Lucky Bastard Ch. 02


Leo felt the suction on his chest and his head stayed back. His eyes were open as he tried to gasp, but Myra's hand silenced him as she stroked him hard. He felt his cock starting to drip onto her skin and he wanted to make her scream first. Against his wishes he pulled his cock away from their grip. Myra looked up to see him stand up and rip off the shorts. The shorts hit the floor and Leo's angry cock bobbed a few times as he got back onto the couch and hiked her legs wide and open. Myra giggled as she felt the blunt head of his cock open her pussy. Myra's head fell back as he began to sink into her. The fullness she felt last night was great, but this time it felt way better.

Leo sank into her warm accepting body and Tamika watched it slowly slide in her lover. Her eyes narrowed as he sank into Myra's hole and soon she couldn't help herself. She sank down to get a close view of it. Tamika was breathing heavily as she watched Leo's ivory rod sink into Myra's dark folds and she felt the wetness in her pussy begin to saturate the tops of her thighs. She leaned forwards and licked Myra's clit ring making a whimper come from her throat. Tamika's eager tongue flicked it several more times as Leo's thick cock sank into the hilt and she watched him settle inside of Myra. The moan from Myra's throat said it all as she felt his dick fill her up so well.

Myra looked up to see Leo's eyes blazing as he looked into her own. The feeling of Leo's dick as it began to slip in and out of her hole was heavenly. Tamika never once stopped tonguing Myra's very aroused clit. The way the ring danced across her tongue was a very amazing sight to Myra. She had always known that Tamika was superb at oral, but coupled with Leo's lovely cock it was pure bliss.

Leo watched the show with a form of glee as he slipped in and out of his new lover at a quicker pace. He was very quick to spread her legs wider to make it easier for Tamika and was amazed at how flexible Myra was. Tamika moaned throatily as she licked the lovely ring and marveled at the sight of Leo slapping his hips into Myra. Her eyes narrowed a bit and she looked up at Leo with pleasure slanted eyes.

"Let me taste you Leo," she begged him in her heavenly accent.

Leo withdrew from Myra's hungry hole and speared Tamika's mouth.. Tamika mewled as she tasted Myra's sweet juices on Leo's cock and bobbed furiously on it for a few seconds then released it. Leo felt the cool air on his manhood and aimed back and speared Myra. He had an image of the same thing from the night before, but this time it was Tamika in Myra's pace. He grinned as he sank deep into Myra and began to savage her hungry hole.

"You like this baby?" he whispered to Myra.

"God yes," she hissed.

"I can't hear you. Maybe I should stop," he teased.

"No baby!" she squealed.

"Now tell me what you want," he said teasingly as he slid deep in side her only to pull out slowly.

"Fuck me!" she screamed.

"If that's what you want," he said firmly and grabbed Tamika's short hair and yanked her to his mouth.

Tamika squeaked loudly as he savaged her tongue. He kissed her with a fiery passion that Leo never knew was in him. He got a wicked idea and pulled her close. His lips never left hers and his hips never stopped moving in and out of Myra's hole. He got a wild smile as he broke the kiss and put her lips next to Tamika's ear.

"Straddle her head. I want you screaming when she starts," he said firmly.

Tamika looked at Leo shocked, but for some reason she couldn't deny his wishes. She looked to Myra who was in bliss as he continued to fuck her. Without a word she complied. Tamika got to her feet and dropped the shirt. She walked to Myra's head and threw her leg over so her dripping slit came into Myra's vision. Myra wasted no time in grabbing her hips and making her sink down on her mouth. Tamika gasped loudly as Myra's tongue snaked across her slit and drove into her hole. She squealed as Myra's hands began to slap her ass hard while she ate her.

Leo watched the sight of the sexy women at play and his own cock began to throb in a dull ache. His balls began to swell up in preparation for what he knew was going to be an explosion. He watched as she bucked his hips into Myra and again his brain went out of control. He slipped his hand out and behind Tamika's head and had her sink to Myra's slit. Tamika lashed her tongue out against Myra's clit ring and Leo kept his pumping at a steady pace. Leo's mind was filled with fun images of the two beauties and he knew that he was ready to make his own fantasies come true. He slipped out of Myra and speared Tamika's mouth a few times then slipped back in. He repeated the process several times and soon he was eager for more.

