tagMatureLucky Guy Pt. 03

Lucky Guy Pt. 03


I hope you enjoy this story. Please provide me feedback. This story includes contact between parent and an adult child that may be offensive to some. While not incest, if any contact offends you, please don't read.

Edited by DRGRIFFIN, with my thanks!

Continuation of my story as I finish reading Max's journal and talk to Emma

Friday morning, I had to work until I completed a deliverable for my old firm. That afternoon I continued reading Max's journal. The day before I had read closely the first quarter of the journal. I thought I really needed to see how it started and how the last few months were before Max died. So I skimmed a decade of details. I thought I at least got a good feel for the types of things Max made Eva do.

As time went by Max got more adventurous. But it also appeared that Eva pushed him into being more adventurous. An example of this is that when they were coming back from the work site, he wrote that he considered having her go into Wendy's to order but decided it was too risky. Later Max wouldn't have hesitated to have her go in nasty with pussy and tits hanging out. I never saw in the journal where Eva refused to do what Max told her to do.

I read the last six months more closely. Coincidentally, Eva started working on her book about this time. She had first published articles for several technical journals both Mathematics and Stock Trade journals, applying Quantitative Mathematics to stock data. She had a couple of smaller, less technical papers published in the Wall Street Journal. Thus, the University of Cincinnati had bestowed on her a Doctorate of Mathematics. Not honorary but an actual degree. They gave her credit for work she had published in one particularly prestigious Mathematics journal as her dissertation. The PhD was issued under her maiden name, Baumann, and this was the name Eva published under. I guessed that the University of Cincinnati wanted to be listed as her school of record. The Baumann Fund had grown to about fifteen high income investors all of which were business acquaintances of Max's.

It seemed that the busier she was with other aspects of her life, her need for sexual adventures diminished. Max had also made an entry that he wasn't recording normal sexual activity between husband and wife. He didn't mention frequency but to say he thought after he started being her M, their sex life outside the sexcapades was in his view normal.

Around four I was ready to talk to Emma. Emma was headed back to college Sunday so I needed a decision for her by Saturday night. I text her that I was ready to talk. I got a text back that she would be over in a few minutes.

We had a pool in our back yard, water fall, gas fired fire pit, and an outdoor living space that is very comfortable.

"I've been here this many times but I'm always impressed with this outdoor space," Emma said as she sat down with a cocktail. I also had a drink. "Really a great design. Your design and Dad's construction was really magical."

"Thanks. I've read Max's journal. Well I read the start and the end and skimmed the middle. I must say Max was extremely detailed. Of course that is why he was so good at construction. Of all the contractors, I worked with he was the most hands-on. So, I'm not surprised."

Emma smiled remembering her Dad, "Dad always talked about the craftsmen with a reverence that most people don't have for the working man."

"It was obvious and they held him in like regard. I didn't have much contact with the workers but when I did, they were very respectful of Max. Did you get the feeling that he documented these, oh let me call them, special events because he wanted to remember them? He seemed to document them all and he didn't have to if he were just trying to let us know about Eva's condition."

"Yes, I got the feeling it was part of loving her. They did love each other, didn't they?"

"Absolutely," I agreed. "No doubt. I think their love for each other increased when they began the sexcapades. I felt he grew into the dominant role. He was naturally a very nice guy but eventually saw this situation as another way to show his love for Eva."

"I got the same feeling."

"You know it appears he had her screw other men but never when he wasn't there. I found nothing to indicate that either of them cheated on the other. If he ever cheated on her, I didn't read it. It also appeared she was devoted to him especially after he became her dominant."

Emma thought, "I agree. They were monogamous except when they were playing their roles." Emma paused, then continued, "I want you to know what happened after I came home for the summer. I think I left off finding all the pills and reading Dad's journal. Right?"

"Yes, that was when you stopped and said I needed to read Max's account."

"So I called the psychiatrist and made an appointment for the next day. He wanted me to come with Eva, bring all the pills and not let her take anything but the Zoloft. I had hidden the pills from Eva. She begged me to start with for the pain pills and tranquilizers. I had to stay up with her almost constantly for a period of time."

