tagNovels and NovellasLucky Beyond Belief Ch. 04

Lucky Beyond Belief Ch. 04


Thanks to my editor, Nymphwriter, and my loyal beta readers who found my errors, made corrections, comments, and suggestions to improve my story. Any errors you may find are mine alone.

* * *

If you haven't read 'Lucky Beyond Belief' Chapters 1 through 3 yet, I suggest you return to the beginning of the series. Otherwise you'll have missed some of the best parts of the story.

As you recall from Chapter 1, Emily's family are nudists, but Mike is new to nudism. He finds it impossible to control his boner as he spends Thanksgiving weekend around nude women. Emily learns about the sexual activities of her hippie grandparents and discovers her parents are half-siblings. Her parents are extremely liberal, letting her sleep with Mike whenever she chooses. Mike has a problem with premature ejaculation when he and Emily have sex, but she overlooks it.

In Chapter 2, Mike prevents Emily from being raped and attempts to bring sexual harassment of women to university authorities' attention, without success. Later, he joins the Thompson family in Aspen after Christmas for a week of skiing. The first few days Mike's days on the slopes are great, but he sprains an ankle, preventing him from skiing. Mike's mother learns by accident that he's having sex with Emily, and John offers Mike a paid summer internship at his chemical plant. While John and Emily are skiing, Lisa seduces Mike and demonstrates doggy-style sex with him. Chapter 2 ends with Mike on his way home, dreaming of Emily and Lisa's pussies.

As Chapter 3 begins, Mike is scolded by his mother for having sex with Emily. Then he learns his mother was six months pregnant when his parents were married. Back at college, the news media posts stories about sexual misconduct on campus leading to an investigation of several university officials. When the second semester ends, Mike and Emily begin work as paid interns at John Thompson's chemical factory. Mike stays with the Thompson's and sleeps with Emily every night, with her parent's approval. Emily's mother, Lisa, is a sexually frustrated wife and seduces Mike several times over the summer. As the chapter ends, Emily asks her parents if she can rent an off-campus apartment and share it with Mike.

* * *

After a great summer internship at John's factory, Emily and I returned to college in the fall of 2005. I'd earned enough money to pay for my books, my share of an apartment, food, and incidentals.

We were eager to get started on our sophomore year. With the internet becoming more important every year, I met with my counselor and adjusted my course of study to include networking electronic devices together using the internet. Now that chemistry for engineers was behind me, I signed up for every electronics course I could fit into my schedule. Of course there were still a number of required non-electronics courses I had to take. Emily signed up for business classes for her major and a chemistry class to fulfill her minor.

The apartment we selected was in a forty-unit complex near the campus. Most of the residents were also college students, like us. The weekend before classes started, we attended a 'Getting-to-know-you' cook-out in the parking lot. We threw in five dollars each to cover the cost of food and soft drinks. I don't think I'd ever seen so many good-looking, well-endowed young women wearing short shorts and string-tie bikini bras in my life. I helped grill hot dogs and hamburgers, then stayed around until the cleanup afterward, soaking up the female scenery.

We met nearly all our new neighbors. Some were newly married. Others, like us, were heterosexual couples living together, and there were a few same-sex couples. We didn't know which pairs were homosexual, but it soon became apparent by their actions whether two guys or two girls had more than a platonic relationship.

Word circulated that Emily was 'the hot chick with the Miata.' Several guys hit on her, but she pointed me out as her male companion.

Late in the afternoon, Emily introduced me to two attractive young women, Kayla and Maria, whom she knew from her business courses. We discovered they lived in our building. In fact, when we compared apartment numbers, we learned they lived across the hall from us.

Kayla said to Emily, "Since we're neighbors, we'll be able to study together."

Emily responded, "Yes, but be forewarned, when you come to our apartment, we're nudists."

Kayla and Maria didn't seem at all surprised and indicated they were interested in nudism by the questions they asked. Emily explained how liberating it felt to be without clothing. She mentioned that because she seldom wore panties, she'd never had a yeast infection. She added that she had no uncomfortable bra straps or elastic cutting into her skin, no underwear sticking to her body on hot muggy days, less laundry to do, and no tan lines. Finally, she said her clothing expenses were lower, since she purchased fewer items, and had no need for articles of clothing like lounge wear, pajamas, or nightgowns.