"Do you want me to fuck you too sweetie?" he asked Tamika teasingly.

"Yes Leo! Oh god yes!" she begged.

Leo got a semi smug smile, but as soon as it began it dissipated. Her grabbed Myra's thighs and began to savage her hot hole. He wanted to make sure she was sated before he began a new round of fun. The hard long strokes drove in and out, in and out, in and out. Never once did they stop, never did they waver. Leo felt his whole being was in a test somehow. He slammed deep into Myra's hole many times and soon he felt the tremors begin. Tamika lapped furiously at her clit and she bit the ring at the right moment pulling it upwards as Leo's cock found the right angle.

Myra felt the burning in her slit and the fire rushed through her. The scream she let out was muffled by Tamika's sweet pussy. Myra's nectar washed out of her as she climaxed with a fury. Her legs spasmed in Leo's hands. Her stomach muscles clenched and unclenched as the violent feeling washed over her and slowly stopped. For what felt like hours Leo never stopped his pounding, nor did Tamika stop her suckling.

Leo felt the river of molten nectar coating his balls and smiled in content. He wanted to continue, but he felt the burning in his balls. He looked deep into Tamika's eyes and smiled as he raised Myra's legs up and pushed them toward her chest. Tamika got a wide smile and took her lover's legs in her hands. She held them up for Leo and sat fully on Myra's mouth. Myra was not able to scream when Leo began his final savage pounding of her hot hole.

Leo let go of all his frustrations. All the women in the past who wronged him or treated him like dirt flew out of him as he savaged her snug pussy. Tamika egged him on with sweet words as he did, but he didn't hear them. He looked to Tamika and with his eyes bade her to move. Tamika got off Myra's head and let go of her legs. Leo let them go around his back as he got on his hands and knees over Myra.

Myra looked in Leo's eyes and her own were glazed over. The savage pounding slowed down, but not the urgency. Leo looked dead at her and saw her glazed mouth and claimed it as he passionately kissed her. Myra's hands found their way around his neck as he continued. She let out whimpers and moans over time as Leo slowly rocked in and out of her. The both of them knew it was a short time before they let loose, but they didn't care. Leo finally found a woman that he could want and was going to make sure she wanted to be in his life a little longer.

Myra felt the orgasm beginning before she could ready herself for it. She let go as it washed over her like an explosion of color before her eyes. She broke the lip lock and threw her head back keening into the morning light. She let out a loud cry as her pussy spasmed on Leo. He felt the way she tugged and milked him and was taken aback by it. Last night was great, but was far better.

"Oh shit Myra," he said breathlessly.

Myra looked into his eyes and mouthed please many times. She wanted to feel him in her. She needed to feel him deep in her. She longed for it and soon the mouthing became vocal.

"Please...oh...oh...god...please Leo!" she raggedly begged.

Leo lost it when he looked into her sweet face and his balls wrenched. He felt them send the fiery jolt as he spasmed several times. He gasped loudly several times as his juice flowed into her warm wet accepting body. Myra felt the hot seed in her and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She arched her hips up to allow him to deposit his load deep in her like she wanted. The feeling was euphoric as he spasmed in her. Myra felt her next orgasm rip through her as the seed filled her and went deep into her hotness. She shuddered softly as it did and her legs tightened across his back.

Leo slumped forward in a heap on Myra's soft shoulder. His sweat covered forehead touched her skin and that sent an electric jolt through her body. Myra found the strength to move her hands under his chest and somehow push him up to see his face. The two of them spent a long moment staring into each others eyes before she leaned to his face. Their lips met and she kissed him deeply. With her lust sated, she felt something else in her. It was a longing. She had Tamika's love and that was a great thing, but she longed for a good man to hold her sometimes. She kissed Leo and thought that she had indeed found one. Maybe, just maybe, they could work something out and the three of them could find a happy footing. She pondered it for a brief minute as their tongues met and thought of nothing else.

Tamika smiled as they kissed so sweetly. She looked at Myra's face and was eager to claim her lips, but she waited. A feeling in her decided to let them share a moment before she interrupted them. The kiss lasted a few seconds longer before Leo pulled away from her face and Myra's exhausted smile lit up the room. Myra looked to her love and the smile she had was so pure it made Tamika smile back and lean to her lips. The slow kiss they shared was the sweetest thing Leo had ever seen. He pulled away from Myra as Tamika leaned over her and took his place.

