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Loving Daddy



June was warm. Irises were blooming in profuse clumps of yellow, burgundy and blue around the barn and at the edge of the woods behind it, waving their heavy, scented heads at every warm breeze. Roses had just begun to burst open in riots of red and yellow and white, and the lilac bushes at western corner of the barn were heavy with their sweet clusters of perfumed color.

Summer was hot. She woke from a fitful sleep in her Daddy’s bed, wearing nothing more than her short, filmy, warm-weather pajamas, half tangled in the white flannel sheets he loved. Smiling, she wrapped up in them, squeezing Daddy’s pillow to her nose and breathing him in. The scents of his skin and his aftershave lingered lightly, making Summer smile. Daddy was coming home today.

Sliding out of bed she stretched and yawned, loving the feel of the breeze coming in the big open window caressing her tummy and her bare arms. Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine the warmth as his hands, sliding around her belly to her sides while she stretched, the little cotton top pulling up to expose her bellybutton. She knew that girls should not have such wicked thoughts about boys, and particularly not about their Daddies, but he was everything to Summer. Her best friend, her teacher, her hero. She didn’t think any girl in the whole world had a father as kind and handsome and gentle and....well, and who made her feel this sweet, hot tickle between her legs when he smiled at her. She just figured she was lucky, and left it at that.

Leaving her daddy’s room, she padded down the hall to her own, tossing off her pj’s and rummaging for something perfect to wear. Glancing out her window she saw that her mom must already be gone to work and, if things worked out as they usually did on the days Daddy returned from a business trip, she wouldn’t be home until late into the night. Her big sister Jesse was a counselor at Camp Daisy for pampered little rich girls for two weeks, and her younger brother Luke was spending the weekend with his best friend Roger.

She and Daddy would be all alone!

The idea thrilled Summer, not because (despite her wicked thoughts about him) she thought anything even mildly close to her fantasies would happen, but because with his business constantly forcing him to go out of town, time alone with Daddy was precious. She was going to look perfect for his homecoming because he deserved nothing less, even if he always said, ‘Honey, don’t worry about perfect. Just be you, because I love you best’. So today she would be her best because when it came right down to it, all she really wanted was to make him happy. Well, it wasn’t ALL she wanted.

Slipping her favorite sundress from a hanger in her closet, Summer slid it over her head, shimmying into it and smiling at the way it felt settling around her curves. Even if everyone else thought she wasn’t, Daddy thought she was beautiful. The dress was short, and bright, sunny yellow, with a spattering of tiny red and blue and green flowers all over, and just a hint of lace at the hem. It was snug around her breasts and her bottom, but Daddy always said he loved this dress, so she wore it for him. Slipping her feet into strappy little white sandals, she went downstairs to have breakfast.

By two o’clock Summer was pacing the long length of the driveway, watching for his Harley; hoping for the sounds of its throaty growl amidst the buzz of insects and the rushing of cars when they passed by now and again. By three she was sitting in the grass under a big willow in the front yard, shoes off, digging her toes into the lush grass, the heat swelling around her and making her itch in her pretty dress. He was supposed to have been home before noon, and now here she was, broiling in the heat.

When the postman went by at four o’clock, she had a handful of Good Housekeeping, bills and some sale fliers, but no Daddy. Taking the mail up to the house, she paced a little more, then decided she’d rather wait outside and headed to the backyard this time and around the barn to dip her toes in the pond. Leaving her sandals in the grass, she waded in, sighing at the feel of cool water washing up to her ankles. But with nothing above her to shade her from the sun, even wading was hot after a while so she decided to swim instead.

Glancing around furtively (as if the grasshoppers might be offended, because they sure didn’t have any neighbors close enough to catch her), Summer stripped out of the yellow dress, taking it carefully up to the bank to lay it across her shoes. She stood gloriously naked in the sun for a few moments, stretching her arms and lifting her face to the sun, bathing in it before turning and running for the water.

Summer loved the kiss of the water on her skin; she dipped and swam, splashed and floated on her back, the cool water bouying her up; the sun on her soft breasts and belly and the wet curls between her thighs. Lifting one hand from the water, she held it above her tummy, letting water drizzle down, cooling her, tickling as it slipped between her thighs.

