tagRomanceLoving My Best Friend's Dad Ch. 10

Loving My Best Friend's Dad Ch. 10


I woke to the sun streaming through the curtains and into my eyes. After blinking a few times to get my bearings, I looked around. I was back in my own room. I glanced at the time while stumbling my way to the bathroom. Ugh, it was past noon, when and how did I get to my room? I did my thing and checked myself out in the mirror. Mmm no wonder I smelled Kyle, I thought, I was still wearing his shirt. I smiled to myself thinking of the night before. I brushed my teeth and hair before returning to my room to change. I sniffed Kyle's shirt one more time before shoving it to the bottom of my top drawer, so Ashley couldn't find it.

I walked to the kitchen with hopes of finding food, but instead found Ashley sitting at the counter with coffee. I poured myself a cup and made us toast, we needed food in our systems. We drank and ate in silence until Kyle came whistling into the room. Ashley glared at him as she held her head.

"Good afternoon, ladies!" Kyle greeted sounding chipper. I gave a small smile as Ashley groaned before taking another sip. I was grateful I didn't get drunk last night and end up like her when Kyle started to make himself lunch and was banging all the cabinets and making as much racket as he could. I swear, he opened some cabinets for no other reason than to be able to close them again. Ashley got up and poured another cup of coffee, she turned to go up to her room but pathetically punched Kyle on the arm. I silently laughed and watched her leave the room.

"I was wondering how much noise I'd have to make before she left," Kyle moved before me, leaning down for a long lingering kiss.

"You know, you could have simply told her to take a shower and she probably would have gone. She smells more than I did last night," I wrinkled my nose.

"Nah, there is no fun in that. I have to make her regret getting wasted. I'm a parent, it's my job," he grinned before making a sandwich with the items he got out.

"Parents are evil," I stated, finishing off my coffee and wondering what I should do today. I had homework to do but had no desire to do it. I wanted to try and get ahead of the work before I ended up behind it. I sighed mentally knowing I should go upstairs and get started.

Kyle busied himself around the kitchen, cleaning and putting things away. I watched him as he bent over to put something in the cabinet. His butt looked so cute, I almost wanted to take a picture. I tapped my phone to turn on the screen but stopped myself. It was not a picture I wanted Ashley to find if she were to sift through my photos for any reason. I turned it back off and simply enjoyed the view until he stood up. He turned to me and


"What are your plans today?" he questioned, leaning over the counter towards me.

"Homework, homework, and homework," I pouted. Seriously was there anything else to do today? Anything?

"I do not miss those days. Although I don't remember college being so bad," he tilted his head in thought.

"Well these days, it's a ton of reading followed by papers,"

"I remember parties,"

"Parties? I'm sorry, you don't look like a partier," I laughed and tried to imagine him younger and partying.

"Not now I don't. I was young and had fun. You should too. Make sure you have fun. Your own fun, I mean, not Ashley dragging you to frat parties all the time fun. Just try to fit me in between the homework and the fun," he joked.

"I won't have a problem fitting you anywhere," I said, thinking of the free time I have.

"Oh really?" Kyle's smile turned wicked, taking my comment out of context.

"That's not what I meant!" I squealed and laughed along with Kyle.

"I know, but it was funny. I have some work to get done. May I escort you to your room?" he came around the counter and offered his hand in a gentleman fashion.

"You may," I placed my hand in his. He helped me down from the stood and we walked hand in hand up the stairs. We stopped in front of my room, I was about to give him a kiss, but he held a finger to his lips. I looked at him confused. I heard Ashley's snores reach the hallway. I held back giggles as he tugged me towards his room.

"I wanted a little private time with you. I wasn't sure if she was asleep while we were downstairs, but I can almost hear her, even from here," he pulled me into an embrace.

"A little private time?" I rested my chin on his chest, staring up at him.

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and seemed almost sad, "I wanted to spend some time with you. I must leave tomorrow morning for a business trip. I'll be gone for a little over a week, ten days to be specific."

"Oh," I frowned. Ten days felt like a lot. I knew it would fly by, but now it seemed like a lifetime away before we would see each other again. It was weird to feel this upset when we haven't been together long, but there was something about Kyle...something that made me feel alone when he wasn't around.

