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Loving Lesbian Ladies

byTawny T©

Annie and I sat a table in the back of the bar, drinking slowly. It had been an interesting and stimulating night. She had asked me to meet her for drinks. I wanted to get out of the house, and welcomed the excuse. I had driven the forty or so miles to her apartment, and we had walked to the bar, and started drinking. It loosened both of our inhibitions, and before we knew it we were into talking about sex, hot and nasty.

We got to talking about past hot and cold lovers, and in her case boyfriends, a couple of past husbands, and her present one, who she was thinking seriously of shedding. We got pretty explicit in our descriptions of sex, what we liked, and what we didn’t with them. Annie is a cute lady and very sexy. Short brown hair, stylishly cut, framed a really lovely face. Her eyes are brown, not quite as dark brown as mine. She had on a rather low cut top and it exposed the slopes of her breasts. I found my eyes kept going to the rounded soft slopes of her breasts. She had on an expensive looking, sexy bra that really showed them off. I could see almost to the nipples when she moved just right. Her breasts were really beautiful, and I don’t remember ever being attracted to a woman’s breasts before.

We sat close, as it was pretty noisy in the place. I could smell her nice exotic perfume and I could feel the heat of her thigh, as her leg pressed against mine from time to time. She laid her hand on my arm several times and I found I really liked her being so near. She put her hand on my thigh several times also, lightly as women do, but nothing sexual or overt. We had several men come to the table to try to talk us up, but we weren’t having any.

I liked the feel of her hand on my arm, and covered her hand with mine, and left it there for a long while, even stroking her hand lightly. I felt strange doing this, but it was so nice to be with such a warm caring women. With all of our rather nasty sex talk, I felt my clit get stiff, and it ached to be touched. I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together. I can almost climax that way. Her sexy brown eyes kept holding mine and I felt lost in them. It really felt nice to be with her and talk so intimately. We got a little nasty at times talking trash.

Finally we decided to call it a night. We had walked to the bar from her apartment, so had a nice walk back. We were both tipsy, and she put her arm around my waist to steady us both up. I found I liked that too. I put my arm around her waist and we moved down the street close, bodies touching. She made a joke and even kissed me on the cheek as we walked. I found I loved that. It felt almost like a first date between lovers. Her body felt warm under my hand. I slid it up and down her cute ass a little. If she noticed, she didn’t object or comment on it.

Annie asked me to spend the night and I gratefully accepted. I recognized that I was really far-gone, and no way was I going to drive home. I didn’t want to take a taxi home, too expensive, besides I would have had to come back for the car the next day.

I called my husband and he sounded a little grouchy, but agreed that was the best thing for me. Annie got me a pj top to sleep in, as that’s what she always wore. I slipped into the bathroom to put it on. I looked into the full-length mirror when I took my clothes off and liked what I saw, a nicely shaped, dark headed woman, early thirties, who takes good care of her 5’ 5’ body, and nice C cup breasts that would still pass the pencil test. My legs are shapely and I looked down and found that the crotch of my rather sexy, and thin panties were wet. Damn, did being close to Annie do that?

I slipped on the top and got the new toothbrush Annie had laid out for me and brushed my teeth, than brushed my long black hair out, making it shine. Not a bad package, I decided in my slightly inebriated state. I winked at my image in the mirror. The dark eyed senorita winked back at me saucily, and tossed her long back hair sexily.

I came out of the bathroom and Annie had her back to me. Her panty-clad ass was really sexy. She turned around and was putting on her pj top. She stood a moment before pulling it closed and buttoning it up. Full lovely, rounded breasts, at least a D cup, with large nipples, rounded domes, the tips erect, and just a little reddened. Had she just tweaked them? I stared at them. Sexy!

I also wondered if she had purposely waited for me to come in and catch her partly nude. Was it my fuzzyheaded thinking, or was she purposely displaying her body to me? What ever it was, I liked what I saw.

“You have beautiful breasts.” I said without thinking. Well, it was the truth!

“Yours are not bad either, Lovely One. Find the toothbrush?” She got into bed and lay down.

The tops didn’t cover our crotches, and the thin cloth accentuated both of our pubic mounds. She had on thin, sexy panties also. Did I see a trace of dark wetness at her crotch too? She was certainly looking down at mine.

