tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 01

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 01


"Are you sure they don't mind taking them for the weekend?" Tina asked her husband as they packed their clothes for the weekend.

"She said it had been too long since they got to spoil the kids and that we should concentrate on enjoying ourselves." Tom answered as he zipped the last of the bags shut and placed it on the floor next to the other bag. "So, what outfits are you bringing along?" he asked.

"Don't worry about it. I have some that are safe for public and a couple that aren't." she answered with a giggle.

"Alrighty then. Well let's be on our way then, shall we?" Tom said.

"You take those out to the car and bring it around. I'm going to change into my traveling clothes and I'll be out in a moment." Tina said as she turned and walked into their bedroom.

Tom picked up the two bags and had turned to walk down the stairs when Tina called out from the bedroom.

"Don't even think about peeking in that bag, Mister." She said as she poked her head around the edge of the door, smiling. If you're a good boy and you do what you're told, maybe I'll let you look at these for a while on the way there." she purred as she slowly let one of her breasts appear around the edge of the door.

"Oh don't you worry, sweetheart. I'm going to be a good boy. I intend to be a very...good...boy." Tom answered as he looked at her breast until she disappeared from his sight.

Tina hurried and put on her "traveling clothes" while Tom took the bags to the car and backed out of the garage and up to the front door. True to her word, she was waiting at the door when the car appeared around the edge of the house. She had to giggle at the expression on Tom's face when he saw her. She had purchased the outfit just the day before. She had on a white cotton wrap-around style blouse that tied at her navel with a matching white knee length skirt. What the skirt didn't show was that it had a slit all the way to her waist on the left side. She carefully sat in the car so that the slit wouldn't show. She wanted to surprise him with that when they got out on the road.

As they drove through town, making small talk along the way, Tina slowly arranged for the skirt to split when she moved her left leg.

"I can't believe how little traffic there was in town this morning. It should be busier than that on a Friday morning. I mean, there is almost always a wait at...whoa! Is your skirt supposed to do that?" Tom asked abruptly when he noticed that Tina's entire left leg was uncovered. Tina giggled again.

"Do you like it? I saw this in town yesterday and knew it would be perfect for this trip." she said as she absently played with the string at the side of the skirt.

"Like it? I love it! It's the sexiest thing I've seen you wear in a long time. I am so proud of you for what you've accomplished. I'm even happier to have the old Tina back." Tom said, placing his hand on her leg and squeezing gently as he drove down the highway.

"Oh honey, that means so much. I am so happy to be back to my old self. Well almost there. I still have some work to do but it is so encouraging to hear the pride back in your voice and see it in your eyes again." Tina said, taking his hand in hers and squeezing it tightly. She looked out the windshield and noticed they were coming up on a large truck. She looked around and saw that they were the only two vehicles for a long distance in either direction. She giggled again and pulled a quarter out of the change holder in the console.

"What are you going to do with that?" Tom asked.

She just looked him in the eye with a smoldering look. "I think the time has come to start including others in our fun. Let's play heads or tails." Tina said.

Tom smiled as he took the quarter from her and flipped it onto her lap.

She dug through the folds of the skirt and looked at the quarter. "Tails it is!" she exclaimed, holding up the quarter. She settled back into her seat and leaned it back to reclining.

"How do you want to play it?" Tom asked.

"I'm sleeping, you open my skirt and play with me while the trucker watches. Run even with him for about 30 seconds then follow my lead." Tina quickly explained as they gained pretty quickly on the truck.

Tom slowed to 60 as they pulled even with the cab of the truck. It was only a moment before the driver noticed the beautiful brunette in the passenger seat of the car below his cab. Tom waited until he was sure the driver noticed Tina.

"How do I get into your skirt?" Tom asked.

Tina threw her arm over her face to hide that she was talking. "Pull the string at my left hip. Act like you're being careful. He can't see your face but he can see your hand. Hope you like the panties. Take a good look and have fun making them wet. I'm going to toss them in a moment." she said as she adjusted her position, allowing her legs to part and turning slightly away from Tom.

"You are so crazy, woman. Oh how I do love you!" Tom growled as he pulled the string, slowly untying it. Soon he was able to gently toss the skirt open wide. "I do like the panties by the way. Pity your going to throw them." he said.