Tamika's hands found Myra's face and they kissed with a passion that they hadn't known in a long time. Both felt their lusts had sated for now and all that was left was emotions. Leo was front row center to the true level of their love and watched in silence. Myra's lips and Tamika's seemed to meld into one as they slowly loved each others face. Myra slipped her arms around her lover with great reverence. The snug feeling washed over Tamika and she melded into Myra's body. The scene played itself out for what seemed like hours to Leo.

The sight of two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in the throes of such passion was something he never saw before. While he had seen his fair share of such on the internet, he would never have imagined such a breath taking display before his eyes. He sat back and admired the love the two of them had and said nothing. His breathing was silent as the sounds of their lips playing and their moans of content swept through his loft. It seemed they would never stop then Tamika slowly broke from Myra's loving lips. Their eyes stayed closed for many many minutes as their breathing got under control.

Leo was about to leave them be when he noticed Tamika lean in and whisper into Myra's ear. Myra purred and nodded her head after a few seconds of listening then she let out a soft whispering answer that made Leo look at her confused.

"If he says yes baby," was all he heard.

Leo was about to say something when he saw Tamika slowly get off Myra and plant a sweet kiss on her lips. It was a peck then she got up to her feet and turned to Leo. She held out her hands to him and he gave them to her. She took his hands and led him to his feet. Leo was shocked when she led him from the couch to his bedroom. He was about to say something when she led him through the door. He would never have imagined she would have left Myra laying on her back on his couch, but he noted how out of it Myra was.

Tamika got on his bed on her hands and knees and stopped him from getting on it. She looked up at him with her big eyes and her body was actually shaking. Leo noted it and his face showed its confusion. Tamika ended his confusion as she began asking him a hard question.

"Leo, before I ask you this will you promise to not be mad at me?" she asked.

Leo's face showed it's confusion, but he realized whatever she was going to ask him was likely important so he swallowed his confusion and he answered her truthfully.

"Why would I get mad at you honey?" he answered seriously.

Tamika smiled sheepishly and she continued, "I really, really enjoyed everything we did last night, but I was wondering..." she left off and looked down at the bed.

"Wondering?" he asked teasingly.

Tamika looked at him desperately and her eyes showed a seriousness he had never known before.

"I want you to use me Leo. Just use me and make me feel dirty baby. I really need it baby," she begged and Leo was shocked.

"Use you?" he asked confused.

"I want you to make me scream and plead for more Leo," she began and he noted she was shaking in apprehension.

"I want to cry out and beg you to use me and..." she was about to continue when Leo got the point.

Leo had a feeling Tamika was into rough stuff from the way she practically threw herself into everything they did last night. Instead of letting her continue Leo felt something take over his body. It was like all the nice man he was disappeared. Before Tamika could finish begging him for the rough sex she so desperately needed Leo grabbed the back of her head and impaled her mouth with his rising prick. Tamika's eyes widened as he sank into her mouth and into her throat. She gagged a bit as he did and her eyes closed. Leo held onto her short hair and glided in and out of her mouth. Tamika created suction by clamping her lips on him and sucking his cock as hard as she could.

Leo looked down at her and he had a look on his face that was not a smile, not a smirk, but no emotion at all. He began to fuck her sweet mouth and his eyes locked on her ass as she sucked him with all her heart. He reached over her body and slapped her ass hard making her gag on him as she tried to scream.

"Is that what you want slut?" he hissed in a voice that was one he rarely used.

The voice was cold, controlling and full of a promise of pain.

"Mmhmm!!" Tamika gagged as she tried to respond.

"Talking with your mouthful I see. Such bad manners," he said in that same voice and slapped her ass more viciously.

Tamika squealed as the blow hit her ass and the jiggle caught Leo's eyes. His eyes narrowed as he repeatedly slapped the same spot enjoying the squeaks and squeals that came from her throat as she sucked him. Leo groaned as she took him all the way down and moaned on him. The vibrations made his eyes cross and suddenly he yanked out of her mouth. The sight of the drool that arched after his cock was something he had only ever seen in a porn flick. He looked into Tamika's scared watery eyes and his smile made her shake in fear.