She turned on the TV and we watched a little of the news, then she turned the sound off. We lay there, just the TV light illuminating the room. It was warm and we didn’t even pull the sheet up over ourselves. We lay on our backs talking. Again the topic was sex.

“Mari, do you get yourself off?” Annie asked me, with a naughty grin.

I was embarrassed at first, but my inhibitions were way down. “Sure, I guess every woman does. Don’t you?”

“Oh God yes, I do it all the time. I get so damn hot sometimes.” She laughed

“I’ve never told another woman that I did it. I have had friends ask, and I always lied and said I didn’t!” I giggled. “You are the first to know the awful truth!”

“I don’t lie about it. Hell, everyone gets themselves off. Vibrators, fingers, a pulsing shower head. I even have been known to do a long necked wine bottle. Why deny a fact of life?”

“A wine bottle?” I laughed out loud. “A long necked wine bottle?” We both laughed at that. We lay there for a while not talking. The mental image of her sliding a long necked wine bottle deep in her pussy really got me hot. She turned toward me and looked at me a long time. I turned toward her. We were only inches apart.

“Have you ever been with, well, you know, made love to a women?” Annie asked, her voice a little hoarse. I caught the faint odor of her perfume; her body heat seemed to reach out to me.

I though about it a long time. I had experimented a little with a friend when I was very young. We just looked, but did little else. “No, not really. A friend and I just looked at each other’s pussies, touched just a little, but that was about it. How about you?”

“No. No, at least not yet. I’ve thought about it though.” She said slowly as if a lot of thought went behind it. “I guess every woman thinks about it at some time in their life.” She lay there looking at me.

The silence was long, and I wondered what she was thinking. My heart was racing a little. I closed my eyes and made my breathing slow down. I wanted to reach out and touch her. I heard Annie sigh softly. Regret? I lay, eyes closed pretending to be asleep.

I used a ploy I had learned as a child, I put my arm up over my face shielding my eyes from the light of the TV set which illuminated us softly. Shadowed, she couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed. The TV hummed faintly in the background. I opened one eye slightly looking over at Annie. She lay still for several minutes, then her hand went to her breast, and she slowly began to caress it through the cloth, and pull at the nipple. My clit started to become harder. It had never really gotten soft. It screamed for me to stroke it, but she would have seen me do it!

Annie looked over at me, making sure my eyes were closed; I guess, then unbuttoned her top slowly and pulled the cloth aside. Her breasts had softened as she lay, but were lovely full mounds. She stroked them slowly and pulled at the nipples and I could see her rolling them between her fingers. I loved doing that to mine. I wanted to do the same. My heart raced as I watched. She began to cup and knead her breasts softly and sensuously. Her nipples had elongated, hardened to two up thrust points.

God, I would love to be doing that to her breasts! What was I thinking? I knew it was the drinks. My pussy was wet, and my clit felt like it would explode. I think as she said, every woman, at one time or another thinks, and wonders what it would be like to make love to another women. At least most of the women I have ever asked, said they had wondered, even if they never did anything about it - another woman’s soft smooth body against yours. I remembered feeling her thigh against mine earlier, her body rubbing against me softly as we walked home, my hand on her pert ass as we walked. I watched her fingers pulling and rolling her breasts; I realized my mouth was watering.

I took my arm down and her eyes immediately went to me. She froze. Eyes open, I was looking at her. No words were spoken. I unfastened my top and pulled it open. I cupped my breasts and squeezed them. She slowly resumed playing with hers. I pulled at my nipples and rolled them into hard long points. God that felt so good! Sometimes I can actually feel my pussy lubricate, this was one of those times.

Looking in my eyes, Annie’s hand moved down and slid under her panties and down to her crotch. I moaned softly as I watched. Her hand began to slowly move up and down under the thin cloth. Masturbating! Masturbating while I watched! The way the cloth tented, I could see her middle knuckle raised, the tip pressed inward. I knew her finger was slipping along her pussy lips.

I couldn’t stand it a moment longer and slid my hand down and inside my panties. I slid my finger along my pussy lips and they were very wet and slippery. I moaned out loud as my finger touched my hard clit. I suddenly made a decision. I pulled my hand out, and using both hands, slid my panties down, rolled my hips slightly and whisked them off. I threw them aside and my hand went back to my pussy and began to masturbate while Annie watched.