When they asked if we felt self-conscious when nude around other people, Emily told them she'd never felt embarrassed. Emily added that when I first became a nudist I'd been embarrassed because I couldn't control my boners around nude women. They snickered at her comment, and I felt like dissolving into the pavement.

About a week later, when I came back to the apartment from a late afternoon class, Emily said she'd invited Kayla and Maria to our apartment for a drink; they'd experienced nudism the first time in a social setting, and they liked it. As an aside, Emily mentioned that Kayla's breasts were different sizes.

I answered, "Breasts are breasts. They're all good, whether they're the same size or not."

Another week went by, and Kayla and Maria invited us to an Italian dinner. They asked that we arrive nude, since they had embraced nudism, and this was their trial run, so to speak.

Fortunately, the apartments were laid out so that there were only two apartments on our floor at the end of the building. Thus, it was possible to cross the hall nude without being spotted by any other apartment residents.

Emily and I brought along a bottle of Italian red wine to go with dinner. As we sat in their living room on their sofa, I noticed their eyes were attracted to my groin, but they looked away when I caught them staring.

But then, I enjoyed checking out their female assets, too. Maria was short and a little on the chubby side with olive skin and straight black hair that flowed halfway down her back. Her breasts were the size of large navel oranges with dark nipples that stood out prominently. She had a thick, wiry bush that looked like she had a #3 black steel-wool buffing pad tucked between her legs. It was so thick, it was impossible to tell where her slit was, or even if she had one.

Kayla was considerably taller and thinner than Maria. Her short hair was sandy brown, and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed. I couldn't help but notice her inner labia protruded from between her fleshy outer lips, and she had a bulging clitoral shaft that seemed force her labia apart. Just seeing her vulva made my cock half-hard.

As Emily had mentioned, one of Kayla's breasts was noticeably smaller than the other. The left one was about the size of a plum—the right one was larger, the size of a medium apple. Her nipples were pink and inverted—flat, appearing to be part of her areolae.

Maria prepared homemade meatballs along with homemade four cheese ravioli, ricotta, cream, mozzarella, and provolone, topped with zesty sauce and lots of grated parmesan using her Italian grandmother's secret recipe. She also made bruschetta topped with basil, fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion, and mozzarella cheese. At the end, she sprinkled some olive oil over it.

The olive oil brand, Pavoni, wasn't one I was familiar with, so when she set it down, I picked up the bottle to inspect it.

Maria said, "My relatives made this extra virgin olive oil in Italy."

Kayla interjected, "Yeah, that's us—extra virgins."

We toasted our friendship with a glass of wine and ate a delicious meal. It was a superb home-made meal, better than any Italian meal I'd ever tasted.

Kayla was quite a conversationalist. Besides, she was funny, and her witty comments kept everyone laughing.

She said, "Since becoming a nudist, I don't have anything to carry my apartment key in, and I can't wear the stick pin brooch my grandmother gave me, but at least I don't have to worry about pickpockets."

"Has that been a problem?" Emily asked.

"No, but I'm not taking any chances," Kayla said, smiling.

"I've learned something else after becoming a nudist," Kayla added.

"What's that?" Emily questioned.

Kayla pointed to a red spot on her left breast near her nipple, "I learned not to fry bacon in the nude."

Emily threw in another gem, "Good point. If you're a nudist, it's probably not a good idea to keep a cat with claws, either."

Maria, when compared with Kayla, was quiet and serious. She didn't make any jokes, but she laughed at Kayla's. I thought to myself, these two really are a female odd couple.

After washing the dishes and putting them away, we retired to their living room with Kayla and Maria sitting across from us. They loved Emily's tattoo and asked where she'd gotten it.

Maria and Kayla were full of questions about nudism. Maria asked, "How did you two become nudists?"

Emily said, "I come from a family of nudists, so I've been a nudist my entire life."

I added, "I wasn't a nudist until I met Emily and she introduced me to the culture."

Maria said, "I come from a strict Catholic family and I worry my father will be really angry if he finds out I've become a nudist."

