beyond her shoulders, and bounced lightly with her movements. He watched her movements a bit longer and realized she was dancing, smiling he saw her mouth moving along while her hands danced in the air around her body.

Reaching into his pants he pulled out his cell phone flipping it open he dialed her number, he watched look up suddenly then bent over the table, he saw her smile, then flip open her phone placing it to her ear.

"TIGER!" she squealed into the phone as the loud thump of rock music could be heard in the background.

"Hey baby!"

"What are you doing? I thought you had a lunch meeting today?"

"I do, but the other party has not arrived yet..." He heard the music quiet, and could hear her breathing heavly into the microphone of the phone.

"Sorry, I was cleaning the house. So whats up?"

"Where you cleaning or dancing?"

She chuckled. "Well I was dance cleaning! It's a new thing."

"Well you look beautiful when you dance my love."

"Awww thank y...wait, how did you know I was dancing?" He watched her in the window as she glanced left and right, searching for him.

"Your hair is getting so long baby." Robert whispered into the phone, watching her turn towards the window, their eyes meet watching a look of shock cross her features. He watched the phone slip from her fingers hearing it crash to the floor, before she turned in the direction of the front door, moments later she was sprinting across the road towards him, leaping the last few feet into his arms.

They fell on the grass in a mass of arms and legs, Sarah clung to him tightly weeping openly, kissing his neck, cheeks and lips in a frantic attempt to make up for three months of longing. Robert kissed back in equal measure, desperate to feel the her lips on his.

They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing like days of old. To Robert it felt like a refreshing drink of water after months of walking through the desert. He felt her tears splash on his cheeks, feeling her chest heave with each sob.

"Where the hell have you been!?" she chocked out between sobs and kisses. Robert was shocked at the slight sound of anger in her voice, a ball of guilt formed in the pit of his stomach.

"I'm sorry..." was all he could muster up to say. He held her tighter burying his face in her neck, feeling his own emotions welling up in his eyes.

He felt Sarah's body pull away from his tight grasp, opening her eyes to see her sitting up in his lap. Her eyes were red rimmed with small tracks on her cheeks from her tears, she smiled down at him, sniffing loudly. "It's ok...I missed you so much.."

"I missed you too baby.." Robert smiled back pushing his glass up wiping the tears from his eyes. Sarah slowly stood up offering her hand to him once she was back on her feet. Robert took the offered hand and slowly rose to his own feet, pulling her back into his arms.

Their lips met but this time it was more a kiss of passion and love, not desire and lust like the frantic session in the grass. He felt her fingers drift up the back of his neck playing happily in his short cut hair. He slipped his hands around to her back, pulling her tight to him, so that she could feel the effect their kissing was having on certain parts of his body.

He felt her lips smile, feeling her hips grind against, feeling something equally stiff brush against his thigh. A soft moan could be heard from each of them as they became lost in the moment, grinding rubbing and touching each other in the warm noon day sun.

Her tongue was warm and wet, soft as silk and knew just how to move and sway to his own. Shivers and shock waves rolled through his body from his lips, like he was kissing a bolt of lightening. Reaching down he scooped her up into his arms, cradling her like a baby, they continued to kiss, deeply.

She felt so light in his arms, her arm was wrapped around the back of his neck, her other arm gripping the front of his shirt. She giggled feeling him carry her up the small concert stairs to the condo. Robert skillfully maneuvered through the door kicking it shut behind him with a loud thump.

Soft music played in the background a female singer could be heard, she sung of finding and losing her lover, only to find him again where she least expected.

Robert carried her over to the couch, bending over to let her stand up again on her two feet. Sarah wrapped her arms around his neck holding him tightly, fearing that if she let go now, she would lose him again. Robert fumbled off his shoes as he continued the deep longing kisses, wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her down with him onto the couch, allowing her to lay on top of him.

He felt her stretch slightly, with a contented sigh, feeling her finger tips run through his hair sending a shiver down his back. She kissed him lightly on the lips, her knee slipped down between his leg, pushing up against his stiff member.

"Oh god how I missed you..." she whispered pulling back so that she could see his face. Robert smiled running his fingers through her long hair, watching her nuzzle her check into his palm. Sarah slowly sat up in his lap, a coy smile spread across her lips, while she pulled her white t-shirt over her head, tossing it to the floor. Robert marveled at her perfect breasts, a gift from her parents after she told them she desired to be a women. They were small and perky with brown stiff nipples pointing out, begging to be sucked.

Robert sat up intent on suckling her beautiful breasts, but she placed a hand on his chest stopping him. She smiled down at him and leaned forward kissing him softly on the lips, he could feel her soft breast pushing against his chest. She slowly got up from his lap, pulling at the button on her jeans, releasing them with a soft pop. She slipped them off her hips exposing her throbbing erection to him, which had pushed out of the right side of her pink silk panties.

