tagFirst TimeLucky Me Ch. 02

Lucky Me Ch. 02


Crime & Punishment

Part 5

I climbed into the shower and turned the water on. As I cleaned myself, my mind drifted back to what had just happened to me, and started replaying scenes. I felt myself get hard, and knew that I would have to cum again today before I could be totally satisfied. I lost the battle with my brain, and lowered by hand to my anticipating dick, and started stroking it. I peeled my foreskin back and gasped – the head was still very sensitive.

I slowly picked up the speed of my wanking, and spurred on by the thoughts of what might still be left for me, I was soon close to cumming. It was then I found out I was not alone – I heard a small sigh, turned round, and saw Katherine lightly rubbing herself. She had been watching me jerk off! I pretended not to notice, and turned my head back and carried on masturbating. The noises from across the bathroom got louder, and I realised Katherine was not far away form her orgasm, so I doubled my efforts once more, and came all over the tiles. Katherine had climaxed simultaneously and we both took a minute to recover our breath. I turned round again to look at her and saw her licking her moist fingers seductively. However I was still a bit annoyed that she'd been watching so I decided to take things into my own hands.

I stepped out of the shower, picked Katherine up and kissed her hard. She was surprised, yet she responded well and our tongues resumed their merry dance. Then I slapped her hard on her ass, which brought a look of pain and shock into her eyes. I swear there was a tear in her eye, and I felt bad I'd hit her so hard, but she deserved it... "What was that for?" she whimpered. "You've been a naughty girl" I replied. "You were watching me wank, and what's more, you were playing with yourself as you did! So I must punish you, and that was one of the consequences of being bad."

"Do you accept that you need punishing for what you just did?" I asked, not really caring what the answer was. "I guess I do," was the whimpering reply but I still managed to detect a little bit of seductiveness in her voice. So I told Katherine to turn around and bend over so I could deliver my lesson. I wrapped myself in a towel to deprive her the sight of my recovering penis and slapped her lightly on one ass cheek. She yelped slightly in shock but I wasn't ready to stop just yet. I spanked her again on the other cheek, this time harder, and although she cried out again, I could see her getting aroused once more.

I decided to try something else while I slapped her, so I got on my knees, leaned forward and stroked my finger around her clitoris which caused her to shudder. I put my mouth to it, but rather than suck it I pinched it between my teeth and gave her a small sharp nip on her bud. I think it hurt her quite a bit but at the same time she had a mini-orgasm over my face as a result of my attentions, so I ignored the tears on her face and slapped her once more.

Part 6

The next lesson I had in store for her required a place other than the bathroom, so I told her to go and sit on the couch. Under no circumstances was she to touch herself or else I would tell her to get dressed and go home. I went into the kitchen to pick up the things I wanted and went into the lounge to see her sitting on the sofa, stark naked and shivering. I put down the glass I was carrying and approached her with a folded hand towel. I told her to lean forward as I tied it round her head as a makeshift blindfold, and then made her lay down on her stomach. I went over to the glass and picked out one of the ice-cubes I'd just retrieved from the freezer, silently laughing at the pain versus pleasure situation I was about to create. From now on I was 100% in control of the situation, and for someone who had been a virgin only a few hours before I was impressed with how things had gone.

I lightly rubbed the ice around the top of Katherine's legs which made her shiver all the more and then went for flat out cruelty by holding it against her enlarged clit for a few seconds. I kept repeating this process – holding the ice against her for a few seconds and taking it away again. I had her close to another climax, so to make it even better I asked her to roll over and I placed another piece of ice on each of her hard nipples. I still had couple of cubes left though, so I spread her lips and inserted them deep inside her pussy. She screamed the place down at the shock, but I helped ease the pain by removing the ice I was holding onto her love bud and proceeded to lick and suck it like it was going out of fashion. She came in her biggest orgasm of the day so far with the water from the melting ice in her vagina mixing with her sweet juices. I slurped them up with my tongue and then kissed her full on the lips. She stopped crying and returned it with passion, tasting her own juices in my mouth and yeaning for yet more pleasure. I removed the towel and asked if she thought I'd punished her enough.

"I want you to fuck me doggie style" was the answer I got, but I had one thing left I needed to do. I had had a massive hard on all the time I was playing with her and needed a release of my own. I passed her the last item I'd brought from my kitchen and told her to play with it as she thought fit. I explained that as she'd done a "peeping tom" on me, I would watch her masturbate

She looked at the cucumber for a second and then with a mischievous look in her eye bent her head and tried inserting it into her mouth. My dick jumped slightly so I removed the towel I was wearing and stroked it slowly while I watched the show. Katherine carried on "sucking off" the cucumber while stroking herself between the legs. Her dampness was already obvious and I wanted to tell her to stop what she was doing and fuck her how she'd asked minutes before but I kept the temptation at bay and just sat back and enjoyed.

Winking at me, she removed her new toy from her mouth and tried to put it in her pussy. I myself couldn't see how it would fit, but after she'd coated the end with some of her juices, she tried pushing it in, albeit it slowly and with a lot of frantic rubbing of her clit! She moaned in sheer ecstasy and pleasure and said something about feeling so full and stretched. I wasn't really listening; I was concentrating on watching and wanking. I was getting close to losing what little seed I must've had left that day so I slowed my stroking down while Katherine got closer too cumming. When she did, she just passed out from the pleasure. I wasn't sure if I should check to see if she was alright or not, but I did walk over and place my prick on her lips. A bit of precum dribbled out from the end and her lips moved to drink it in. Her eyes opened as she did this and I helped roll her onto her side so she could give me a blow job properly. I was still staring at the cucumber buried within her, not understanding how her vsgina could stretch enough to accommodate it, but then I felt my orgasm build and forget about it. I pulled out of her mouth just before I came which earned me a look of surprise and hurt, but quickly finished the job off by hand and came all over her face and in her hair, with a bit of my spunk landing on the side of her breast too.

I laughed at the sight of my sperm all over her face and running over her breasts and she joined in while using her finger to remove some of it from her hair and then sucking it clean. I offered her the tip of my penis for her to lick clean as well which she did, and then I suggested it was her turn to shower. While she was cleaning herself up I tied the place up and got dresses, ready to drive her home. When she was done we left my flat and got into the car and basically chatted all the way to her place but never mentioning the days' events. At her front door we shared a passionate necking session with a bit of groping involved, and she said she'd come round at the weekend and bring a surprise, but she wouldn't give me a clue as to what it might be. After that she went indoors and I drove back to my flat. I still owed her a fuck and wanted the weekend to hurry up and come because I knew there would be plenty of fun we could still have together. I promised myself I wouldn't masturbate between then and the weekend so as I could regenerate some sperm for the next time, but that was made extremely difficult by the fact I dreamt about her every night that week and woke up with a throbbing stiffy every morning! It was a hard promise to keep but I did manage it. Which as it turns out was just as well...

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