I agreed, "That's my problem, too. My mother has no idea I'm a nudist. She would likely have heart failure if she found out. It's my business, after all, and my mother doesn't need to know what I do away from home."

Kayla said, "My mother would have a hemorrhage of green paint if she knew I've taken up nudism. I always wondered what it was like to attend a nudist beach, but that was just a dream, because my family is Southern Baptist and as conservative as they come. I thought hard about becoming a nudist, considering my background and the fact my breasts are different sizes, but then I thought, 'What the hell? If people can't accept the fact they're two sizes, tough titty.'"

That comment brought a round of laughter.

"I'm a different girl now," Kayla said. "After high school physical education classes, I always carried a towel over my chest on the way to the shower and was the last one in, then I covered my chest again, the last one out. That's why I never had a boyfriend, being too embarrassed about my breasts. I'm trying to leave embarrassment behind."

I said, "Kayla, you have lovely breasts and the fact they're two different sizes should make no difference as far as any male is concerned. A doctor who does breast enhancements could make them the same size."

Kayla responded, "My parents are cash-strapped as it is, sending me to college, so I'll have to delay getting a breast enhancement until I graduate and get a job. Until then, I've given them names—I call the right one, 'Mountain,' and the left one, 'Molehill'"

That brought another snicker from everyone.

Emily pointed out to Maria and Kayla, "Mike's balls aren't the same size, either."

Both Maria and Kayla stared at my crotch.

Emily reached between my legs and pulled my scrotum out for Maria and Kayla to see, "Look, his left testicle is larger than the right one, and it hangs lower too. Kayla, come here."

I couldn't believe Emily could be so brassy.

Kayla hesitantly crossed the room and stood next to Emily. "Feel the difference," Emily said, grabbing Kayla's hand, placing it on my scrotum.

As Emily rubbed Kayla's hand across my balls, Kayla blushed a bright pink. Her soft hand caused a rush of blood into my cock, and it was only a matter of seconds until it was stiff as a two-by-four.

Kayla responded, "Oh my, I had no idea they swelled that quickly."

Emily wrapped Kayla's hand around my cock and said, "You don't know how good one of these can make you feel."

Kayla blushed even more and asked, "Is it always that hot?"

Emily laughed, "When you get him worked up, it is."

Kayla walked back to her seat, sat down, and fanned her face with her hand. She nervously giggled, saying, "I can't believe I just did that."

After our brief encounter, Maria suggested we play a card game. "What would you like to play?" she asked.

"Strip poker?" Kayla deadpanned.

We all laughed, and Emily proposed we play gin rummy. The remainder of our visit, we spent playing cards.

As we were leaving, Emily asked if Maria and Kayla felt comfortable spending the evening nude with a nude male present. Maria said at first she was a little nervous, but those feelings quickly disappeared. Kayla said this was the first time she had ever exposed her mismatched breasts to a male and she didn't feel embarrassed or self-conscious.

Returning to our apartment, I asked Emily, "Why were you so eager to show my testicles to Kayla?"

"When Kayla and Maria were in our apartment the other day, Kayla mentioned she'd never touched a guy's junk before. I thought she could get an education, and I didn't hear you complaining about Kayla's hand on you."

"So, I was set up, huh?"

"Sort of, but you enjoyed it, didn't you?" Emily asked.

"Now that you mention it, I did."

* * *

Our apartment was our nudist love nest—Emily and I were always nude there. It was small, but it was adequate for our needs: an intimate kitchen, two bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, closet, and a balcony deck (which was rarely used because we didn't dare go outside nude).

The bedroom we used for sleeping was the larger of the two bedrooms—big enough for a king-size bed, a dresser and two night stands; the second bedroom, which we used for studying, was considerably smaller. It was furnished with our two desks, a file cabinet, a second dresser, and a large bookcase.

As the fall semester progressed, we fell into a regular routine—morning classes, lunch at the apartment, afternoon classes, dinner, then studying until about 10 PM. On weekends, we slept until about noon—after having some randy early-morning sex.

We took time nearly every night for sex. Sometimes it was gentle; sometimes it was so vigorous, when we finished, we fell asleep, totally exhausted. However, no matter how tired we were, we always ended our evening with a kiss and an, "I love you." Generally, we fell asleep spooned together with me behind Emily and my cock between her thighs, my hand cupping her breast.

