Lust in La Jolla Ch. 12


Perhaps it was the sexually-charged musing that led her to slow down as she approached the front bay window and peer in through the foot-wide opening in the drapes. The sight had stopped her in her tracks: on the floor of the living room, illuminated by the sun streaming in from the overhead skylight, was a man with a bare torso, sitting on the carpet but facing away from her. For a few seconds, she had thought he might be exercising somehow, as his well-muscled arms and shoulders seemed tensed. Then, as she had watched, the top of a woman's head appeared briefly over his shoulder before bobbing back out of sight. Omigod! He's getting a blowjob! Tanya's mind had begun to race, wondering if this hot couple in front of her were waiting for the toy in her hands ... that they might invite her to join them ... that the gorgeous body she was watching would soon be positioned over her, driving a hard cock into her needy pussy.

Looking around and seeing that she was quite shielded from being seen from the street, she had carefully stepped forward into the flower bed in front of the window. Coming right up to the glass, she had a better angle -- now she could see the lower part of the woman's nude body, moving rhythmically as she bobbed vigorously on the shaft that remained hidden to Tanya. As she watched transfized, her nipples stiffened to hard knobs, the small silver studs that pierced them amplifying the pleasant ache. The man began to move his hips and then suddenly threw his head back and yelled out his climax. Still Tanya had watched, her hand sliding down to her now throbbing pussy, until she saw the woman's head poke up from behind his shoulder, licking her lips clean. Suddenly afraid of being seen, she had stepped away from the window, and stood for a few moments, looking down at the package in her hands, her heart pounding with excitement. Yes! she had thought, I'm going to do it! Seconds later, she had pushed the door bell. While she waited, she nervously unbuttoned another shirt button, craving that sexy feeling that came with knowing that the edge of her lacy red bra was now visible, her generous cleavage open for inspection.

Jake opened the door and saw a pretty woman with short black hair standing there, looking back at him with a strange gleam in her eyes. She obviously worked for the post office, as she was wearing the standard uniform, but his eyes were drawn to a flash of red in the deep V of her shirt, and the smooth pale roundness of full breasts that were straining against the fabric. He looked back up to her face, to find her gaze lowered, centered directly on his crotch, her lips parted slightly.

His embarrassment made him stutter a bit as he addressed her, "M-m-m-may I h-h-help you?"

A red flush crept over Tanya's face as it became clear that she had been caught staring -- not that she could help but stare at the gorgeous, bare-chested hunk of man in front of her. "Ummm," she stammered in turn, "I have a package here for you."

"For me?" Jake asked, puzzled.

"Well, actually, I think it's for ...ummm ..." she took a stab, " your wife."

"My wife?" Jake asked, with even greater puzzlement in his voice. "I don't have a wife ..."

Tanya looked down, then clarified "It's addressed to Mary Jacobsen."

"Oh ... that's my aunt. I'm just visiting. She's not here right now, though."

"Ohhh." Tanya's mind spun, adjusting to the new information. "Well, can you sign for it?" She pulled the receipt from the little plastic pouch attached to the package and handed it and a pen to Jake.

"Sure, I guess so." Jake answered.

Seeing Jake hunt for a flat surface to use, Tanya held the package forward a bit, "Here, use this." As he came forward to sign, her nostrils flared as she caught the scent of sex, musky and strong. "So, you're just in town for a visit, you don't live around here?"

"Actually, I am just moving back here ... I'm staying with my uncle -- Mary is his wife -- while I hunt for an apartment."

"Oh ... I see. Well, welcome back. And maybe I'll see you around, I work at the post office, on Aviara about a mile from here." A play on words that Anita, her friend and co-worker, sometimes enjoyed using on her men friends came unbidden to Tanya's lips, "Come by anytime and you can slide your "male" in my slot." She looked down briefly in a meaningful gesture, then added, "No package is too big or too thick for my male-box to take!"

The obvious innuendo left Jake speechless for a moment, before he managed to answer, "OK, great. I'm sure I'll see you around."

"I really hope so." She handed the package to him and took the receipt and pen back. Thinking quickly, she tore off the customer copy and wrote on the back: Call me! Tanya 760-853-9101 My service will make you smile J. She handed him the receipt with a big smile, then turned and walked back to her truck, putting an extra sway in her hips.

Without looking at it, Jake slipped the receipt into his pocket as he watched her go. Still puzzling over the exchange, he went back inside the house. He dropped the package on the bar counter, and went upstairs. He found Maria sitting on the bed in Kari's room, fully dressed and looking anxious. She jumped up as Jake came in, exclaiming as she rushed into his arms, burying her face on his shoulder, "Omigod! I was so freaked out ... who was that?!"

