tagNonHumanLuftwaffe Wolf Ch. 06

Luftwaffe Wolf Ch. 06


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Chapter 6: Northward Bound

It was nearly evening when Lissia and Vulferam emerged from the cellar and swiftly entered Lissia's quarters. No one dared to disturb them, to give them some time together without the knowledge of their imminent separation. The war had caused much heart ache amongst the mortal world; a few immortals also had to do their part to protect their existence. However they had been occupied for most of the day and it was becoming apparent that they would not emerge without encouragement.

The Major had grown impatient waiting for them to leave each other alone and took it upon himself to interrupt them. He marched right up to the staff quarters and bashed on Lissia's bedroom door until an irate and naked Vulferam answered the door. "This had better be important," the Wolf fumed angrily, glaring at the Major as though he was a mixture of mortal enemy and prey.

Alec swallowed nervously, an apex predator stood, towering over him in a threatening posture which would make anyone feel vulnerable. "Officially, you are still a prisoner here, Captain." The Swan stood fast in his position, trying to look authoritative towards the Wolf who was looking quite bemused. Alec shifted nervously from one foot to the other, briefly looking down only to catch the impressive erection Vulferam still had, glistening with the dew from Lissia. He shot his eyes back up to the increasingly angry Wolf glaring at him.

Vulferam's nose twitched, smelling the obvious fear emanating from the Major like a miasma of acrid swamp gas. The Major looked so scared, this made Vulferam very happy, "A man like you should know better than to interrupt such an intimate moment between a man and a woman." The Wolf's growl rumbled in his chest like thunder.

"I-if that was a threat, dog," Alec postured, trying to regain his authoritative stance, "Y-you will be reprimanded." He lifted his chin in a challenging way.

Alec felt his blood run cold as Vulferam grinned malevolently, "Does the birdie want to play?" He took a step closer to the Major who was now beginning to shake from fear.

It was then Lissia decided to pop her head around from behind Vulferam, "Vulferam, play nice," she purred, stroking her mate's well muscled chest, "He wouldn't be interrupting us if it were not important."

The Wolf appeared to calm down a little, though still fuming from the disturbance, "State your purpose or leave us be."

Alec sighed, "Can the both of you come down to my office as quickly as you can," he tried not to give away any of what he needed to talk about with them. "It is vital that we discuss Vulferam's issues." He did not give them the chance to respond, he retreated quickly, leaving the two lovers staring after him.

"You scared him," Lissia smirked, "His fear is stinking up the place." She let her hand travel down his defined abdominals to the nest of blond hair at the base of his hard staff. She gripped him firmly and gave a few tantalisingly slow strokes before pulling away.

Vulferam growled playfully and caught her wrist, "Finish what you start, mein kleiner Vampir." He forcibly pulled her up against him, "Schmecken Sie mich!"

Lissia teasingly bit her lip, "I always do," she huskily growled back, "And I will, as soon as we settle what Alec wanted." She flicked down her fangs, collecting the droplets of venom with her finger and smeared it across the tip of his erection, "That is a promise."


Lissia and Vulferam emerged from their room shortly after the Major's departure. They were presentable in military fashion with their hair tidily presented, their clothing neat and shoes polished. Lissia in her pristine uniform looked freshly pressed and no one would guess that she had been up to anything if it were not for the tell tale aroma of sex.

Prisoners watched the two of them walk hand-in-hand up to the Major's office, sparking questions as to where the good doctor had been the last three days. Vulferam eyed each of the men standing near them as they walled, growling possessively over his woman. "Ignore them," Lissia whispered in a voice only he could hear, "I only have eyes for you."

Vulferam turned away to look at his Vampiress; smiling lovingly back at him, how was he so lucky to find a beautiful woman like her he will never know and during such a turbulent time in the world. "If any of them touch you, I will kill them," he declared casually. "While they are near you, I have to keep an eye on them which takes my eyes off you. The inconvenience alone is infuriating enough, let alone their fantasies." He smiled and opened the door leading into the Major's office for her like the gentleman he was.

"Ah," Alec feigned surprise though he was fooling no one, "Please take a seat." He wrung his hands nervously, still feeling the affects of Vulferam's predatory gaze.