Robert shifted around on the couch into a seated position, watching Sarah slip her hands around her body, teasing her own flesh with gentle touches. Robert felt his throbbing cock pushing against the leg of his pants. He hungered for this women, he wanted her in the most erotic, primal and dirtiest ways. Robert stood up from the couch quickly, startling her, reaching out he scooped her up into his arms with a primal growl. Sarah gave a soft yelp as he hoisted her up, forcing her to wrap her arms around his neck for fear of falling out of his arms.

She looked into his eyes, and could see he was beyond rational thought, and was acting on pure lust, driven by desire to make her his own. She knew she had teased him with just the simple act of stripping and denying him pleasure, but three months of pent up sexual arousal was beginning to shine through in her lover, and she desired more.

Leaning close to him she kissed him on the lips, teasing him flicking her tongue out to gently brush his lips. "Take me lover, use me, fuck me...." she whispered as she softly brushed her lips against his. She let out another yelp and a giggle watching him quickly walk away from the couch still holding her in his arms, and step through the door way of her bed room, kicking the door shut with his heel as he walked through.

Gently he set her down on the bed, she coyly sat back exposing herself completely to him, she dragged a single finger down between her breasts, over her stomach then down the length of her manhood. She saw his eyes flick up and down trying to take in every inch of her naked form.

Savagely he pulled at his button down shirt popping off buttons, hearing them ring off the walls, pulling the shirt off he glanced back to see her sitting up on the bed, her eyes intently watching his hands, she was casually stroking her erection the head was wet with arousal.

Reaching down he grabbed at his pants, pushing them down and off his hips in one smooth motion. Kicking them off he grabbed the waist band of his blue boxers which did nothing to hide his throbbing erection, which tented the front of it. Sarah giggled wildly, biting her lower lip, while spreading her legs open wider exposing even more of herself to him. Robert proudly walked to the side of the bed, looking over his lover he was awestruck at her simple beauty.

Climbing onto the bed he knelt between her open legs, reaching down he grabbed her by the hips, pulling her to him, causing her to give a loud squeal, grabbing the sides of her pink panties and slowly pulling them off her hips and down her legs before tossing them over his right shoulder. His hands on her hips he encouraged her to roll over onto her stomach, pulling her hips up so she was on her knees, exposing her soft pink anus to him.

"Robert? Baby, you don't..." the rest of her comment was lost in a groan of pleasure, feeling the soft warm sensation of his tongue, gently licking her soft forbidden area. Robert let out a groan of his own feeling her body buck and shudder at his oral assault. He paused slightly looking down to see her eyes closed tight, her hands gripping the bed sheet tightly and her engorged cock, swaying between her legs, dribbling precum onto the sheets below.

Leaning down he licked and sucked at her soft little starfish, penetrating the tip of his tongue inside her, while his right hand freely roamed between her legs, reaching up to fondle her tight clean shaven sack. He felt her try to pull away from him mumbling between sighs, only making Robert smiled to himself, while pulling her hips back towards him.

He nipped at her buttocks, drawing a pleasurable grunt from his lover, slowly he slipped his hand up the underside of her shaft, feeling it throb with passion. Grasping it gently he let her pump her hips, sliding the member back and forth along his palm, as his tongue and lips resumed their attention to her tiny pleasure spot.

He could feel her body shiver with each thrust of her hips, the throbbing of her manhood as it pumped in his fist, he squeezed gently watching her body quiver with desire. He was enthralled with orally pleasuring her, feeling his own body quivering with arousal. He could feel his manhood standing tall and throbbing between his legs, pulsing with the urge to be given some sweet release.

"Robert...I want...I need you to take me...."She moaned out shifting onto her hands and knees wigging her ass at him, looking back at him with a lusty smile on her face. Robert shifted on the bed bringing his manhood into position, smiling back at her he slowly slipped his head inside her, it slipped inside her with ease into her saliva soaked orifice. She was warm wet and extremely tight. Robert let out a deep passionate moan, that Sarah echoed as he pushed inch after inch of his engorged cock inside her.

Robert slowly began to pump his cock inside her, feeling her flex her muscles around his shaft milking him each time he pulled out. Reaching down her wrapped his left arm around her stomach holding her tightly as he thrust his hips toward her. Sarah slowly sat up encouraging him to wrap his left arm across her body as she twisted her head back to kiss him deeply.

They sat in the center of the bed, Sarah sitting in his lap facing away from him, rocking back and forth, while her right arm reached back to hold his head and the left was held tight to his hips, helping to maintain their balance and keep the rhythm of their love making steady. Robert reached around with his right hand finding her hard pulsating member, slowly stroking it in time to his thrusting.

