tagSci-Fi & FantasyLucid Dreams for Lust Ch. 02

Lucid Dreams for Lust Ch. 02

bysex slave©

It was high time that Sandra went to sleep. After all it was two thirty in the morning now and the serine environment of the hour was meant to invite lust and debotchery, but sleep would not come.

Sandra layed in her twin bed in the motel where she was staying at the moment. The dingy walls were meant to fall away this night in a scene of cum and ecstasy on the magical island. At least that was what usually happened after a day of whorish servitude at the hands of trashy pigs. This time it was a group of six men who Sandra's new go between, that is what pimp's were called in the higher circle of call girls, had linked her up with.

The gruff stocky group had paid cash and wanted an exotic fuck. Sandra wore a light purple get up that unzipped from the back to reveal her firm breasts and tight ass. Her black hair was up in a bun with chop sticks coming out to compliment her kimono while her cute bare feet danced seductively on the bare floor.

God damn, she thought with all the filth in this shit hole I better have their fucking souls tonight. I fucking danced on this dirty floor for those slimy fucks.

Sandra tried to sleep, but her mind was active with the day's imagery. Her heart still beat fast from the speed or else it was the mental pictures of her acts behind the shades of the Redline Motel.

Her shoulders had been a point of control as the first man rammed his hard bent dick into her vaj; his partners jeered and slapped her ass until it was a deep red. Her back was soon sweaty and her knees hurt with the pounding that her pussy endured. She had moaned for hours under the penetration of her owners, yet how much of her pleasure was in the thought of the mastery that the darkness should be allowing her currently?

The next picture flashed into Sandra's eyes like déjà vu in its abruptness. She was jerking off the six men and her flailing hands rewarded her with a sticky mess of procreate which she viewed as she contorted her head in an attempt to paint her face in white.

"Take it all you slut", the men called. Oh, success, Sandra thought as the gobs of cum washed over her in a rush. Her orgasms had been extremely strong and she ran a hand over her soft body in recollection as a finger met her soar and stretched vagina. The sheets and bed spread were strangling her and in the thoughts of her day time deeds the call girl met the covers as vine cocks in her familiar Island realm.

"Sandra , I am cock Twilizen," stated a viney cock whose veins were massive and whose color was deep purple.

"Unhand me,"

Sandra blurted.

"NO worries," laughed Twilizen. You won't have to tongue fuck my girth or deep throat my entirety.

Sandra was freed as Twilizen stood erect , his shaft body an amazing size of about six feet and his many eyes darting and seeming to move as they flowed inside the small veins and looked out the shaft walls where certain spots turned translucent.

With a grunt Twilizen began to spurt a mammoth guizer of cum into the air which came down in chunky hard bits that smashed the girl all over.

"I will ask that you partake in my cum bath as the Gortrum falls is dried up though," Twilizen called out. It is not exactly the fine mist of the falls but I know how much you love cum," he laughed.

Sandra could do nothing as the globules of cum covering her body slid groundward. She wiped the cum from her brown eyes and felt moist between her legs; Fine and smooth legs that would carry her to the path of the gods of this place.

She began to move and Twilizen produced a larger than normal eye near to his head which somehow looked wantonly at Sandra as if despite his remarks he would have liked it if this naked female had produced his cum guiser by tonguing his urethra after all. She side stepped the path to her deed and planted a kiss on the head of the giant cokc and then sat on the mammoth sized hairy balls; lap dancing while she fingered her sweet minge.

"OH, , that is good,' Twilizen was letting loose for possibly the first time in a long while before he let his rigid balls go soft once more to prompt her continued motion.

"I would very much love to Jizz again my dear but I am afraid that when I go a second time my spunk would flood you to the point of death and we don't want that when you have so many souls to collect now do we?

"But what whorish deed will the entity have me partake in this nocturnal visit?"

Twilizen thought deeply and pictured a vision of this dear fawn lapping up the copious fluid from the mystical cum troth. "Sandra ", I will meet your eyes later."

Twilizen, thank you for refreshing me with your seed fall."

Sandra took off with the now strengthening feeling that was a direct result of the realms familiar entity. She cleared a group of palm fronds to reveal a path whose location was sent to her from above. She walked onward, her sweet ass swaying as she cleared foliage from her course and awaited her soon to come reward.

"Fawn my sweet mortal," the familiar but still strange voice of this world's entity rang out like a gong blast. "It is time you collected your reward for your daytime services at the hands of your aggressors. Since you served a mighty six cocks I thought that you should be blessed with at least ssix more tonight.

"Oh thank you," Sandra called as she stretched out her arms as if to hold the entirety of this distant realm. The greenery surrounding her blurred to an arid waste land and Sandra's nakedness was suddenly heated by a bright sun. Her feet felt the hot sand under her and her eyes viewed an endless flat plane of tan color and mental mirage.