Feeling the familiar tickle of excitement between her thighs, her Daddy’s face immediately came into Summer’s mind. She closed her eyes. Lifting more water to trickle between her thighs, she moaned softly at the feel of coolness on her hot, sensitive pussy and swelling clitoris. She knew all the names for the parts of her anatomy; she knew what boys wanted with girls. She knew what her mom and dad did sometimes when they weren’t avoiding each other with work. And sometimes, when she couldn’t bear the itch between her thighs any longer, she laid in her bed in the dark, circling her clitoris with one finger and playing with her breasts with the other hand until she had an orgasm that she muffled with her pillow. But she wanted to know more. Feel more. Do more. The only problem was, she wanted her Daddy to teach her, not some stupid boy in the back seat of his smelly car.

It wasn’t long before she was opening her thighs to slip one hand between them and massaging her high, soft tits with the other. Her nipples already hard from the water, she sighed and moaned when she pinched them a little. When she nearly drowned herself trying to float and masturbate she came up sputtering and laughing, walking toward the bank again. When she reached a spot where the water lapped up just below her soft pubic curls she stopped, standing in the water, sliding both hands over her breasts, cupping them, then rolling her nipples. She let her feet spread open on the sandy bottom, moving one hand down to pluck at her clitoris again, and her knees got so weak she stumbled the rest of the way to the bank, collapsing onto her back, one knee raised and legs parted. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. About what she wanted him to do to her. What she wanted to do to him. And the itch between her legs got stronger and stronger. While the sun slipped to the west she lay on the warm green grass, playing with her breasts and her clitoris, and even at one point thrusting her middle finger deep inside herself while her hips pushed up and she moaned like a wild little creature, wanting to have the delicious orgasm that she kept just out of reach purposely.

She was going to have it in Daddy’s bed.

If she couldn’t have him, she thought, then she would cum in his bed, on his sheets. She would leave her scent behind to drive him mysteriously wild in the middle of the night...and then maybe he would come and teach her all those things she wanted to know. Lying here in the hazy sun playing with herself made her feel naughty and she realized that she liked it. She liked feeling a little like a whore, all spread out on the grass just waiting for some man to come along and take her.

Smiling, her eyes closing once again, she put both hands between her thighs, rubbing at her closed pussy lips and pretending they were his hands, whimpering and making little wild moans, hips pumping up in rhythm with her teasing hands...

Then she saw him.

Her eyes opening so little that she could still see the fringe of her lashes, she saw the shadow of a man around the corner of the barn when she tossed her head in that direction. He was watching her!

Shocked and flushing all over with embarrassment, Summer pretended to keep her eyes closed and kept touching herself. She didn’t want him to know that she knew he was there. What if he was some pervert? She felt her hands between her legs, but there wasn’t any more pleasure from it...she only wanted to make him think she was oblivious until she figured out what she could do. She couldn’t get to the house because he was between it and her. She couldn’t run to a neighbor’s house stark naked...

Well, okay. She could, if he was a pervert, but he looked, even as fuzzy as he was, like a big man with long legs and a pretty toned body. He could probably run her down easily.

She opened her eyes just a tiny fraction more. He was still fuzzy. Raising one hand from her crotch, she used it to massage her left breast, feeling the nipple tingle in her palm. Oh god, she WAS a whore! She was starting to feel those feelings again. Starting to feel flushed and aroused and so wet. Maybe she was an exhibitionist, like she read about on websites. Maybe he just liked to watch. Trying to stifle a little moan, she saw him move a little closer to the edge of the barn--closer to her!--and she nearly jumped out of her skin. But then he disappeared, as if he had never been there at all, ducking back behind the barn and out of sight.

As soon as he was gone she sat up, pulling her knees to her chest and tucking her chin on them, wrapping her arms around. She was excited, and shocked and afraid. But mostly she was turned on by having had some man watching her play with herself! Turning her head slightly to the left to make SURE he was gone, she quickly got up and into the sundress, her nearly dry hair blowing in every direction; her body warmed from the sun and cool from the water, now that the sun wasn’t so directly overhead.