Upon sitting down the couple noticed both Tristan and Gabriel sitting there also. Vulferam did not think anything amiss, but his Vampiress thought otherwise. "What is this about?" Lissia asked Alec, though she was looking between her sire and friend, she noted that Gabe looked guilty and sad. She cocked her eyebrow at him and he looked away. She had never seen him act so suspiciously before.

Alec waited for them to sit before starting. "We have found a pack for Vulferam," he stated as emotionlessly as he could. He looked past Vulferam rather than at him, not trusting his nerves just yet.

Vulferam leaned in closer, "A pack?" He queried, puzzled over the use of such an animalistic term for a group of werewolves, though logically it did make sense to him.

"A community of werewolves," Lissia clarified quickly, "You will have to tell them he is not interested." She tilted her chin in defiance.

"He must go," Alec explained, wringing his hands, "He has no idea what it takes to be a wolf and we do not have authorisation to have him here." He could be dangerous, the Major thought quietly to himself.

"What is the location of my new pack?" Vulferam asked, holding Lissia's hand to calm her down.

"The Isle of Skye," Gabe answered quietly, so much so that he was barely heard by anyone.

"Scotland?" Lissia shrieked, "We're going to Scotland?" She looked at Vulferam who just nodded, accepting the idea of their imminent departure from Crewe Hall.

"No, he's going to Scotland," Alec pointed to Vulferam, "You will resume your roll as doctor of this encampment." Vulferam growled at the Major's explanation, it meant that he would be separated from Lissia, an idea that was painful to comprehend.

"Then he is not going," She announced resolutely, defiantly challenging her superior officer, "Where Vulferam goes, I go."

"You have your responsibilities," Alec raised his voice retorting with the old approach of 'he with the louder voice is the correct one', "Don't forget that." Alec wished he had a good shot of scotch at that moment, feeling his momentary courage slip away as quickly as it had come.

Lissia went quiet, contemplating the options and a possible compromise; this surprised the Major as much as everyone else in the room. "Then let me take him," she finally said, "If you insist on separating us, then let me have some time with him. The war could go on for years and we do not know when or if we will ever see each other again." Her voice hitched without warning.

Alec saw something he did not expect, Lissia's lip quivered slightly, scarcely detectible to even his eyes. He knew what had happened between the two of them in the cellar, he wondered how he would react if someone wanted to separate him from his mate for an undetermined length of time. He stared at her, seeing the resolution in her eyes, "You will go either way won't you." His arrogant resolve had disappeared and was now replaced with compassion; he would be a cold bastard to ignore their connection.

"You know I will," she answered his rhetorical question, her determination unwavering.

With a sigh Alec nodded, "You need to travel there on foot," he informed her, "Fuel rations won't allow us to send you by car."

"When do we leave?" Vulferam asked now, travelling a great distance on foot did not phase him, he liked walking. What he did not like was the thought of being apart from Lissia; she was his and should be at his side at all times.

"As soon as you are ready," Alec could not look Vulferam in the eye, what he was doing was a bastard's act and all in the room knew it, but the Pantheon itself would demand the same thing and nobody wanted to involve them. "We will supply everything you will need."

Lissia stood, not wanting to be in the room any longer, "I do hope you gentlemen enjoyed the show," she spitefully scorned her Sire and Gabe. She glided out of the room in a manner she had perfected over the centuries in the company of the aristocracy, Vulferam following her in a less elegant fashion.

"She won't be coming back will she," Tristan voiced the thought going through all their minds, the sadness of losing his progeny echoing in his countenance.

"No, I don't think she will," Alec agreed, guilt stabbing at his gut for the relief he felt with Vulferam's imminent departure.


Lissia slammed the door shut behind her, the full weight of reality pressing down on her, "Those bastards!" She choked back the tears that threatened to spill. "How dare they do this to us."

Vulferam pulled her into his arms to comfort her, seeing her cry was not something he wanted to experience. He felt a warm wet patch forming on his shoulder from her tears, "Hush, meine liebe," he soothed, stroking her back gently, "I will not abandon you, and you would not abandon me." He placed a soft kiss to her head, feeling her calm slightly.