"It's OK, it was just a package delivery for Mary. I had to sign for it."

She pulled back a little to look up at Jake. "Ohhh ... do you think he knew ... ummm ... what we were doing?"

"Well, the delivery person was a she, not a he ... and I don't see how ..." Jake trailed off, as he thought back to the exchange and realized Tanya did seem to have her mind on sex to a degree that was suspicious.

Maria's eyes widened, "Oh ... My ... God! And you were standing there in just your shorts, and still ... y'know ...uhhh ..." she looked down briefly to confirm, "obvious. Jeez, you must have blown her mind! Was she, like, an older lady?"

"No, she was kinda young. Somewhere in her late twenties I think. It didn't seem like she was ... upset or anything. She was really friendly."

Maria snorted, "Hrrummph! I'm sure she was really fuckin' friendly. She was checking you out big time, I bet." Jake didn't reply, but she could see the answer in his eyes. "I imagine she was hoping you'd take delivery on her right there!" To herself she thought, she'll probably be hot and bothered all day thinking about him! Deserves her right!! Seeing the pained look on Jake's face, she quickly added, "Look, I'm sorry ... I don't mean to be bitchy, it's just that, like I said, it was such a shock when the door bell rang, 'cause it was like I was in another world, y'know. And then suddenly jerked back to this one." She paused and looked directly into Jake's eyes, "But I'm never going to forget that it was you who took me to that other world. And I meant it when I said that my body is yours -- you can have me anytime, anywhere." She moved her body against him again, her hand gently pressed against his softened member. "Right now, if you want."

Jake kissed her on the forehead, then said with a sigh he gently pulled her hand away, "Maria, when you talk that way, I feel like making love to you all day long." He felt her shudder ever so slightly. "But another part of me is getting really anxious, because I have to start taking care of business today. I hope you can understand -- I've come halfway around the world, and I really, really feel the need to get settled here as soon as possible, before school starts. If I could get a good start today, I'd feel soooo much better. Will you help me?"

"Of course Jake! I'm at your service today. My car as well as my body!" She giggled as he groaned, "We can do it in the backseat, if you want ... omigod, that was so hot, you and Kari, coming back from the airport."

"Jeezus, you're just making it harder!"

"Mmmm ... I like it hard!" The look on his face made her laugh. "I guess I'm not being very cooperative, am I? I promise I'll behave myself all day ... if you promise me just one thing."

"What's that?" Jake asked.

"Mmmm, I'm a little shy ... can you sit down on the bed so I can whisper it in your ear?" Obligingly, he sat on the edge of the bed, expecting her to perhaps kneel on the bed beside him. Instead, she climbed onto his lap, her dress rising up as she straddled him. Lifting up a bit, she leaned in and whispered huskily in his ear, "Will you promise to remember all during the day..." her tongue lightly licked his ear, delivering a jolt of arousal that echoed through him before coalescing in his groin, "that my little pussy is still soooo hot and soooo wet 'cause it wants ..." her tongue wetly probed the inside of his ear, "what my mouth just had, it wants your big ... thick ... beautiful cock to slide in so deep" ... lick ... " and fill me up" ... lick ... "and keep pounding me so hard" ... lick ... "and so fast, until I cum over and over." Leaning back and grinding her throbbing cunt against his now stiff member, she looked deep into his blue eyes, her own dark brown eyes blazing with lust. "Will you promise me that?"

Jake was so aroused now he could not reply to her question. Instead, he leaned forward to kiss her, hard and deep, his tongue claiming her mouth, his hands gripping her ass cheeks firmly. The taste of her own juices mingled with his, a vivid reminder of the oral pleasures they had already shared that morning. She moaned into his kiss, her soft body wanting so much to surrender utterly to his ownership, so ready to yield to that masculine hardness throbbing between her legs.

"No wait!" she gasped, breaking the kiss with great reluctance. "I promised I would behave, to help you. I know how important it is, so ... we gotta stop now before, y'know, we can't anymore."

Jake took a deep breath and closed his eyes. After a moment, he answered with a smile, "OK, you're right. And I promise I won't forget what you whispered to me. In fact, it will be hard for me to think about anything else today!"

She grinned back at him as she climbed off him, "Well then, it's settled. And we're going to have a great day, you'll see!"