She sat up and quickly slipped off her pj top and then her panties. She took them and put them to her face and inhaled. I caught my breath. Then she reached over and put the wet crotch against my nose. I sobbed aloud and smelled her excitement. She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips, soft and so tender I almost cried. She pulled back and lay down facing me. Her thighs parted and she spread her legs wide and her fingers played over her pussy.

I looked at her pussy, soft brown hair at the top, neatly trimmed. She had it shaved below, leaving her pussy bare. As her fingers moved, I watched fascinated as her juices gleamed on her fingers, and spread pussy lips. I never realized how lovely a woman’s sex was.

My own fingers were sliding along my pussy lips. I found my clit, hard and erect. I rolled it slowly with my finger, wet and slippery from my juices. Her eyes were riveted to my pussy as mine were to hers. I spread my thighs wider, pushing my hips forward a little, giving her a good look at my sex. I could smell the excited aroma of her heated sex, so erotic, so very sensual. I imagined she could smell my excitement too!

We lay inches apart masturbating slowly, openly masturbating for each other. I moved my other hand down, slid first one, then two fingers inside myself, deep and hard. I was drenched and my fingers slid inside with no effort, deep inside my pussy. My other hand strummed my clit, rolling my hard nub under my finger pad, around and around. I slid a third finger inside, and began to finger fuck myself. My wet pussy made little liquid noises. Did it excite her?

Annie’s fingers were strumming her clit. Her other hand at her breast, squeezing it, and pulling at the nipple. It looked like she would pull it off. She twisted and pulled it to impossible lengths.

I watched her fingers playing over her clit, a finger on either side of it rubbing slowly up and down. Her breast danced as she pulled at the nipple, lengthening it, then letting the nipple pop out from between her fingers. Her beautiful full breasts bounced and wobbled delightfully till she caught the nipple again, pulling, making her soft looking breast tent up as she pulled on the nipple again, over and over. Each time it slipped from her fingers her breast seemed to bounce and shiver. I had never seen anything so exciting before.

I stroked my clit, my fingers bringing ecstatic pleasure to my firm clit. I teased it, watching her fingers playing over her own clit. I wished I had the courage to reach over and replace her fingers with mine, but I didn’t have that in me. My brain was in turmoil. I wanted to, but was afraid. ‘Wimp,’ my mind screamed, ‘Do it!’ I couldn’t!

The little liquid sounds my fingers thrusting deep inside my dripping pussy seemed to fill the room. I rotated my fingers as I thrust them. I was on fire! I wanted my pussy noises to drive Annie wild. Her eyes were on my pussy; her head bowed forward watching, the tendons in her neck wire taut. Our breathing became more labored as we masturbated in full view of each other.

I increased the tempo of my fingers, fucking them deep inside my pussy, and the other hand, drawing circles around and around my clit, and driving myself toward a climax. I began to pant, and moan, as my climax was so close.

I was the first to cum. I cried out and my hips shot forward and my hands became a blur of motion as I rolled my clit, and pumped my fingers deep inside my raging pussy. My eyes were riveted to her pussy, watching her fingers playing over her clit. I could just see it pink and swollen as she moaned aloud, and her face became a mask of passion, distorted by her climax.

Annie screamed out her climax, a long wails of ecstasy, a long series of “Oho, oho, oho, oho,” each utterance, a two syllable sound, then a long quavering “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as she exploded. I fought to keep my eyes open, riveted to her body as it writhed and her hips thrust and moved with her passion.

Watching this beautiful sexy woman cum beside me was so erotic. I’d seen in on videos, but Annie, my best friend, was actually, physically, beside me, I could hear her every gasp, every two syllable “o ho” she gasped out, I could smell her pussy, hear the liquid sounds of her masturbating so close to me. We moaned and sobbed out as we lay writhing in passion so close together, yet not touching.

I don’t know if it was one long orgasm, or several close together, but mine seemed to go on and on, hers too. We seemed to feed off of each other’s passion, and cries of ecstasy.

Finally, our passions slowed, then ceased, and we lay close together panting. Her arm fell to the side and touched me. I jumped slightly then relaxed and reached over took her hand, brought it to my lips and kissed it. I could smell the wonderful odor of her sex on it, and I held it for a long moment close to my nose, drinking in the odor of her sex, her pussy.