"Do you know what will happen to me if I go with you?" She asked him, looking up into his watchet eyes, "The Pantheon would be called in and they do not take kindly to rule breakers." With a heavy sigh she relaxed into him, luxuriating in the Wolf's warm embrace.

"I will protect you," he reassured her, "I will kill anyone who threatens to hurt you." He was serious; he would kill anyone who gave her a lustful glance.

"You can't kill the Pantheon," she told him, "The only immortals who cannot be killed, not even by fire."

Vulferam met her worried eyes with confusion, "How is that possible?"

"I don't know," she shook her head, "Scares the hell out of me to think that they will never stop." She buried her face into his chest and took a deep breath. His scent was as intoxicating as it smelled, the sweet honey aroma taking all her worries away. "By the gods, you smell good," she moaned huskily.

"I thought we were meant to be packing," Vulferam mused, enjoying the way her hands moved over his tense body.

"We have until tomorrow before we need to leave," Lissia moaned, sliding her hands under his shirt, working her fingers over the sculpted muscle of his abdomen and chest, "I don't want to think about anything else right now," her breathless plea making it all the more harder for Vulferam to ignore her actions, "I want you inside me," pulling him down over her as she laid back on the bed, her eyes pleading for his sensuous touch.

Vulferam grinned and captured her lips, taking in her heavenly taste as their tongues wrestled for dominance. Pulling back he ripped off his shirt exposing his distinctly masculine chest that only a were could achieve, sculpted like marble. Lissia tore her blouse off with equal enthusiasm, the simple beige brassier covering her succulent breasts temptingly. The Wolf with anticipation and enthusiasm had no trouble tearing through the front to reveal his prize, two perfect globes with dusty rosettes ready for the taking. His hungry mouth all but devoured one of her breasts, running his tongue over the hardened peak, gently nipping at it now and then. Lissia held his head close, her eyes fluttering closed, relishing in the attention he gave her, the sensation shooting straight down to her lower abdomen, a flame of desire igniting.

The strong floral aroma of her arousal had Vulferam growling, letting her nipple fall from mouth with one final lick. With as much gentleness he could muster he removed the last of her clothing with only minimal damage and attacked the origin of her tantalising scent with much fervour. Feasting on her nectar like his life depended on it. He cradled her thighs lovingly, his fingers only clawing at her the tiniest bit, a silent warning not to try to escape, not that she would ever dream on doing so.

Vulferam's hardness grew painful with each languid stroke his tongue performed. He pulsed as she did when he swirled it around her sensitive bundle of nerves. She flowed, balancing on the precipice above a chasm of bliss, filling his awaiting mouth. The Wolf groaned, fighting his own release back down so he would not disgrace himself. With no grace he opened the front of his trousers and entered her, roughly taking her like a barbarian, not that she minded.

"Yes!" Lissia hissed, her mate plunging into her with animalistic passion, his fingers bruising her hips, his nails morphing into claws and digging into Lissia's creamy flesh. The Vampiress was oblivious to the pain, the aroma of her blood not so much. Her fangs fell; venom began to form like dew drops on a spring morning. She looked up at Vulferam, whose head was thrown back lost in the passion, short hair sprouting over his pale skin, never before had she seen such a seductive sight. In a flash she reached for his shoulder and pulled him down, her teeth sinking into his jugular.

The moment her teeth pierced his skin Vulferam lost control, he held Lissia still while he spent himself inside her. Lissia feasted on the haematic goodness of his blood, both floating on a sea of euphoria in the aftermath of their love.

The moment Lissia released her lover he turned to look at her; the fur had receded as had his claws. "You look divine," he murmured, hovering above her lips momentarily before capturing them in a sweet kiss. Neither of them wanted to move, in each other's arms they were at peace and away from the rest of the world.


Vulferam joined the other prisoners for the evening meal while Lissia finished up a few details in her surgery before leaving later that night. It was mostly paperwork with a couple of the 'patients' coming by to see the doctor over ailments that were trivial at best, their visits slowing down Lissia's efforts.

Another knock at the door stopped her again. "Who is it?" She asked as politely as she could, putting her pen down before she threw it.

Gabe poked his head around the door, "It's me," he answered kindly.