Sarah sighed and moaned, twisted and jumped in his arms, pushing down when he pushed up, to bury more of his lenght inside her, her eyes were closed, her mouth held open in a silent moan. She felt secure, loved, wrapped in a blanket of lust and desire. She felt safe in his arms and content, knowing that their love may have been separated by time and distance, was still as strong as it ever was.

The emotions coursing through her body heightened her arousal, she could feel her lovers quivering member insider her, his lips on the back of her neck, the feeling of his warm breath on her shoulder, his left hand massaging and kneading her breast, rolling her ridged nipple.

She could feel his warm chest, pressed against her back, and his soft touch between her legs openly stroking and pleasuring her secret, regardless of what it really represented. She felt him buck, and shiver he was close, the idea of feeling her lover explode inside her sent her to the edge of passion and reasonable thought. She revealed in the idea of watching his hard cock expelling his thick white seed inside her, coating her walls and dripping from her body.

She was close herself she could feel the pressure building beyond her control. Looking down she watched his hand pumped her manhood, reaching down she took his fist in her hand and followed his movements, watching as her own pre-cum coated their fingers, making them slick allowing them to slide freely.

"Robert?" she breathlessly exclaimed trying to turn her head to see his face. Robert looked up and their eyes meet, she could see he had tears in his eyes, he opened his mouth to speak but only a moan of pleasure escaped his lips, they stared intently at each other, she felt him tighten his grip on her holding her to him as he closed his eyes for a brief second before she felt his body shudder then a warm liquid sensation filled her lower region.

Robert leaned back slamming his hips into her, grunting growling and pushing her body forward, the only thing holding her upright was his arm which held her tight. Leaning forward she felt him stroke her harder and faster, he was kissing the back of her neck and shoulder, and she could feel his seed spilling out and down the back of her thighs.

"Baby, I love you, cum for me..." Robert whispered into her ear their hands now a blur on her shaft. It was more then Sarah could handle the feeling of him inside her, his warm sticky seed on her body, his hand on her manhood and his unquestionable profession of love for her, she reached back kissing him fiercely on the lips letting go the last of her willpower and let the sensation of her orgasm wash over her.


They lay breathless on the bed, they had continued to make love all through the afternoon and into the evening. Sarah lay quietly in his arms, curled up with her back to him, resting her head on his outstretched arm.

Reaching out she slipped her fingers into his open palm, listening to his quiet rhythmic breathing, his other arm was draped over her side, with his finger tips gently caressing the soft skin of her belly. She studied the interlocking of their fingers amazed at how well they seemed to fit together, it almost seemed that their hands, like their love, were a perfect fit. She realized she could lay here forever in his arms, she felt content, and safe, but troubling thought crept into her mind, tarnishing the moment, and making her stomach twist in knots.

Rolling over, she looked deeply into his eyes, a smile slowly spread across his lips, feeling his hands pull her tightly to him into a welcoming embrace. She chewed on her lip nervously, she hesitated, she knew the question she wanted to ask, but she didn't want to spoil such a perfect moment with him.

"Robert...?" she whispered looking up to see he now had a questioning look in his eyes, placing her hand on his cheek.

"Sarah?" he whispered back leaning down to kiss her gently on the forehead.

"How long...how much time do we have together this time..." she tentatively asked, bracing herself for the inevitable answer, looking away from him, fearing that if she saw the look on his face it would confirm her fears.

"I am here to stay this time my love..." Robert said gently pushing her chin up to look into her eyes. She was stunned, and could see the truth of his statement in his eyes. Sarah yelped with glee and dove at him rolling him over onto his back, kissing him deeply feeling their tongues and body express what their hearts felt for one another.

Sitting up in his lap, she placed her hands on his chest looking down at him. "But what about your job? Your mother?" she asked with a quizzical look on her face.

"I quit my job two weeks ago, and my mom will be fine, I promised to make arrangements for her to visit anytime she wanted, and she also has a nice collection of family and friends to support her. She actually told me months ago that I needed to leave to be with you." Robert replied with mirth in his voice, while placing his hands on her hips, giving them a reassuring squeeze. "I actually have two job interviews lined up for next week. and I was gonna go apartment hunting this week." he replied proudly.

"Your gonna get an apartment?" she looked down at him with a hurt look on her face.

"Well I didn't want to assume anything?"

"Oh god! Your staying here and that is final!" Sarah climbed off him and the bed, walking over to grab his dress shirt, she loved wearing his clothing after they made love, it was his scent, the aftershave he wore it was very arousing to her. Pulling on the shirt, she button the center button which appeared to be the only one that survived it's removal, prior to their love making.

"Hey? What am I suppose to wear?" Robert replied sitting up on the bed, looking around for the rest of his clothes. Sarah gave a giggle pulling open the top drawer of her dresser, digging around for a moment, before pulling out something black and tossing it at him.

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