His hand traveled carefully to her pussy after allowing the driver to look at the beauty in the car beside him for a moment. Tina's panties were a small triangle of nearly transparent gauze barely covering her pouty lips. It was plain to see that she had shaven her pussy bare for their adventure. This fact caused a catch in Tom's breath and an immediate stiffness in his pants. He lightly caressed Tina's pussy first outside the panties then inside. "As much as I hate to end this little game, we are being rapidly approached by the traffic behind us. I think it's time to wake up honey." Tom said as he thrust a finger into her very wet pussy.

Tina's eyes flew open and she looked quickly toward Tom. "What are you doing?" she asked plainly. Tom's response was to point out the window and up at the driver. Tina looked up and met the driver's gaze as Tom's hand resumed caresses of her lips. She smiled at the driver as she slapped Tom's hand away for a moment. She spent a few seconds rubbing the panties into her juices and getting them good and wet, keeping eye contact with the driver the whole time. "Hey driver, do you want my panties?" she asked quietly but plainly. Then she reached down and pulled them down her legs and brought them to her face. She inhaled deeply and purred. "I haven't been this horny for a long time, Tom. You are in trouble this weekend." Then she rolled down her window and held the panties out the window for a moment.

At that same time, Tom hit the gas and they sped up. Tina looked back at the driver and threw the panties up into the air. The driver of the truck looked in his mirror and hit the brakes hard and pulled over to the shoulder, his locked tires throwing smoke into the air.. He was climbing down from the cab when they disappeared around the next bend.

"Ok...we have to find somewhere private. I need to cum and I want to do it for you on camera." Tina said breathlessly. She retied her skirt but left herself exposed. She slowly ran her fingers up and down her slit as they waited for the next exit to appear.

As they topped the next rise, Tom spotted a place off to the right of the highway that it looked like someone was digging into the hillside and selling the dirt. It didn't look like anyone was around and he was pretty sure they could find some privacy there. He took the next exit and pulled into the site and around a corner, out of sight from the road. Then he got out of the car and took a few moments to look around and verify that the place was empty. He then went around to the trunk and grabbed the camera out of the camera bag. Then he tapped the trunk and got Tina's attention.

"Use the mirror on the visor and show me what you're doing." he said.

She immediately understood and had the mirror pointed so he could see her glistening pussy from the rear of the car. He quickly snapped off a few pictures of her fingers working on her lips and clit. Then she rearranged the mirror to show him that she had opened her blouse and was gently playing with the chain that went from one nipple to the other. This was another surprise for him. He had suggested nipple clamps quite some time ago and she had finally given in while she was out shopping yesterday. She decided she liked the pleasure/pain of the clamps on her nipples as she tugged at the chain between them.

Tom snapped some more pictures of his beautiful wife playing for him then he moved around to her side of the car and opened her door. He changed a setting on the camera while Tina changed her position to accommodate him.

She placed her left leg up on the dash and her right foot on the ground outside the car, effectively opening herself as wide as she could. She flicked at her clit repeatedly and tugged gently on the chain. Then she thrust two fingers into her pussy and pumped them in and out, building speed until her fingers made squelching noises from the juice her pussy wash making.

Tom gave up on trying to take pictures of the action and he just turned on the video option on the camera and filmed his wife masturbating for him.

It didn't take long for Tina to go over the edge. "Oh! Oh!" she exclaimed as she slammed her fingers into her pussy again and again. She took her other hand away from the chain and started rubbing her clit. That was all it took. She just suddenly screamed as her pussy clenched down on her fingers, causing her juices to squirt all over her skirt and arm. When the orgasm subsided, she immediately sat up and took out Tom's now solid cock. She rubbed her wet fingers all over it and stroked him a few times before putting it in her mouth. She slowly sucked his cock into her mouth until her nose was against his smooth belly. She pulled back until just the head was in her mouth and then went back down, all the while continuing to play with her pussy and collect more juice to rub into his cock.

It had been so long since Tina had acted like this that Tom was caught off guard and he shot his load into her mouth within minutes of first contact. She drank it all down without missing a drop. He collapsed against the roof of the car while she continued to suck gently on his cock, making sure he was drained. Eventually his cock softened in her mouth and she reluctantly let it go.

"If the rest of the weekend goes like this, we're going to need to go back to work just to rest." Tina said with a smile on her face as she tucked Tom's penis back into his shorts and zipped them up.

"If the rest of the weekend goes like this, to hell with going back. The jobs can go on without us and we can have Mom & Dad bring the kids to us here." Tom said then they burst out laughing. "Seriously though, we need to get back on the road if we're going to get there at a decent time." he continued as they got back into the car after Tina rearranged her skirt and blouse....

To Be Continued Soon....

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