"I see you love sucking cock, but how about being fucked?' he asked coldly.

"I love it sir," she whimpered.

"Is that a fact?' he asked and yanked her head up so she went up to her knees then he shoved her so she fell on her back.

Leo clambered up her body before she could move and pinned her to the bed. The feeling of her pillowy breasts as they squashed on his chest was nice, but he had other ideas. His hips opened her legs and he felt her blazing slit was very wet with desire. He looked in her timid eyes and he got a creative idea. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them over her head. He took her hands to the bars on his head board and looked in her eyes.

"You hold these bars and don't you dare let go. Understand me?" he asked sternly.

"Yes sir," she whimpered and put a death lock on the bars.

Leo got off the bed and stalked to his closet. Tamika watched him go with a bit of apprehension. He ducked in the closet and was in there for a long time. Her body trembled in anticipation as he was in there. Leo was in his closet and got his ties from work. He decided to play a game with her and purposely waited in the closet for a long time. He was eager to pleasure her, but he was also remembering how badly she wanted him. The joys of teasing her were in his mind and he decided after enough time had passed to go back out.

In his hand Leo had three ties. They dangled in his hand as he strode towards Tamika's prone form. Her eyes were shaking as he mounted the bed and his ties drug along her skin. The soft material sent a shock through her heightened senses. Her body spasmed softly as the cool soft tie drug long her tummy. Leo noted the shift under him and smiled darkly. His hand changed the angle of the tie making it glide along her tummy and up across her nipple. The sigh that came from her mouth was all he needed to change direction again and go across the other. Tamika whimpered softly as her nipples hardened to diamond proportions.

Leo kept the teasing up for a few more seconds then he stopped. His hand found hers and the left hand was tied to the right. Leo made sure her hands were secure as he got the next tie and put it to the bars. He interlaced the ties nice and tight so she couldn't get away. It took a few seconds and Leo succeeded in making sure his prey couldn't escape. A sly grin came to his face when he saw one last tie was unused. A use came to his mind in a split second. Tamika whimpered softly as she settled down only to see Leo settle over her head and all her vision went black.

"There we go," Leo said in a teasing voice. "Now where should I start?" he asked rhetorically.

Tamika whimpered softly as his fingers touched her cheek. Her glistening folds were on full display to Leo who chuckled as he watched her body writhe under his fingers. He softly touched her neck and the sensation made Tamika turn softly as he found a ticklish spot on her. His fingers brushed her goose bump laden skin for a few seconds and then began a trail down. The slow agonizing trail down made her whimpers begin to get frantic. Leo could see how aroused she was by looking at her nipples. The large aureola and thick nipples were proudly displayed on her at least DD cups. Leo bent over and instead of using his fingers he used his teeth and bit her large nipple softly.

Tamika felt the jolt wash over her and bucked her hips as his teeth sank into her flesh. Her mouth made an "O" as he flicked his tongue along her sensitive nipple. Leo suckled softly for a few seconds then as soon as he started he stopped, pulling off her hardened tip with an audible pop, and left Tamika dazed and wanting more.

"Now now, not yet slut," he said seeing her trying to arch her back to him.

His hand pushed her his down and he kept his hand where it was. Leo noted he was being maybe too cruel to her and decided to give her some pleasure. His fingers played along her sensitive skin and suddenly Tamika felt them at her clit. The hard teasing he started on her ring made her gasp and shake under him. Leo watched her buck her hips desperate to have him near her hot hole. Leo watched the display and decided to play a little more.

"What do you want in there little girl?" e asked.

You sir!" she cried out.

"I see, but you didn't answer me. What do you want in you?" he asked more forcefully and tugged her clit ring.

The electric jolt that shot from Tamika's clit to her head made her body spasm. Leo saw the spasm and he slipped his fingers into her slit and played with the fat lips. Tamika mewled loudly as he did and Leo's fingers found her very hungry cunt. The fingers slipped in and Tamika straightened up suddenly. Her hole clamped tightly on Leo's fingers. Leo felt the clamp and smiled as he leaned over her face. His hot breath washed over her cheek as he dug his fingers into her honey pot. Tamika reacted to his new proximity to her body.

"Is this what you wanted in you?" he teased.

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