"Oh God Emma, I wished you had called me."

"I know. I will explain in a minute why I didn't. Anyway, we went to see the doctor."

At this point I'm going to write this as dialogue between Emma, Eva and the doctor but it was being told to me by Emma.

The doctor said, "I think she is suffering from depression caused by losing Max."

Emma said, "It is more than that. Eva hasn't told you a big part of the puzzle."

Emma related to him a thumbnail of Max's journal with only minimum details for him to understand the depths of the dependency on Max. After Emma finished this monologue he then said, "That changes everything. I'm not qualified to treat a person with that kind of sexual disorder. Here is my official recommendation; First destroy all the pills she had been given except the Zoloft and let me refer her to someone who treats these kinds of sexual disorders."

I interrupted to ask Emma, "He called it a disorder? But don't many people exhibit submissive behavior?"

Emma responded, "Yes he said that but Mom was exhibiting extreme behavior. I had brought all the pills. When he told Mom that he was going to take them Mom went nuts. She yelled that she was in pain and needed her pills. The physiatrist managed to get her to calm down. He said something like you are a smart woman Eva and you know that these pills aren't what you need. Eva said he was right she needed her M. Mom was crying hard when she said that. Mom somehow got herself under control."

Continuing the dialogue with the doctor, he said, "I want to end the session. I've given you my professional opinion. I'm going to stop recording but want to state that I've taken her off all medication but Zoloft and I'm recommending that I end my consultation." He hit the stop record and said, "But I have difference advice as a friend."

Emma said, "I want to hear it. I know you were dad's friend and I want to hear the friend's recommendation."

"Eva is a brilliant woman. I knew her as a somewhat aloof guarded person. She was hard to get to know. But with more information about her history it makes sense. The work she has done on quantitative analysis is well respected. Many times people in the second or above standard deviation have eccentricities. Also, her relationship with a demanding respected father also plays into her condition. What a specialist is likely to do is try drugs and therapy trying to make her normal in his eyes. But you may lose the very essence of Eva. It is these eccentricities that make us unique."

Emma said, "Wait, you mean she could lose her intellect?"

The doctor said, "And more. She may become another person. Just the drugs she has taken have changed her. She isn't working, eating and don't you think she is different? I mean more than mourning Max."

Emma answered, "Yes."

The doctor continued, "And the drugs they try may be worse. As a friend my advice is to do what Eva said. Find her a new M. I think if she could have that she would heal from the loss of Max."

Eva who had been quiet since she calmed down said, "I want a new M. I need a new M. Please Emma help me find a new M. I know who it should be already. Lance, Mister Padmore, offered to help me at the funeral and I was so mean to him. He reminded me I lost Terry as well. Terry was my best friend beside you. Let's ask Lance if he would do this for me."

Emma said, "Mom, I think you need to get a little better before we asked Mister Padmore. Let's at least get you off drugs. I'm afraid that if we ask him now he will just see it as impossible. Doctor can we hire a dominant?"

The doctor answered, "Yes, but in my opinion it has to be someone she already trusts. Eva doesn't trust easily and I think the person must be someone she knows already. Does she trust this Mister Padmore?"

Eva answered, "Yes. We've known him a long time. He is the right one. I trust him!" She got louder as she said this.

Emma asked, "Could I do it? At least enough to get her one step further before we ask Mister Padmore."

The doctor said, "Emma, I think you are more of a submissive than a dominant but probably not the extreme of your mother. That is a judgement not a diagnosis. For a short time, maybe, but you will find it uncomfortable on several levels."

Emma said, "Mom, I want to try for a couple of months to help you get to a place where you can find a new M. If it is Mister Padmore you want, then I will help you. I'm just so afraid we would scare him away before you have a chance to convince him. Mom, you aren't yourself now."

The doctor said, "I think that would work. If it goes well in six to eight weeks, she will have the drug addiction behind her, regain strength, and be in a better place mentally. She has lost too much weight for someone of her build. I remember her as being physically impressive. She is only starting the addiction so it shouldn't take long and if you can give her something like Max did, it may work. She clearly trusts you. I wouldn't trust anyone you don't already know. It would be so easy for someone to take advantage of her now."