She sashayed off to the bathroom, now focused on the need to clean up enough so that she could be in public without everyone around smelling the sex on her. Jake realized what she was doing, and after a minute of his meditation breathing to dispel the intense energy in his body, he went to the master bathroom to clean up as well. After quickly washing up, he donned a form-fitting black sleeveless t-shirt, unaware of how well it highlighted his chest and shoulders, and went downstairs to wait for Maria. After a couple of minutes, Maria came down the stairs as well, stopping in her tracks as he rose to face her.

"Ohhh -- that's just not fair!" she chided. "You look soooo sexy hot, it's going to be torture all day."

He eyed her appraisingly, and then grinned back, "Same right back at ya. I hope you don't mind if I spend every free moment staring at you, remembering your promise about what's waiting for me under that beautiful green dress."

Now it was Maria's turn to be speechless, as she felt his blue eyes scan her body, her nipples hardening once again under his gaze. Finally, he broke the silence, "Come on, grab your purse and let's go. Our first stop is at Scripps."

As they drove, Jake explained that he first needed to establish a mailing address, and since he didn't yet have a place to live, he thought he could perhaps use Scripps, since he was sure grad students had mailboxes there. A call to the admissions office had confirmed this was possible, but he needed to come in person and sign in, and he would also be able to pick up a first year orientation packet as well. As they merged onto I5 south, Jake put on the special music mix he had created for Maria, and soon she was bouncing happily in her seat as one after another of her favorite songs came on. As they were driving through Del Mar, Maria's cell phone rang -- caller ID indicated it was from Kari.

"Hey, wazzup girl?" Maria said into the receiver.

"Just chillin' here at work," Kari answered, not entirely truthful as she was anything but chill. "Hey, is Jake there with you, I remembered something to tell him."

"Sure, here he is." Maria replied, handing the phone to him, and adding "It's Kari."

"Oh ... Hi Kari, what can I do for you?"

"Hmmm ... I can think of a few things right now, but those will have to wait until we're alone later." She was speaking softly, "Listen, I don't want Maria to hear. Don't say anything, just listen, then answer my questions with simple answers like yes or no, OK?"


"Good. First off, I gotta tell you, all the girls are spinning over yesterday. Becca left me 3 texts and then a voicemail, wanting to be sure no one has said anything to anyone about yesterday. She's completely terrified of Rod -- that's her boyfriend -- finding out. She asked me to make sure you understood that you can't say anything, to anyone. OK?"

"Sure. I wouldn't anyway."

"Yeah, I knew that, but I promised to tell you anyway. And Beth and Maddy both texted me as well. I also snuck a quick peek at the video from yesterday ... a customer came in just as you were getting frisky with Maddy, but the picture is really pretty good. I can't wait to watch the rest!" What she neglected to mention was that the little bit she had seen plus the anticipation of what more was to come had turned her on something fierce. She had made an excuse to go to her car, in order to make this call in private, and it was all she could do to keep her hand out of her panties. "But that's not why I called. I just couldn't wait any longer, I gotta hear how it went this morning. Did you ... ummm ... pay off the bet?"

"Yes." Jake answered, acutely aware that Maria was listening to him.

"Ohhh gawd, that's so hot. Did she ... y'know ... have an orgasm?"

"Oh yes!" Jake said emphatically.

"Was that all you did?"


"Oh shit! I gotta know and you can't tell me. Did you," Kari lowered her voice, "uhhh ... fuck her too?"

"No, not that."

"Oh. Wait, I know. Did she give you a blowjob after you did her?"


"Damn, I'm getting so hot, I can't stand it."

Aware that Maria was glancing at him with growing curiosity, Jake decided he needed a cover story, "Well, I'm sure that can be taken care of later. You know, I just need to look at some of the places I called to see if they would work for me, even if it isn't exactly what I had in mind. I'm sure it will all work out."

"Huh? Oh, I get it, that was for Maria's benefit. I should let you go, I guess. Shit, I need to learn that breathing thing you do, I need to get off so bad that I can't think straight. OK, I'll just sit here for a minute and cool off. And Jake, have fun with Maria today, she's really something special, y'know."

They said their byes and Jake leaned back in his seat, in wonder again at the unbelievable turn his life had taken. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, as always feeling the tension drain from his body. Less than a minute later, he looked up as he felt the car slowing and veering to the right as they exited the freeway on La Jolla Village Drive. A few minutes later, Jake was delighted at the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean as they wound down the embankment towards Scripps. They were fortunate to find a parking spot on La Jolla Shores Drive, and Jake convinced Maria to come with him to the Director's Office where the graduate coordinator's office was located.