"I know," he echoed my sentiments, "I'm sorry. This trip was planned before summer. I usually keep business in town during the summer season because of Ashley. The rest of the year I go on many short and long trips."

"I know," I nodded, understanding, "I just wish you told me sooner."

"I would have had I remembered. My secretary called me this morning to remind me what time my flight was. I completely forgot about it. She takes care of all that. I just follow what she says," he chuckled.

I smiled, "Soooo what do you want to do now?"

"I was thinking, I could shower, we could have a late lunch and just be together," he checked to see if that sounded good.

"Didn't you just have a sandwich?"

"I could eat more,"

"What about Ashley?"

"She is sleeping, we could just say you were hungry and I offered to take you out to eat. It's mostly the truth,"



"Yeah, okay. I want this time with you too," I kissed his chest and pushed him towards the bathroom.

He started to go but turned around, "This won't put you behind in homework, will it?"

"No, there is nothing that can't wait a day," I confirmed. He nodded and went to shower.


I sat on Josh's bed as he and Zachary discussed something over their text books. I wasn't listening as much as staring at my phone willing a text or call to come through. It had been five days or so since Kyle left for his business trip. We texted and called many times in the beginning but now I was lucky to get a few texts throughout the day. I know he is busy, but I missed him so much.

Zachary must have sensed my need to get out of the house and invited me to Josh's dorm to study even though I wasn't in their class. I immediately parked myself on Josh's bed since the floor was messy and there was no way I was sitting on it. Josh and Zach took the desk chairs and placed a small folded out tabled between them to study. Why? I have no idea since they were sitting arm to arm and sharing a text book. Much of the table sat bare and wasted.

I went back to my phone, scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. Nothing new popped up and my mind went back to Kyle. Our last day together was fun, we ate lunch at a bar and grille, walked through the park hand in hand, drove around the city, and had dinner as well. Just being together without fear was sweet and I enjoyed the time while we had it. We came home to Ashley still snoozing in her room, completely unaware that we were ever gone.

"Erin," Zach snapped his fingers in my face, bringing me back to reality, "What do you think?"

"Uh..." I stammered looking to Josh for help. He shook his head at me, amused.

"Can't you see the poor girl is clearly lovestruck! She isn't listening to us bicker," Josh abandoned the school work and made his way over to me, "So, tell me who the lucky guy is. I'm dying to know who has your heart."

I felt my face blush and turned to look at Zachary. He shrugged, unable to help me.

"Just some guy," I answered lamely.

"Oh no, honey. No guy would have you just sitting there staring at your phone waiting all night," he pried, "I don't need a name..."

"Yes, you do," Zach interrupted.

"Okay, so I want a name. But details, I'll take those if you're willing to share," Josh nodded enthusiastically.

"He's handsome, older, sweet, and tall," I stared, dreaming of Kyle's features and wanting to share them but discretely.

"That's over half the student population, especially if you say taller than you because you're short, sweetheart," Josh argued, pointing out the obvious.

"He is about 6 feet, dark hair, nice body, happy trail that leads to amazing things," I said without thinking, eyes widening as Zach waved his hands for me to stop.

"Ohhhhh!!" Josh jumped, excited, "You've seen him naked! Girl, don't stop there. You've clearly been to a few bases."

"We haven't," I backtracked, "I just happened to see his chest when he lifted his shirt one day." Okay, that was super lame, but I needed to cover my butt before this took a wrong turn.

"Mmmhmm," Josh didn't believe me but let it go, "Well, he better talk to you soon or you're going to become a statue the way you've been sitting there waiting."

Josh and Zach went back to their textbook to study, allowing me to return to my phone. I debated texting Kyle but, in the end, decided against it. I was the last one to leave a message and didn't want to seem clingy. I sat there for a little while longer before giving up.

"I'm hungry," Josh announced as he shut his book and looked at us. I nodded and hopped off the bed, ready to eat or do something to distract me. We all gathered our things and decided on a nearby place known for its New York style pizza. We were about to leave when the door opened, and Miles walked in.

"Oh, hey guys," he greeted us and smiled at me, "Are you leaving?"

"Yeah, we're getting pizza, want to join?" Josh asked.

"Sure," Miles dropped his bookbag and joined us.