Emma said, "Trust me doctor I know. You are right I'm a submissive and have had someone take advantage of me already."

I now change to the dialogue between Emma and I.

"What did you mean by that?" I asked Emma.

"In high school an older boy figured out I was a submissive and took advantage of me. Luckily, I got away from him. Maybe one of these days I will tell you about it but not today. Anyway, Eva and I discussed my role. She agreed to try it my way. But, honestly, she would have asked you then to become her M."

"Emma, I wish you had asked me then."

"I appreciate that but by doing it this way you can make a more informed decision and not make it out of pity."

"Well maybe that is right."

"So over the last six weeks I tried to be her Dom. It seemed to be just enough. She has only been on Zoloft and I think about ready to stop that. She has never been a pill taker before this. Her appetite and sleeping are now normal. She has put back on weight and is working out almost too much. But that is better than pills. She is back working on the Baumann Fund. She has even talked to the publicist about the book and I believe will start working on it soon."

"But you are going back to college and can't keep being her M."

"No, but I couldn't anyway. I have reached the limits of my ability. I really can't be anyone's Dom."

"Tell me what you did for special events."

"Let me just tell you about the first one and some other time I may tell you more. We went shopping for sexy outfits for both of us. I made her show herself accidentally as we tried on dresses. We got matching cream bandage dresses, low cut neckline and high hemlines and garter thigh highs. Mom really likes her garter thigh highs."

"Well she does look exceptional in them."

"Yes she does. We went to a club with low lighting and men on the prowl. We had no trouble attracting attention. We could've brought home any man in the place I think. I made her flash and flirt. Just before we left I had her blow a guy in the rest room. When we got home I told her that the dildo she showed you the other night was a pretend M until we could find the right one. We both are very into men but we did some light girl on girl before she used the pretend M. I masturbated with her but didn't do true girl on girl. It seemed to be enough. She was more like herself the next day. But Wednesday night with you made even more difference. Not wanting to pressure you but it is just different with a man, a real dominant and let's face it I'm her daughter."

"Emma, I want to help you—."

"Don't say it. You need to take all the time you need. It would be really bad to agree to be her M and then drop her."

"I know you are right. I think I know the answer now but will take one more day to make certain. Think I can get a dinner invite for tomorrow night for the big reveal?"

"Eva loves to serve you and would be happy with that. Until then I've told her to stay away from you. She wants to convince you and can't stand leaving it without trying."

"Okay Emma. I will make this commitment; I will help her find the new M if I decide I can't do it."

Emma smiled, teared up a little, hugged me and said, "Thank you so much Mister Padmore. That is really a relief to me."

It was almost six when Emma walked out the front door. No sooner than I had escorted her to the front door, I heard a knock on the back door. It was Eva.

I stepped out the back door and said, "Hi Eva. I'm surprised to see you." She was wearing jeans and a long sleeve work shirt.

"I know I'm not supposed to be here. Emma will be mad. But I just had to talk to you."

"Eva, I'm happy to talk but it will be tomorrow night before I decide."

"Lance you were Max's friend, I think his best friend and Terry was definitely my best friend. You are my best chance. I trust you. You know me. You are a beautiful man. I know you are the right one."

"Eva it has only been six months since you lost Max. I just think it is too soon to settle for me."

"But I know, it is you! I'm just not good enough for you, am I. I'm not pretty enough. I'm too big. You don't think I'm sexy, do you? I know I'm a lot of work but I'll do my best to make it work. I'll be so loyal to you."

"Eva it's not that; you're the sexiest woman I know. You're plenty pretty and wicked smart. Almost any reasonable man would want to be with you. I just think Emma had it right. Give it another twenty-four hours."

"Don't you know now? I mean what else is there to know. I haven't seen Max's journal but Emma told me about it so you know more about me than almost anyone else could. Oh, Lance, I'm sorry. The more I talk the more I realize I was wrong to come over here. You and Emma are right."

"What do you think should be done about not doing as Emma commanded?"

"I need to be punished, don't I?" I would feel a change in her from negative to positive energy.