As she started to slip her sandals on, she heard the screen door at the back of the house slam, then,

“Summer! You out here, princess?”

“Daddy!” she shrieked, tossing her sandals as she got up quickly to run and meet him.

“Hey!” he laughed, picking her up and giving her a bear hug as she ran into him with all her strength, her arms tight around his neck.

“You’re late!” she scolded, kissing his cheek, feet dangling off the ground for a moment until he put her back down again. Frowning, Summer noticed the way he kept her away from his body as much as he could, keeping their hips apart almost obviously. “Is something wrong, Daddy?” she murmured, standing on the ground again in front of him.

He shook his head, before ruffling her hair. “No, sweetie. Of course not. I’m sorry I’m late. The plane was delayed.”

“Oh,” Summer said softly as he turned away almost immediately, walking away from her toward the dark interior of the barn. “Where are you going?”

“It’s cooler in here.”

Summer frowned, watching him disappear into the shadows of the barn. She went after him, hoping she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Daddy--wait,” she pleaded softly, following the sound of his footfalls along the row of stalls to the right. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Usually he made a huge fuss about being home again with her. Today it was almost as if he didn’t want to face her.

“I’m fine, honey. Really. Just a long flight.”

Moving faster, Summer caught him by the arm and slid around to face him, blocking his path. “What did I do wrong, Daddy?”

“Nothing!” he said quickly. “Honey, it isn’t you.”

“What isn’t me?”

“Nothing, angel...it’s nothing.”

He was being so strange! Summer wanted to cry. What could she have done wrong? And then she knew...

“Oh, Daddy I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Summer felt her face flame with embarrassment. HE had seen her...and he was angry because his little girl was a whore.

He took her by the upper arms, gently, and that only made her cry because normally if she were upset, he would hug her and cuddle her. He was so disgusted he couldn’t even touch her! Sobbing, she flung herself at his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck and plastering her body to his. “I’m so sorry, Daddy...I don’t mean to be bad!”

“You weren’t bad, baby. I swear, it wasn’t you. Please don’t cry.”

Summer shook her head against his chest. “I AM, Daddy. I’m bad. I have such wicked thoughts about you, and I knew somebody was watching me but I didn’t stop and it made me so wet, Daddy...” She felt his big body stiffen, clearly shocked by what he’d heard coming out of the mouth of his little girl. Then she realized why he’d been so awkward with her. He was rock hard, pressing into her belly like a brand, and she felt her pussy twitch at the feel of it. She had lain out there like a little slut and he couldn’t help it if he was excited. She was a tease! “Oh, Daddy,” she moaned pitifully. “I’m so sorry!”

Tearing away from him, she turned and ran out into the bright late afternoon, the sun disorienting her for an instant so that she stumbled in her efforts to get away; to get to the house, to her room, where she could lock herself and her shame inside. When she got her footing again, he was outside with her, grabbing her, hauling her up into his arms and against his chest, carrying her while she fought, sobbing, to be let down.

“Hush, baby,” he murmured, taking her to the far side of the barn where he leaned against the shady side with her in his arms. “Hush now, princess...I mean it!” he insisted.

She quieted. She always did when he used that tone of voice with her. Lying in his arms, her left side against his chest, she wrapped her arms around herself and stared down at her knees, so ashamed she could barely breathe.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of,” he said finally. “Nothing. I’m the one who should be shot.”

Summer looked up quickly, surprised by the look of self loathing on his face. Reaching up with one hand, she stroked his jaw. “Daddy, please don’t feel bad. I was being a tease.”

Looking at his daughter, Scott felt something so overwhelmingly loving and so fiercely sexual that he couldn’t put a name to it. Slowly, he let her feet slide to the ground, still holding her around the waist, looking down into her earnest, upturned face. “You were NOT being a tease, Summer. You were just doing what comes naturally to all of us. I was wrong to stand there so long. When I saw you, I was so shocked I couldn’t move, and then....” His voice trailed off for a moment. “And then, I didn’t want to go,” he admitted hoarsely.

It took only a moment for Summer to realize what he’d said, and then she was stroking his jaw again, smiling coyly. “If I had known it was you, Daddy, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from...umm.....” Blushing, she whispered, “cumming,” in a voice as fragile as glass.