At dinner, Miles sat beside me and updated me on how things were going in his world. We discussed his interest in computers and the classes he was taking to improve his knowledge, he ended up teaching me a few things. I felt smarter and wondered if this would help when talking to Kyle about his work. The conversation changed to our high school years. I was and wasn't surprised to hear he was a geek/nerd in a sense with his love of computers and technology. He never attended any events or anything because he didn't have a lot of friends or a girlfriend. I felt bad for him but explained that I was single throughout high school too, however I did attend events, but it was mostly because of Ashley that I had done so or even had a few friends. We bonded more and more. It felt nice to have someone who understood how I felt and saw things.

"Wow," Zach said with Josh nodding along.

"What?" I asked taking a slice of pizza from the pan. Miles had just left for the restroom, putting our talk on hold for a few minutes. I took a bite and stared at them as Josh grinned, but Zach looked worried.

"He is totally interested in you, Erin," Josh bounced excitedly in his seat.

"No, he isn't. We're just friends," I frowned. Was he interested in me? There was no way.

"Oh yeah, he totally is. He is just so smitten with you. I have not seen him interact with anyone, male or female, the way he does with you," Josh's hands started to become animated as he continued, "He smiles more, he isn't trying to dumb himself down, so you understand him. He is trying to actually talk to you about everything, he is open and throwing himself at you."

"Nooo" I drawled out the word, thinking to myself. No, no, no. No guy other than Kyle has ever expressed interest in me. Miles was definitely not into me. Was he? Crap! Was I leading him on? I thought to the way we interacted and assured myself I never showed any romantic interest. This was not happening. I groaned inwardly and looked to Zach, who gave me a small frown, in other words, not helpful. Josh kept on nodding with positivity about what he was saying.

Miles came back and smiled at me, didn't even acknowledge the boys welcoming him back. He continued our discussion where we left off, not aware that anything was said while he was gone. I mentally was trying to shut myself off and wondered how to make myself unappealing, but our conversation was going well, and I was into it, so I focused on him. We finally finished our meal and decided to head to our separate homes. Before we parted, I hugged Zach and Josh goodbye, then turned to Miles, unsure of what to do. He opened his arms to me and enveloped me in a hug.

"We should get together and hang out," he pulled back, "I love talking to you."

"Yeah, we should," I agreed, feeling awkward now that Josh pointed out Miles liked me.


I spent the next few days getting ahead on school work and watching my phone for any texts or calls. In the end, I completed all my assignments for the rest of the semester and spent a good amount of time texting Miles, who messaged me more than my own boyfriend. Still, I was excited when I knew Kyle would be home tomorrow. Ashley barely noticed her dads' disappearance until dinner time when we would have to fend for ourselves or make a meal together.

Tonight, we scoured the kitchen for meal ideas only to fall short. The kitchen lacked food since we ate almost everything. I told Ashley we should go grocery shopping before her dad came home, but she waved me off saying he would do it when he got back. We finally settled on Chinese takeout and sat at the island eating right out of the containers.

"I heard from a little bird that Miles in interested in you," Ashley smiled as she took a bite of her food.

"I know. Josh pointed it out to me. He's been texting me almost non-stop since Friday night," I groaned.

"You don't like him? He's kind of cute. Not my type but if you guys get along why not give it a shot and go on a date?" she asked.

"Because I don't like him that way?" I offered as an explanation.

"Oh whatever, how do you really know that? You have not dated a guy in forever. You have never been with a guy either. Girl, we need to get you somewhere. At this point I would be happy even if you said you liked girls and dated a girl," she looked pointedly at me.

"I'm not gay," I frowned at her, more irritated than upset, "I just...I don't know."

"You need to find out. He likes you. Give it a shot. If it doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out. No big deal, you tried. But you need to try," she pointed her chopsticks at me as if it helped make her point.

I knew in her eyes, I wasn't trying. She didn't know about her dad and hopefully wouldn't find out for a while...or at least until I was ready. How could I date knowing that I wanted it to be Kyle and not the guy with me? It didn't seem fair.

"Oh! Speaking of Miles," she winked, I rolled my eyes, "I invited the boys to come over Friday night for a scary movie marathon! I'm hoping dad will let them spend the night if we all behave so we can watch movies until we all fall asleep. Won't that be fun? Halloween is right around the corner and you love this holiday. We used to do this all the time, wont it be more fun with more people?"