I though about slipping it into my mouth to taste her juices, but just kissed her fingers again. They were wet with her juices. I felt her wetness, her pussy juices, against my lips. I let her hand go and she laid it against my face and stroked my cheek for a long wonderful moment. I felt the wetness, her pussy wetness, against my skin. God, how sexy! It made a chill run through my body, almost like a mini climax.

“Damn, that felt good!” Annie finally moaned, smiling over at me. Her eyes locked onto mine, closed for a moment, and then opened wide looking at me, mesmerizing me!

I was afraid to talk. I don’t think I could have. I just nodded, smiled into her eyes and grinned. I pulled the pj top closed, buttoned it up, then turned in the bed and lay facing away from her. As I tried to go to sleep she sat up. I could hear the soft rustles as she put on her top and lay back down.

I thought a moment of what we had done. I could still smell the delightful odor of her pussy on my lip, my tongue slid out to where her wet fingers had touched it. I licked slowly and tasted the distinct taste of her on my lips, salty, slightly tart, and so sexy. I smiled, made myself relax, and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to the delightful smell of bacon frying. It took a moment for me to orient myself. I got up, found my discarded panties and slipped them on, then went to the bathroom. Before I washed my hands I smelled them. The distinct smell of my pussy on them. Had we really done that? Yes, we had! I washed my hands, thinking of the smell and taste of Annie’s pussy on my lips. I shivered slightly. My tongue slid out, but the taste was gone, licked off the evening before. I sighed looking at myself in the mirror. “Wimp!” I whispered at my image.

I had wanted to touch her, make love with her, but I had been afraid. Would I ever do it? I didn’t know. It was one thing to wish it, another to actually make love to a good friend. The indecision and doubt hung there. I splashed water on my face, dried it, and went to find Annie, and see her in the light of day.

Annie was in the kitchen in just her pj top and her sexy panties. I was a little embarrassed at first. She turned to me, winked and smiled. “Old Friend, I think we were a little smashed last night. Agreed?”

“Only a little smashed? I think we were really snockered. Bombed out of our gourds!” I said as I started to set the table.

She stood there a moment then looked at me. I looked into her lovely brown eyes. “But, damn! That was sexy! I’ve never brought myself off with another woman in bed with me. Damn that was really clit stiffening.” She said shaking her head a little. “Watching you climax and rub your pussy. By the way, you have an absolutely beautiful body.”

I know I blushed. I nodded. I managed to croak out “You too!” She laughed at my almost loss of voice, and we both broke up.

A week later my husband came home on the weekend with a porn film. We love to watch them, get all lovey and fuck on the couch while they played on the big screen TV. This night was no exception. We had a few drinks, and we both were excited. Jeff got me in my favorite position where I sat astride his lap on the couch and he entered me from behind. We could watch the TV that way and he could reach around and play with my tits, rub my clit, and I could post up and down on his long hard cock.

We both were getting really hot; he was deep inside me, rubbing my breasts, and kneading them expertly. Then the scene changed and two women were in bed together.

I swear it was almost exactly like Annie and I, same positions, they both had their pj tops open and were masturbating. It was almost shockingly real to me. An omen?

“Damn, that’s sexy. Is that what you and Annie did the other night.” He asked.

I was startled, thinking he knew, but there was no way he could have known, and I seemed to hesitate a lifetime before I could answer. I managed to calm myself and mock, “You men are all alike, you just want to see two women together, don’t you?" I asked.

Jeff laughed behind me and squeezed my breasts firmly. “Hey, those two look a lot like you and Annie, don’t they?” He asked, a little surprised.

The two women began to kiss and fondle each other. They did look a lot like Annie and I in face, bodies, and in coloring. The scene was done so tenderly, so realistically, one of the best I had seen. Soft and slow, building up gently, gradually. Each seemed to really be making tender love to the other, as if there were real love between them. Finally, they turned in the bed and went into a 69. My pussy almost exploded.

“God, I’d love to really see that actually happen. Wouldn’t you, Hon?” He said his hips thrusting up against me.

I couldn’t answer, not if my life depended on it. I lost all contact with reality, it WAS Annie and I on the screen, sucking, licking, fingers probing and slipping into wet slippery holes. I BECAME the woman on the screen. I licked Annie’s pussy; I could still remember the exact smell, the taste of her pussy juice after a week.

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