Scott groaned.

“I want you to show me, Daddy. I want to do so many things with you. Please?”

They stared at one another, father and daughter, man and woman-child, and he couldn’t find words. He only shook his head. He couldn’t do it.

“Pretty please, Daddy?” she whispered, seductive and childlike, sliding her free hand over his belt buckle, feeling his hard erection under the fly of his trousers against her soft knuckles. “Please, Daddy? I won’t ever tell.” Then she reached up on her tiptoes, pressing her soft, warm, inexperienced mouth to his, and she felt him shake, and moan and seize her tightly all at once.

Scott gave up his months of self-deprivation and self-control and wanting and self-loathing. Wrapping his arms around Summer, he pushed her back against the wall of the barn, feeling the sun’s waning warmth around them. Sliding both hands under her soft bottom, he pulled her up and into him, moaning when she opened her sweet little mouth under his, wrapping her legs around his waist. Crowding her between his body and the wall, he lifted his hands to cup her face between his palms, trying to devour her and not to frighten her all at once.

While he taught her to kiss him the way a woman kisses a man, he felt the shock of her need and fire all the way down to his toes, but only after it made one hell of a long layover in his cock and balls. She was squirming between him and the wall and while he knew it was because she was excited and unschooled, he liked the way it felt; as if she were trying to get away. He liked feeling that she was in his control; that he was taking her.

“Baby,” he murmured when he could stop kissing her for an instant. “Oh, baby, I love you so much.”

Whimpering, Summer let him take his mouth away so that she could kiss his throat, his ear; the little bit of his shoulder that she could manage to reach with his shirt in the way. “I love you too, Daddy,” she whispered in his ear between kisses. “Teach me.”

Scott nearly went over the edge. Shuddering, he leaned his torso back and away from her only far enough so that he could strip off the shirt and then he pressed back into her, feeling the light summer fabric of her pretty sundress like soft fingers against his chest; kissing her again, opening her mouth under his, tilting her face so that his lips slanted across hers. He slid the tip of his tongue over the petal-softness of her lips, back and forth, until she purred and moaned for him. Her hands lightly scratched his back in her exuberance; her mouth felt like liquid fire when he sank his tongue into her. She tasted like she belonged to him.

Her nipples were tight, her dress cool from the water that hadn’t dried on her body before she’d dressed again, and he felt every brush and rake of her against his chest like ice and fire, making him throb. He pushed his hips into her, feeling the warm welcome at the apex of her thighs; a bed of lush passion where he would put his lust to rest. He rocked his hips gently from side to side, rolling his cock against her soft wet curls, feeling the lips of her sex part to cushion him, and her moan in his mouth made him feel utterly powerful and protecting.

“Daddy.....Daddy,” she moaned softly, digging her little crescent nails into his back. “Please--”

He wanted her right there; wanted to free his cock and shove it up into her warm, wet, soft cunt and fuck her until she was screaming and drawing blood from his back, but this was his angel. Instead he held her, moving away from the barn, managing to get her across the yard and into the house, locking the door while she kissed him over and over again. Up the stairs, while she rubbed her clit into the steel ridge of his cock, her legs locked around his waist.

“Your bed, Daddy,” Summer whispered into his ear.

He carried her into his room; anything she wanted now was hers. His room; his bed. His cock. She already had his heart.

He laid her down on the tangled sheets of his bed and she pulled him down with her; his cock pressed hard into her soft belly as they landed and she squirmed, wrapping her legs around his waist again. She whimpered and he kissed her again, harder. Arching her back she raised her hips up, aligning them again so that she could feel the imprint of his need.


“Baby, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Daddy--” “You’re so soft. So sweet.” Scott kissed her between words, and within a few minutes she was hungrily sucking at his tongue; sliding her soft hands down his back to his ass, squeezing him. He didn’t know how much more he could take.

“Take off your pants,” she moaned between kisses. “I want to feel you.”

Groaning, Scott pulled himself away from her. On his elbows, he kissed her cheeks; her forehead; her nose. “Baby, are you sure?”

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