As Jake pulled open the door to the office, he was shocked to hear a woman's voice say angrily, "He's such a fuckin' asshole!"

Maria stopped in the hall, already nervous and now unwilling to go into the office. Jake stepped through the doorway to find two women looking at him. The one in front of the counter was striking: raven-black hair cascaded in loose curls around her face, and her tall frame was exquisitely proportioned. She seemed about his own age, give or take a year or two, and her face was flushed, whether in anger or embarrassment, Jake could not tell. They eyes met briefly, and then her gaze dropped and scanned over his body quickly, a confused look on her pretty face.

After a few more moments of staring at each other in silence, she asked crossly, "Well, what are you looking at?" and stormed out of the room without another word. Jake watched her go, completely baffled by the exchange.

"I'm so sorry," the other woman said apologetically, "Isabella is, well, she's having some trouble with her ex-boyfriend, you just came in at a bad moment. Now, how can I help you?"

Feeling greatly relieved by the woman's explanation, Jake took a deep breath before answering, "Hi. I'm Jake Schwann -- I called earlier. Are you Veronica?" The woman behind the counter was a little older, Jake thought, perhaps in her late twenties, but was a stunner in her own right. She was much shorter than Isabella, maybe 5' 3", and she had a lush full body and very large breasts filling out her low-cut white blouse. I bet she's Italian, Jake thought when he took in her thick dark mane, the sultry expressive face, and the olive skin tone that suggested the southern Mediterranean heritage.

"Oh, yes I am. It's nice to meet you!" she smiled back at him, realizing with pleasure that the great-looking man in front of her was not just a one-time visitor but would be there on campus for the next several years.

"Oh, great. I just need to get my friend who's waiting in the hall, I'll be right back."

She certainly hadn't expected this when he had called; sad to say, most of the male grad students at Scripps were no prize. She thought back over Isabella's reaction when Jake had interrupted her rant. Isabella was a good friend, and she knew that Isabella was attracted to "tall, dark, and handsome", even though multiple relationships had ended in disaster because Isabella could not tolerate the egos which invariably accompanied the good looks. Is this Jake going to be yet another jerk? she wondered.

As Jake led Maria into the office, Veronica watched them carefully, observing that he seemed gentle and caring towards her, and she -- a cute and sexy latina -- was clearly under his spell. Jake introduced Maria to Veronica, and then proceeded to take care of the paperwork. It took him a little longer than it should have, because he couldn't keep himself from snatching looks down Veronica's blouse as she sat behind the counter. By the end of the ten minutes it took to complete everything, Veronica had put the pieces together: Jake was the new student coming from the expedition that the Director had mentioned, and Jake indicated he had just arrived in California a couple of days ago. At this, Veronica puzzled over how he had already hooked up with Maria. Jake had introduced her as a friend and his driver for the day, but her dress and her manner left no doubt she wanted him in her bed. He was surprisingly quiet and serious, however, almost shy in his demeanor. And he really was gorgeous, with amazing blue eyes, a sexy smile, and broad muscular shoulders to die for. This is the kind of man Isabella needs, she thought as Jake sincerely thanked her for her help and he turned to leave with Maria.

"One more thing," she called after him, "There's a Welcome Party for new students on the Friday, the 12th. It will start at 2 pm out on the beach, and I really hope I'll see you there!" She could not help but stare at his perfect butt as he walked away, warmth suddenly radiating out from her groin. What am I thinking - this is the kind of man I need too!

For the next few minutes, Veronica happily fantasized about Jake, potent images of being taken doggy-style, imagining his strong hands on her hips, his powerful arms pulling her back into him as he thrust forward, pounding her relentlessly, his heavy balls slapping against her clit, his hardness filling her up. The scene in her mind's eye shifted to include Isabella now underneath her in a sixty-nine position, Isabella pleasuring her clit as Jake fucked her, and her own tongue lashing Isabella's clit in turn. The office door opened, shattering her reverie, and Veronica blushed hotly as the director walked in. This wasn't the first time she had fantasized about a threesome with Isabella, but never at work before and never had her pulsed raced like this. The director asked her if she had completed the office assignments for the incoming grad students, which she had been working on before Isabella came in. As soon as the director left with a promise that she would finish within the hour, a devious thought suddenly crossed her mind. She made a simple swap that no one would ever know about, and Jake was now assigned to the unused desk in the four-person office that Isabella shared with Katie and Victor. If being around Jake every day can't help Isabella forget that asshole Scott, then nothing will, she thought as she hit "save" on the modified list.

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