"That sounds like a great idea," I agreed with her. At first, I felt a little weird but if all of us were together it wouldn't be so bad, right? Plus, I did love Halloween. I loved the movies, costumes, candy, and all the scary things that went with it.

"Great, I'm going to talk dad into that and into going to the grocery store for food and drinks," she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"He is not going to agree to alcohol," I told her, knowing he would just laugh at her.

"Doesn't mean I can't try," she pouted, "party pooper."

I laughed, "No, you're just upset cause you know I'm right. Good luck with getting him to go along with that. You would have more luck getting Cole to somehow bring in alcohol."

This perked her up. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing I gave her an idea and mentally kicked myself for doing so. Without another word, we finished our meals before she bounced away happily, calling Cole. Great, lets sneak in alcohol with her dad around. The marathon wasn't going to end well. I cleaned up our mess and headed to bed, texting Kyle that I missed him and couldn't wait to see him.


I returned home to an empty house, upset I plopped down onto the couch and checked my phone. No texts or phone calls. I raced home from my only class today since it was Thursday, with the hopes that Kyle returned home. I wasn't sure when his flight would land or even if he was on the plane. I only knew, he would be home sometime today...that could even be late tonight. I sighed and curled up under a blanket and put on Netflix, soon drifting off to dream land.

Soft kisses brushed against my forehead, waking me from my dreamless slumber, I cracked my eyes only to see a beard in my view. The person pulled back and smiled at me, "Hello beautiful."

"Kyle!" I pulled him down into an embrace, grateful he was sitting next to me and within reach. He leaned over me to hug me back.

"I missed you, baby," he said before kissing me a few times.

"I missed you too," I grinned, happy to see him, pulling him back to my lips. I felt like I had returned to heaven, his kisses just sent me to another world.

"Wow, I need to go away more often," he laughed when I finally let him go to breathe.

"NO!" I shouted, shaking my head and grabbing onto his suit jacket. I looked at him and realized, he must have just got home. He still wore a nice black suit with a red tie that hung loose from his neck. He looked tired, exhausted really. "Did you just get home?"

"I did. I saw you sleeping here and couldn't resist kissing you. I was trying not to wake you, but you see how that went," he brushed his hand against my cheek.

"You can wake me up anytime you need to. I raced home hoping you would already be here,"

"Nope, sorry. Didn't Ashley tell you what time I'd be home?"

"No. Wait, so you told her and not me?"

"Yeah, I talked to her for a few minutes yesterday before she went to school. I would have called you, but I had meetings late into the night and by the time I got to my hotel room, I was tired,"

"You still look tired,"

"Jet lag, I'll be fine. I'm just happy to see you," he leaned over and kissed me again, "Is Ashley home?"

"What time is it?"

"Almost one,"

"She won't be home for a few hours. She has class until five, I believe,"

"Mmmm good," he kicked his shoes off and removed his jacket. I raised my eyebrows at him. He held up a finger. Once he had just his pants, shirt, and tie on, he lifted my blanket and laid next to me. I had to move a bit to give him room, in the process remembering why I liked this couch, it was roomy. We smiled at each other and giggled.

We cuddled and talked for a little bit, catching up with each other. I was pleased to be laying in his arms again, feeling right at home. It wasn't long before we began to kiss, and the kissing led to making out. I pulled him closer to me, my arms around his neck, thrilled to have him home and next to me. He inched as close as he could, pulling one of my legs over his hips.

Kyle wasted no time kissing down my jaw line to my neck and finding every sensitive spot I had, knowing what it did to me. His beard tickled my neck, as his mouth worked its magic over me, sending shivers down my spine. Soon my shirt and bra were stripped away, and Kyle zoned in on my breasts, massaging them before diving in and taking a nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking.

I ran my fingers through his thick hair, holding him to me, he took the hint and switch to my other nipple. When I couldn't take it anymore, I tugged at his hair to get his attention and pulled his mouth to mine. We kissed deeply, our tongues meeting and exploring each other's mouths. I unbuttoned his shirt, wanting it off so I could feel our skin touch. I finally parted it and winked at him. I just loved his chest, the little hairs scattered across it and the trail leading to the one thing I really wanted right this second. I brushed my hand through the hair and followed the happy trail down to his belted pants. I looked up at him suggestively.

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