Our bond continued building, and I savored every minute I spent with Emily. Frequently, we had early morning sex before we had to run off to our classes.

Unlike most of our classmates, we had enough romance and sex to keep us satisfied, so we didn't waste time searching for them on dates or in bars. That gave us both more time to study.

Over the next few weeks, Emily and I became better acquainted with Maria and Kayla. They quickly lost any apprehension they may have had about nudity when they were with Emily and me, and they acted the same as if they'd been wearing clothing. It wasn't unusual for either of them to pop into our apartment, nude, to get Emily's opinion about how to solve a problem for one of their business classes.

One evening, Emily and I finished studying early and watched a television movie. When the movie became boring, I began fondling Emily's nipples. Soon, fondling turned to kissing, then foreplay, and before long, I had Emily on her back on the sofa with her ankles over my shoulders, giving her everything I had. With the television on and the noise of our love-making, we didn't hear Kayla knock on the door and step inside.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a movement. Kayla was standing inside the door, watching us with rapt attention, her mouth open, awestruck. In her left hand she held a sheaf of papers, her right hand was in her crotch.

I stopped thrusting and asked, "Did you want something?"

"Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt," she said, turning three shades of red when she was caught.

Emily looked over her shoulder at Kayla and jested, "Care to join us?"

"Oh no!" Kayla gasped. "I was just returning your notes from business class." She tossed the papers on the coffee table, turned, and high-tailed it out of the apartment without looking back.

Emily and I completed our coupling, then had a good laugh about putting on a live porn show for Kayla. "How long she was standing there?" Emily wondered.

"I have no idea—ask her tomorrow," I said.

"I don't think so. She's already embarrassed having been caught."

"What Kayla really needs is a boyfriend who'd pound her just like I did you."

"You're right," Emily agreed.

"I'm going to ask to smell the fingers of her right hand tomorrow morning,"

"You wouldn't!" Emily said, laughing.

"If she can't find a boyfriend, then maybe she'd get some satisfaction from a vibrator like Randy."

"Agreed," Emily responded.

We never learned how long Kayla watched us having sex, but after that, she always waited until we said, "Come in," before she entered our apartment.

* * *

The fall semester continued and we went about our daily schedules. Jason Halbertsen's rape trial began in mid-October. Emily was asked to provide a deposition for the prosecution, but wasn't called to testify at the trial. She was happy about that, because the local newspaper covered the victims' testimony in graphic detail. After three days of testimony, it didn't take the jury long to find Jason guilty. Sentencing was scheduled for February, and it appeared he would spend a long time in prison.

A couple weeks after Jason's trial, Coach Joder and the university police chief's trial began; both of them were also being found guilty. With a new provost, football coach, and police chief, and the university president's emphasis against sexual harassment, the campus had become safer for all university women.

I enjoyed learning more about microelectronic chips and the exciting things they are capable of. Each of our lab exercises was designed to give us experience in designing a circuit that performed a specific function. A major part of our grade was based on the ingenuity we used to accomplish the design with the minimum number of chips. We were given extra points for innovative solutions to our lab assignments.

In early November, Emily received a call from John and Lisa asking if we'd come to California for Thanksgiving. Of course she said 'yes,' and we looked forward to visiting with John, Lisa, and Emily's grandparents again.

John sent the company plane to fly us from the university to California. This year, I only packed one change of clothes, since I knew we'd be nude nearly all the time.

Lisa picked us up at the airport. She said John was finishing up an important project at the factory, so he'd be late arriving home on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Arriving at the Thompson's home, we all undressed. Lisa gave us some snacks and soft drinks. After finishing, Emily said she was going to take a shower. As soon as Emily left, Lisa grabbed my cock, saying, "Come with me, big boy. I've got an itch that needs to be scratched."

Lisa led me to her bedroom, got on all fours on the bed, and said, "We don't have much time. Just give me a quickie."

"Doesn't the Sybian satisfy you?" I asked.

"Not like your cock does."

I stepped up behind her and we went at it doggy style. "Mmm..." she moaned when we were fully joined. She rocked and clenched her pussy as I pounded her. The sound of flesh smacking flesh and the musky odor of aroused pussy filled the room.

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