The mirages started as mere blurring in the distance as a result of the heat but with the first few drops of Sandra's sweat which mixed with the now dried cum which coated her hot body the vision of a moving tree entered her eyes.

There is no way this is real, she thought, as if she forgot the magical quality found in her keeper's world. A seemingly deciduous tree was moving from the distance toward Sandra and when it reached her she noticed that it was not rooted in the ground at all but instead it seemed to glide disconnected from the Sandra earth beneath it .

The tree was a deep brown and consisted of many branches which broke apart and filled the air in their bare winter state. Miraculously the tree started to emit a droning dissident note which sounded sad somehow and which made Sandra's body prickle with goose bumps. Her mind was filled with an exhilaration that was even more fantastic then having the broken speed pills snorted off of her numb clitoris as she felt her legs go weak and her ass start to tingle.

The tree as if in a response to her physical state began to release root shafts from its bottom which surrounded Sandra's hot body at the trees beckoning and the phallic roots undulated before their new host. Sandra's mind was filled with her day's acts and she was recollecting her tongue work on the six men in the grimy Motel as she felt the root shafts touch her form and shock her to pseudo reality.

The nocturnal slut let out a moan as the sap from the many cock sized root shafts began spurting over her shoulders and face; joining the dried cum as the night's second offering. She got to her knees in reenactment of her servitude for a man meat six pack and let the first hard wood cock force into her mouth. The thing seemed to never stop flowing juice which upon ingestion made Sandra's clit more erect that it had ever been as well as numbing most of her ass and legs.

She fell to the hot sand and the feel of the ground's heat was amazing along with the spurting dick's that magnetized themselves to Sandra's hands and face; belly and mouth. She was grinding against the grainy sand before she even realized; humping and thrusting in anticipation for her rape by this beast. The hard oiled wood cocks were cycling in and out of her grasp as they grew bigger and bigger. The drone sound was all the time increasing in volume as the excess fluid that was streaming to the sand heated up and continued its job at numbing.

The slut could not contain herself and spread her legs to invite the first rod into her warm cunny as she jerked rapidly at the other attacking dicks. The tree was in front of her somehow but it was hard to see through a face of sticky juice and Sandra choked down the whole gnarly shaft in her throat as the biggest cock she ever had stretched her pussy to the limit. It must have been about five inches around and as long as her arm as she cried with the pain of its entry and then rebounded with the numbing at her ass and now her breasts.

She could not resist as the massive giant at her front fucked in and out of her used womanhood, the cocks at her breast and face and in her throat were only fingers on the hand of this treant beast. She was the unicorn sent to lure this nocturnal creature to rape and torment her pussy; to see if she could handle it and fully deserved her prize of the souls of her six daytime men. She needed to prove herself and fucked against the monstrous cock that was all the time stretching and abusing her cunt and somehow pulling and pinching her clit to boot.

Sandra the nocturnal plant slut was again gargling pre-cum and her belly was ful but she throated and fucked the other torture device with her mouth as fluid coated her entire body.

She was starting to loose consciousness with the intensity of her orgasm and the stretching of her ass in double penetration of her bottom drove her over the edge; her vagina releasing turrents of cum over the shaft of her nighttime rapist. She went under and the world was black for a time until the drone pierced her mind and roused her from her place on the ground. His groan was met with the voice of the entity.

"Sandra , I take it you are satisfied of sex for the night?" But before she could answer the entity made it apparent that she had better have room left in her belly for her last task of this visit. The fuck session continued for a while longer as Sandra bucked against the biggest hardest rod of her life.

Suddenly, with a scraping sound a long object was moved close to Sandra as if by unseen hands and upon inspection she noted that it was a large animal troth like on farms. She looked into the thing and it was filled with bubbling spunk against a wooden container. The milky fluid looked to be the product of about five hundred male orgasms and before the weight of this uphoric calculation fully registered she was forced to her knees...

"Drink of the Twilizen procreate you whore and then you will have your six cocks to do as you please." Sandra Slut peered at the bubbling ooze; her hands on the sides of the troth as she took the role of a dirty animal. She had not drunk yet and a force threw her head entirely into the cum and she surprisingly felt no fear as she gulped away at the precious dick juice. Mouthful after mouthful entered her stomach as she clutched at her oozing mound and then fucked her gaping snatch and ass. Her cunt was filled with splinter fragments and her stretched and torn pussy felt numb; the smallest of wood shards slicing her clit and forcing in more opiates to induce her ravenous appetite. She knew that she would be there a long time to come and her belly was filling up fast with cum as she ate of the milky fluid. Sandra was again a soul possessing slut with an insatiable hunger for dick juice...

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