"Yes, you do. I'm going to get Emma over so we can decide on your punishment."

I could feel Eva's excitement. She wanted to be punished.

I called Emma. "Hi Emma, do you know where Eva is?"

Emma said, "She's upstairs in her room, I think."

"No, she's here trying to convince me to answer now."

"I'll be right over."

This time Emma came across the back. When I decided Eva needed to be punished, a flash of inspiration hit me. I knew how to punish Eva.

"Eva I'll be back in a couple of minutes. You and Emma wait here for me."

"Yes sir." Eva was sparkling with delight.

I went to the bedroom, got Terry's box of adult toys and two old long sleeve button up dress shirts I had been meaning to throw out. Then I called the owner of a bar I frequented. I asked him for a favor to help me with the punishment I had in mind. He agreed saying it would be good for his business anyway.

Emma was there with Eva and neither were talking. Emma was obviously mad.

"Emma your submissive here ignored your command and has to be punished. Don't you think?"

"Yes but I can't do it."

"Then I'm going to and in addition punish you for letting this happen."

Emma looked at me for a couple of seconds and then it clicked that this might be good.

Emma said, "Yes, Mister Padmore, you need to punish us. Eva for ignoring my command and me for not controlling her."

"Ok, go take off your clothes and put on these shirts."

Eva hopped up and the joy couldn't be contained. She started unbuckling her belt.

"No go in the house to change and join me in the garage wearing only this shirt and shoes. See you in a few minutes."

Eva bounced into the house and Emma seemed happy also, mouthing a quiet, "Thank you."

As they joined me I said, "Ok let's look at you." I looked front and back to make sure they could go into Walmart without being thrown in jail. Emma was in good shape with her shirt cut longer in front and back. Plus, Emma's ass was slightly smaller than Eva's. Eva's shirt was cut straight and you could see the crease of her ass. "Switch shirts and only button the bottom button of the shirt." After they switched I said, "Good, we are ready to go."

The girls climbed in the front seat of my Ford F250 Diesel truck. Yes, I have a car but I love trucks. Eva said, "This is one big manly truck. Listen to it rumble."

We pulled into the Walmart parking lot, Emma said, "We are going to Walmart?"

"Yes. We have to buy some supplies for the punishment." The idea for the scenario came because I noticed an advertisement in the paper that Walmart had body paint on sale.

I got out the truck and helped Eva and Emma out plus it allowed me to get a good flash. The shirt being open to the bottom button gave a view of most of both of their ample breasts. The shirt opened enough to see well below their navels but not any pubic hair. When we entered there were stares from everyone who saw us.

As we entered I asked a male employee who was about sixty, "Where is the body paint?"

"On aisle seven. Let me show you."

I thought 'You are a dirty old man aren't you. You want to see more. '

The old man said, "Here it is."

"How much do you need to cover a face?"

"Half a tube is more than enough."

"Good, let's get one tube of every color."

The old man said, "Here let me get you a basket."

I told the girls, "When he gets back, bend over to look at the bottom shelf. I think our friend needs to have a thrill."

As the old man rounded the corner both girl bent to look on the bottom shelf. He stopped in his tracks and said, "Oh my, did you know your wife and daughter don't have on underwear?"

"Really. Don't you think they are pretty?"

"I think they are beautiful."

Eva and Emma said in unison, "Thank you. Want to see more?"

"May I?"

"Sure." Both opened their shirt to show him their large breasts. His mouth opened wide. They left their shirts opened for a little less than a minute.

Eva said, "Do you like?"

"I haven't seen breasts like those for decades. Thank you so much. You've made an old man's day."

I hadn't noticed before but there were four or five guys at the end of the aisle watching. I wanted to stay for a while and make the girls flash but I had promised my friend, the bar owner, that we would make it within the hour.

"Girls we need to get a move on, let's get three tubes of each color and a package of sponges." I wanted to have plenty of paint in case we did this again.

As we headed to the checkout, there were now about ten guys following. They watched us until we got out of the store and a few even followed us to the truck. They were rewarded with flashes as both girls climbed in the front seat.

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