Lissia's mood darkened, "Corporal," she greeted him tersely, "Did you enjoy the entertainment so much earlier that you want to see some more?" She stared at him waiting for him to state his purpose.

"Lissia, please don't be like this," Gabe pleaded softly, "I came to apologise." There was honesty in his gaze, beseeching her forgiveness.

The Vampire relaxed a little, "Thank you," she sighed sadly and slumped back in her chair, "I'm sorry; I just can't believe that in three days so much changed."

"We thought you were dead," Gabe admitted solemnly; the dreadful memory of not knowing still hurting him, "Or at the very least injured. I was asked to find a new home for Captain Tresler; the Skye Pack was the only one who would take him."

"You were only following orders," Lissia said, understanding the importance of hierarchy, "I will be leaving with Vulferam this evening, I'm not sure I will return."

Those words cut him deeply; he cared for her, more than she would ever know. "You should think about coming back," he said softly in an attempt to keep her calm and not anger her, "Just until the war is over, and then you and Vulferam can have your happy life together. I don't want to see you hunted by the Pantheon."

Lissia gave a dry laugh, "I don't particularly like the idea of Brenna Penrose hunting me down; she's been getting nastier over the last few centuries." She sat up again and began to finish her paperwork, "I have a lot to do before tonight," she stated sardonically, "If I don't return, find someone who will be kind to take my place."

"The Vampire Prince himself is coming," Gabe informed her, "He insisted he did it himself."

"The King won't be happy about that," Lissia dryly commented, smirking at the thought of the British Vampire King getting angry for not getting his way, "It's a good thing I won't be here, I could be pestered by the King to seduce his son."

Gabe would have normally smiled, however his heart felt like lead. "I don't want you to go," he finally confessed.

The Vampiress sighed and shook her head, "I am going and nothing will stop me." Her tone was resolute.

Gabe wanted to cry, he wanted to yell at her, but all he could do was wish her luck. "Be safe on your journey," he said softly and stood to leave.

"Gabe?" Lissia called, stopping his retreat, "You are a good friend."

He gave her a wan smile and left, closing the door quietly behind him.


Lissia returned to her room to pack, she wasted no time in dawdling with her belongings and just threw a few changes of clothing and other essentials for the long arduous walk north. The Vampiress did nothing to hide her ire, she made as much noise as she could to emphasise the point.

There was a gentle knock at her bedroom door, "May I enter?" Tristan asked opening the door hesitantly, cautiously keeping his distance.

"If you must," she huffed impatiently, shoving another piece of clothing into the bag. Nothing was packing right, was everything fighting to irritate her?

"I must," her sire smiled wanly, sitting down on the chair on the other side of the room keeping out of her angry reach.

Lissia watched his tentative movements and sighed, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so aggressive." She wanted to slump on her bed and cry at the unfolding dilemma. "It's not fair, why is he to be ripped away from me so shortly after meeting him?"

Tristan was in new territory, his heart was breaking for his fledgling and he was partly to blame for their pending separation. "Lissia," he began, choosing his words carefully, "You will only have to deal with being apart from him for a few years, depending how long this war goes for."

"And if I choose to stay with him?" She asked, not lifting her red eyes from where she was staring.

"I will do what I can to protect you from the Pantheon," Tristan declared resolutely, not knowing what else to say.

Lissia shot him an astonished look, "You would do that for me?"

"I made you what you are today," Tristan explained, "At first I saw you as a lover, but as we ventured around this great big world I came to look at you like my child." He tried to give her a reassuring look, as her sire, he was nearly invincible in her eyes.

"We have been together for thousands of years," Lissia remarked, huffing out a dry chuckle, "I don't think I know how to function without you by my side."

"Most Vampires leave their sires after a couple of hundred years," he commented casually, like it was nothing special, "Even naturally born Vampires leave their parents by their third centenary." Tristan chuckled, "You are like those people we use to make fun of in London, the men who refused to move out of home and join society." He laughed harder when Lissia playfully slapped his arm, "It is true, you have not spread your wings to begin a life of your own and now you have that opportunity with Vulferam in Scotland."

"You're right," She leaned into him for a fatherly hug, "With Vulferam, I can feel my future beckoning me to follow."

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